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1. Riegel Exchange

This original website is still up despite Mr. Gilbert's decision to withdraw from the fray somewhat. He had been at the business of educating the public concerning E. C. Riegel and his ideas for many years. I first heard of Riegel through him, and after I'd read Riegel I realized that Riegel had put the capstone on other material that I had read going back over 25 years searching for the answer to our present situation.

[3 May, 2013: Unfortunately, Mr. Gilbert showed his true intentions by daring to copyright the use of Riegel's name and other terms which made him in some people's opinions, a traitor to serious monetary reform. By securing copyright he has in fact placed a value on whatever he chooses to devise, in dollars not alternative money, ideas and labels which he can then sell into the very system with which he seeks to compete.]

2. Beyond Money

Dr. Thomas H. Greco's blog is invaluable and will remain so. He has probably more experience than anyone else in this field and his commentaries are always worth reading and referencing as we move forward. We look forward to making direct contact with him in the future and making the acquaintance of others who have pursued an alternative to our present system.

3. Reinventing Money
Another of Dr. Thomas H. Greco's websites. Their Mission

"The mission of is to demystify money by presenting the best leading-edge ideas on monetary and non-monetary exchange. It is a resource devoted to the advancement of economic democracy, self-determination, and global harmony."

[27 February, 2014: This appears to be a shell of its former self.  Those interested are advised to scan the links on this website for more information.]

4. Dishonest Money

Joe Plummer has written a book for laymen interested in understanding the present money and banking system which is easy to read and understand. Joe understands why we need an alternative to the present system and why getting a substitute up and running before the present one crashes, as it inevitably must, is so important.

5. Consumer Protection Information and Resource

Darleen R. Miles has written a book called An Invasion of (corporate) Locust and has been a victim of some of the outrageous crimes designed to further agendas of those with the illegitimate means to forward and sustain them. Everything she describes is directly related to our contention that one gets what one buys if one is the buyer, the originator of money. When the governments have the power to create money, they get to spend it the way they want, against the lives and interests of everyone else. After reading what Miles has gathered together on various subjects, you should be asking yourself how any of this would even be possible without money flowing from somewhere, then tracing that money creation back to its sources. Certainly none of us would be spending money to do these things.

6. Tragedy & Hope

Richard Andrew Grove has put together an ambitious site aimed at giving people an alternative education to enable clear thinking about everything that would relate to a potential trading system or alternate monetary exchange system.  After all, we would not be doing anything to improve matters if we just duplicated the same errors perpetuated by the present system. Links to his series of podcasts will be updated on this blog and will all appear under #13 in the series of papers presented here. 

7. Bill Still
Category Archives: Bill Still Report

This is a website where you can read more from Bill on money, banking, fiscal policy, etc. Here are links to info concerning his documentaries, The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz.  While the solutions he tends to support are not those recommended by E. C. Riegel, we consider his input valuable as few others understand the issues as he does.

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