Thursday, June 18, 2015

#0 Anarchy: A Non Sequitur Non Compos Mentis

Source: Article by Clint Richardson

I am posting a link to this article here because it is important information, it settles some points which badly need settlement. Before one can reasonably expect to operate as a “free and sovereign individual” one cannot reasonably assume one already can, when no one in all the world can be assured of doing even what one would reasonably or logically or ethically wish to do as many of the “gurus” Clint mentions seem intent to preach to people that they can do. Like it or not, we live under a free range prison system of commercial law set up by private syndicalist elements deliberately creating confusion (which is the most widely accepted definition of anarchy, sorry.  That means that NO alternative definitions will work, OK?). It was also pointed out to me that Babylon, for which we substitute Mystery Babylon since few know that it exists right now, is synonymous with all notions of confusion.  Our present system which allows their “corporations” their “money” everything else, is a confusion of law at its base. Even should there be a revolution, what on earth would be the result? More of the same, minus the casualties of that revolution. The system can stumble and occasionally fall. What will take its place when it does? Do you expect that as an individual you stand much of a chance against their arrayed and desperately ignorant FORCE? You don't. It's obvious that before we seek any solution, we must understand our situation. Most people have no idea what relevance their birth certificate, their standing in court, anything that pertains to themselves in their dealing with anyone else; when they buy something at a store, etc. has to their true status under any state. Best to take time, as Clint has, and learn.

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