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#92.1 CCN – UnSpun Series 1-32

OK boys and girls, want to understand what you have lived through? Better take a good hard listen to these podcasts. While you're at it, you'll get a lot of other fascinating facts and proven methods to improve your thinking. The presenters will be Jan Irvin & Joe Atwill. We are not uncritical listeners; we may not agree with everything these gentlemen discuss, but that has gone for everything else we've tackled on this blog. That being said, these people are very good researchers and their exposed facts and connections amount to more kindling for the fires the guilty have coming to them:

11-3-15: CCN – UnSpun 001 – Premiere Episode   
11-10-15: CCN – UnSpun 002 – The Trivium Meth
11-20-15: CCN – UnSpun 003 – Social Control via Religious Movemen
11-26-15: CCN – UnSpun 004 – Families and Relationships in a Brave New Wor
12-5-15: CCN – UnSpun 005 – Genocide in a Brave New World
12-12-15: CCN – UnSpun 006 – Prof. Jay Fikes – Weaponized Anthropology & Manufactured Religion
12-16-15: CCN – UnSpun 007 – Prof. Darrell Hamamoto – The African American Family, Feminism, and the CIA
12-24-15: CCN – UnSpun 008 – Lifetime Actors 
12-31-15: CCN – UnSpun 009 – Broad Discussion
1-10-16: CCN – UnSpun 010 – The Trial of Ken Kesey
1-15-16: CCN – UnSpun 011 – Damaged Goods
1-22-16: CCN – UnSpun 012 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
1-26-16: CCN – UnSpun 013 – Dr. Hans Utter
2-7-16: CCN – UnSpun 014 – Kim Cooper
2-19-16: CCN – UnSpun 015 – Breaking Woodstock 
2-25-16: CCN – UnSpun 016 – Jim Morrison & The Doors
3-11-16: CCN – UnSpun 017 – Bulletproof with Dave Asprey 
4-13-16: CCN – UnSpun 018 – “Conjuring Pan: From Woodstock to Burning Man"
4-21-16: CCN – UnSpun 019 – “MKULTRA: From the Frankfurt School to the AJC”
5-6-16: CCN – UnSpun 020 – “MKULTRA Reunion Party (1979)” 
5-11-16: CCN – UnSpun 021 – “Rebuilding the Family in the Huxleyan Dream”
5-22-16: CCN – UnSpun 022 – “Steve Outtrim – Burning Man”
5-29-16: CCN – UnSpun 023 – “The Divine Marriage: The Sacred Masculine and Feminine
6-2-16: CCN – UnSpun 024 - “The Grateful Dead”
6-8-16: CCN – UnSpun 025 – “Dr. Hans Utter – FM Radio”
6-18-16: CCN – UnSpun 026 - “Dr. Hans Utter – FM Radio Pt. 2”
6-26-16 – CCN – UnSpun 027 - CCN – UnSpun 027 – “The Whore of Babylon and Scarlet Woman as Agent”
7-2-16: CCN – UnSpun 028 - “Dr. Hans Utter – FM Radio Pt. 3”
7-8-16: CCN – UnSpun 029 - “Aldous Huxley and Spies in Academic Clothing” 
7-13-16: CCN – UnSpun 030 - “Steve McMrray – MKULTRA Australia”
7-20-16: CCN – UnSpun 031 - “Alfred Kinsey and the Peddling of Pedophilia”
7-27-16: CCN UnSpun 032 - “Terence & Dennis McKenna: The Brotherhood of Screaming Nonsense”   

This link might contain a few more active podcasts. 
4-4-13: Dr. Colin A. Ross interview, pt. 1 - "MKULTRA - What Is Mind Control?" - Gnostic Media episode #161



Dated 7/28/16, perhaps a more timely and revealing post could not have been written. Other pictures in the article are not included. Per usual, the original article is in blue, my remarks in black, any underlined emphasis where it occurs is mine. We will of course emphasis just how all of this is directly pertinent to this blog's alternative monetary proposal:

by Brett Stevens

Conservatives espouse traditional (or, more accurately, eternal) values including the importance of hard work and dedication. Few ask themselves, however, if this extends to jobs. It should not, mainly because

(1) jobs are not actually work in most cases and
(2) jobs are the antithesis of what the value of hard work is designed to foster.

I separated these for good reason. Jobs as they are often conceived are not actually work. Recall that we identified work as time out of the rest of your life in which you barter for your existence using the money paid to you as the vehicle for accomplishing that barter. I wish he'd continued to the logical conclusion after stating the second point; just what is hard work designed to foster? Bear that question in mind as you read on as he does get to it.

In modern Europe and the Americas, everyone — male and female — over the age of majority must attend a job. This means showing up every day from eight to five and being in the office, doing office tasks. Every person gets a cubicle or an office and a computer, maybe a title. They do this until they are sixty-five, then wonder what it meant.

If that life was spent in a “government” office or perhaps a firm that worked for the government, perhaps you could feel something like that you had a part in maintaining the government or the country or even maybe the public you supposedly served while being there. What was the truth? How much of it was sheer baloney?

In the average job, very little of actual import is done. This occurs first because most of the assigned activities are pro forma or “make-work,” but more broadly because most business activities are ill-advised or irrelevant, often through the creation of regulatory law. In this sense, jobs are not “work” per se, or the process of applying oneself to a task. They are the process of attendance, obedience and time-wasting.

I emphasized the truthful and positive: work is time out of the rest of your life applied to earning barter for your existence. The innate wealth that we all possess, either from nature or through our own deliberate application, provides us with a regular income stream. Through barter of education and tools, one's innate wealth increases. Therefore the common wealth one may wish to support for others is also enhanced directly by whatever you may do. Is this the case right now in any globalist, corporatist, job you have or may have ever had? Don't fool yourself, in very many cases, it wasn't and isn't.

This realization leads to the second point, which is that jobs are the antithesis of the “work” described by traditional values. In traditional work, the individual learns how the world works by applying himself or herself to tasks and achieving mastery. It is a method of understanding realism and gaining self-discipline.

I think it would have been more precisely stated as understanding reality and gaining self-discipline, so that answers the previous question as to the purpose of real work. But we are getting right to the importance of literally being paid in your own money through our proposed self financing of all labour contracts; knowing that the money one issued was based on a direct contribution you made to your community (your local friends and neighbours) through your own … application to a task at hand and achieving mastery of it; work. By far, by far the most money that shall enter our proposed monetary system will enter it as payment for labour (real work) that will be issued through self financing labour contracts. Valuns will begin as they are paid for each labourer's work, that money having been previously issued by him to his employer on his first day of work as specified on said contracts. The more of them you complete, the better your reputation becomes; you get rewarded as well as paid in your own money that all those in your business, the local IE, and anyone around the world enlisted to use the Valun system.

Jobs do the opposite. Jobs reward appearance, not actuality, except in a few rare cases. Even in professional fields, the goal is to keep abreast of what others have done and do the same in a certain specific case; and accountability occurs only when one deviates from the commonly accepted practice, regardless of results. Doctors lose patients, lawyers loses cases, and architects design junk all the time, but so long as these are competitive with what others have established as “safe” minimums, no consequences attach.

This is of course exposing the bare undergirding of the present globalist offer of a better life for acceptance of their compromise on life including the bases of so called jobs.

Green-lighted by social stupidity.

The constant obsession with staying abreast of standards makes work into an obsession. One must appear to be as devoted as one’s comrades, or be suspected of disloyalty. Further, the worker must demonstrate diligent emulation of public appearance as defined by others, which creates a neurosis of fears about what has not be done as opposed to what needs doing.

We're all aware of the effectiveness of “the master is not in the room but hears and knows everything so best to follow the rules and observe the norms” kinds of stories. They work very well, if one is intent on producing an ever nervous, ultimately chronically depressed, gaggle of slaves. What's the root of their slavery? The MONEY they are paid with and compelled to use, none of it is theirs. Here's a pic we'll insert instead:

In this way, jobs lead away from work, which is results-based. Instead, they present a flight from life itself: an escape from the world of actions and consequences into the purely human world of imitation and social reward. This adds a soul-killing dimension because the acts on which we spend most of our lives are entirely a waste of our time and potential. 

THIS is a whole wad of connected truth that I'd really like everyone to sit down and carefully digest. Just ask yourself to remember that there are people flinging around pieces of paper with pictures of dead presidents and potentates on them that everyone chases and NONE of it has ever been nor shall ever be really yours. You supposedly earn it and spend it for your life, supposedly, but none of it was or is yours. In fact, they have invented all kinds of legal loopholes which enable them to come in and take whatever they want from you, up to and including your very life. Who is ultimately responsible? Shouldn't that be you? It starts with whose money it is.

Consider it this way: from the years of the early twenties through the mid-sixties, a person spends fifty hours a week, fifty weeks a year, preparing for or attending work. These are the best daylight hours and the most intense moments of their consciousnesses, devoted to something that is both unnecessary and demeaning. They never notice because everyone else is doing it, at least until retirement, where people tend to become aimless and bitter.

I want everyone to understand that 

1) they were deliberately and by concocted designs LED to this slaughter of their value and worth and 
2) while the sheep were led into such lives, the wolves lived as they pleased way above it all. 

(One reason the elite can never really admit anyone from the lower orders is precisely because they live as wolves and we are sheep. Kindly allow that to sink right in there.)

If Moses were around today, he would be saying “let my people go” while looking skeptically at a heap of TPS reports.

That's meant to be a joke, son.

Michel Houellebecq unveiled the conservative case against jobs in Whatever [a magazine]: jobs ruin our expectation that life will be good, and force us into desperate compensatory measures to feel good, almost all of which lead to destruction of hope for life itself. Jobs make us bitter, alienated and destructive, which mirrors the resentment inherent to Leftism, which is why jobs are a creation of the Leftist regulatory state and not the free market, which rewards performance over pro forma activity.

Who can or would argue with this?

Others have made this case before, such as Louis-Ferdinand CĂ©line, who showed how jobs took over the minds of people and turned them into near-automatons. Indeed, among conservative writers of the early twentieth century, the mind-enslaving specter of “Progress” was seen through the voracious expansion of industry, the collapse of small communities into cities, and the reduction of families into financial units driven by jobs.

This is what the present order and THEIR money has brought about. It was never for you because your money did not pay for it, though the idiots and ignorant among you still trumpet the causes of “the taxpayers,” etc. when all that is quite literally beside the point or erroneous and only the elites actually know this. They intended all this disruption and called it progress, sold a bunch of anxious people down the river into being led around by their progressive idealism … I can't imagine a ranker form of mass hypnosis, and it was all possible because THEY control the money, NOT you or I. Are any of you out there beginning to get it yet?

People ask, “What would our alternative be?”

The conservative answer is to remove all regulation of the job market and to allow reward to go only to those who can achieve results, which in turn limits labor to the necessary and also radically reduces costs so that people can live on less and be happier. This would lead to less time spent at jobs, because they would be task-driven and not appearance-driven.

The emphasized: can we remove the regulations? Relying only on THEIR money? No, we cannot, it's not possible. So that line of inquiry is temporarily discarded. All we can do is adopt a different attitude. If we decide to limit the amount of THEIR money required to only that which must be paid in it; taxes, utilities, debt contracted in that money, etc. then we begin to open ourselves to opportunities to do what we really want to be doing for ourselves and each other, our real work. In order to do that, we'll need our own money. You understand of course that since we consider all legitimate money to be issued by you, me and other human beings, not organizations, that it takes a community to make it happen. Money is definitely a social invention and a hallmark of civilization. We can't see a better case for this blog's existence than to save money from its present … management.

Renunciation will come. When that time comes, we can say bye-bye to them and THEIR money. It's what more and more people want and mistakenly think its the money itself; all money, that is to blame, when that would be walking away from a tool that we maintain is everyone's natural right to use, BUT it also happens to be the one tool that requires recognition from everyone that uses it; a naturally cooperative effort.

The second emphasized; what everyone has actually always wanted is to be paid for what they want to do and do best. They do not have the means to even try anything they really want to do in this monetary system, but they would with Valuns. All sorts of useful work that everyone wants to be doing would be getting done paid in Valuns. Limiting labor to the necessary, the third point, cannot reasonably be argued against, but it has its limits, again based on the diminishing returns to scale laws for each and every human enterprise. We don't care whether you can over produce to the point where you have to force your over production on resistant markets, etc. We will be looking for increasingly greener, more sustainable everything and reducing costs is a matter of noticing all sorts of improvements and products that appear that become apparently available only in Valuns. The last emphasized would gradually go away.

In addition, the regulatory state creates a need to keep up with standards to avoid legal liability and government intervention. This directs the focus of management from making things happen to dealing with labor and legal issues. Most managers are not very good at what they do, in part because their real job is to find a way to work with the regulatory state, not get their workers to perform.

This is a summary likely to get some crass comments from those who could know better but are the most scared to face the truth; they are habitual shirkers themselves, have no motivation to do much of anything, with or without some pharma support, usually have other borderline mental illness issues, and one really needs to ask whether this was the fault of this person who was just trying to follow along and do what they were told by their superiors? Was anything they contributed to anything really any good or not? What meaning did it provide over and above the barter for necessities and the rest of their life? These considerations really do matter.

If a conservative took over with absolute power, the intermediates between worker and employer like unions, regulations, and legally-defined liabilities would vanish and be handled instead by civil courts. Workers would find themselves as more like contractors, hired to make a certain function happen and rewarded for it. They would have greater pride in their work and most of it would be necessary, as opposed to the current scheme where most of it is not necessary.

The first sentence betrays the statist solution perspective, the politically labeled perspective, especially when there are just as many on the Left who want what he's describing. Everyone, regardless of their political stances, rushes to the conclusion that state involvement is required to give whatever it is some legitimacy, when as we and many other researchers have attempted to show as obvious, that the present order is itself in every conceivable way illegitimate as well as crooked and criminal. We don't want their help or their permission! When it comes to taking care of our own, our “natural socialism,” we will take these matters back into our own hands in every country around the world so that each country and each people will be able to have whatever future they want, not what some bloated oligarchic cartel of self serving thugs demands as the savage babies that they are.

What will that take to accomplish? It will take concerted action. The emphasized above is what this proposal intends as the heart of it, and to make it unique, it is the labourers themselves that would issue the money they would eventually be paid with, on completion of their contract of course. The more completed contracts, the higher the rating, the higher the reputation, one builds a society based on merit not special favours and privileges, etc.

Existential concerns would come into play here. When work is not a mandatory time period, but a question of achieving results, people can see the time value of labor and conversely, the monetary value of time. This encourages them to go home, spend time with friends and families and on cultural activities instead of attending extra hours for the sake of appearance.

We like this, time as an opportunity to earn money, except that it can also be interpreted to make claims for money that we reject without reservation. There are some laws that are above the lusts of men and one is that regarding whether idle money deserves to be rewarded. This is what we have precisely defined on this blog as capitalism. It is conspicuously identified with usury, which occurs only in the renting of money by demanding back more than was created. The way to render this situation of no concern would be to 

1) disallow any but 100% reserve lending; you cannot lend what you do not have and 
2) force the borrower to pay forward to the lender the rental cost of the money. 

You eliminate most economic bubbles by sticking to the first rule and eliminate the natural tendency of usury to shrink available money by sticking to the second rule. He goes into a Dutch digression; interesting, but not necessarily relevant:

We need only look at the Dutch model to see how less job means more happiness. One Dutch woman explicitly states that less time at the job means more liberation and ability to have a positive life. As Macleans reports:

Every woman in Holland can do whatever she wants with her life,” says Van Haeren, 52, who lives just outside of Rotterdam and rides her bicycle or the train to work three days a week at a police academy, where she counsels students. She has worked part-time her entire career, as have almost all of her friends—married or unmarried, kids or no kids—save one or two who logged more hours out of financial necessity. Van Haeren, who wasn’t married until last year and has no children, says she’s worked part-time “to have time to do things that matter to me, live the way I want. To stay mentally and physically healthy and happy.”

Many women in the Netherlands seem to share similar views, valuing independence over success in the workplace. In 2001, nearly 60 per cent of working Dutch women were employed part-time, compared to just 20 per cent of Canadian women. Today, the number is even higher, hovering around 75 per cent. Some, like Van Haeren, view this as progress, evidence of personal freedom and a commitment to a balanced lifestyle.

The article goes on to show what a world without job mania might look like:

Ellen de Bruin, who patterned her book after Mireille Guiliano’s bestseller French Women Don’t Get Fat, began by defining the stereotypical Dutch woman: naturally beautiful with a no-fuss sense of style, she rides her bike to fetch the groceries, has ample time with her kids and husband, takes art classes in the middle of the week, and spends leisurely afternoons drinking coffee with her friends. She loves to work part-time and does not earn as much as her husband, but she’s fine with that—he takes care of the bills. The book went on to note that Dutch women rank consistently low, compared to those in other Western countries, in terms of representation in top positions in business and government—and rank consistently near the top in terms of happiness and well-being.

Of course, we aren't so sure there aren't plenty of people in Holland who might be stuck in jobs they don't particularly like. I doubt its wise to assume any place right now is a paradise for all.

As an article in The Economist amplifies, this is a prioritization of existential concerns and lifestyle over the demands of commerce:

When I talk to women who spend half the week doing what they want—playing sports, planting gardens, doing art projects, hanging out with their children, volunteering, and meeting their family friends—I think, yes, that sounds wonderful. I can look around at the busy midweek, midday markets and town squares and picture myself leisurely buying produce or having coffee with friends. In a book released several years ago called Dutch Women Don’t Get Depressed—a parody of French Women Don’t Get Fat—Dutch psychologist Ellen de Bruin explains that key to a Dutch woman’s happiness is her sense of personal freedom and a good work-life balance. But it’s hard to transplant that image to the United States, where our self-esteem is so closely tied to our work.”

Most people I think would like to believe that what they can do to achieve a better standard of living would be more rewarding if it is doing something they really enjoy and can do really well; what they were made for or felt called to be doing.

Conservatives owe it to ourselves to look at the root of tradition, which is reverence for life itself, including the natural environment and the existential need to find excellence and joy in existence.

Again, this is a political appeal, obviously. We honestly can't say that there aren't as many good tie backs into tradition on the Left as on the Right formed by happenstance and family histories of making it in various places and under various conditions around the world. The state and statist solutions remain the same, arguments that actually prove nothing and amount to evading the real work of doing it ourselves rather than crying like babies that the state should or must be doing it for us as some kind of parent. Here's the finish:

Jobs obliterate this and replace it with Soviet-style grim obedience and grueling time expenditure on the doomed. It is time conservatives got off this chain and began fighting for life itself over the pointless obligation of jobs.

We too would certainly like to honour and reward real work with what we value it in OUR money thank-you very much!

The proposed Valun, right now:

V½ = $1.33
V1 = $2.65
V2 = $5.31
V5 = $13.27
V10 = $26.55
V20 = $53.09
V50 = $132.73
V100 = $265.46
V500 = $1,327.31

1oz Au = V771.01
1oz Ag = V8.89
1g Au = V20.17

The proposed Valun is up in fair trade 23% since inception on 11/2/2011. We intend to pay nothing for idle money as we think money is to be used, not shuffled in and out of various needful business situations at the whim of capitalists playing games with more money than they gained from honest work. Yeah, we're calling some things as we see them: capitalism; making money on money without actually doing anything; rewarding idle money, banking as we have known it, all of it, we condemn as dishonest at its core. But we are wise enough to know we will never do anything about what they do, and we shouldn't, because that's showing a disrespect that we wouldn't want for ourselves. We simply leave their sinking ship, do better, that's all, else we wouldn't be here advocating an alternative now, would we?

So the immediate vision is to get far more reaction to what we have posted here than we have to date. We want people to see what we see, to understand the Valun proposal and the self financing of labour and all of the valid ways Valuns would be issued. We want to attract those who want a future for themselves, their children, grandchildren, etc. We want to interact with community organizers who know their own communities very well.

It takes three people, a triad, to decide to start an independent exchange in your area. Your area might be a county, a village, town, part of a city, or an entire city. You understand that it is to be private. You understand that everyone that becomes a member is a part owner with a vote. Riegel was a democrat who believed in individual rights as the basis for all true democracy. You understand that you are looking for people who have jobs as well as those who don't. You are looking to interact with those who have not lost hope in themselves to become something better than a slave. You understand that there will be some that will be computer illiterate. This isn't about computers, the internet or anything like that, it's about people and it's about money and that has usually taken some physical form that most people recognize as money.

You do not have to sign anyone up for anything. You announce a local meeting to discuss it. Keep it short; under an hour. Briefly cover these topics:

> The proposed Valun – a transaction based money rather than the usual commodity based money.
> The proposed private organization – not open to just anyone.
> Self-financing of all labour under contract – where most of the money in the system will issue from.
> Natural socialism – we take care of our own – where the rest of the money in the system shall issue from.

Perhaps at the end of the meeting, after you tell them it will cost them nothing to join as long as they are qualified to do so, then you begin exchanging names, business cards, etc. [8/31/16: UPDATE: A local discussion indicated that a membership one pays for is worth more to anyone than something they don't pay for and in any case we would need some of THEIR money to get this thing off the ground.  A dues of the local equivalent of V1 per year was suggested.  This is how grass-roots democracy gets started.  Right now, that would be a yearly membership fee of $2.67 which isn't that much.] 

It is better to let everyone know about the idea than to sign anyone up for anything. People are VERY hesitant to join anything they have to sign up for right now, with the seemingly senseless exceptions being the mainstream media supported and spied upon social media.

But you see, this isn't about the internet, some crypto-currency only available for use by compu-nerds, or the elites, social media, no. A private social media we might all use could be identified, like the one in Iceland perhaps.

This effort is about building a monetary system alongside theirs from the ground up, person to person and people to people around the world. People who will never get a chance to interact with the internet and do not want or need to, have to benefit, or all this is meaningless, or just like someone else's utterly useless ideas.

The only possible way to restore what we want everywhere locally is to take back the split-barter valuation machine upon ourselves, as we assert we have every right to do. Until we do, we are slaves, simple as that, and we will participate in the consequences of what “the masters of THEIR universe” have decreed for most of us, THEIR “hunger games,” etc.

So you see, your freedom does depend on the freedom of everyone around you and that includes their right to issue money. It seems to me beyond reason at this point in time and history, that the brightest and boldest among you out there can continue to neglect to understand the importance of this blog's proposal. It isn't a complaint either, it's a warning. Time is running out.

David Burton

Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

#90 Concerning a Recent Press Release

Before we get started, I wanted to extend a grateful thank-you to the people in Russia who have lately visited this blog. Were more people aware of this proposal, there wouldn't be any trouble between the Russian and American peoples. Their governments, especially in the West, are as we all should know by now, in thrall to THEIR banks and THEIR money; THEIR capitalism that allows those with more money than ever requires them to work a day in their lives, to make money on it without working. This capitalism required state socialism in order that the lower classes of society do not rise up and revolt – for being long out of work and deprived of any meaningful future in the present or future economies. The two evil twin sisters are used to manage the public for the benefit of the capitalists; those who PAY have the SAY. It is and isn't quite as Karl Marx indicated, because he was actually in THEIR pay and even had a “handler,” which indicates just how far back espionage networks go.

Yesterday I posted the following on freedom4um under the heading Your Own Money


Since its inception in 2011, the E. C. Riegel Blog has developed into an impressive library of resources enabling one to understand the potential power and significance of actually earning and using your own money.

We'll attempt to make it plain exactly why people are more valuable than anything else and that this posits a better basis for a monetary system than anything else. We offer a unique but obvious perspective on money, economics and the economy.

Our mission has been from the beginning to offer humanity the basic economic lifeboats away from a system that we believe is like the Titanic in its ultimate fate. We do not want to be aboard her or have anything to do with her. It was said, “come out of her, my people,” etc.

We took particular cognizance of the opening statements on this forum. We don't know whether it is active or not, but we agree with everything said. Everything, especially the right NOT to associate. We simply cannot do that until we have our own money, period. So please take a look at the proposal and get back to me concerning any ideas you may have to bring it into being.

As Riegel himself said, without the freedom represented by money issue, the other freedoms are really pointless. If we have that power and it eventually prevails, then we get to call the shots when THEIR money ultimately fails; no more wars, no more immigration without limits, no more, no more, etc. We want our freedom, we want no more of theirs.

We also have to start walking out on them, disrupting their terrible plans, socially shunning their company and any who work for them, do not treat these people as friends, etc. This can and would cause cleavages to break even in families.

But these people who pay us have not earned our trust. In fact we have to grow some “horns of iron and hooves of brass.” I'm particularly seeking out people in law enforcement for the right reasons, their grandmothers, lawyers who may be able to keep the beast from us until it is no more, and the “pillars of society” people whose businesses are characteristic of their locations and hallmarks of their communities, without which their locations would not be what they are. These many might call the John or Jane Galts of their areas.

The first thing is to organize what I have called the International Value/Valun Exchange Society or IVES. Call it what you will, this organization would be the servant of all the local Valun exchanges that would spring up. Then we have to set to work finding and organizing among ourselves in our local communities.

We don't have that long before their system bites the dust. Then they'll offer us a new one with more police state aparat, none of which we want but all of which is necessary to keep their agenda going. THEY PAY FOR IT WITH THEIR MONEY AND WE ARE ALL SLAVES TO IT. Since this is obvious we have to devise our own.

But even if we had a hundred years, how much is held back simply because we have to rely on borrowing more of THEIR money? Right. You're wasting your life. What does your community need that you could provide if there were money to pay for it? It's time to STOP relying on them and doing our own thing. 

Any comments may be used by me for future articles, but I am about this because it is the truth and for no other reason. If you see what I see and have ideas what to do, let me hear from you.


Now I'm going to respond to a few of the comments received so far and perhaps venture into some other digressions. 

Wonderful article ... we must divest ourselves from their monetary fraud ... how we do it remains to be seen. Some communities have begun issuing their own script / currency based upon hours worked. Bottom line is we will either develop our own system or they will shove theirs up our keesters.

Thank-you! I appreciate that you and I see some of the same things.

We must reform the FED RESERVE to such an extent that the currency in circulation is created by and belongs to the United States Treasury, not the FED RESERVE. Checking accounts would be classed as treasury notes and would not interfere with the credit system.

...which is pardon me, equivalent to the average person climbing Mt. Everest and slaying the giant that lives there, should there be one. No, why bother? It's THEIRS not yours. Everyone needs to get THAT through their thick skulls. We have to admit to our brainwashing if we endured American public education, and even most private education. Everyone is trained up, entrained, to believe certain things without question, when the powers behind the curtains have changed the rules without telling anyone; or substituting one lie for another. There is no reforming the Fed, that's ridiculous. That's not even a solution. It wouldn't produce another significant rise in gainful employment, etc. If it matters, the proposal has been tried and failed every time because GOVERNMENTS ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ISSUE MONEY! Read Riegel on this blog. Every time someone steals your fiat to issue money, that money must fail. Now that's one end of their dialectic.

The other is precious metals, which they also control, or somebody other than you controls the trading value thereof. This forms the two ends of the same dialectic; either THEIR credit or THEIR gold.

The system of credit [no, THEIR system of credit, not yours or mine] would then have the notes necessary to pay interest on credit within it (that of treasury notes issued interest free) AND the laws wouldn't necessarily be predicated upon the UCC leaving the Constitution and common law unmolested by commerce.

all of which is impossible to achieve and anyway who wants to keep supporting usury once one discovers what a rip off it is? Let everyone walk away from it, let them try and save themselves, let them destroy themselves in a welter of their worthless money as they attempt to further gobble up the earth to pay back that which was never created. Until you see it this way, you can't be said to have learned anything worth knowing about money and economics.

Separating the circulating currency (issued debt free by the treasury) from the credit system is absolutely necessary. Then, as opposed to the way things are done now, all monies wouldn't be considered as debt; and credit (debt) would become voluntarily utilized. Contracts for credit would then apply only to borrowers and those choosing not to borrow would fall under the common law while users of credit would fall under the commercial contract law related to their use of credit.

We aren't offering to fix their system. We're telling everyone that it's the Titanic and going down and to get off her. You can't get off her until you build a parallel monetary system to get off onto and it's THAT money you want to see circulate. The wider its acceptance the better for you! They think their salvation is going to be Bitcoin or something like that. But I have news for them: when the lights go out there's only what's physical or written down that will matter. We explained this here

As things stand today all currency is debt and their isn't any means of paying the interest without building perpetual bubbles of debt.

This is indeed the cancer that will eventually be repudiated. But when it is, expect THEIR side to hire squads of assassins, hitmen, sabateurs, etc. to mess things up. The sooner people begin to recognize the truth; that hoodlums in nice suits and spit spot shoes with fancy degrees from fancy colleges are running things, the better. You can't do a thing about any of theirs, you must think about joining together to issue your own. Understand though, they are the beast that rules and their taxes must be paid in their money. You can plan your eventual sales in Valuns and taxes in whatever the local currency and stay afloat. The Valun is designed to retain its purchasing power. But all money benefits from being used; circulated in trade.

Screw the reform, repudiate! and print our own interest-free currency.

We will repudiate in time, when our own is strong, viable and widely used. Since we're advocating an international standard, it would be the same around the world; we let THEM determine what THEIR money looks like in value to us. This is not only intended to be a parallel system, but also the bottom-most monetary system. You can buy in, you cannot trade out into any of THEIR currencies including precious metals. This provision literally makes money laundering through our system impossible.  You can of course spend your Valuns for whatever is for sale in Valuns. The following quote was included and is retained:

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out... without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” ~ H. L. Mencken

I don't believe the system in place can simply be shut off and a new one introduced immediately. Things may be getting to the place where checks are simply outmoded due to plastic and things like pay pal but as things sit right now the check clearing is an immense task.

Yes, we know, but they have had the equipment for a long time. I have seen it. It is THEIR system. We could devise something better and easier. We start with a V-Check system (our cash) and develop a quicker system for personal check processing.

I would remind my good friend that there are many ethnicities benefiting from the banking system's usury. (Though an abundance of Jews are present). Also, the point I would make is that our everyday business which in most instances doesn't require a loan or credit to transact is in fact born in debt/credit because of the FED issuance of their currency. All I'm saying is we should ween ourselves off of the FED teat.

If we must do that, then we must walk out on much that they are having us do and paying for us to do it in THEIR money. So we begin to organize and develop our own money based on the proposed model, duly ratified by a properly constituted IVES. We don't ask, because what we are doing is our own business and our right as living breathing human beings, not their odious legal “dead bodies” created so to be bought and sold by gangs of speculators.

Open, public source, blockchain cryptocurrency fascinates me on many levels. Many signs point to the Single Source Planet overlords heading towards a (fractional) asset backed digital cc.

Again, considering their tremendous crimes, etc. etc. I could care less about their system. We must have ours when theirs fails. The transition will be far easier then.

Could we trust a web based digital monetary system? I see the internet as a very susceptible system to attack from unlimited sources such as the U.S. government, other governments, and countless hackers. I have already been made aware of many breaches at bitcoin. Though I admit that I do not know much about digital banking.

If money is only accounting then wont some internet platform do? Well what if there's no more internet tomorrow morning? What then? Who do you know around town that would vouch for you, know who you are, what you do, what you're skill levels and education really are, what you're really worth, what you want? You see why it must take organization, actually going about contacting people everywhere about this proposal?

Do like Iceland and cut the debt out of the equation.

This is what we do. First, forget, all of you please forget this concept, drop it from further consideration, to DEPEND ON THE STATE for a solution of any money problems and concerns because as Riegel famously opined, “Had the Constitution makers undertaken to invest Government with the money-issuing power, it would have had the same enabling power as if they had declared that it should have power to regulate the movement of the planets.”

We also have had occasion to redefine our terms as Riegel had to. He had to man up and admit that what the government was and is doing is counterfeiting money. THAT is why it ultimately fails. The fiat is OURS not theirs and cannot be voted or given away to anyone. It has been and is stolen. If you don't have that, what good is your freedom of speech, press, assembly, right to think or believe whatever you will, etc.? Well, you can't. So this pretty well sums it up by saying what all the moneyed classes down through time have insisted, “if you don't have the dough, you'll be shown the door.”

I too know less than nothing about bitcoin or digital, mark of the beast, banking. Nor do I wish to learn.

You're right, it's a filthy subject. All the blood of thousands of years of war is tangled up in it too. As we also say, nature may take its course (as far as THEY are concerned, meanwhile, we have to start taking ours.)

Agreed ... no problem. What about tracking checks ? Checks are run through clearing houses before they reach their final destination.

A personal check in the proposed VEN or Valun Exchange Network is (as in THEIR system where banks are identified) associated with the member's local independent exchange (IE). Checks are transactions cleared from the receiver's account. The check is deposited and the IE, wherever it is, is able to track the check back to the originating exchange by the numbers on the check that correspond to the IVES code: location designation system. Those transactions go onto a portable medium and are taken directly to the appropriate exchange for processing.

I believe the BTC breaches were from e-wallets or gatekeepers, per say. Hacking the blockchain algorythm would take 500 years! Well, the general population has to have a system that they can ALL participate in, not just GEEKS and puter freaks !

Emphasis mine! And here's a good place to remind you all that true value emanates from you and your fellow human beings not from things (silver or gold) or even from ideas. The income you are able to gain from your own efforts is your innate wealth.

The ideal (dream world) way to fix things would be for congress to say that "we really, really, screwed up in 1913 and we're going to abolish the Fed and resume issuing our own US currency."

A better dream would be where -when THEIR money finally fails- we decide which parts of the government WE will fund using OUR money and abolish all taxes that do not support paying US back in our money.

There would be some wailing and gnashing of teeth, but so what? It's what should be done to keep this raggedy ass country afloat.

I actually suppose there's far more resilience to the country than we suppose; a loose confederacy would suit everyone better, with far more local production and distribution, far more redundancy, more competition not less, perhaps more willing standardization of certain key parts and assemblies where that is possible. We want to foster a return to certain ideas that have been … brutally swept aside due to … lack of THEIR money, simple as that.

My post was suggesting a way to pull away from the Fed without collapsing the economy. No one hates the FED more than me. All I'm suggesting is to tell the Fed that we don't need their debt-money any longer and begin printing US Treasury notes (as Jackson, Lincoln, and Kennedy did); there would be NO economic collapse at all. No?

Wouldn't it be a good thing to have a lot of these people, tens of thousands, millions, signed up to earn Valuns along with their dollars? If you have that many Valuns out there, and we know what they are designed to represent and you can only buy one for what we say it's worth, not THEM, then they will eventually be respected

All I'm saying is that Joe lunch bucket gets a check and not everyone even wants a bank account or auto deposit or credit cards ... but they do need to transact business and there has to be a system in place to do it. The important thing is to remove everyday business from being considered commerce.

We need our own money to begin contracting our business anywhere we feel like it. The standard is the same for anywhere in the world where a local currency can price an oz. of gold bullion.

Even ______ had a checking account for cashing checks and for the transactions that he wanted to have a cancelled check for his records. You know how out of the system he was...RIP

and more and more want OUT of the system but have nowhere to go. What? Do you suppose some little guy with a megaphone is going to announce from the edge of the auditorium for everyone to come next door he has it all figured out and waiting? This isn't “build it and they will come.” This is we build it and expect to use it knowing they and their solutions will never be ours. It's about taking an ownership position concerning something that's everyone's birthright.

My old man was a real cheapskate. He would never give my mom any money. Finally she got a job with the phone company doing "counts", which was listening in on phones calls and writing down information. I made my money on a paper route and playing the organ in church on Sunday.

In a local IE, mom and dad are over 18 so they join having been recommended by their neighbours who haven't spoken to them in 15 years because, well you know, people live separate lives. They go to a private location and there are given their account books and how many V-Checks make up V200. I don't know about earning Valuns to do a paper route but currier advertising is possible and any usual local chores. The Valun will be heavier than any currency so it is best to regard them with some respect when bidding for them. V2 usually runs between $5 and $6. But the important thing is that both mom and dad could have their own accounts, start their own businesses if they wished, etc. The basis pretty much allows everyone a fresh start. There will be credit clearing benefits too; the higher your rating within the VEN the more you will get to do. The following quote was included and is retained:

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

That said, it is long time past since this blog has called for greater community organization to bring about the proposal.

Money is just a handy bookkeeping system. Anyone with competence and integrity can issue money. If I'm making widgets and need labor and materials I issue widget entitlement notes.

What if the local grocer doesn't accept widget entitlement notes?

We could each issue something, but what would be its common reference? How would anyone accepting it know what it is or what they might buy with it? The proposal provides that basis and how to maintain it.

What if the local grocer doesn't accept widget entitlement notes ?

We see the advantage of the widget maker and grocer being members of the same local IE. Each IR issues a distinctive set of V-Check designs. There is a standard but within that standard anything is possible.

There was a town in Arkansas that was involved with the Liberty Dollar. You could go there and exchange your FRNs for Liberty Dollars and spend them anywhere in town. When you were ready to leave you could exchange your Liberty Dollars for FRNs and you were set. But Liberty Dollar is long gone now, driven out of business by the banksters. ;)

The biggest problem with “Liberty Dollars” is that they were called dollars. THEY own that name. This blog follows E. C. Riegel's designation of it as a Value Unit but proposes a different basis. We'll get into the basis of Value Units in a moment.

Kennedy did. I remember that. It was United States Notes. Doing that is what got him killed. But I know an old boy out here that says he was shot by accident by the Secret Service. Who know what the truth is. ;)

Ours is not to conjecture. As we say, nature takes its course, but we need to take ours. If that means walking out on them en masse, then that's what it will take. We don't have much time as they are in the process of destroying the biosphere in which we all live. It's THEIR money, stupid! Not yours. You need yours, and the only way you're ever going to get is to organize with everyone you know or those you don't know, operating as a chain letter, to be willing to accept, use, earn and save Valuns.

CC [community currency] is finite, needs no government, central bank nor regulation. As of now all that I know of are private or even publicly traded but not controlled by a government. I am sure though that the spooks probably are behind one of them, that's what they do.

Spooks, kooks, I don't believe in spooks. We're all intentionally led to aspire to the grandeur of doing whatever we want that these people supposedly have as a lifestyle. But all true spooks are under THEIR pay. Oh, they may take their pay in other tangible valuables, but it is still THEIR pay for THEIR purposes -and might die at any time as they are expendable. But THEY stand on a pedestal with a thin stand that is due to crack under the strain of their overbearing proportion of the world's financial wealth.

Tell me now, step away from it all, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Go ahead, I'll wait. Who decided what was the basis of value? Of YOUR value? Of YOUR worth? Did you? Did they who have most of it decide for you? You begin to see how these are irrelevant issues for doing anything constructive about it. No; the only way forward is through truth; observation and understanding.

The proposed international standard Value Unit (Valun) – exactly as measures of weight, distance, velocity, electricity, motion, etc. are as constant measures understood – is based on a transaction in time not a quantity of tokens or accounting credits.

This is best understood as a historically established quanta of purchasing power that has a comparable present value in THEIR money determined by THEIR speculators. At the proposed inception date; 11/02/2011, this quanta was $2.16 but today (7/27/16), it is $2.67 because THEIR prices for THEIR precious metals (their oldest brand of money) is lower than at Valun inception. The inception date is deliberately chosen to be both easy to remember and close to the all time top for gold prices.

The proposed Valun is designed to retain its fair trade purchasing power. This will be enforced by every IE that may take local currencies presented to them by their members only, not the general public, in exchange for Valuns. These currencies cannot be held on account or in any other way by any IE; they must be immediately traded for gold and silver at current prices in each region. This is not a goldsmith's backing scheme (scam) at all. The precious metals belong to the collective owners of each IE. Who owns each IE? The A members who each have a vote to elect managers, etc. The precious metals are used as a buffer between their money and ours. In case of taxes and other lawful expenses, those stores of precious metals exist for their members to clear those that occur. However in trade we caution all our members to take in local money for taxes and Valuns for their added value.

Just because we allow the poor to issue their own Valuns doesn't mean that the amount will ever be very significant. By far the most Valuns entering the system will be because they are generated from all work represented by our proposed standard parallel labour contracts. These simple one page agreements pay Valuns on each specified payday; as one is paid in dollars, pounds, yen, rubles, whatever, they would also be paid in Valuns.

Though we acknowledge that all money transactions ultimately reside on written ledgers; the books of the IE, that the members will want some tokens to use to represent them. We have deemed that a private check, honoured and recognized within a private trading community, similar to a traveller's check, with a fixed expiration date would serve the purposes of cash very well. The proposal we called a V-Check. Each would be issued from a local IE with its own design. The reverse side would contain a frame indicating the number of Valuns the V-Check represented and inside an artistic advertisement for a local member business. These V-Checks could circulate up to six months from issue. Upon expiration, each V-Check could be either 1) deposited or 2) replaced. It would be our intention to promote their use by eliminating the usual transaction fees for using them. Transaction fees would begin with a trial of 1/10 of 1% of the total, paid by the issuing account. If Smith and Jones were A members and Smith bought a nice pair of shoes from Jones for V10 (ten Valuns = $26.70 -7/27/16), he would pay Jones in V-Checks. When convenient, Jones could return any expired ones to his local IE for deposit or replacement.

A V-Check would obtain its validity on the day it was acquired for Valuns in an account. Each V-Check has a unique ID and is given an expiration date. The unique ID is paired with a member account to create the transaction – removing money from a member account and tendering cash in the form of V-Checks to the member. At this point no coins can be minted and nothing of similar or smaller denomination to a dollar is generally permitted. The smallest proposed V-Check is the Half Valun. The ½ Valun can never drop below $1.08 by design.

We will want V-Checks that can withstand washing machines. They have to look good, better than anyone else's money. They have to have the IVES symbol (a round rock with the letters IVES upon it). Numbers and expiration date cannot be easily effaced. We doubt our members would do anything like this. We believe knowing where this money comes from will breed more respect for it over time. We hope the time is short.

A future paper will cover cost accounting fundamentals that can be used to get better results using the proposed Valun.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

#57.2 Perspective: The Present Moment

Here is the first Perspective article. 

People are spoiling for solutions, not for platitudes, not for slogans, not for disconnected bureaucracies, they want solutions. Charles Ortel 7/9/16 

The heart of the present system is its insatiability. It's about to suffer a heart attack (which is when your heart attacks you.) 

(Some may get this; there is a deliberate connection between the heart of the present system and the engineered popularity of giant extinct animals; dinosaurs. We trust you also understand that the present system must likewise eventually go extinct. The common understanding is that these animals went extinct suddenly and so too will be the demise of the present system.) 

This systemic insatiability, for all that it has anything to do with power and wealth as it is customarily conceived, is expressed in the mathematics of usury. This insatiability therefore attaches to anything usury touches, especially to investments promising yield, currencies promising a reward for merely remaining idle. We have more precisely defined usury as limited only to money, where whether it is of silver, gold, paper or more exactly entries on ledgers, genuine usury always demands in return that which was never created, causing deliberate scarcity of money. 

Scarcity of money is also brought about by other things that get far less attention than they should, such as depreciation, which is where most money dies. This in turn explains why new sources of money must be implicit in the design of any supplementary monetary system, else economies die. Those who teach a metaphor of money as a small fixed quantity are without truth as all money, all true money is marked as money, is issued, thence is spent on something and from thence runs its course until it is spent for something that depreciates almost completely in which case that money dies. 

What about gold and silver coins? They wore away! The most circulated of these coins were the most worn (following the inverse of Gresham's Law) which is the real law: cheap money drives out the more expensive. The states; then as now in thrall to the banks, taxed (take back) the money back, so these states wouldn't have to borrow any more and in any case governments didn't do much more than send people to go places and kill people. All the other things governments do now, weren't thought up back then. The state mints would recast the gold and silver into fresh coins and spend them into the economy, starting with the same military-industrial complexes as existed then as now. If the monarchs owned these places personally, then they took a profit from the making of weapons as well.

But it's actually worse than that. How about the “huff and puff” business cycles? We now call them bubbles. How about fractional reserve lending where we now know that many of these lending institutions, who all lend what they do not have, are leveraged 50 to 1!? Who gave them the authority to do all of that? Why son, banking is older than the American republic. THEY make the rules and then FORCE others to live by them. Understood yet? It's a fraud (stealing from everyone who uses THEIR money) protected by a FORCE that is paid for in THEIR money. So much for democracy, we live under a financial tyranny. It's one reason this blog is still up and running; to tell the truth and hope there are still a few that might listen.

We have for years been swimming in streams of THEIR money that was lent into existence from nothing – THEY STOLE OUR FIAT, because in order to do the impossible, to issue money that is acceptable in trade for a good or service, that money must be “backed” by something; the willingness to receive it back in trade for what you sell. This is the only “backing” any money needs. But all money needs to be based on a standard that doesn't change. Is that true of any money out there? No. Why? Because it is all conceived of as commodities pricing other commodities. Remember, barter has never gone away. Money is only used to split-barter and nothing else. 

One reason THEIR money is ultimately going to fail is that it is literally being used right now to allow producers who cannot sell locally to sell globally while others who have the money don't produce a thing but live on artificially expensive real estate, etc. Another reason is that each of these currencies generates its own pricing of anything available locally where that currency is used. Then speculators play games and make money on money without contributing anything of significance, in this case, arbitrage, or betting on the future exchange rates among currencies. This is another way to squeeze and loot countries, such as what's happened to Greece. 

And it's even worse than that: This system, in order to sustain itself, must devour its own. It devours any and all sources of cash and resources easily sold for cash. In the process, it pretends to amass wealth while destroying it. We'll get to this and we hope you see it. Instead, the present system amasses economic black holes everywhere, it swallows the future to hold up the present, to say to the world that a security is valuable when it is in verifiable fact, worthless. This is the absolute and unassailable truth of the merger and acquisition business. They'll tell you it is to achieve greater efficiencies, but in short, it is to save their extended credit. For if these ventures, some corporations extending back now a few hundred years, were to fail, so would they, quite literally. As it was said, 

For he who has, it shall be given to him and he shall have abundance. But he who does not have, even that which he has shall be taken from him! Matt 13:12 

Is that not happening right now? 

So eventually, perhaps quite soon actually, the system will collapse of its own weight, inefficiency, illusions, centralization, grandeur, greed, etc. and go extinct as the dinosaurs. But to those who wield FORCE, their concerns are similar to managing cattle scattered over thousands of acres; they see us as cattle to be milked and slaughtered at their whim. Their job is to STAY IN POWER, so that upon the commands they get from the money powers behind the curtains, they can begin to cull the human population as those hidden powers have long wished, without scaring the majority to revolt. This is the boiling frog technique. The heat has been turning up and up all my life and now looking back we can see it. Their plan is a worldwide concentration camp with most people driven into overcrowded clamorous dangerous cities, where the squishing and smashing process will be continued, leading to genocide of various classes and races that would not easily conform to the transformations that are currently under way. 

But it's never a good time for them when their financial system fails. They have to run for it when that happens, and evidence is mounting they are preparing for this right now. But it wont help them. They always try to take their gold with them if they can. But it's pretty heavy stuff to have to haul around a lot of it. They think it's extremely valuable, but you could sieve it from seawater. 

Truth is, there's actually quite a lot of gold. I saw a lot of it in one place one time at the Federal Reserve in New York. Yeah, just once. And there's plenty more of that elsewhere. But does it circulate as actual coins, as at a grocery store? No, of course not. It sits around in vaults and they enter numbers on spreadsheets and write paper receipts for it called notes. If they run a gold standard or they run a fractional reserve on it - and I do mean fractional – for every dollar in reserve (depositors' dollars) they lend out a minimum of nine, and we all know its many times that now - then they want to exercise their right to usury, which come on folks is nothing but stealing from the rest of us. As we said, it's asking back what was never created. 

If it was a 100% pure gold reserve system running usury, you'd best have to go into the gold mining business or gold assay business and mints would see more activity and there would be a mad rush everywhere to find and get more gold. And guess what folks, this actually all ties back to alchemy and other magical belief systems in the middle ages and long before that concerning the so called magical properties of gold. What passes for science and the higher ends of technology turns out to be an extension of the same; “man attempting to be God” ideas. Or for some men anyway. But my point is that they'd do all this just because of gold, not because they couldn't use something far cheaper and better as circulating tokens of a money system. 

Most of us would prefer to live quiet, sensible, creative, prosperous and productive lives, doing things that matter for others as well as ourselves, NOT having to worry all the time about money and where the next piece of it must come from to keep the wolves from the door. It was said pretty much exactly like that too by a close friend/mentor of mine from years past. He admonished me to beware of the rich. He didn't mean the usual wealthy “pillars of the community” types either, oh no. He meant the high and mighty who had so much money they truly didn't have to work. It was something similar to much from the advanced pen of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I have an obscure and famous book on the subject I've not read yet and have of course met with many reflections on the numerous dangers of sharing company with the rich, but my friend's stance was above adamant. It was a matter of trust to him. The man with insatiable appetites who already has much and more shall be given him, might just as easily turn on you and consume you, then toss you aside as some used napkin. It happens all the time; more often than most even know. 

We are all aware of the attitude. A few have made contact with it at first hand. Some famously write of it as class conflict. It needn't be, if the economic rewards were honestly acquired. In times past, the monarchs ruled and could and did give to whom they would. Such is the case today, even under more democratic or republican or whatever political fantasies. All that is mere fronts for the powers behind the scenes that run it all through their stolen fiat and usury. Once you have looked into this all long and hard, you cannot accept a lesser conclusion. 

But let's be honest. We know in our day to day lives how to recognize SANITY among our fellow humans and most of us live in the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. We know that there is not a thing, nothing, absolutely nothing, that can overcome the present system or where it is headed. The sane thing to do is to expect its collapse and then what? Ask them for more money? Are you insane? Would you take any more of it from them after their last batch turned out to be toilet paper as in Venezuela and soon some other South American republics? Meanwhile the prices rise and the money becomes ever more scarce and must be scarce on purpose, because it is loaned into existence and the money to pay back the debt for borrowing it was never created. 

It is also said, 

You come out from her, My people, that you should not partake in her errors, and that you would not receive from of her wounds Rev 18:4 

It says more too. You notice I use this phrase a lot on this blog. Though he may have suspected it, E. C. Riegel can't have expected it. He saw his solution as a remedy for THEIR system. We do not, as their system is not, has not been and will not ever be ours. It is revealed for most to see that it is built on frauds, lies, deceit, special privileges, rewarding the wrong and thwarting the right, etc. 

But the reason I use it is that another friend / mentor of mine, a well known to some, British financial publicist, used it in reference to finding another monetary solution. In 2009, he basically set me on the course of discovery with reference to these words and others, a few months before his perhaps untimely death. 

The first rule is to do no harm. The second is to be scrupulously honest as you can, especially when it comes to business. The terms of trade are as they are from day to day based on supply and demand. Limited quantities of production with more economic redundancy and better fit to activities adhering to natural efficiencies to scale, are preferred solutions. Gargantuan, one culture and product line fits all, produced at efficiencies to scale that completely outstrip demand so as that excess product actually has to be scrapped? Are you kidding me? This is what the present system in its insatiability does. It wont be stopped, it can't be reformed, it will merely plunge on to its eventual demise. It's been long time to be leaving it. To form something else. To form something of our own. 

Meanwhile, how many neighborhood jobs might be paid in Valuns? Phrases like, “just give me 2 Valuns,” might swing plenty of small jobs that would mean quite a difference to your friends and neighbors who you have to share spaceship earth with. Give them something to buy with their Valuns too, paying taxes in dollars or whatever the brand of THEIR local money happens to be. We'd probably see the recycle markets dealt with first. As their system collapses, we'd take over what falls from them. It's really that simple. Once we have our own money and system, when their money finally does fail, or their political fronts first, we will still have money; ours. 

When I was a boy, I thought of becoming an architect, a little later an artist, a painter. A little later, when I could play the piano well enough, a musician. I thought at one time I would like to be a teacher. At three times in my life I was offered an avenue toward becoming a lawyer. I always scored high on matters concerned with the law. I scored in the 93rd percentile of the Graduate Record Examinations in the year I took it. I took many other civil service tests. I got offers from various sources within the US Defense Department. Finally I got a phone call from a man offering me a way into computer programming and I went for it. 

At the end of 20 years in corporate America, I went private and worked for a foundation and managed some money. I have been “retired” for some time and now am an official senior citizen. I had a reasonably good career and most importantly met some powerful people and have seen some of the inside of the system. Believe me, there are many very good, well meaning people involved in all of it, often incredibly unaware of what they are doing or why they are doing it, except to get those dollars. As long as life looks good and prospects favorable, people don't complain. We have been very well trained not to complain. The conditioning has worked. We know what it means to recognize SANITY and its absence without much doubt and generally prefer living with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. Notice, I do repeat things, phrases, words, etc. because I did want to be a teacher.

So then, professor. What do you profess to know?” 
The professor turns and says, “To observe well is to know,” and continues with a smile.

Let's get back to the basics. Reference will be made especially to the proposed Valun system but the concepts are general enough to receive wider reception and relevance:

Work – TIME out of one's life to earn barter for necessities; food, shelter, clothing, etc. determined in whatever money one is paid for one's time. All the rest of the time you have to be alive is yours, including the time you are literally asleep.

Wealth – Anything capable of producing income. If it doesn't provide an income, it aint wealth, it's just stuff. Wealth MUST produce income. 

Value – What is capable of being priced for sale in money. Higher value is priced above lower value.

Commonwealth – The local area where people actually live as the common wealth which can provide them an income to support and sustain their living there; synonymous in some ways with community. Notice please that this means it will always take many people to support a viable monetary system.

Money – (one eye) The accounting mechanism (machine) used to split-barter. The third party in any transaction using it, applies equally to all so called crypto-currencies: a purely accounting mechanism (machine) consisting of account ledgers and tokens used as a convenient medium of exchange chosen to split barter between buyer and seller who both belong to a commonwealth accepting its use. (Wow, I repeated myself a lot there.  The concepts are THAT important!)

Commodity – Anything that can be quantified / counted.

Income – A return from wealth, measured in money.

Expenses – Value expressed in money expended to stay in business.

Assets – Acquired stuff that can actually produce a return on the Value invested in it. Anything that can be easily sold for money.

Liabilities – Debt, usually in money rather than whole barter, acquired through honest transactions to remain in business.

Profit and Increase – Any money left over after paying expenses from income, usually calculated on a monthly, quarterly, yearly or multiple year basis. Note: This does not include regular payments to support a normal level existence; the monthly recurring costs of maintaining a living standard, but rather only that money left over that was not regularly spent, that is saved over into the next time period.

Savings – Accumulations of money left from clearing expenses with income.

Liquidity – The ability for Assets to be easily sold for money.

Solvency – The state of all current expenses covered by current income.

Subsistence – The right of the poor to issue Valuns based on the rules agreed upon by the local community; based on the local minimum wage in the currency of the local area. Usually determined by the week or month. This feature regarded as “Natural Socialism” to us. It is our intention to have communities that are prosperous enough to eliminate poverty such that none will need to resort to this feature, but it would be there just in case.

Value Unit; Valun – The proposed international standard Value Unit or Valun represents the thousandth part of a transaction involving 1 oz of gold bullion = $2,160 on 2 November, 2011 (11/02/2011). At inception V1 = $2.16 and right now (7/17/16) to purchase at fair trade, that transaction would be $2.65. The Valun is designed not to fall below $2.16 in exchange with the dollar. For all other currencies, they would start from the day of inception and calculate what their own local currencies would be equal to an “in your hands” price for an oz of gold. They would calculate the differences between those prices and today's prices to obtain how much in their local currency would purchase a Valun. We did some of this for some time a few years back, but have discontinued the practise simply due to lack of interest.

Market – Places where goods and services are offered for sale for money. Formerly without money, such places used whole barter, which was and is time consuming and inefficient; why money was developed.

Money metaphors to Energy:

Particularly electrical energy - It is issued, it is spent for something, exchanged for split barter, whatever is purchased is capable of being re-sold for less than new and each time that happens more money dies. Money thus runs a one way course through an economy from its birth to its death and as a part of its vital contribution to human civilization must be resupplied on a regular basis or economies die – or at least revert to local whole barter which is a return to times when human life is universally nasty, brutish and short. Money circulates but ultimately dies in depreciation.

What about precious metals? They are a commodity that can be almost infinitely measured. The role of precious metals in money is precisely that they can store relative Value in a small space. Precious stones do so as well. Those who deal in them regard them as portable real estate, literally. Think of a piece of genuine jewelry as able to place a nice down payment on a piece of real estate and you have a perspective on how things are.

When you settle a barter deal using precious metals: you worked for dollars and spent them for metals. The dealer you bought your metals from at the price you bought them becomes your third party in any transaction involving those metals, as he/she was indirectly involved in any eventual transaction at the exchange in dollars for metals. But in fact, it was not merely they who were parties, but those who actually set the price of the precious metals that resulted in the final price for actual possession. So now you have your metals and you buy something with them. The person accepting your metals may need to sell some or all of them to obtain money in dollars to settle expenses including replenishing inventory.

Force – Money available to be spent. Many have heard of pools of liquidity. Money issuance is the fundamental of the force of money which is why the preponderance of study has been devoted to this subject. Money issuance, how much and by whom determines at least the starting line of how much (yes, a commodity that can be counted) of money is available at any time. In the Valun system, this fundamental of how much money is available is directly determined by how much any members are willing to work. See the self financing of labour on this blog.

Current – A recognized standard as a medium of exchange. The proposed international standard Value Unit or Valun has anywhere and at all times a known purchasing power. There are no exchange rates to consider and all prices for anything are settled with reference to the relative availability (supply and demand) of services and things in each local community.

Resistance – Prices above which nothing moves.

Insolvency + no liquidity = bankruptcy.

Professor. What's your reaction to having gold priced at $12,000/oz and what would that do to the Valun? Would you continue your experiment even if some other currency gains such ascendancy as to displace the dollar in pricing gold?”

Your questions are appropriate. Here's what we do. A new inception date begins with any increase in the price of gold over the previous inception date. It never goes back down, never. As for the first question, we would have to be willing to pay $15,000 an oz to actually possess any gold at that price. That would put the Valun at inception to $15 and 1 fen/cento would be worth fifteen cents American. If the price of gold falls in dollars, the Valun rises. It never falls below its new inception and all Valuns out there immediately rise in value. Any V-Checks would be a V1 at $15, a V1/2 at $7.50, a V1/4 at $3.75, a V1/8 at $1.50. If the price of gold falls below inception, the Valun rises against it as the Valun does not move, THEIR money does. But if gold and silver ever get this high, then the dollar is pretty much toast. 

Now, if the dollar becomes toast as far as pricing precious metals is concerned, then it has reverted to becoming a local currency itself and anyone tied to it becomes … enslaved in fact more than they already are, in fact enslaved by using it. Debt cancellation is HIGHLY likely and in that case we may be in very serious trouble. We certainly have told you so. 

Here's an idea. We must get the proposed International Value/Valun Exchange Society (IVES) up off the ground. We are not ashamed to admit we may need to raise money (yeah, some of THEIR money) to launch this. Perhaps crowd funding of a modest kind might be necessary. But for what? For advertising. How are we going to reach those who need to be reached who are often or mostly off the internet? This will take printed materials. That always costs money, THEIR money. 

Finally, we especially need to re-assert that our fiat has been stolen from us. This blog's Valun proposal gives us a way to deal with all of THEIR money including precious metals. If we don't; If we do not re-assert it, our right as individuals to issue our own money, then let's face it, we are not only slaves of the present system, we are willing participants in its crimes.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit 

PS: I thought I'd give you some visuals. These are examples of what some pieces of paper that were circulating money looked like. The real examples of this paper money are valuable collectibles nowadays. That goes for any old paper money from just about any country. People collect it like some collect postage stamps.

BTW, the pictures I've already peppered through these Perspective articles could just as easily be pictures used on your own money if you lived in the particular area associated with them. What any community decides to put on its money is pretty much up to them.

Gold Notes:
Gold certificates - Now you'll probably hear of “gold trade notes” which are really the same thing. These gold certificates were used so that traders would have greater assurance of being paid and not cheated while their goods were en route aboard cargo ships, etc. Presumably the settlement could be made in either some equivalent of the paper dollars or in gold coins. 

Silver Notes:
Called silver certificates these performed the same function but in silver. It could and did happen that whole economies were based on these notes. But of course they'd only be as good as that the institutions with their names on them were holding 100% reserves and not running some lending money they didn't have fractional reserve financing. What were the chances of that ever happening? You guessed it. NO guarantees at all. You want to play “chase the gold or silver coin” when you flash one of these so imprinted pieces of paper in front of some clerk? I doubt it. But it bears asking if such schemes eventually went bust before, and they did, what's to ensure that such do not fail for the same reasons again? That's right, people are inherently greedy and untrustworthy and would rather have without working, etc. We know all that. It only points out the idealism some have to want to return to a past solution that was honestly no better than what we have now. 

FRNs of unusual size:

That's Madison on the $5K note and Salmon B. Chase on the $10K note.  A few who worked in banks may have run across these maybe forty or fifty years ago. Those that may still exist now are collector's items.

Designs for local V-Checks:
You have seen a few scattered in these Perspective articles. They could be as diverse as you please as long as certain basic requirements for size, design and quality are followed. 

Was just curious.  You included all those pics of their money to show us how stupid it looks compared with your naturalistic designs?  If so, I see your point.  Their stuff always looks base and crude.  We could make ours look much better.  Dave  Kansas

You have some idea what we could do.  But of course, we must get ourselves together and get organized and enthusiastic about the prospects.  These are economic lifeboats we're advocating here, a very bold and radical step, but one long overdue.