Monday, November 27, 2017

#0: The State of Things: Alex Jones and Matt Drudge

A story appeared on Matt Drudge today concerning Amazon and its unique gifted position to take over the world.  That story appeared here.  But Alex Jones, who we don't mind saying is the new mainstream media, had an especially good summary of all the parts of this process and where it leads and to WHOM go the benefits, here.and this was pretty good too.  Alex understands who the enemies are without actually going for the jugular and saying out loud just who and what THEY are.  

We repeat for those who don't know, or may have other misleading or mistaken ideas, THEY are the globalists (anyone connected with any worldwide organization, especially the United Nations, UNESCO, and ANY of many similar organizations), bankers (all of them who deal in THEIR money, etc.), elites (usually billionaires and usually well known personalities, but most are not household names, though some of those are becoming better known), satanists (those who believe in using up other people for their own ends as predators to prey), pederasts (grown people who prey on children and do unspeakable things to them, certainly extending to taking their lives), technocrats (the cryptocurrency crowd, which helps fund and supply any deviant or terrible activity around the globe, including the new group that wants to enshrine AI), scribes (anyone that works for THEM in the media or government) and Pharisees (the elected or non-elected figureheads and anyone working for them; all politicians and all members of the official judiciary).  THEY are armed and dangerous and have the law which is FORCE to back up anything THEY want to do to you.  

How did we get here?  It all leads back to THEIR money as the basis for all of it; the willful and intentional enslavement of the human race.  THEY don't bother to explain the root of it any more than calling it Fiat currency (Fiat = by will).  Whose will?  STOLEN WILL from each and every one of you.  It is precisely what this blog's proposal is all about.  

The issue wasn't fiat vs. non fiat currencies, stupid!  That was a deliberate attempt to snow you, to direct your attention away from yourself and your own situation, THEY have intentionally stolen your will from you since before you were born and have used it as THEIR excuse to turn everything upside down and sideways and take over the world and claim to own it out from under each and every person on earth!  Let that sink in for a while.  You who have such entitlement feelings out there, I want you all to really get how you have always been screwed and by the very people you attempt to extol and exalt.  What tools, dweebs, fools and losers!  Well, it's still not too late to shirk that off and get back to winning, making, doing, becoming, thriving and being really happy.  But, you have to start by accepting reality.

As my pal, John Q. Public has it,

Never panic, accept the limitations of your present situation and work with and around it, be prepared to take some ultimate
action in self defense when that is the only remaining thing necessary. 

Here's where most people are right now.
  By the way, and we mean it, one alternative is to move away from THEM literally and physically and that certainly is a growing trend that a system like the one proposed in this blog would be able to greatly promote; autonomous economies that spread around the world that do not rely on THEIR money to determine the means to split the barter between us.  Our message has consistently been, "come out of her, my people," etc.  We are against any cult or social idealism.  Been there, done that.  We don't need it.  But THEY benefit from panic, standing against limitations of our present situation and certainly do not want anyone to take any ultimate action as that is what THEY intend to do to suppress us and have THEIR way with us as THEY have determined.  Just read THEIR works.      

Meanwhile, the trends toward better food, more local economies, more economic redundancy, etc. continues against the ... enemies of humanity.  If you are operating under government contract, you will be trading with the enemy.  If you are selling anything using THEIR cash registers, you are trading with the enemy.  And yet, look out there.  THEY intend on controlling and profiting from all sales of even used products.  Many of us are unable to do any better in our sales without using THEIR cash registers and again it is all related back to THEIR money, which we are encouraged to believe is actually ours, when it is not.  

It's incredible how mere perceptions of things determine how most people think.  Hey!  What's wrong with you?  Do you require a blind man to show you what is perfectly plain and obvious?  Meanwhile you have a few jabber boxes parrot the senseless and deliberately MISTAKEN ideas concerning "sound money" and somehow that if someone else other than themselves sets up another monetary system to use, they'll be more likely to approve of it if it is said to be "backed by gold" even if they never ever see the gold or get to trade in actual pieces of it.  It's all pretty stupid considering that someone else ALWAYS determines what a chunk of gold or silver will trade for in all the rest of THEIR brands of money, certainly not you or me, because NONE OF IT is our money! 

Yes, these trends and their inevitable consequences, leading humanity to a dreadful and dismal future, are directly related to the question of money and where it comes from and where it goes.  Oh and where does most of it go?  Into the purchase of things which none of us want that depreciate very rapidly and in that manner money is lost and gone forever so long term it does not aid a circulating currency economy among average people.  It's time to snap out of it, intend to move away from and out of THEIR system and into our own.  The design is basic and being developed with each additional paper presented on this blog.  Stay tuned.           

Friday, November 17, 2017

#0: Listen To, & See All The Dangerous Microwave Pulses You Are Subjected To In Our Wified World

And please tell me exactly how THIS outrageous miscarriage of technology is NOT related to us not having our own money?  Would any of us have wanted OUR money spent to do any of this to ourselves or the environment?  You had better think about it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#0: MUST SEE: Dr. Tent - The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic ...? It's Not Autoimmune

MUST SEE: Dr. Tent - The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic ...? It's Not Autoimmune

After seeing this, you tell me how it doesn't relate perfectly well to the present money situation.  Would this happen under a Valun system?  Probably not.  Best.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

#0: Sustainable Destruction - Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

Sustainable Destruction - Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

From 2014, still relevant and ongoing and of course the MONEY used to support all of it is THEIR money, stupid!  This is what THEY intend to do.  Notice, those of us who are fully aware and awake, that the man made global warming FRAUD is intended to cover up the real story which is geo-engineering, the madness involved in weaponizing climate.  Everything this man says can be supported by plenty of data from elsewhere and there is no fundamental basis for any of THEIR agenda but genocide and tyranny, because it's THEIR money, stupid!  Are you getting it yet?  We need a way to not only walk away from THEM but to say HELL NO to THEM and if necessary, yes, it may have to get personal with THEM.  Understood yet?  THEY intend to control EVERYTHING, but THEY will fail and WILL be swept away.  THEIR Titanic is going down.  That's why cryptocurrencies are so popular.  But those are still THEIR money, stupid!  Well, how about precious metals?  Still THEIR money.  WE NEED TO HAVE OUR OWN AND TO DEVELOP OUR FUTURES TO STOP AND THWART THEIRS.   We do NOT seek violence, though we regard all of these people and their poisonous ideas as traitorous to all nations, all peoples, all nature, all true culture and all real hopes of human happiness.  THEY do not care.  THEY want to merge with machines and become gods.  WAKE UP!  We are not in Kansas anymore.  OK?
Oh, and you might as well hear this too:
Uranium One Nuclear Con Game 

[11/12/17: A bit of a Sunday rant as it were; obviously if we are to have our own money, then we will have our own economy; our money will circulate among us and do its job splitting barter for us, since barter never goes away, and we get to build from our innate wealth; all of which must provide an income and be represented by either our work or our will. Your will includes that you will take back that which you have issued in trade for your time or goods and services. Work is rigorously defined as nothing but the time out of the rest of your life that you earn your living and are paid in money, your barter for goods and services you need. Work to us has always a clear and definable objective; to earn barter. We give up something we have for something we want, beginning with the time out of the rest of our lives.

But meanwhile, what do we do with our time? Entertainment? Sleep? Eating? The rest? Those of us who work regular jobs spend our time doing that. It is said that the out of work are structurally unemployed. There is education to get them better paying jobs. The jobs are supposedly coming back and all is well. But all is not well. Money is either tight on non existent or is applied to servicing past activities in the form of unpaid debt. And besides, it's all THEIR money. So a flight to cryptocurrencies of all the spare cash instead of serving to create more jobs. Why? Perceived risk of loss is less. That's one reason. The other is the basis of the present money is being questioned so its legitimacy and raw purchasing power are open to question. Why the flight into securities? First of all it is all THEIR money, and THEY are doing most of the buying, but these assets are entangled with legal claims on real property, including intellectual property (one of THEIR biggest scams) and even should these fall in value due to a correction, the ownership of the lion's share of all real assets is assured to THEM, or so THEY believe. So far, so good. Their Disneyland with dragons in it, playing real Hunger Games with real people is about to begin. That's what all the zombie movies are about. It's what all the dystopian signals in THEIR culture are telling us. THEIR message to the average person is to scare them, "There's nothing you can do about it. We win, no matter what." Yes, since it is THEIR money, stupid, then THEY can and will. Why else do you suppose THEY can be so open about THEIR intentions nowadays? Time to wake up, and for some of you, to grow up. Time to stop letting someone else take the greatest weapon we have away from us, yeah, that's right, why give THEM one of our greatest inventions, something that actually springs directly from our 1st Amendment recognized WILL (fiat)? 

Freedom doesn't ask permission. None of the founding fathers of this great American republic (in form only) ever asked anyone's permission. When Tom Paine penned the Declaration of Independence and handed it over for revisions to his pals Tom Jefferson and Johnny Adams, do you think for one instant that any of them asked anyone's permission? Where is your backbone, gentlemen? Why have I heard from NO sensible patriot or statesman concerning this proposal? I'm still waiting and I'm still very serious. You recognize your enemies when THEY are manifestly criminal right in front of you and you do not ask permission to take action. The sensible action is self defense and self preservation and a recognition that first blood has already been drawn and retribution is only a matter of time. Do I make myself clear? LOL!]

Monday, November 6, 2017

#53.3: What Some Would Do - John Q Public wins a Jackpot

The following work of fiction is the result of a short discussion between two American citizens:

A letter to the President of the United States, from John Q Public. 

Dear Sir, 

Hello, I'm John Q. Public. 

Let's say that after taxes, I were to win the lottery and it was the princely sum of $325 million, that's $325,000,000.00 and rather than using it to live it up as some spoiled pig; let's say I had already pretty much succeeded in living the American dream to the extent of having been able to purchase a modest home and worked most of my life, paid taxes, etc. and had acquired my share of debt along the way and yes sir, even so, it is still very hard to make ends meet

But I just won this money and you know what? I think rather than keeping it all to myself or even dividing it up among four or five of my greediest family and friends, you know I did a little math. How many honest American citizens were there the day you became President, do you suppose? Maybe 300 million? Look, if I just won $325 million, that would be enough money to give each of those 300 million a million dollars. Right? Now how much do we spend on what? For BILLIONS of dollars? And we still have poverty?

Tell you what, Mr. President, I think it would be a great idea for me to give each real American a million dollars. It would be tax free. It would be given provided that everybody would have to give their present job six months notice – if they are lucky enough to have a job in some sectors of our economy, sir - and if they otherwise accept present conditions and pay and I suppose decide what to do with their new found riches.

Oh, people will still work. They will decide what they want to do, because I presume this windfall will be the only new source of capital any American is likely to see again. You see, most personal debts would be settled out of it and people would need to consider the best uses of their new capital, each person would start out literally equal. All the “help the poor” programs go away as no one person would qualify any longer for any of them, after all, each would be a millionaire. So all socialism goes away. 

Some things, Mr. President, I would … suggest or make different. Do you know there are people who believe THEY are special and deserve the right to issue money out of THEIR fiat to do so? We call that “theft of will” Mr. President, deliberately against the 1st Amendment. Or how about THOSE who have the peculiar monopoly on lending money THEY do not have? Oh, and of course THEY demand back that which was never issued? Really, Mr. President. We demand a return of the US Government back within the first ten amendments and probably the nationalization pending phasing out of the central bank. 

Think what would be different if we decided we had to work as a natural necessity since money, at least for a while, was no problem? Would anybody be talking about the stupid things being discussed nowadays if it weren't for money? Imagine Mr. President, we're certainly not talking about a lot of money here; barely above a third of a billion dollars, and just how much are we supposedly in debt for? $20 trillion? You tell me, Mr. President, how would you explain this to the American people? Merely suggesting that around $300 million distributed in cash to every honest American completely free of any taxes, would transform society is so obvious as to be frankly disgusting that something like this hasn't already been suggested. Don't you agree, Mr. President? 

Oh and of course if anyone already has a million dollars or more, then what would they do further with another million of mine? So those people would be excluded. Maybe there are a few real private enterprisers out there, the pillars of their communities, where the million dollars per person would really make a tremendous difference. We'd soon discover what people really want and are willing to work and pay for, NOT decided by some elite group of spooks and creeps, and I realize that you know I'm being kind. 

Consider this the cheapest form of real monetary reform possible. It would prove once and for all the real power of money. 

Oh and by the way, just for instance, would people be talking much about guns if we were all millionaires? 

Sincerely yours, 

John Q. Public 

John, your math is off. $300 million only makes 300 people millionaires. You would need 300,000,000 x 1,000,000 or 3e+14 that is 3 followed by fourteen zeros or 300,000,000,000,000 or $300 trillion. We are? No, the US government corporation is supposedly in debt to its debtors for $20 trillion, so the question is still not ridiculous. It takes a hundred trillion dollars to make a hundred million millionaires. How much wealth (all that must produce and provide income) has been replaced by what Arthur Kitson called illth, that which takes away income and diminishes wealth by the filth that claim the right to rule over us? 

But there are a few more reasons why just giving everybody money wouldn't work. Oh, it would provide a reset for all personal debt and THAT would be a good thing, but as we keep reminding you, didn't your grandma or someone with good common sense advise you never to have to borrow from others? Yes, we know, some things are required to finance, but how much and how often? More and more of us have come to the realization that it is much better to consider who we are and what we want than what money we have at stake in it. Increasingly those with the money and connections, THEIR money and THEIR connections of course, see all of Agenda 21, etc. and all of THEIR local people and organizations, will attempt to drive all others from competition, as in places like California, and THEY will expect most to consider themselves lucky to be able to afford a comfortable suitcase in which to live and feel guilty for drawing their next breath. 

So yes, we need more money all right, but what we really need is the means and opportunity to bring back some skills and develop others as we see fit rather than as THEY see fit. THAT too is a consideration behind the proposal. Extra money? As long as it isn't THEIRS, we ourselves can provide, but not according to THEM or we will have accomplished nothing.

Presumably adding $300 trillion or so to the US economy at each local level would spur an economic upturn. But THEY don't want an economic upturn. THEY want THEIR dystopian dictatorship and your demise. THEY don't believe in private property unless it's THEIRS. So if someone were ever able to dump as much money into everyone's hands as John describes here, since it is THEIR money, stupid, then THEY get to bid up the prices of everything measured in THEIR money; automatic inflation,  to recoup the extra amount considered a dilution of money supply since THEY will always treat of such things as a commodity fit for speculation upon the day to day value thereof for THEIR own profit, of course. Since THEY frankly and honestly would rather have THEIR money make money on money without THEIR work, THEY will always have the advantage. It's THEIR money, stupid! All the rest of the “build it and they will come” cryptocurrencies are all similarly based on economic doo-doo and are THEIR money, not yours or mine.

So, now with all that said, this is finally ready to go up on line, just as a witness to the ideas John had in mind, if nothing else. 

You know, THEY are often fond of saying, it takes a village. You know, like that in The Prisoner. Why was it exactly that most of mankind would like to resign from the modern world? Until next time, 

Be seeing you.