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#57.9 Perspective - Getting There

(Written on 4/10/17) This happens to be a weird sort of personal anniversary. It was on April 10, 1977, exactly 40 years ago, that I set out on a bus from San Francisco to Boston and New York, a journey that was to decide the direction my life would take from there on out. I was born, raised and educated in Northern California and I desperately wanted to get out and go east and see the world. What was very odd about it was that New York in particular should exert such a hold on me, almost as though I had actually lived there before or needed to belong there for some reason. Manhattan began to seem about as familiar as though it had always been my home town. I was more than proud of being able to tell out of towners how to get someplace. There were many reasons I suppose, for being in New York in the eighties and then in Atlanta in the nineties and of course to have returned to upstate New York rather than returning to California, by then mostly abandoned by my family for parts north and east. Being here in the Northeast was, among other things, for me to pursue the course set by my father to learn more about and understand money.

We have used the analogy of the Titanic to describe the present disorder with its DECEPTIVE democratic republican front, rule by babblers, by the worst possible types of people, which the government machine selects due to its very design. By the way, back when the Church (in the West the RC and in mother Russia and parts east, the Orthodox), that particular reigning machine of the times likewise tended to select and promote the very worst sorts of characters to DARE to claim the right to rule over the rest of us, the stupid and unwashed of the world. We'll stick to our proposition that all human institutions and organizations are essentially social machines complete with inputs, outputs and procedures and of course, since THEIR money is always involved, the kick-back to people making money on money without work is always present.

You know, just here, how about a nice slap across the face to every last so called “social justice warrior” out there: you are a bunch of ignorant fools who haven't the slightest idea of what you assume you know and think about anything! Mostly you are traitors to yourselves first and foremost. Honestly if you feel so bad about yourselves, the rest of us, the way things are, perhaps you might as well … just go off somewhere and die quietly so as not to upset the lives of THEM (globalists, BANKERS, elites of all kinds, PEDOPHILES: people who rape, kill and eat children! and Luciferians: people who assume they are the “enlightened light bearers” to the rest of society, etc.). With THEM is the contract you have all unwittingly signed onto apparently before any of you were born and they have your birth certificates as “assets” to attempt to prove something that could only be by FORCE thereby overthrowing the worldwide programming that attempts to convince us that all the democratic republican front is really of our making and supports us. Those of you who have taken THEIR money to foment civil strife are guilty of even greater crimes.

Increasingly we see social disintegration that is deliberately promoted by a gang of super rich thugs. Has anyone bothered to ask how THEY got their money? THEY STOLE IT. So what are you going to do about it, little man and little woman? It was always THEIR money to begin with, even silver and gold. So this is just one more thing you have been stupid about all your life. Does that mean that money per se is an evil device? Anyone who thinks so is either deceived or a deceiver and we have seen both. No, money is just a human invention, like the wheel or running water. But all money anyone knows of is THEIRS and so is THEIR machine and THEIR brand of it that is at fault. In fact, more than ever before, we need to start seriously thinking about developing our own use of this time and energy saving invention and with it our own social machine to support it.

Social trends around us are suggesting going very small or bugging out of society altogether. This is the DIRECT result of too much debt. We said in numerous papers that mountains of debt is the cancer that eventually kills economies and with the destruction of economies, standards of living and future fulfillment of all legitimate human aspirations begin to fall.

The ideas of abundance and perpetual security are fading away as everyone scrambles to be doing less with less, deciding to accede to the infringing of their very lives and futures, for whose benefit? The earth? Earth abides whether we do or do not. So for whose benefit? The holders of debt. So the cancer analogy is apt; just as cancer usually kills its victims by starvation, so too does excessive debt kill economies.

We see a landscape of nearly abandoned relics of old villages and towns, mostly in need of paint and repair, but who cares? It would only mean higher taxes and where's the money to buy paint when you have to pay taxes and pay off debt? Besides, you see they are all abandoned, so who comes to them anymore? What economic use do any of them serve? Perhaps it would have been better to demolish most of them twenty years ago. You know what? The globalists certainly think so too. You can find out more of what THEY intend as THEY have written it elsewhere.

We also see the social machines that replaced the old village and town centers populated with real mom and pop businesses that represented real wealth because all of it provided an income. The destroyers of all that wealth in turn built the huge well lit, open 24/7, temples of commerce surrounded by many acres of parking lot. Look at the parking lots, mostly empty or emptier now than usual and inside the stores fewer people too. Imagine going to a large store just to get away from most people. So far, full shelves and low enough prices, but less and less money and THEY want to do away with cash and call the cops when you pull out too much money from one of their machines or transfer it somewhere else. So whose money is it anyway? It is the first and most important question for you to answer.

We see that everything comes from somewhere else rather than where we are and nobody gets that while in the past people dealt with their neighbors and got attentive service, these days one is apparently happy to pad around some huge warehouse on concrete slabs all day where the people waiting on you came from somewhere around the world and so do the products.

We can't tell, but we don't believe that one is likely to find Wal-Marts, Targets, etc. in China manned by Arabs, Africans or Mexicans. We ask ourselves why all of this is necessary? Does any of it actually benefit Arabs, Africans or Mexicans, or for that matter Chinese, Europeans or Americans very much? Who then does all of this momentum to monopolize all markets benefit? Who must be paid before everyone else? Governments. Why? Bankers demand it. Whose money is it? Are you getting it yet?

Honestly, this blog is not about any of that, its proposal is in fact a way to get away from all of that, because as can be ascertained through data documented elsewhere, not exclusively on this blog, THEIR system cannot last forever and will not accomplish its goal of worldwide domination. It is unnatural to expect anything else but disaster for the present order / disorder. THEY (globalists, BANKERS, elites, pederasts, Luciferians, scribes, Pharisees, pundits, experts, technocrats, etc.) will not succeed at taking over the world because THEIR “big useless plans” defy Nature. They are once again flouting the law of diminishing returns to scale and shall pass away (go extinct) just like the dinosaur – and THEIR “public” corporations will as well.

For instance, and we hate to be obvious about it, but we will insolently point it out anyway: THEY are said (and written and heard) to favor “diversity” whether that's racial, cultural, ethnic, however. If all are the same in every regard, then there aint no diversity now, is there? I suppose it makes little difference to point out that such globalist objectives show complete disrespect for real natural diversity; it isn't about what each of the people want it is what THEY want for “the masses.” THEY want all of us to be hooked onto ideas of “fairness” or “equality” or “community” (It Takes a Village, etc.) and tell me, just who is it that decides for everyone else? It certainly aint you, that's for sure, pal.

Why are you necessarily supposed to go along with any of it? That's just how people get themselves into wars. That too is not a subject this blog is directly about, accept to say that of course the “military-industrial complex” which along with banking in all its present forms, goes straight back to good old ancient Babylon (see David Astle), ruled by a bureaucratic cadre of scribes (technocrats) who were in turn the fronts for the few at the top that claimed to own everyone and everything in sight; the Lucifierians (enlightened bearers of light) of their own times. 

So according to recent financial reports, if THEY apparently need THEIR money more than you do, in order to try and keep THEIR frauds alive, what do you need? You wont be able to decide a thing without determining your own value to yourself and just how you intend on making that wonderful innate wealth of yours shine forth to others so that you can trade what you have for what you want.

If you live in a dingy village only because people don't want to pay for repainting it, cleaning it up, etc. then the Valun Labour Contract enables anyone to do what needs to be done, to be paid in one's own money generated from the will (FIAT) of those who backed it with their own labor. Oh, there may be a few dollars into it too, after all there are taxes to be paid in THEIR money, but the local economy, those who grow things locally, provide services locally, etc. would benefit as long as there were a sufficient (say 10%) of the value in “public” money to settle taxes, into the work done. “I'll do it for 5 and 3” might become common, meaning five Valuns and $3 per hour worked. Five Valuns is usually between $12 and $15. Right now at $2.75 five Valuns is $13.75 (4/10/17).

Like it or not, people are attracted to doing business in areas that look clean and well looked after, so there is always need of this kind of work. Much of the work to do this upkeep is not paid at present. A Valun system would help correct this and improve everyone's lives accordingly.

Since all money is evidence of debt, what one is doing by working and issuing one's own money for it, is backing a debt of time out of the rest of your life or work. This debt instrument, in our case a V-Check, allows the holder to transfer the funds at the local exchange described to their own account in trade for a good or service provided in their community. 

This movement of value measurement through a community is what is known as economy or co-money, the movement of money with the associated transfer of goods and services providing the basis for … civilization. All of the apparent and not so apparent values are added to end products that come to us in streams of abundance, because everyone really is capable of finding and developing their innate wealth, always producing an income, under a Valun based system far more than under the present system.

And who do you contact when THEIR system fails and all of THEIR money is gone or unavailable to you? None of THEM will help you with anything except onto a bus to one of their “camps.” You really do need to get out and meet more people, we all do. We need to know who lives around us, and more importantly work together for our own local common benefit. It's really the only way forward. We literally have to keep out of THEIR way until THEY fail. We have to decide what will make our villages LIVE again. We have to decide who and for what anyone would venture into them and what business they would expect to do in each village. Same for towns, sections of cities, areas of vast countryside, each area has its own innate commonwealth potential. We look forward to a time of local prosperity, no poverty, a real human potential movement, deciding what we will do and how we will live, etc. the return of free PRIVATE enterprise and PRIVATE property, the re-invigoration of natural social institutions; families, extended families, clans, nations, etc.

[4/12/17: You know, Mr. Burton, for any of this to work out well, we are all going to have to treat each other better. What you're asking us to do is form another private organization that duplicates functions but belongs to us. It is democratic rather than autocratic, even with your board of trustees, with which I agree. But I really think character matters and were we to do this, we would have to insist on people who are widely known to us to be good people, so I guess you are calling as many good people together as you can. It will take people who are the best, who really care about the future, who see through all the lies and bullshit. Beth in Kansas


There was something else that I meant to say in this post and it concerned the rich (those with personal net assets of at least $100 million). I suspect that doesn't represent that many people. You see those who have been successful in this economy but are not that rich, certainly understand the personal risk and the opportunities taken to achieve their social position relative to the rest of us. The problem is one of altitude; those with more of THEIR money see everyone else from a more elevated position and then things get distorted.

It's great to know of “toxic internationalism” and all that but at the end of the day, it's each one of our lives that matters, where we are and who we are and who those around us really are, etc. One primary reason for having our own money is to return value to ourselves where we are and take it away from THEM (as previously identified).]

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