Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#0 Plato and Economic Theory - Jay Dyer with Tim Kelley

Plato and Economic Theory - Jay Dyer with Tim Kelley

Rarely enough does a single discussion capture so much that is really going on and has been going for a very long time.  This is one of them.  Much is tied together and the entire program is holistic, beginning with Bilderberg and all the other manifestations of globalism going back easily over the last 250 years with roots back into ancient times.  If anyone out there still holds on to any pet political or economic or even historical theory, be warned, your idols will be smashed by this rigorous analysis, be that sorry or not very sorry.  As we have said ultimately TRUTH is the only authority.    The analysis here is not only correct, backed by plenty of other sources that have discovered and said the same things, but Dyer frankly takes no prisoners; if your ideas about things are not correct, they are rendered worthless.  For anything like a viable future, we can't build anything whatsoever on this thousands of years old pile of deliberately manipulative philosophical garbage.  Against the appeals of the Clint Richardsons, well meaning though they are, out there who insist that the power structure informs all relevant discussions of things like law, rights, the state, Anarchy, etc. the fact is that the average human being out there cares nothing for anything other than the existential meaning of living a life relatively free of intrusion by anyone else for any reasons whatsoever.  THAT is what most people think of as freedom or liberty, which Dyer informs us are merely labels, brands, which are thought memes that have been sold to the public.  This is a majorly important discussion.  Please listen carefully and learn something.       

Sunday, July 19, 2015

#0 Spin Job: The Odd Case Of Richard Andrew Grove

Spin Job: The Odd Case Of Richard Andrew Grove - Clint Richardson (7/18/15)

Some may look upon Clint's piece as a hatchet job, whereas in our view one may separate the facts of someone's personal character from whatever that character produces; Richard Wagner may have been a personal mess but he composed some great music. Just because the "facts" of Grove's "whistle-blowing" may be less than accurate does not in fact render his productions worthless or meaningless because what the Peace Revolution series contains is verifiable through so many other sources that the conclusions one might reach through exposure to this material are nonetheless accurate, honest and truthful. That is, we cannot simply throw out the book from looking at the cover. We likewise must agree with Clint that no one in the business of informing the public must be immune from criticism, but we'd be chary of therefore allowing someone's obvious hard work to go unrewarded or unrecognized as valuable for gathering together in one place a "course of study" into areas that certainly need to be known more widely.

It was easy for Clint to go after anarchists and anarchy from the point of view he did, largely knocking out of the water any idea that anarchy could be what the word nakedly proclaims; without a ruling class. But Clint has fatally missed the point that people out here are being driven to mental and actual desperation by the powers that be (the ruling class) which has erected for itself countless laws, schemes, enactments, rules, regulations, etc. to stay in power. We must always bear in mind that their system destroys wealth as it centralizes it, without wealth or the means of its expression denied to more people who cannot make a living to support themselves or their families, eventually there is no "society" as we know it.  Desperate people do not care about the issues Clint raised in his piece on anarchy. They do not care about any laws, neither are they likely to care about whatever interpretations this month someone is making concerning the Bible. What people want mostly is to be left alone, to have freedom to be able to provide a living for themselves and their families and where they can no longer do this, there is trouble and it is usually caused by this same ruling class that believes it has a right to rule, knows better and can morally and lawfully order people around.

We posted Clint's post on Anarchy largely to show any would be anarchists out there what the powers that be actually think of such as you. We further note that they will not accept the naked truth that all legitimate calls for anarchy represent a radical disengagement from any ruling class. Rather they will find ways to make their "laws" etc. stick because right now they DO have the power to FORCE people to do their bidding. And yes it certainly eventually boils down to whose money is being used to pay for and support that FORCE.

We posted this link to Clint's latest public spanking of Richard Grove, etc. to further illustrate that our audience is supposed to be vigilant to allow self-criticism where necessary. We continue to follow both Clint Richardson and Richard Grove and expect more great things from each of them. At the very least, perhaps they should get on the phone and talk this out. We would rather move forward with a relatively unified perspective. After all our enemies, even with all their internal disagreements, have always had a relatively unified perspective.

Friday, July 3, 2015

#13.20 Peace Revolution Podcast 89

2015-6-20: #89 The Art of Freedom / Keep Calm & Start Thinking

Bastiat & The Filibuster

More than anything else, this lengthy podcast serves as a watershed for two aspects; one of study the other of public record. The Law of Frédéric Bastiat is must reading and pondering for all those intent to glean anything from the study and activities anticipated by this blog. For public record, the extensive portions of a recent extended discussion on the floor of the US Senate concerning mass collection of data by the US government.