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#1 The E. C. Riegel Blog Introduction

[22 March, 2014: Do not read this blog if you rely on a rigid belief system to give your life a false sense of security and meaning. The information presented in this blog is potentially life changing, even world changing, but must be read with an open mind. Unless you are willing to put everything you think you know temporarily on hold, and open up to the possibility that you may have been systematically deceived and lied to your entire life, this blog is not for you. Bonnie BC, Canada

#103: An Updated Summary of the Proposal

All posts on this blog are available through the INDEX.

This blog concerns the design, formation and construction of an alternative monetary system which uses an independent unit of exchange as its money. Many of the concepts involved derive from the work of E. C. Riegel who is the inspiration behind our efforts. But this site is not a memorial to him. instead building on Riegel's insights, to construct a more up to date form of his system. Riegel's extant works are posted, beginning with these entry links, on this website as follows:


Of particular importance is the brief piece

#D The Basic Law of Contracts - E. C. Riegel

The rest of the numbered pages are grouped roughly as follows:

Any #0 are for general information / news as it may pertain to the subjects under discussion on this blog, but there are some of these among the numbered pages as well so in some instances there are overlaps.

Any numbered entries under "Papers" provide resources and information related more to the ains and intentions of this blog. Within these are some standout digressions to aid the reader in developing a more rigorous and rational approach to basic thinking skills to enable cognisance of many of the obvious frauds around us; think clearly to avoid being fooled, etc. The following are the entry links in this category of posts:

#13.1 Peace Revolution Podcasts 1 thru 10 and Introduction
#14.1 School Sucks Project Podcasts 0 thru 20 & Introduction
#15.1 Bill Still's Reports 1 thru 20
#18.1 Gleanings from the John Galt Speech - Part 1
#19.1 The Austrian School, agreements and divergences – Part 1

Of specific reference to the proposed Valun Exchange Network (VEN) and its network of Independent Exchanges (IE's) as well as the proposed international standard Value Unit (Valun), the following entry points are most helpful:

#2: The Price of Gold in Value Units 
#9: Why Proposed Constitutional Amendments Will Not Work
#20.1 A Preliminary Standard for Value Unit Exchange Notes and Coins
#21 Value Unit Exchange Accounts
#25.1 A Scientific Solution of the Money Question - A. Kitson
#27 Markets; Red, Black and Grey
#29 Starting At The Beginning
#31 Some Characteristics of the VEN
#33 Complementary Money ... for now
#39 Monetary System Engineering and Just Why Cash is King
#43 Idealism and Other Terms
#44 Two Essays Concerning Property & Value Units
#45 Some Questions & Answers
#54 This Blog's Valun Proposal
#55 Honest Money
#56 VEN Money Flows
#57 Perspective
#64 The Calculation of a Valun
#66 On Value and the Creation / Issuance of Money
#67 A Statement On Fiat Money
#68 On the Invention of Money & Other Matters
#69 Self Issued Credit
#70 It's The Money, Stupid!
#71 Why We Should Fear a Cashless World
#74 Why Free Enterprise is the Backing
#75 Durability Issues
#77 Probable Courses of Valun Usage

#78 Self Financing of Labour & Cost Accounting

#79 Self Financing of Labour & The Skilled Artisan

We'll add to this list as more appear.

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