Tuesday, January 30, 2018

#113.6 The Proposal - How It Works - Part 6

The basis for all the proposed money in our parallel market, hence, our parallel economy, is this single transaction.

This blog is addressed to the 40% of you who read and write. You know in your bones that it is only you who support civilization. For those who are literate are all that separate us from degradation and barbarism, which has been by far the rule, not the exception, throughout history.

The average A member of a local independent exchange would be a natural person, 18 years old or older, who had been accepted by two already existing A members and who had satisfied the domicile requirement; you must have a right to live where you reside. We cannot accept any illegal aliens among us, as that subjects us to THEIR civil law, which we remind you all is FORCE. THEY have it and you don't. Besides which, if THIS proposal were adopted everywhere, those from other places would start it up in their home countries and begin building economies among themselves where they are. This proposal eventuates a total end to all this wandering around the planet of obscure alien populations.

The agreement with our government that we supposedly pay for when we pay our taxes, is that the government ENFORCES the law. In the case of the United States, we have decided that the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights is our side of the agreement. But it doesn't matter what we may think about THEIR taxes or what THEY spend THEIR money on because ALL of it is THEIR money, not yours or mine. So anything we might say about taxes is beside the point and a waste of time, energy and breath. THEY have the FORCE and you do not. We consider all that concerns taxes merely the basic facts of life, NOT to be even invited into the discussion. Yes, we will pay our taxes in THEIR money too. To expect any resolution of future prospects by challenging any taxation authority is lunacy and dangerous. We reject it outright and forthwith!

Further: To the extent that anyone believes they can affect any government, an outstanding lunatic fallacy on its face, there then follows the equally and obviously insane assumption that the money we pay in taxes is actually ours, when it says right on all of it to whom it belongs, and it ain't you or me.

We will get farther by admitting the obvious, not falling for any mystification of anything whatsoever, considering what every word we use actually means, factually dissecting every single presumption of anything made to us on any level. It's easier than it sounds. Just be honest!

Rather than expecting ANY recompense from any state for whatever grievances, our response has been consistent: “come out of her, my people, lest you be involved in THEIR crimes!”

Increasingly, the human race is experiencing the actual meaning of the money not being theirs. THEY want to destroy cash: we propose to continue cash as our circulating limited duration V-Checks. THEY want to FORCE everyone onto the internet (the image of the Beast?) and to accept AI (artificial intelligence) on every level and to dissolve the present natural world to the point where life itself becomes impossible. It is all insane and it is all traceable to THEIR money. ALL of THEIR money has human blood on it too, especially gold and silver, just two more brands of THEIR money. Cryptocurrencies? I guarantee you they have been used for human trafficking. Tell me these aren't THEIRS too.

Silver and gold? Can you or I by any means determine its exchange rate in dollars to our benefit? How does an ounce of gold buy $2,160 worth of exchange at proposed Valun inception (11/2/11), when it only buys $1,689.50 worth of exchange today? (1/28/18). That's a variation of slightly more than 20% in 7 years! What Riegel said was something like that we knew that precious metals were worth something, we just didn't know quite what.

Start by admitting that until you, me, everyone else around you, can issue our own money, that we will be at THEIR mercy. I have been reminded by someone that this right is as useful and imperative as the right to keep and bear arms.

This proposal involves how we organize to issue our own money. Start considering everyone you know as a potential A member capable of issuing money. This we do as a “no matter what” solution to keep track of our trade and building and extending our wealth.

The organization begins with each one of us as each of us has innate wealth, the abilities to earn an income, were the money available, and the will (FIAT) involved with the unimpeded law of contract. In some locales, where through ignorance or connivance of the usual rascals, these rights are abridged, then you have veritable concrete evidence that you live under a tyranny. You might have to move if you can't as yet stand and fight. That time will probably come sooner than most think. Once fooled, shame on you, etc.

While we accept and know that any taxation of labor is immoral, that it discourages work, etc. we cannot help any of that. The message is to “come out of her,” not stick around for the next round of tea, coffee, beer or milk, etc. Same with any and all of THEIR taxes.

I heard the other day yet another, who should certainly know better, advocating some massive work stoppage or tax revolt. It's THEIR money, stupid! Yes, including the taxes. THEY decide to tax your income in THEIR money AND in any other money too, by FORCE of THEIR law! This proposal is NOT a tax dodge, nor is it a money laundry.

Money laundry: Someone has lots of euros, they stick them in a corporation set up in the Antilles. This corporation can settle transactions in euros or dollars. Someone in America affiliated with both the original person with the euros and the corporation, gets a loan from said corporation in dollars. Now, there are no taxes on loaned money, but the American doesn't necessarily have to pay the loan back, ever!

So you see how it goes. Rather than doing the old time honored work of most real jobs, the desired situation, indeed in some places the required situation, is to live by laundering money rather than actually working. This scheme and countless like it my friends satisfies the requirements of capitalism, the itch with capital (usually cash) and the desire to increase it with as little effort as humanly possible, commonly avoiding taxes. The range of possible trading algorithms are astounding. In these ways money is made on money without actually delivering a single product or service. But those who are able to move millions of units of products through promotions or advertising are very well compensated. They didn't produce anything either, but you bought THEIR product because that person convinced you to do so.

Free enterprise is always private and contrary to the usual contrived authorities, has nothing to do with capitalism. Part of the deception has been to convince you that it is perfectly fine for someone in a shiny office to make millions for providing nothing, while a factory worker or trained technician who produces in some cases works of frankly priceless value gets paid far less and the two employments are somehow of the same kind. They are not and everyone who is honest knows it too.

The working men and women of the world know it the most. But we are devolving into a world where fewer and fewer people work and the rest? What do they do? They consume! THEIR economists will tell you that the non workers consume the excess of the productive which is over productive or these days capable of being efficient at vast scales.

We of course doubt any of this. Ignoring the perfectly natural law of diminishing returns to scale is actually being proved true at this very moment around the world as people everywhere wake up to the weird incorrect social contracts they have been given by the globalists, socialists, communists, fascists, collectivists, everyone with a control agenda and a centralized political ideology, including and especially the claims to fairness, liberality and especially equality.

Equality! People will sacrifice everything in the hopes of attaining it or establishing it, for the good of the planet, for the good of this or that, for the rights of some downtrodden group or whatever. You know what? It's all rubbish and bullshit! Those who determine the standards of equality determine the level of slavery for the most people under any such regime. So just as you sometimes need to use mouthwash to kill bad breath, you need a brainwash to kill bad ideas and especially evil idealism!

I'm going to rant here – this whole thing is a kind of rant anyway - people are people as they are, not as anyone might want or have them be or should be or anything like that. Anything like that is based on accepting some authority that has no right to exist! It's none of your business! That's what we used to say. How often do you hear that these days?

Whatever any self styled set of social justice warriors might have decided, and none of them has a right to tell us anything, each of us has a will, a fiat. We can choose to be and belong with any group of people we choose that accepts our contributions and company. The average A member is any natural person who may not even have a regular job. Most are unemployed these days simply because there is not enough of THEIR money to pay them to do anything that could be done or would rather be done.

Some people may live in some rent subsidized place like a Section 8. Do you know that these people are discouraged from working their way out of this? If they work more, their rent automatically goes up. They may even be homeless. How little of THEIR money has a homeless person?

Our dues are one Valun per year for every A member. One Valun today is $2.63. Do you suppose money could be found – yes THEIR money – to support the dues for these people?

I'll bet you know already that there are certain places where it is not legal to have anything to do with the homeless. They are relegated to the category of untouchables. This is further considerable proof of the FAILURE of THEIR system and the messages are every bit as sincere as I said they would be. And THEY want to flood the world with aliens and have no borders? What's going on? Exactly what I said was going on; THEIR plans to kill you. Oh, not today maybe, but eventually. THEY may have further to grind out of you before you're done. Understand how important having your own money is?

I had a conversation the other day with John Q. Public and he told me some of the facts of life:

Perhaps as much as 40% of the people do not read or write and furthermore cannot ever be expected to read or write. Another 20% have just enough ability to read signs, etc. Further he said that there are many jobs where it was not likely anyone would need to read or write.

I was told of a situation where a man with a respected position at some industrial concern had learned to read and write from his fourteen year old son. Said industrial worker was on the other hand thoroughly competent handling numbers. The varieties of people are more astounding than one imagines. Maybe some of you out there need to read these pages to your friends.

But everyone knows what money is, what it looks like and how to use it. Cash transactions are anonymous which is why cash is king. But THEY want to kill that king. What THEY want to do is remove as many transactions from anonymity as possible and in so doing THEIR monetary machine actually destroys wealth based on it! 

Think of the effect all the anti cash policies are imposing on the poor or even the illiterate around the world? Are they to be denied the right of future existence? What is THEIR message in denying cash? How about … go off somewhere and die quietly and without fuss, so THEY may continue THEIR plans to take over the world, render it sterile, merge with machines and then what? This madness is happening already and right now being contemplated. THEY'LL want to chip you next. THEY'RE already at it!

Why? It's THEIR money, stupid! Cryptocurrencies? More of THEIR money. Metals? Too heavy. I could put enough exchange into an envelope and mail it to someone anywhere in the world, and if the same money were recognized everywhere, as it was intended to be by E. C. Riegel and others, then as they say, cash in the usual forms flies, while silver and gold do not. They are in fact probably too precious to ever circulate much at all, so attempting to build any kind of economy using them has always been a pipe dream. You know precisely the value of a pipe dream, don't you?

Our understanding of money draws from the obvious; someone buys something and instead of providing something in exchange as in whole barter, they tender money. What John Q Public thinks the eventual result of everything will be is a return to whole barter because as he puts it, money doesn't work. Well, there are those who believe that whole barter is like some kind of heaven on earth, when it is actually the hard road of life that has been trod before when life for most was “nasty, brutish and short.” So abandoning money to our enemies is like laying down our arms and allowing THEM to have THEIR way with us. No! Instead, we value civilization and that includes split barter (since barter NEVER goes away) and that requires what we commonly call money.

So let's stop evading the issue. Money is issued when somebody buys something. Who gets to buy something first? The government does. Where does the government get the money? From a central bank! What if the money were lent based on a store of gold or silver? There would be far less money, prices would be lower and so would salaries. You'd plunge the economy back to the level of the 1930's and the supply of money would be consistently short. Plus, you have acceptance of usury; the central bank gets to pull more money out of the economy than was issued. Where does that gold come from? There will never be enough money to satisfy even the most practical means for everyone under such a system and it was even freely admitted by the bankers and THEIR friends over a hundred years ago. How would bankers like a return to a gold standard? They'd love it! Gold standards are advocated by bankers, who perform very little actual work for the money they make. The other side of the dialectic is bank credit; basically stolen fiat on which we rely now.

The government spends money into the economy and taxes it back and pays the central bank its interest. The principal may go unpaid forever. Remember the money laundry example earlier? Yeah, well never mind. It's THEIR money, stupid!

Meanwhile, let's be honest: You are nobody to you or anyone else without your own money and the means of earning more of it. You have half a dozen natural talents or skills or whatever you would be willing to spend time out of the rest of your life doing to earn a living. What are those skills and talents? That's your innate wealth. How can you possibly express it without money? You can't. So where's it to come from? From you and everyone else around you.

How about any and all tools that you use in your job that are specifically yours and that are connected with your work and nothing else? You'll want to make note of any and all inventory of any kind that fits this criteria. The same goes for any stocks of materials used specifically and only for your work. Most craftspeople understand this inventory taking idea very well. Yes, you will want to write it all down because the weakest pencil is still stronger than the sharpest memory, or something like that, attributed to Mark Twain perhaps.

So you and your friends must will to decide (establish your joint FIAT) to minimize the amount of THEIR money you use to settle barter and start issuing and using your own money more and more. The used and recycled markets will be best suited first, the service trades and agriculture to follow, etc. The proposed V-Check is our proposed cash. It's pieces of paper with numbers, pictures and advertising on them; as fancy as you please, but following certain rules, so we can keep track of them when they come into exchanges for deposit. Each V-Check has a number and identifies actual money in the cash account of each independent exchange. Our members obtain them at local Valun counters.

Recall that each member has an account and all the Valuns in every account are either in those accounts or in the cash accounts of each exchange. Each V-Check expires in six months from issue but may be exchanged for another or deposited even if expired since the money is still in the cash account ready to be transferred into another account.

There are transaction fees (one tenth of one percent) for moving Valuns from one account to another except for the cash account. When someone comes in desiring cash, it is similar to what went on when one acquired travelers checks and yes they will be about the same. The Valuns will be taken from either your issuance or income balances and you will be given your V-Checks. When the V-Check comes in for deposit, the number on it will identify it on the cash account of the particular exchange and it will be transferred without fee to the desired account. Our proposal encourages the use of our cash.

Valuns may be moved among accounts based on contracts. Fees are applied as scheduled and each member gets to see exactly what they will be when the contract is accepted by the exchange to go into effect. There are two kinds of contracts: Labor contracts and Credit contracts. But each member begins with a Membership contract, an agreement between the member and the exchange, which can be revoked if the member is caught in violation of any of our rules. You prevent the evils of the present system by making it clear that these practices will be strictly forbidden.

Each local exchange will be a party to these contracts and must determine that the contracts satisfy the rules. The rules would include such things as that no A member account in any exchange may be used as a reserve for lending Valuns. There will be no need for any deposit insurance because the money in all accounts will always belong to the members. No one may lend Valuns they do not have on account. Credit accounts include all loans from investors to financiers within the system.

One has to make provision for finance or one is limited to what one can afford at the time of sale. One of the reasons THEIR system is so dangerous is due to breaking these rules; fractional reserve lending is involved with transaction clearing when the two functions must be separated. If some finance operation goes bust, we do not want that to affect the rest of us, or at least to minimize its effects. We may have occasion to say more on this topic as we get into geographical area and population profiling in future papers.

But John Q Public says, the average person is too dumb to understand money, can't understand anything more than how to use cash, never balances a checkbook and in fact might not even have a bank account. And you want to give him three balances on each account when most can't even consider what one balance means? Well John, lots of people who aren't that smart still do amazing things, like drive cars, provide useful services for others, take time out of the rest of their lives to do things that don't require much conscious thought at all but nevertheless require some special skill to do well.

The other point is really related to this: you would never expect someone to be given the keys to a car or a firearm without adequate training on how these machines work. Why should one's money be any different?

Would people have perhaps a different attitude toward their money if they knew that they themselves issued it? We have never seen what this could mean because we have assumed and accepted a machine that works top down rather than bottom up. Perhaps we'll next consider some things we can do for each other as we organize our communities completely apart from all present institutions and begin raising a few of our own.

Recall the connection between the importance of money and the importance of being armed and then consider that so far we have been willing to protect and die for money that wasn't even ours to begin with. Then consider this proposal again and begin to respond accordingly. Understood?

Oh and as for all those dumb people out there who can only understand cash? Yeah, that's right, we'll give them their money in cash. That's why company participation as B members purchasing ad space on those V-Checks is so important. Be seeing you!

David Burton

[2/1/18: I was asked again recently why Marxism and all its variant explanations for the ills and injustices of society was either incorrect or irrelevant. So, I'll cut right to the chase: Marx NEVER criticized the bankers or any of THEM (the usual suspects including all those that financed Marx, the communists, etc. - what, you think people do things without being paid to do them? Even or especially if they are dastardly in nature? Marx was paid for what he wrote and was also employed in some way as an agent of the British crown, complete with a spy handler).

In his work as a whole, Marx sets up a straw man or two or three without ever daring to contest the question of the issuance of money itself or of usury. Marx stands in exactly the same criticism as do the so called “Austrian” school of economists.

Frankly, Marx never knew much of anything about money or much else. His work is a jumble. Around a hundred years ago and more, other so called philosophers were out there as well, peddling mystification covering stupidity, ignorance and jumping to conclusions without any real basis and calling it all “scientific” as if that was the seal of approval that would guarantee acceptance by “the masses” without being questioned. John Dewey was another of them. Sigmund Freud was yet another and a coward to boot, but that's another story. Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays. invented “public relations” to further motivate and swindle the general public right up the present day.

I want you all to acknowledge something – and it is certainly true of many of today's celebrities; every single one of them were evil, or at least amoral. There is no proof that they had any empathy for another living soul outside themselves. Indeed, they satisfy our strict definition of selfishness; they believed they had a right to take advantage of others for their own benefit.  In fact, they were selling the idea of doing so as normal and natural and encouraging others to follow their example!  Calling the vast majority of such types clowns is being too kind.

Our proposal would make Marxism (collectivism, etc.) instantly irrelevant and group identification and development along natural lines of race, nation and family would become more important; a kind of “Tower of Babel” event where each distinct people would instantly see the value of ditching THEM and THEIR globalist nightmare and adopt the Valun system because it recognizes the value of each individual natural person as the basis for money issuance, not the other way around; that some political bureaucrat in some bloated state aparat is more entitled to superior compensation than any who produce anything or the rest who just consume. 

What happens to the internet as globalism fails? Is there any guarantee of anything? What of the fiends and their ghastly mad science? (just a modern version of alchemy and the people into it have the same goals; immortality and to become gods as they destroy the rest of us as “obsolete.”) 

This is serious people! We'll decide who is in what class by their merits in a functioning human society that we each get a chance to participate in, not this slavery to our cell phones and the rest of our crazed rush to soak up entertainment that mostly wastes our time and efforts. There may be more times ahead for more of that. But meanwhile, take a look around you. Things are going to change and not in any ways Karl Marx would have anticipated. Marxism? Been there, done that. Something like 200 million dead directly because of it. Marxism is dead and anyone pursuing it belongs to a death cult. Our proposal is for the living, those who enjoy life and want to continue living and see their children and grandchildren thrive and prosper and celebrate life. Be seeing you.]

Saturday, January 27, 2018

#0: Disturbing Video Of Homelessness in Anaheim, CA, Disturbing Comments, Old & Homeless

Disturbing Video Of Homelessness in Anaheim, CA, Disturbing Comments, Old & Homeless

Anaheim is where Disneyland is, for those who don't know. 

Our proposal really wouldn't be worth anything if it couldn't apply to these people.  We suppose that most of them have not been in this condition for long, but how long is too long and what are the prospects for the future for any of them?  

We have to be honest here; the living conditions of people elsewhere in the world is considerably below even this level.  That doesn't excuse this happening in California, which is supposedly about the same size as the economy of all of metropolitan France. 

In fact, look at both countries (yes, California IS a country already.  It is just one of the fifty countries organized within the United States).  They are both a great mixture of everything from the highest technologies to agriculture.  Both places are in serious decline both economically and culturally.  Socially, these are increasingly burned out places filling up with homeless and growing dangerous minorities and aliens.  

Clearly the mismanagement of the state in both cases is the root cause, but there are other causes as well, beginning with the loss of cultural homogeneity in both places.  It's as though the culture, deep rooted in France, shallow in California, was nevertheless tossed out, abandoned, lost faith in, etc.

Once one loses faith in what one is, who one is, where one has come from, etc. beginning and ending with family, extended family, natural community (artificial ones wont do), accessible private land ownership and the low cost of fresh water (there is no water shortage, that too is the result of globalist mismanagement) and nourishing food, then a level of prosperity can usually be achieved for a great many people.

The key is taking back fiat!  TAKE BACK YOUR WILL!  This is your life to live not THEIRS (and believe me, THEY will take your fiat, steal your wealth, innate or not, steal your will even to live, deprive you of any say in anything, convince you that you are a worm, etc. and give you hand outs of THEIR money, not yours, just so you'll go along with any number of THEIR mad schemes to remain in power over you).  So it begins and ends with a very valuable human invention we call MONEY.  The means to split barter is as deadly as a loaded gun in the wrong hands!  THAT right there is the root issue of all issues and politics be damned!  This is NOT a political issue, it is a natural rights issue.

What's the first lesson concerning money?  None of the money currently in use has ever been yours and belongs to THEM.  Well, we have to use THEIRS as long as THEY have all of your governments in hostage to THEM, and that includes all taxes on us.  Notice that California wants to keep its taxes and standards as ridiculously high as possible.  What's the message there?  It's the same as it has been in France since forever; you're damn privileged to even be living in either place, so if you can leave and live somewhere else, you had best do so.  The same attitude prevails in places like Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut (the true California of the East Coast), New York and New Jersey.

Here's the second lesson regarding money: if you did not issue it or know how the money you call yours was issued by others that use it, then it is THEIR money, not yours or mine.  That means that every and all cryptocurrencies are just the same; just more of THEIR money.  Those that don't accept the obvious will lose money, regardless of whether it is THEIRS or not. 

THE BASIS OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES AS A LIMITED QUANTITY IS COMPLETELY INCORRECT.  So help me, I'll slap the next person to suggest otherwise!  So it really doesn't matter what any of THEIR experts say.  ALL cryptocurrencies become nothing but more "buy and hold" mechanisms to make money on money without work, which is capitalism.  We want free / private enterprise which always implies one works for a living!  So when someone says, "what backs your money?"  Your answer is "My work backed it." 

Block-chain?  It has been around since the late 1950's and saw its first practical application within the operating systems for computers of the vintage of the IBM 360 and 370 mainframes.  There is nothing new under the sun, as Solomon said.  Remember that.  Solomon reputedly wrote a huge work on the natural history of the world which was lost about 400 years before Christ simply because the editors of the time decided not to continue making copies of it along with the rest of the Old Testament that became the 70 scrolls or Septuagint.
What then about the "barbarous relics" or precious metals?  They have a role in our proposal, but we shall not base our money on THEIRS as that would allow THEM the ability to control what our money is worth and THEY would seek to destroy it.  So we use the fixed standard of purchasing power based on a fixed transaction in TIME, much as we believe Solomon required of his producers and traders; that they could not bend the king's standard for barter exchange or perpetual delivery.  That policy lasted for forty years and Solomon had the rest of the known world as clients.  All one has to do is establish the trading standards for weights in half a dozen commodities and the rest would fall into place accordingly. 

When I was a child, we had silver quarters that frequently went missing, were swept up and thrown away.  Yes, the increasing usefulness of silver did drive the price of the metal up high enough that it fled from coinage and was replaced with cheaper metal.  People usually regard that as debasement of the money, which is an open deception upon the public by THEM, when in fact it was THEIR markets for silver and gold that accomplished that, as the bulk of the money supply was by central bank credit (stolen FIAT from each one of us) long before I was born.

The fixed transaction basis cannot be broken as it is a fixed standard.  It is related directly to honest weights and measures.  You can find out more about the proposal in this blog.  It's really very simple.

One more lesson?  It's derived from all the foregoing but is absolutely essential.  Money is not just the outward tokens, it is the accounting of those tokens, the personal and business accounts actually perform the basis of the human invention we call money.  We will examine further the perpetual myth of the money token vs. the actual accounting.  Money is accounting as well as circulating tokens.  So regardless of whether someone holding up a stamped piece of metal and telling you that only that is real money, the fact is that those are just the tokens of just another of THEIR monetary systems, not yours or mine.  Money is in the account books of the counting houses known as benches or banks.  So of course our proposal will emphasize understanding of the accounting. 

Could a proposed Valun monetary system help the homeless get out of homelessness in places like California?  It would take their WILL to do so. 

Remember, the power to issue money is as deadly a weapon as a loaded gun in the wrong hands.  Understood?

Oh and for those paying attention, in the United States we have this thing called the 2nd Amendment.  Those same people who have already stolen your will on every level imaginable now wish to deprive you of the ability to defend yourself or provide a meal from the land if necessary.  THEY seek control.  THEY can't actually make anything themselves, are usually waited upon by bevies of servants, usually from foreign countries, and THEY want to live as royalty while the rest of us are serfs or worse.  THEY already have stolen most of our will and THEY always want our guns, to further escape the wrath that's coming, that THEY instinctively know THEY deserve.  But one never hears much sensible comment about how THEY stole our fiat through monopolizing the money.  Oh no.  And I hear nothing but the usual bull crap from ALL of THEIR trained economists too.  Be seeing you.

[1/28/18: Cody Snodgres brings the guns and money discussion squarely into the open: Freedom is a Felony.  It is THEIR money, stupid!  If we do not organize ourselves by the thousands, by the millions, and stop using THEIR money, or worse allow ourselves to be chipped by THEM, then we will become in fact what THEY have always considered us; nothing but cattle or insects.  The 2nd Amendment and this proposal right here, are the only two legs supporting freedom, the right to be and do as one pleases without having to ask permission.  So, let's get with it!]              

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

#0: Bill Cooper: Liberals, Socialism, Manipulation, Delusion - Americans, WAKE UP!

Bill Cooper: Liberals, Socialism, Manipulation, Delusion - Americans, WAKE UP!

This is vintage Bill Cooper from 1997 because he died in 2001.  Everyone who is really informed sees things as he did.  This will be basic information for any who don't have it.  Oh, and of course those calling themselves "liberal" are NOT liberal.  The other side with a name reminding one of some preserved fruit spread, are likewise bought by greed and lots of other fables.  Since ALL socialism, except ours, demands a role for a tyrannical state, their ideas are no good either.  Increasing state oppression is no way to freedom.  About 1 hr and 1 min into it, the audio drops dead until 1 hr and 16 min, a missing 15 minutes!  Around 1 hr 31 min the audio drops again, just as he's discussing Alvin Toffler's words, and does not resume!  We're leaving it up anyway because what Cooper does say matters.      

Notice that Bill Cooper mentions WILL before the audio break.  What is will to us?  FIAT!  I can't think of another more relevant basis for this blog's proposal than this presentation.  Cooper made it perfectly clear that our personal and social will has been stolen.  It was stolen because most of us didn't even know it was ours!  Everything else builds from these basic facts.  It really is past time to wake up!  So please, take time to listen to this and do the required research to verify what this man said.  Until next time, be seeing you!  

Thursday, January 11, 2018

#0: What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch

What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch

Lionel considered this his most important interview, to date.  We consider this worth posting here and on our other blog, because quite frankly this is the REAL story underneath the "climate change" story, represents a REAL conspiracy that spiderwebs through society from the topmost levels of power which we have just contended in our latest posts are nothing but either amoral or immoral social machines!  These institutions do not care about you or anyone else who is not of THEM.  The new mainstream media, Alex Jones and Infowars, have just proclaimed THEIR intention of creating an AI god to bow down to and to end humanity, and all life on this planet, and as for THEMSELVES, to merge with machines and escape the demise of planet Earth.  I wish this were all fantasy, but unfortunately, none of it is.

Think of it, if Wigington is right, and he likely is, then we have only a few years left!  How about eight to ten years?  Many will curse God, but it will be their own fault for going along with it despite all attempts to warn them not to, the veritable broad way that leads to destruction.  THEY have already made THEIR plans clear.  And people like George Carlin tried to warn us too.

We've each been given our tasks, our missions, our life work to be publicly displayed in the fight against ignorance, tyranny and genocide.  This will continue to be mine.  Be seeing you.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

#0: BRAINWASHED: The masses now believe reality no longer matters (Mike Adams)

In recent posts we have been attempting to reacquaint everyone with the facts of life, that nothing but free / private enterprise, NOT capitalism (making money on money without work) will ever be able to restore wealth (and commonwealth) which must all provide a living income for all that are participants AND be paid for it in money that either you or another member of your community issued.  That means the right, even the responsibility, to provide something of benefit to the rest of your community.  How is it then that most of the institutions we have set up with the responsibility to train our people so that they could provide for themselves and their families have all come up croppers?  That's an old fashioned way of saying that they don't do their jobs.  How is it?  What did we say last time?  That none of the institutions out there cares about you one way or another and that the immorality or amorality of these institutions might be accepted regardless of anything claimed to the contrary; these institutions are uniformly evil.  Likewise there are revolutionary ideas (things going round and round, as my mentor said) that promote that all one needs to do is get rid of the old and accept anything that's new and that's progress.

What did Mike Adams do that anyone who has read this blog understands?  That's right, he referred to The People as The Masses.  Who does that?  THEY do.  THEY, the globalists, the elites, the bankers, the technocrats, the satanists, the pederasts (and worse), the scribes (the minions that write for THEM, work for THEM, bow down to THEM, etc.) and the Pharisees (usually politicians, but also anyone else that has attained some position of note among THEM).  THEY are the enemies of mankind and have made it perfectly clear that THEIR solution is to get rid of as many of us as THEY possibly can!

You still think what we have proposed here is not important?  It is part of the only solution worth considering; something that would last beyond THEIR inevitable demise.  Or would something like this appeal to you more?  Be seeing you!

I ask everyone to consider the innate wealth of this little fellow and millions just like him, that was lost due to the stupidity that is communism!  We are now in the 21st century.  It is time to steer away from that which is always wrong and actively choose another direction for all of us.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

#0: Geoengineering: Waging Weather Warfare On World Populations (Dane Wigington)

Geoengineering: Waging Weather Warfare On World Populations (Dane Wigington)

Yes, we did elude to the possibility of a mass extinction event within our lifetimes.  Assuredly we might be able to do something to stop it, but the damage done is already an affront to nature (and to nature's God, as Thomas Paine might have said it).  This blog's proposal remains for example the ONLY realistic solution to ALL failed pension systems, the ONLY way to get away from THEM (usual suspects) who are dealing this death knell to us all) and yet, due entirely to the IDOLATRY of humanity believing in other gods (governments and banks) rather than as He taught, as brothers and sisters, well ... perhaps we're going to deserve what we have followed, that broad way leading to destruction.  The narrow way is straight and clear.  Be seeing you.  

Monday, January 1, 2018

#113.5 The Proposal - How It Works - Part 5

The basis for all the proposed money in our parallel market, hence, our parallel economy, is this single transaction.

As we get started, let's have a kind of word study, and since I am interested in diagrams that might make certain understandings easier, this concerns a certain divide in character among natural persons … and yes, you qualify as a natural person:

The word froward is an adjective; (of a person) difficult to deal with; contrary. Froward, from middle English, one who has turned away, as in that one has become antisocial. There was an episode in The Prisoner concerning those who were “un-mutual” that relates to this idea.

Synonyms of froward would normally include bad, contrary, errant, naughty, misbehaving, mischievous and words related to froward; defiant, disrespectful, ill-mannered, ill-natured, impolite, improper, impudent, indecorous, insolent, rude, uncouth, unmannerly as well as behavior that might be described as disobedient, headstrong, intractable, obstreperous, recalcitrant, refractory, transgressing, unruly, untoward, willful (or wilful).

In Biblical context, froward always implies a Godless defiance.

We might have more to say concerning being willful or willing further on, but froward persons might display behavior that is balky, restive, uncontrollable, ungovernable, disruptive, wayward or wild. Lawless, heedless of risk, Misunderstanding the certainty of applied FORCE. Their mannerisms might be consistently arch, elfish, impish, knavish, monkeying, monkeyish, ornery, pixieish, prankish, rascally, roguish, waggish or otherwise dissolute, perverse, wrongheaded, disorderly, rowdy, ruffianly, corrupt (willing to buy or sell things for money to which one might have peculiar access, etc.), evil, wicked, insurgent, insouciant (a sociopath), mutinous, rebellious, disobliging, inconsiderate, selfish (we have specifically defined this as deliberately taking advantage of anyone else for one's own benefit), thoughtless, unkind, unkindly, and also note, babyish, childish, immature, infantile, jejune (the peevishly or perversely dull, those who are proud of their ability to over tire or bore others), juvenile, kiddish, puerile (vapid, shallow and superficial).

OK? So that's one side. Here's the other.

Near Antonyms of froward would be acquiescent, compliant, complying, dutiful, obedient, submissive, in manners clear, clean, correct, decent, decorous, moral (knowing and observing actual right and wrong), proper (clean), respectable, considerate, courteous, kindly, mannerly, polite, thoughtful, and perhaps even to the extent of mannerisms that are angelic (or angelical), cherubic, divine (well most are or would be more modest), heavenly (same as before). Such persons might be considered amenable, docile, governable, tractable, amiable, complaisant, good-natured, obliging, pleasant. They would also be considered discreet, modest, adult, grown-up, mature.

So which are you? The reason it matters is because successful handling of responsibility requires a mature understanding of certain basics in life.

We do not suggest nor would we consider wise, the granting of some privileges to anyone who was not yet aware of certain adult realities. We will not allow you to be a member until you are 18 years old. If you are old enough to be hauled away by some government for some fool police action or war, and thence possibly to die, then we certainly will have you as a member. But you must still have two sponsoring members and satisfy the domicile requirement even if you are homeless.

We have decided that highlighting morality serves for a reason. Most seem completely unaware that morality (understanding the difference between right and wrong and preferring the right) is a basis for rational security in civilized society; it involves the fabric of civilization itself. Regardless of what one might think concerning a deity, without morality, we are nothing, certainly no better than the most savage animals! (as we are lately seeing all around us in the contemporary world)

So we wont give any opposition a chance, we'll march right in and state for the record, both to the wary and unwary alike the facts of right and wrong. Another hard definition: morality is knowing right from wrong. From here on out, we will not assume that everyone actually does know the difference because there is no way at all that ANY of our human institutions knows or cares the difference themselves! 

What am I saying? I am telling you that most human institutions are amoral (without knowing right from wrong) or immoral (literally having a preference for wrong over right). Morality's principal concern is to keep people safe. So THAT is exactly and precisely why morality has any value for us at all.

Morality is useful in that the right generally benefits you and everyone else, whilst the wrong definitely produces the opposite; personal and social destruction. The other day, Betsy and Thomas were talking and Betsy spoke of virtues; that which can't help but be and do good:

Left – Right : In politics since the time of the French revolution. 

Sinister - Dexter : of hands. 

Wrong – Right : In ethics and morality

Vice (sin, a concept related to error and equated in the oldest texts directly with stupidity) - Virtue (that which cannot help but be good and promote good for everyone and is always attributed of wisdom)

The Enneagram identified nine of the "deadly sins" and identifies the nine virtues as their opposites: 

1. Anger (losing one's temper) – Calm (tempered, composure, self awareness)

Nothing, absolutely nothing can be accomplished through anger. It calls a halt to any project and exerts its usually contemptible and childish assaults on any productive project. No matter what, as John Q Public says, never panic and as far as possible, accept the limitations of your present circumstances and remain calm. Remember to be and act in a certain way, not an uncertain one.

Reserve the emotional energy that serves your anger for when it really matters; when you will have to fight to preserve your natural right to life, liberty and property (And look at all the impressions you are getting that you are NOT supposed to own anything, that you are NOT at liberty and further that your life might be called into question by some higher authority that may have a higher right over your life? Hunger Games scenario).

So, please do not waste your natural energy. Save it for use against our natural enemies as was always intended for it. That's what it's there for, not to use to shirk responsibility and the necessary expenditures of physical power to accomplish ordinary life tasks. Meanwhile remain as wise as serpents (know when to go away or underground away from danger) and as innocent (humble) as doves (calm and awake).

2. Pride - Humility

Pride is a deeper subject than is commonly believed. It is considered by some the primary sin (error, stupidity), to which all others are attached, because it embodies a can't lose invincible attitude that one cannot ever fail, be fooled, be taken advantage of, be swindled, lied to, cheated on, etc.

Hence this blog and its proposal to shove right under your nose to the contrary, telling you that you already have been taken advantage of, someone else has already had their way with you since before you were born, etc. So get over yourself!

Prideful (not proud) people really do not like being told what to do either. The really stupid among them believe they are special and whatever it is, they will get away with it. This is the show of entitlement everywhere. Entitled to what we might ask and out of whose money? But not only is this attitude flat out wrong, as applies to reality, it is very foolish, dangerous and self destructive. Whether for the moment or not, prideful attitudes have no future.

Narcissism is always the result of excessive pride. To a narcissist, their view of the world as it should be, based on their idealism (an itch with an ideal) no matter how preposterous, must be pressed on with, doubled down on, etc. even if it means their own destruction. This explains much of what's going on across the political spectrum, except that there is something else that nearly always happens. Narcissists and narcissism attract predators in the form of psychopaths (singular destroyers) and sociopaths (mass destroyers).

It is one thing to feel pride in one's accomplishments, while quite another to think so much more highly of oneself than of other natural persons that one is willing to make a kind of gulf between oneself and the rest of us. Believing one is anything more than one actually is, for example, is usually a big mistake.

I know not what other courses anyone else may take, but as for me, if one satisfies the requirements of being my brother or sister socially, then I treat them as fellow royals and render them the due respect and hospitality required by a visiting royal. Understood?

3. Envy - Gratitude

This is a big one and directly affects more people than perhaps any other error. The afflicted want things to make them happy, things that usually belong to other people. Sometimes it extends to the significant others of other people. It begins with a chip on one's shoulder that might have actually intentionally been put there by one of THEIR agents, the end game being your control, whether you knew it or not. Whatever you might desire that belongs to someone else, once it's yours, there is often the “stolen goods aren't so sweet” reaction. Among the successful among the raiders, robbers and pirates of the capitalist world, one is supposed to swallow whatever real pride one has left and accept the “so what?” attitude of the smug winner who has just pulled off a rigged game.

It may come as a shock to most people, but most did not have much direct say in what they are or what they have. People may have nice things, a nice life, etc. but there is never any guarantee that we could somehow step into anything anyone else has and be able to enjoy it or even keep it as well as those that own it. We all pretty much find ourselves where we are and among what we have to work with. We end up knowing what we know and would be uncomfortable operating too far out of our own experience or expectations. Without the grounding gratitude gives us, we are … literally at someone else's mercy; whoever or whatever has managed to make us want what THEY (usual suspects) have.

Another thing this relates to is the idea that one is empty or nothing without things. This can't be real hunger, because it serves no immediate purpose to sustain anyone's individual life. So your unhappiness is not about having little or nothing or even less than anyone else you know. It is something else, usually your inability to figure out what innate wealth you have and how to express it through work. THAT is the underlying theme of this blog too; you don't advocate for our own money without a concern that most other people can't adequately find expression for very real talents that they might have.

We contend that ALL the money is illegitimate. It's basis is wrong and it benefits the wrong people at the expense of everyone else in society. That is NOT the same as saying that all present money isn't money. Those kinds of ideas are silly. ALL the money serves the purpose of splitting barter and barter never goes away. Legitimate money would spring from each of us as legitimate members of a trading exchange operating on a single worldwide ledger.

The ledger of accounts is the actual money, the tokens are just the outward expression of that money. We are NOT envious of the rich or want any of THEIR stuff. IT ISN'T OURS. We want our own lives and in order to make that happen we want our own money and we will then decide what stuff or what kind of life we would be interested in leading. That's all.

4. Deceit – Honesty

Do you want the truth? Then tell the truth. Stop telling lies or falling for lies. Accept nothing but the truth based on your own powers of observation and experience. But I have one very strong caveat: your enemies, who would certainly take advantage of you; your life, liberty and property, as well as whatever passes for due process wherever you live, do NOT deserve truth from you! Best tell THEM nothing more than you are demanded to deliver to THEM. And remember, law is FORCE. THEY have it and you don't.

Now, let me get personal with you. We have all heard of “romantic love.” Does anyone really know what romantic means? It means fictional, out of story books, etc. not real. So do you want real love? Then really love! Swear your allegiance to each other and have no others! Honesty begins with the heart!  

5. Greed - Generosity

It is said that the loneliest people in the world are the greedy. We seek to promote an obvious way out of this. The storing up only to store up impedes the natural flow of life which is far more dynamic and interesting than the loneliness of hoarding. Our society promotes greed by equating it with wealth! Wealth, as we demand to being accepted, is not mere stuff that one may trade away for something else, NO! All wealth MUST provide income or it isn't wealth. So the way we see it, being greedy is … an expression of the hollowness inside, else, enough would be enough!

Generosity begins at home! We are all encouraged to provide for those with whom we have natural bonds, despite whatever the latest bullshit to the contrary is perpetrated upon the public by THEM through THEIR amoral social machines; THEIR education and THEIR media. Parenthetically, please go back up and reread what I said about morality and recognize that virtually NONE of the usual human institutions are at present organized to guarantee that your safety is the uppermost in their concerns. Yes, and we're supposedly paying for these same institutions with supposedly our own money. You know what? Most of you are dreaming and fast asleep. It's time to wake up, see things as they truly are and do something else literally before the present course drives us to a mass extinction event, which may be assured anyway. Oh, really? We are just as certain that earth abides and will continue and we need to take constructive action anyway.

Therefore, with our own money, we will promote a reason to save and a financial vehicle worth using and saving and the more one has naturally and finds one's place among a community of supporters, the easier and better and more satisfying life will become; the impulse to greed will give way to natural generosity; taking care of those one is naturally bonded to, developing what one honestly likes and is called upon to do for others. We regard many of the characteristics of the greedy as the deliberate affects of the present disorder of social machines, especially THEIR monetary machine. It encourages a state of never being satisfied, because THOSE who lend THEIR money are never satisfied!  

6. Fear – Courage

Even the bravest of us are afraid. Everybody is afraid. That's no excuse! Those who have made history or contributed most to benefit other natural persons just did what needed doing and never asked anyone else's permission. THAT right there is freedom: you know what to do and what needs to be done and you do not require anyone else's permission to move on it.

Rational application to reality usually works better for more people than any other imposed system. The great historical actors, acted in a certain way (not in an uncertain way) and accomplished things for themselves that benefited their families, communities and society at large. Our proposal requires courage. 

7. Gluttony - Temperance / Composure

Everyone can have enough and it will be enough. Our proposal promotes this concept too.

You will always be at your best when you are satisfied rather than overfed or drunk, whether you think otherwise or not! If you're a drunk or have some other substance abuse issue, you are technically a glutton and no doubt believe in other fantasies as well as that somehow you are different and require vast quantities of whatever it is to feel satisfied or even normal. There are such people and the various 12 step programs and the anonymity with which they are usually conducted has helped many overcome their addictions. We do not need more addicts.

When I was in hospital in 2000, I was given a good pain killer. I was later told it was a cousin to heroin. After I got out of the hospital and had recovered, I had no further need or want for whatever it was they gave me.

So what is the message here? Certain things have been and are misused and under the present system, someone other than you is profiting off of your addiction! At bottom is a message that the addict is not worth it, expendable, and their addiction to whatever it is, proves it. It's another of the “THEY want you dead” messages. I draw no distinction whatsoever between the legal pharmaceutical drugs and some illegal varieties. Are you going to accept your addiction or get yourself cleaned up and become honest, starting with yourself? 
8. Lust – Love

The desire to control MUST subside or those attempting it will be destroyed as the desire is similar to putting a lid on a pressure cooker or attempting to stop a flash flood. The desire to control must give way to the willingness to take command.

If you really love anything, you will take responsibility for its manifestation and maintenance. Find out if you really love something by seeing what you will sacrifice to attain and preserve it.

We spoke earlier about romantic love. We want to encourage strong marriages, families, communities and societies. But what of those in other parts of the world with different arrangements for spouses, families, etc.? Why should we interfere in what they want? Why should we allow them to interfere with what we want? Each place and people will decide the social terms under which they will live, no matter what the temporary inconvenience of some governance determines “under the gun” or not. 

9. Sloth - Diligence

You don't just do nothing. THAT is what is wrong with all of THEIR money! It doesn't require anything of you! You just decide to get paid in it or accept the terms of your work and its pay in THEIR money and since it is never enough, there is a tendency to fall into ALL the traps identified here.

There is also the sucking off of society that usury represents and the idea that as long as you can convince as many people as possible to join you in sucking off the rest of society, then you are welcome at the table. We're speaking of the widespread notion that if you hold money, you should expect a return on it, that even if you are doing nothing with your money that it deserves a return. As far as I know, only that which is bartered requires a return, NOT the tokens or means used to split barter in the exchange. What we require of the money we use is that it retains its purchasing power and the only way to do that is to set the standard and demand nothing else but what the standard requires in exchange for any of our money in THEIR money. That way, our money is worth saving! So much for capitalism, the itch with capital. We seek a revival of free / private enterprise! Where is the wealth to help us?

The answer is within each one of us: within each of us is innate wealth, that which must provide an income (a living). We must work, that is take time out of the rest of our lives, to earn a living. Our proposal aims directly at sloth by taking away the usual excuses that there isn't enough money. Yes, there in fact isn't enough of THEIR money, as more and more of it will be devoured by debt, because THEY (usual suspects) refuse to give up usury (the demand back of that which was not issued/created)! But meanwhile, whether or not any of that, we must still earn a living, whether in THEIR money or our own. 

So before we consider matters of inventory applicable to a B member account at a local Valun exchange, let each one of you take a quick personal inventory and decide which side of the divide you really want to be on long term.

We assure you; going through life angry, envious, deceitful, greedy, fearful, gluttonous, lustful, lazy and proud of it all, is sort of like being dragged through a life-sized hose backwards kicking and screaming. A lot of people out there behave just like that too and expect the rest of us to just go along and accept it as normal or as their right, or whatever. It's babyish, isn't it? Recall, on this blog we castigated our leaders years ago as “savage babies” who the rest of society is supposed to respect and desire to follow as role models?! Babyish is no way to proceed.

So now, on with it:

Businesses that become members will be furnished with B member accounts. We have not yet decided whether these should be free as the A member accounts are, or not. Of course transaction costs will remain one tenth of one percent. Each of these accounts will have three balances:

Retained earnings balance (Capital)
Income balance (Revenue)
Escrow balance (Payroll and recurring debt)

When we consider what E. C. Riegel said about the needs of all businesses, it would amount to getting engines started and making sure they have enough fuel to remain running.

We'll start with an 80% rule. We say that the monthly payroll AND all recurring debt (uses the escrow balance) of any business must never exceed 80% of the company's combined income and retained earnings balances.

So what's on that retained earnings balance and how does it get there?

Retained earnings in generally accepted accounting refers to the percentage of net earnings not paid out as dividends, but retained by the company (one paying dividends is usually some form of incorporated business, public or private) to be reinvested in its core business, or to pay debt. It is recorded under shareholders' equity on the balance sheet. It represents the savings or capital of a business.

That's all well and good, but we need something a little more basic and easy to grasp, since we are going to be dealing with a vast number of single proprietors, people who work for themselves, who are self employed, which can include a vast number of specialists that work as consultants, agents, etc. all have skills to sell, etc.

To us, the retained earnings of a company are fully paid for capital and land assets and any cash after taxes; savings. These are funds that can and might be made available for the purpose of securing more business; advertising, publicity, etc. or of capital assets. But we have made a specific attempt to simplify the necessary accounting tasks for everyone.

All business accounts have income and outflow (receivables and payables), in and out of the flow of money, which represents split barter for the business among customers and other businesses. Money from sales enters the income balance, money pledged to pay all regular debt – including payroll – flows into the escrow balance. In and out.

What is required? One must know what one's monthly escrow coverage needs to be. That is a matter of budgeting. Any member may move funds from their balances at no fee to the exchange because the money remains in the same account. The transfers from income balances to escrow balances may be accomplished through our labor contracts, as described elsewhere, or as required based on known recurring exigencies.

I am often asked how it is possible to predict the future, or how can I often appear to be quite sure of certain outcomes? The study of systems is never complete, but it is the best we have and it saves us in many respects over the long run. Scheduling is very important. Keeping appointments and following through with expected assignments and chores is key. Most people require far less education and far more experience practicing routines – patterns - that work. Certain successful patters usually produce predictable results. It is possible to foretell the future if one is participating in making it. So get yourself busy in a certain way! This is an attitude that is indispensable. If one doesn't have it, by all means, get it.

So the capital one has must make up that retained earnings balance. It must of course be itemized and delivered to the exchange as figured in Valuns. You always want to be putting out of that escrow balance for payroll and recurring expenses no more than 80% of your combined capital and income.

So if one is a simple craftsman, one takes note of one's tools. One assesses their condition and or relevant usefulness. One affixes some monetary value to them, in this case in Valuns of course, and whatever that is becomes a series of actual transactions one makes into the retained earnings balance of one's B member business account. This is done as addenda to the contract one agrees to when opening a B member account at a local exchange.

Asset valuations are subject to changes; there is sometimes depreciation or even appreciation projections based on market conditions, because you are indicting that these assets are separated from everything else you may own and are part of your business assets and might be sold to meet/settle some debt the business has acquired. A business may choose to add or subtract from these assets as listed and may also change the valuations as long as all transactions involving the escrow balance are satisfied.

Another way of figuring the meaning of the retained earnings balance field is as the value of your business in Valuns, just in case someone wanted to purchase it from you, in Valuns of course. So from the very start, you have an objective means of building businesses that can be expanded and sold off as needed and how to evaluate their value in a Valun system.

So then as an ongoing business, you have the monthly income, averages of income balances for the business which can be projected backward based on complementary figures in “public money”,to determine a likely projected income in Valuns. We would say that for any Valun based contracts the business has outstanding, projected forward, they would be able to take a backward projection to determine the most likely monthly average for projected income.

Now again, one's usually permissible debt burden would be no more than 80% of the combined retained earnings balance and the average of the monthly income balance.

This places a reasonable cap on extravagant demands for remuneration. If of course one wanted to just pay someone something from one's own personal account, one could certainly do that and that doesn't involve any contract as long as one has the Valuns of course.

The other 80% rule involves labor contracts for additional pay in Valuns for doing work one is already engaged in doing and for which one is being paid in public money. We will start with a limit of 80% more compensation in Valuns. Basically for every $100 one is regularly paid, one is not permitted to issue more than $80 in Valuns. We want to make sure our members understand the tax implications of added remuneration and that they must be responsible for settling their own income taxes, which are at present a fact of life that must be dealt with.

Advertising is usually tax deductible for business and paid in THEIR money, since all taxes must be paid in THEIR money. The entire Valun Exchange Network (ven) requires paid advertising for its members. Each local exchange will be engaged in selling advertising and those ads will be placed on the backs (reverse) of our V-Checks which will have a six months' duration to run as our cash, so advertising will change the backs of these open checks quite often. The fronts (obverse sides) of our V-Checks will show the designs for each exchange and these would regularly change as well.

Printing costs will also have to be paid in THEIR money until we can take all of it in house and run mostly in Valuns. IVES will be tasked with recording and preserving all the V-Checks designs, so that we can track and identify them.

There will be so many designs that counterfeiting will be too much trouble. We anticipate that we will need series of V½, V1, V2, V5 and V10 to begin with. Originally and eventually we may see V20, V50, V100 and V500 V-Checks. V500 is a lot of value exchange. Advertising costs would be related to the usage of the V-Checks; the ads on V1/2, V1 and V2 would probably cost more than those on the V5, V10. Etc.

Now then, these are some of the basic ideas. Specifics will be decided among ourselves in our own private counsels. It takes three individuals to decide to start a local exchange. It will take a steering committee to get each local exchange started. It will take the formation of IVES to coordinate all the efforts, to serve, not direct, all efforts. Each local exchange will be a private business.

The proposed Valun closed 2017 at $2.68. More anon.

Happy New Year!

David Burton