Tuesday, February 28, 2017

#0: Mike Adams, Announcing the End of Common Knowledge, The practical limits to discourse

Posted as current news. We have entered the twilight zone of Western civilization. Mike Adams states very clearly, for any to hear and understand, what exactly we have been driven to. Yes, I am suggesting that it is in someone's interests, obviously THEY have paid for it, to destroy the basis for legitimate fact finding. Some of us know most of THEIR plan as it has been long since written down for all to see and comprehend, though who among the so called “educated classes” have ever bothered to read it for themselves? 

It begins and ends with THEIR right to make certain claims concerning the area and limits of discourse on ANY topic whatsoever, to limit anyone else's abilities to analyze, question and parse out facts from fantasies. One question one has from hearing this is what then has become the value of a current higher education? We can see from the present state of things around the world that those that train for skills that can be readily utilized become more successful and generally so too their societies. But no one has mastered this one and there is no likelihood that they ever will. There are some reporters out there who flirt with communists and Marxist derived or associated ideas without any historical context or background on Marx himself, who PAID him, who HANDLED him, etc. Same goes for Darwin, Freud, Dewey, ROTHBARD, etc. etc.

We hope Adams reads this, and the rest of this blog. Want to be educated? Have you read all of these?  And that's just for openers. There are at least ten times that many books which can and do lead people completely astray into areas of less significance and scant understanding. “One has to kiss a lot of pigs before one gets to kiss a princess.” By reference, what we encounter nowadays is the ENFORCED EQUALITY of pigs and princesses and it goes everywhere beyond that. Meanwhile no one bothers to do what needs to be done. That too is probably no accident either.

Monday, February 27, 2017

#0: Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, Speaks for All of Us

Health Ranger THREATENED: Destroy Alex Jones or we will destroy YOU

Posted as news, this marks another milestone in the process underway at the moment. We are onto THEM (globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists) and Mike Adams is laying it out. Contrary to what THEY would have everybody believe, THEY aren't even Democrats. Oh, THEY may have bought the party, just as THEY bought the Republicans a long time ago. But that doesn't mean a thing, because as we've said, political solutions are not required to solve any of our serious problems, though organization at a private and local level is imperative to escape THEM, THEIR snares and eventual plans. Essentially, the more one knows about THEM, the less likely THEY are likely to get any long lasting support. If Mike knew about this blog's proposal, perhaps he'd be among the vanguard that projects it into the wider world. We need our own money or we will continue to be THEIR economic slaves. Whatever we do otherwise, THIS right here is one thing we should definitely get going.
UPDATED 2/23/17: Google goes FASCIST: Censors entire Natural News website

Friday, February 24, 2017



This is far more than just about banking and what THEY intend.  It is more about THEM and why things are changing as more about THEM is revealed.  As far as worldwide money and banking is concerned, Icke clearly gets it.  I sincerely hope he has the opportunity to read this blog and understand the magnitude of our proposal.  It's ultimately the only way forward.

BTW, my mentor knew everything Icke alleges about the pedophiles and politicians he mentions to be true.  Many really informed knew long before too.  It's another reason why this blog exists.  Be seeing you.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

#0: Alex Jones - 10th-11th HOUR - The Defense Of Liberty 13 Hour Special Broadcast

Alex Jones - 10th-11th HOUR - The Defense Of Liberty 13 Hour Special Broadcast 

Whatever you may think about Alex Jones, this broadcast was truly epic.  His view of the world is accurate.  Those who are awake see things a lot the way he does.  Many of us have been at this deep research aimed at finding the truth for quite some time.  I have been at it since the mid 1980's.  Before that time, I knew nothing.  I'm keenly aware that out there are people who got here because they found this page and you may be on the edge of waking up.  We're here to tell you, you wont be alone once you do wake up.  But unlike THEM (globalists, bankers, elites) who just want you dead, and themselves turned into soulless machines, we need each other to escape from THEIR slavery and secure our futures, and go about the business of fixing the planet.  THEY wont.  THEY wreck and destroy things for fun, sport and THEIR money.  We need our own, which derives directly from us.  Be seeing you. 

Alex Jones - 12th HOUR - The Defense Of Liberty 13 Hour Special Broadcast
Alex Jones - 13th HOUR - The Defense Of Liberty 13 Hour Special Broadcast

Thursday, February 16, 2017

#0: Economic Collapse - A NEW THEORY On Why It Never Melts Down! - Matthew McKinley

Economic Collapse - A NEW THEORY On Why It Never Melts Down! - Matthew McKinley

Just news, for the moment.  We don't know anything about this young man, but he clearly has a few points.  One in particular is one to consider; everything becoming more and more fake.  Everything from honest human emotions to ... everything; like living in Disneyland forever only worse.  No freedom.  No care for freedom.  No eventual contact with anything remotely having to do with traditional humanity; going beyond where we can ever return from; FORCED on society by THEM (globalists, bankers, elites) who are HELL bent on THEIR worldwide agends, no matter who the POTUS happens to be.  Getting it?  We need THIS blog's proposal.  Best.  

OK, so on 11/14/16, he also posted this: If Trump Ain't Real Then This Whole Thing Ain't Real! Reality Revealed!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#57.6: Perspective - Community organizing

One of the original (1st series) designs for a V100 token = $279 @ 2/13/17
E. C. Riegel called his solution “private enterprise” money not “capitalist” money. We have throughout this blog advocated private enterprise as a natural right not a “civil” right. Free PRIVATE enterprise is NOT the same, equal to, or in any way the same, as capitalism. We want to establish in everyone's minds that free PRIVATE enterprise and capitalism are in fact antagonistic ideas; NOT the same at all.

All real innovation stems from free PRIVATE enterprise. Capitalism is a system for people with a lot of money, the rich. If you aren't rich, you can't be a capitalist. THEY (globalist, banker, elite) have deliberately (on purpose, with literal intent) confused you because THEY are rich and want you to go along with thinking it perfectly OK for the rich to make more money on their riches without work.

Capitalists use their riches to acquire what did not originally belong to them and further to shark in on anyone else's “mom and pop” or family businesses, the actual wealth that capitalism destroys, and they take over and deploy what they have taken for their own selfish benefit. Yeah, we aren't kidding, so we'll give you all a precise reliable working definition of selfishness too. Get your mental tools where you can.

We said that work was the time out of your life to earn barter for things you need, payable in money to settle split-barter with everyone else. Money works this way, even if it is not legitimate. But since none of the money is ours, we don't get to decide our futures, or how to take advantage of our own innate wealth and NONE of that money is legitimate, NONE OF IT, including precious metals, which is not ours either. This blog's proposal is intended to directly answer these issues once and for all. 

We're putting forward what will be needed before we get there. First we have a meeting, probably somewhere close to where I live (in eastern New York), and we set up a steering committee (SC). This group would consist of 13 members, 12 officers and 1 counselor (an attorney). Obviously, I would be one of them. Other officers will be accountants, computer mavens and established business people from farming, industry and distribution. We will discuss certain short term and long term objectives. Once the objectives are met, the SC meets one final time and abolishes itself; it goes out of existence as it's job is done. 

If you want to be considered, please send your resumes to me at dpbmss@mail.com . I will notify you and discuss anything related via e-mail. 

The IVES medallion with the interposed V and U on a background representing a rock.
1. The SC would meet to establish IVES (the proposed International Valun Exchange Society, charged with maintaining day to day exchange valuation of the Valun and other services for all the other independent exchange IE businesses that would be part of our Valun Exchange Network or VEN) and the Valun standard shall function exactly as any other unchanging universal standard having to do with any other physical measurement. In our case a Valun is a standard measure of value in an exchange of goods for services or time using the Valun as an instrument to spit barter in the exchange; our money. IVES would probably have some coordinating accounting activities dealing with all V-Checks and their designs, etc. so as to guarantee provenance, verification, etc.

At this meeting, the SC would determine the business structure and probably adopt off the shelf legal boilerplate to make it so. Public announcement would be in the form of a Manifesto, a document said to be “a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government.” Well fine, it will be in the form of a for profit business; this is not a tax dodge like ALL NGO's and foundations, and it will represent itself as a description of a joint compact between OWNERS (PRIVATE not “public”) of our own monetary union. We are taking our rightful fiat to issue money back unto ourselves as we deem this a natural right under all natural law and laws of contract extending back centuries if not millennia. 

In this document, we will assert things which are to us every bit as self evident as the observations contained in the Declaration of Independence. And rest solidly on principles understood by the authors of the Bill of Rights. 

Incidentally, I have recently been apprised of obviously deluded political agitators out there, who DARE, to be talking down/against the Declaration of Independence and no doubt they would show similar disrespect for the Bill of Rights or any of the other civilized codices that have retarded the perpetrators of a return to absolute tyranny, feudalism and barbarism. These are fighting words and anyone making them against the basic and knowable rights of everyman/everywoman is a traitor. Understood? A traitor! There will be no compromises with such as these. It has come to that. Two A members must recommend every new A member and we WILL decide who to accept and who to reject, based on our own appraisals of people who might likely cause trouble, try and subvert the rules and do us harm. Get this, assholes, globalism is NOT liberal and THEIR agenda is weird creeps running things and most people dead. (Some of us have figured out exactly who were meant to be grateful dead and the real meaning being a dead-head, etc.)

Whether these little deluded parading public nuisance assholes realize it or not, they are dupes or pawns; “useful idiots” to THEM (the globalists, bankers, elites) who care NOTHING for them or their faked worked up idealism. If THEY can pay you to do anything, THEY consider you bought and paid for and expect delivery of whatever it was expected of you and after that, you are finished; toast, literal refuse. THEY owe you no further consideration. Period! Understood? THEY are not worth your trust!

THEY who buy, and THEY, who have gained THEIR power through shedding of blood, certainly will not stop … until they are made to stop or are no more. All THEIR venomous vermin WILL eventually be revealed for exactly what bad characters they really are (ritual child sex abusers, etc.) and will be socially renounced (don't take it personally, but we will NOT choose to have anything to do with you in future and THAT is also included under the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights). We have the freedom to associate or disassociate with whomever we wish and for any reasons. I'm expressing it here, being extremely kind (civilized – which in turn has its depth of meanings), as there are many at this point not willing to be so kind. 

We can and do hereby call you out, you so called Liberals, you who by your attitudes and actions are certainly NOT liberal. Anyone who has hitched their wagon to Karl Marx for instance is directly called out. Since we are in fact truly liberal, we'd like to yank that title back from you, who are nothing but shills (presstitutes, etc.) for a corporatist fascist, so called New World Order; a prescription for bling lives for the fraction of the 1% and doom for most of the rest of us; some Hunger Games future scenario, etc. (That movie made me so white hot angry – HOW DARE YOU! - that it would have been combat had I ever met any of the people behind it. WE BETTER GET THAT ATTITUDE TOO OR WE WONT SURVIVE!).

You Lefties always say “don't judge,” but then you yourselves decide the judgments on billions of others directly by what YOU say and by YOUR actions. You're so superior, NO YOU ARE NOT! Identity politics? You know where that will lead? You're playing with fire, with dynamite! Are THEY (globalists, bankers, elites) ultimately destructive? YES! THEY do NOT create, THEY always destroy. So do any of you FAKE Liberals really care about anyone or anything but yourselves? Or are you all just incredibly stupid? Stupid can be fixed, unless you're a moron. But much needs to be removed from your vision so you can see; “I counsel thee to … anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.”

We have a precise definition of selfishness too; that's deliberately taking advantage of other people for your own advantage. Selfishness has actually been praised and encouraged over the past sixty years or so to the extent that most think it's an acceptable culture of its own. It is a distinct culture too, a cultish culture of decadence and destruction, not supportive of honest and wholesome continuance of that which is natural, great, good, beautiful and useful. Yeah, I just grabbed “judgment” back from those who say “don't judge” as frankly their conduct gives them no room to judge anything or anyone anymore. Who are they to claim the right to take that away from anyone? THEY are increasingly to be nobodies! “Drink down and you will become as though you never were.” The death cult!

So, these people representing themselves to be the political Left, the “progressives,” etc. who supposedly represent the best interests of the common people, turn out to be CULTIST maniacs from the extremes of society, in most cases, usually the utter criminally minded selfish filth. Ever look up a character from the French Revolution named Jean-Paul Marat? He was utter filth!

The same of course is true of the FAKE far right. Don't you just love how a couple brothers (sharing the same last name as a former NYC mayor) who made their billions under monopoly conditions in the Soviet Union, now dare claim to be “conservative” etc.? Sure, and there is another Jaba who lives somewhere out near Las Vegas and the other and biggest Jaba of them all, intends on becoming the most famous bad guy in history, with all his billions, stirring up trouble everywhere around the world with his army of paid NGO vermin.

NGO's (non governmental organizations, usually foundations) are all tax dodges so the rich can have their cake and eat it too; they get to deduct their gifts to these foundations against taxes owed, AND use these new tax dodge organs, staffed full of snot nosed pseudo-intellectual twerps (losers) to influence public policy to benefit the money that paid them. These organizations should ALL be shut down and their assets confiscated to pay back the bankers' public debt. That would be sound public policy under any regime claiming to be a responsible representative democracy. To those claiming NGO's and foundations do good work, I reply that WE do good work, all of us, and did good work long before any of THEM got into the act, and the less THEY do for themselves while throwing us scraps, calling such good work, the better!

None of these people with more of THEIR money than God, intends anything good for you or me, but to use us all as cattle and hope we die, sooner than later with as little trouble as possible. These are the basest of human beings, just more utter criminal filth pretending to be someone special, all because they have STOLEN more of THEIR money than you or I could ever earn honestly in a lifetime. 

Chasing after THEIR money, are you? Everyone gets caught up in it. We who advocate a return to Jeffersonian democracy (or resurrecting the great American Republic) but NOT through any political means, and only within the boundaries of the US of A, are attempting the ultimate radical – from the earth – solution to one of our oldest problems; money. If we can do it here, we have the standard and it would work everywhere, building wealth from the ground up everywhere it is deployed. 

2. The SC board would affiliate to itself any and all with a solid interest in getting the proposal adopted and accepted by as many people as possible in their local area. The cost per individual A member is so low; V1 per year dues. One Valun; value unit, has at this time the value of $2.79 @ 2/13/17. The dues would be used to help us gain “on the ground” traction. 

Before we go about signing up members, we will have a budget for what we require for each exchange and since all members are owners, this information will be part of the literature they will receive. It could all be put on a single sheet of paper.

In the literature the SC develops, we'll also describe what self financing of labor is and how it works through our standard labor contracts. We will explain all valid credit contracts and credit instruments in our proposed system, as well. All the other basic advantages of dealing in Valuns will be listed also. 

3. Within each state or country or however it starts, another local board is set up coordinated by the SC. This local board also consists in 13 members and 1 must be a lawyer representing them as a separate local company affiliated with IVES, and accepting its rules. 

This is to be a truly democratically represented organization, just as E. C. Riegel had envisioned it. Each A member would have one vote. No IE nor IVES itself are ever to be stock corporations. Each IE will have property that it will obtain through transactions, whose first claim will be that of the state or country or city where it is established, for payment of all lawful taxes due. This is not by any intention to be a tax dodge or a money laundry. We intend to establish independent funding from our own will and means and by our own right and might, to re-invigorate from the ground up, all our villages, small towns, even eventually large cities.

In many ways, what we have in mind with this business venture is in some ways similar to the kind of organization and lifestyle perhaps of the Amish, only with a few practical technical improvements. We actually have a lot of respect for the Amish and believe that much could be learned from societies that deliberately set out to live apart unto themselves to work out their own ways of doing things, etc. We are coming out of Mystery Babylon, establishing our own and renouncing theirs, including THEIR blood soaked, deceitful money, except for taxes, until even those are no more or accepted under our terms using our money after all THEIRS fails.

There is in fact a kind of agrarian populist culture beginning to spring up against the onset of corporatist GMOs and their lethal side effects. We expect these trends to continue and we would advance methods within our own rules to help finance them. We are not favorable to socialism (all of it so far operated by states which automatically makes all socialists into statists), or Marxism (Marx was paid by the bankers and had an espionage handler as did Engles) or communism in its many violent forms, for we certainly are not socialists. We will allow a limited kind of what we call “natural socialism” until such time as everyone's prosperity is raised to the point where it is no longer needed.

We are likewise not favorable to capitalism, which we specifically define as the making of money on money without work, the often savage eating of its own as in mergers and acquisitions, sharks eating other sharks. Nor are we favorable to the deliberate defiance of the economies of scale and diminishing returns to scale, which capitalism always seeks to defy in its gluttonous rapacious greed. It is all driven by usury which was specifically forbidden by the ancients. We should have listened. Usury, the demand back of that which was never created, is STEALING from every last one of those of us that do work, taking time out of the rest of our lives to earn barter in the form and terms of THEIR stinking money, etc. It's time to be getting off THEIR treadmill. It's bad for us. It's actually bad for THEM as well. Besides, it's the death of the planet. 

4. The SC will from the outset determine the rules for proper exercise of finance operations without usury; we will require the rental of all money to be paid up front in money that already exists and all money lent must exist and actually be in the possession of the lender. There wont be any open ended credit schemes in this system. Finance, allowing people to buy what they can't afford on terms acceptable to lenders, is crucial to the realistic operation of our monetary system. 

5. Each service area was envisioned to be a geographical area, usually the size of a county. We could however be very much more specific and admit that people organize themselves under different patterns than just by geography. It's essentially easier to survey an area by geography because the data are more available. Besides which we eventually want separate Valun based land registries to spring up everywhere and it would be hard separating these from a county based system.

You'd take a look at the population of the county or town or city in which you live. You'd take the demographic figure of only those 18 and older. Then you'd perhaps further reduce that number by one third and you'd have a rough estimate of the size of your projected service area and membership. To all those people, you'd mount an ad crusade to gain members; a membership drive.

You'd get the same information on all the local PRIVATE businesses. You would seek redundancies; many operators in the same or similar lines of business. Competition and free enterprise go hand in hand. You'd be particularly attentive to anything having to do with the following trends; recycling, repurposing, anything used, alternative living space, furniture, plumbing, electrical especially anything toward gaining “off the grid” capabilities, LOCAL AGRICULTURE, local woodworking, metalworking, fabricating, automotive technologies, and some leading edge technologies that understand the durable value the proposal represents, since it is designed to operate if and when THEIR system, including centralized everything, is no more. As with the Amish, with it or without it. Understood? This is like putting an entire community into preparedness status, where it naturally belongs anyway.

We will also need to bring back on line all distribution chains that were so rudely displaced by all the outsourcing and offshoring etc. It's incredible to note at this point in time how NONE of the deliberate policy to make the world economy totally interdependent so as to prevent any opposition to THEM (globalists, bankers, elites), was never necessary and did NOT ultimately serve the best interests of any local people anywhere. All any of that did was serve the interests of various globalist agendas to make sure that all of us were so interdependent on THEM and on each other that we would have to … just do as we were told, etc. Well, if we decide by the tens of millions to do this instead, then eventually … we wont. And we can and will do jolly well as we please and find our own economic equilibrium in our own local communities, etc.

6. The exchanges are for profit businesses. They earn their money by transacting and accounting for the movement of Valuns through them by means of transaction fees and selling advertising that appears on the reverse sides of our V-Checks. E. C. Riegel started by suggesting a transaction rate of one tenth of one percent, which is that one Valun can move a thousand Valuns from one account to another. Since a monetary system IS the accounts, not just the circulating tokens, actual economy, co-money, the movement of money, occurs as it ever has down through time, on the books of the monetary system, be that a standard bank or of any other mutual trading association, whether public or private

Now, if V1 moves V1,000 then V.10 (ten cend) moves V100 and V.01 moves V10. What of all movements of V10 or less? Rather than changing the numbers using a different data type and rounding, we'll only use a 0.00 (only 2 decimal places) data type to avoid any possibility of internal fraud and make the rule that anything moved under V10 or less will cost V.01 and in that way solve many problems. Exchanges will earn more as the number of Valuns increases and even though the rates are tiny, the exchange will earn more on exchanges of V10 or less.

All each exchange earns will be in Valuns. These will be tallied on the account of each exchange which will be a B member of itself. At the end of each tax period (usually the same as a standard calendar year), each exchange will determine its taxes in “public” money based on the average exchange value of the Valun from tax period inception to the last day of the tax period. 

Each exchange will also be able to accept local “public” money, from its A members only, and only limited amounts due to public laws, that will be immediately exchanged for silver and gold which will be stored and accounted for by each exchange. These stores of silver and gold will be sold off when necessary to pay taxes. Meanwhile value exchange will grow in Valuns where it belongs, in the hands of the owners, in each local community engaged in growing its own wealth. 

7. The local V-Check will be our currency and will feature local businesses who are B members of our exchanges. They will be attractive and because their designs will be so numerous, and because they are all community checks, they will have a six months expiration date from the date they are issued in exchange for a member's Valuns on account or for any “public” money based on the exchange rate for that date.  

For instance were the exchange to be made at or near exception, a Valun would have gone for $2.25 or less whereas now, a Valun exchanges for $2.79 @ 2/13/17 and that entirely due to THEIR changes in the valuation of gold and dollars, whereas the Valun always stays where it started at inception, the purchasing power of the Valun is preserved. Expired V-Checks don't become worthless. They can be exchanged for newer V-Checks or deposited into an account. We suggest to make the V-Check more popular that all transaction fees for using them be waived. If our legal counsels can substantiate the argument to make the V-Checks expiration longer than six months, to a year, then that would cut production costs of the V-Check blanks.

There will also be personal checks (A members) and business checks (B members) for which transaction fees will apply. Personal checks and business checks will be used as they traditionally have to settle debts (bills; credit instruments payable within a year or less). 

8. IVES could in fact sell for “public” money various specialty items; money clips, wallets, etc. that are specifically designed to hold both Valun V-Checks and “public” money and cards. These too could be sources of taxable revenue. 

Those who get to this blog from foreign countries would be best advised to copy the entire blog, translate it into your own languages so you can see our entire perspective and then continue to watch as we make announcements. Keep it and share it among yourselves. We appreciate the interest especially from Russia, China, France, Germany, and now a few hits from South America, where they really need this. We know there is much going on around the world right now, actually the war to save the planet is already being waged. It's the people vs. the globalists, bankers and elites, as it has always been. THEY, our enemies, just listed, are behind everything that has been destructive of OUR best interests for … since 1815 at least. What's going on in the world with all this massive immigration is an attempted displacement and extinction of people who pose the greatest threat to THEIR attempt to erect a private world government tyranny over all the world. THEY will claim they own the world. THEY will even lay claim to you and your children if necessary. The lines are being drawn for battle. They were before the foundation of human society. Best.

David Burton 
[2/16/17: Q: Donald Trump has been called a capitalist. Do you agree? Ed, Massachusetts

A: No, Donald Trump never made money on money without work, at least not entirely. He worked for his money, he offered something in return and his success is proof that he was able to develop various markets for what he was selling. In fact Trump is about as hard working a man for his age anyone can think of. He is a private FREE enterpriser, an entrepreneur rather than who we have in mind as a classic capitalist. The Jabas aforementioned do count as genuine capitalists; speculators, financiers, syndicalists, players with huge amounts of close to free money, etc. What did Trump have going for him? A source of capital admittedly, and the WILL to accomplish what he intended. Trump is in fact a model for what we're looking for in everyone from the lowliest to the mightiest of us everywhere; expression of each of our innate wealth brings us each income and the ability to create and trade for what we need and what we want with our own money, not THEIRS. 

Q: Not really a question. Referencing your 4th point, you need to have rules that make it difficult for financial assets to leave your local area or you'll have certain sectors providing finance and others providing the goods. Jarred, Minnesota

A: Any financial business would be a B member of its local exchange. If it wanted to open branches in other exchanges, they would need B member accounts in those exchanges. A financial business must raise capital and in our proposed system they do so through sales of credit contracts. We'd probably make these in denominations of V100 BUT we would not allow any fixed rate of return to be attached to them. Credit contracts are simple, they allow A members to loan money to B member businesses for a return, definitely capitalism -making money on money without work- but the yield is totally dependent on what? On two things: 1) the availability of funding and 2) the willingness of the borrowers to pay the rental of the money. Credit contracts are also sold by B members to A members to purchase things they can't at the time afford. 

The availability of funding would consist in B member financial businesses selling credit contracts to those with capital and to borrowers and making money on the spread, exactly as any bank would, except that this business is separated forever from transaction clearing or the actual exchange value of the money itself which is fixed and NOT based on the quantity of money, ever. The only quantity of money question that's at all relevant is how much money is invested in credit contracts with financiers expecting a return and that's it. We can make a rule that the balance of the financing should be within each exchange area where the money is borrowed.
We anticipate that to begin with certain sectors of the population will have more Valuns than the rest of us; these would be retirees, veterans, the disabled, and believe it or not, borrowing money from them, money they might not need to spend right away for financial gain, makes a lot of sense.

Another aspect should be mentioned at this point too; it relates to the design of our accounts. We said we wanted each account to have THREE balances. For A members, there's an Issuance balance, an Income balance and an Escrow balance. For B members, there's a Retained Earnings balance, an Income balance and an Escrow balance.
Now we really want our members not to get into too much debt and for businesses to move toward self financing of everything they do as a regular form of their business rather than having too much debt. We said we wanted to assert an 80% rule that stated that the Escrow balance could never be more than 80% of the Income balance for a A member. Now, for B members (businesses), their accounts have a Retained Earnings balance which is where all non distributed fully taxed money goes and for B members the 80% rule extends to include BOTH their Income balance and their Retained Earnings balance. You can see that over time something like an equilibrium is attained where at the top, those who establish and promote their businesses within the VEN can become quite successful and live debt free. THAT is one of the ultimate goals of our proposal.]

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#0: Brave New World and the Deception of Reality - Christopher Greene

To the wide awake, reality is actually upside down and backwards from how it is being presented (projected) at the public through all the usual MSM and other pernicious intellectual infrastructure.  Perhaps Greene and others would have recourse to these for further education.  This is presented in a way as a kind of milestone; Greene clearly sees where we are and where we're headed, but hasn't perhaps put it all together.  It's beginning to become imperative to put the ax to the root of our problems worldwide.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#0: Deceitful Food and Tolerant America - Linda Bestland

Please do not read if you have a weak stomach

Imagine that you are sitting at a table that is beautifully decorated with ornate candles, plates trimmed in gold, fine crystal glasses filled with the finest wine. Servants with white gloves surround the table ready to serve the most exquisitely palatable pastries you have ever seen! You’ve worked hard for this ~ it’s your inheritance!
Something smells strange. In fact, you swear it smells like pig shit. You look around and it seems like you are all squirming in your seats. Everyone appears to be getting really uncomfortable, however, no one says a word. 
The gloved servants serve the delectable’s one by one. They are beautiful and plump and warm, you can see the steam coming from them. They must have just come from the oven. You just can’t get over it. Something smells…you’re just not sure what. How could that horrible ungodly smell be permeating this beautiful room.
As the waiters bow and back from the room a short grace is given; thanking God for the very many blessings that you are allowed to have. 
You look around again, in fact, you are all looking at each other. Again, no one says a word as you all cut into the tantalizing pastry and lift a piece to your mouth when you notice it’s contents are warm and brown and stink like pig shit. Aghhh, can’t be. You all shrug it off because it is so tormentingly pleasing to look at. The promise is in the packaging ~ it has to be palatable! 
Again, everyone looks around. The smiles are uncomfortable this time, yet no one breathes a word. Like the admirable person that you are, you get about your business. It just feels like something is not quite right.
You all put a forkful into your mouth and let the flavor melt onto your tongue and you think to yourself…this tastes like pig shit! You all look around at each other. 
Everyone’s mouth is slowly moving and savoring the sensation of the delightful pastry. Watching and waiting for someone to swallow. You all know it smells like pig shit and it tastes like pig shit but it’s packaged so brilliantly that it just can’t be. Then someone swallows and one-by-one you all swallow that warm mouth full of pig shit.
At this point, everyone knows that they are being served shit yet since this is your inheritance you‘re not willing stop. You all continue to clean your plates because that’s what good, tolerant Americans do. Not one person pushes themselves from the table. Plates are cleaned to the last tiny morsel. Everyone, leans back with a full belly. At least feeling full but knowing that something is painfully wrong and you sit……. and wait for another helping……your servants will be back….. the American Dream is yours ….

[Honestly, if you do not see how this little story relates to this blog's proposal, well, consider it the product of something with your education.  Still think having your own money, not THEIRS, is a silly idea?]

Saturday, February 4, 2017

#0: Knowledge is Responsibility - Stefan Molyneux

Molyneux said "knowledge is responsibility" and in this considerable disquisition, comments widely on current events. We concur in the main, though we regard letting those on the Left know that their best resolves and values have been again deceitfully STOLEN from them (and used against their very survival) and so there is some reason why they should go about feeling cheated. Unconsciously, they know they have been and are abused as well. Modern Leftism is as we can clearly see, a death cult. Like all cults, it demands 100% adherence or you are out. Had those who THINK they know or are informed (because they read the New York Times every morning at breakfast or listen to NPR or do both at the same time) known what was in plain sight and known to most of the intelligence world for at least the last 25 years, they would have stopped listening and reading these sources of information long ago. We can see that being plugged into something, really does manifest as being "all in" as Molyneux has it. We suggest Molyneux take a good look at this blog and of course I would be more than happy to explain anything he likes concerning the proposal, perhaps in some future disquisitions. Resolve? Courage? WILL? Take a look inside your wallet and see who has your will. It's written on all those plastic cards you carry around now or on some new phone app.

Be seeing you