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#13.10 Peace Revolution Podcasts 66 thru 68

Additional podcasts in this series will be associated with #13 papers.  See INDEX for all updates to this series.

2012-11-7: #66 How Central Bankers Harness and Manipulate Human Resources

This episode is over 5 hours long. It begins with the heart of one of my favourite movies, My Dinner With Andre. If you've never seen it. It's available on You Tube, for how long, who knows? Then you hear from Nixon, and other clips. The subject is Central Banks and the role of central bankers. I note with some glee, as Richard Grove, reads from Rothschild's description of itself as a business, the copy is peppered with the word “advisory” which is the same as the word Soviet. Yes, these are not coincidences.

Most people keep their attention focused on the fronts and never bother to notice the numerous “advisers” who mill about just behind the scenes and in all cases never far from their charges. Likewise, most people do not normally concern themselves with the designs of organization as it has come down through history, specifically the networks of spies and other intriguers, all of course paid for by those, the financial power, ever looking for opportunities to extend their power over others. There is a real conspiracy, no theory. Jeckyll Island and the Federal Reserve are real history. It was and is a conspiracy; plain as the nose on anyone's face. So too was much else. Take your damn blinders and glasses off! We should be prepared to take our gloves off too, verbally in any case if necessary, to recognize all ad hominem arguments (jeers) they will throw at us and be prepared to respond to them. Do not choose to argue with any of them. Those who get it will get it. Those who wont, perhaps cannot extricate themselves so easily. To the extent they are worried is a good chance they will begin to understand and respond accordingly. Meanwhile most of the sheep in their pens still prefer watching the shadows on Plato's cave TV and other silly media and generally do not like being reminded of their present dismal condition.

We consider this whole episode “grist for the mill” for all those who would contemplate starting (the or an) VEN. To those in my audience who understand and value the words of scripture, to the present financial system, “come out of her (Babylon), my people” applies. We note also, since it matters greatly, that we can go one better than G. Edward Griffin's demand that we base money or currency on silver and gold, which is just what they who currently rule would want just as well and indeed still use themselves, not behind the scenes either, but through the gold traders in London setting the daily (every day except Saturday, which should tell you something) “spot prices” (bottom prices: wholesale prices) for silver and gold as commodities. We admit that we who would intend forming (the or an) VEN need precious metals in the short run to make exchanges between other currencies and proposed Value Units, since as restated here, we do not recognize the viability of holding ANY of these private bankers' currencies by any IE within the VEN, whereas a piece of a precious metal is at least something that can be traded as a go between, a conduit between present currencies and Value Units.

Much else will become apparent from what Griffin says; it has at this point nothing to do with money and everything to do with power, not just in any one country but everywhere on earth. Joan Veon also comes across pretty well too. It's long past time to wake up.


James Kunin- The Strawberry Statement
Bella Dodd- School of Darkness

2012-12-1: #67 Integrity as the Measure of Value

Very good news concerning John Taylor Gatto's recovery from stroke. Richard informs that he will be producing DVD's instead of posting videos on YouTube due to so called copyright infringements -bogus canards! These will be available at

This episode is over 5 1/2 hours in length, core material nonetheless; a montage of speakers, Alan Watts, Manly P. Hall, Ron Paul, Chengiah Ragaven (listen to how he describes Oxford), Richard Grove, all communicating the various shades of the message of liberty and in congruence with Brett Vienotte's School Sucks Project, criticism of the public school system, etc. the focus is integrity. Integrity is moral, rational and instrumentally relevant. Money is a key part of the discussion.

I might add that none of these speeches expresses the key ideas perfectly and that nobody is perfect, we can learn much from everyone if we have the patience and the training (the Trivium) and experience to discern truth from illusion, etc. Richard Grove brings us back to the missing Trivium; fiction accepted as fact, discusses John Taylor Gatto and other detriments of the public school system, etc.

Grove explains that source material as a past record of a previous search into the same data mine. The same ideas and data emerge, the same questions are asked, assessed against reality, etc. what Grove found in Gatto's work and put together with other obvious research into present systems, which originated in 19th century Prussia. Grove presents the history of the Prussian system pretty well, sees the import of these ideas back through Boston and elsewhere in America, then out elsewhere throughout the world. Gatto's educational functions are reviewed. Inglis' contributions are reviewed. The discussion gets into master plans and schemes of the wicked, the unscrupulous, the elitists at the top, their actions known and unknown, and Grove also gives a very clear description of the realistic response to psychopathic behaviour on any scale at whatever level, laying the blame for our unawareness squarely on the public school system.

Homeschooling is likened to the modern equivalent of moving West in the American experience. It's not just enough to know how to read, it's about applying critical thinking to what you read, otherwise you become the slave of whoever wrote or printed what you are reading. {Through the Trivium, critical thinking becomes an acquirable skill and used to be taught to children from the age of 7 until about 150 years ago.) Grove is realistic, inspiring and essential on these points, especially related to educating one's own children (and oneself!).

Grove runs down the Trivium process, through grammar, logic and rhetoric. He describes clearing one's RAM. He talks about thinking, reality, etc. Critical thinking defined again. Time management and integrity are linked. The internet as an open source educational tool. More on critical thinking, discerning fallacies.

Another speech from Manly Hall and a song called The Ghost of Tom Joad to close out the episode.

(To those who hear this entire episode: rhetorical critical questions; 1) after hearing this presentation, and assuming that most of what's presented is hard evidence, what would be the most natural emotional response? If you get the first one then 2) is this; knowing what you already know, and some of you will from your own experiences know far more than others, what is the most natural emotional reaction that would prove the most detrimental to the survival of humanity?)


Jean Shinoda Bolen- The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and Self
John Taylor Gatto- Dumbing Us Down: the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling 

Alexander James Inglis- Principles of Secondary Education
2012-12-31: #68 From Feudalism to Agenda 21

The process of financial conquest has been underway. Getting at some material that's often hotly contested as regards validity, reality, etc. Richard Grove puts together another lengthy but essential episode. More of what you never hear anywhere else, for good reason; they really would prefer that you just didn't know, stayed asleep and did what you were led by them to believe, to conform, obey, etc.

Subjects cover relevant history, it's probable course, etc. We say again, since much of this material has multiple sources and is in most cases decades old, the best approach to all historical study is to follow the money. Who issues it, what the chief buyers in an economy want to buy (what governments want to buy), the affairs of so called “royals” and the whole plan to conquer the world, bringing in their new collectivism, which is just old feudalism in new clothes. In this case they happen to be green, as in environmentalism (the term ecologism is used once), other isms, always a disease of the human psyche and society for blatant political agendas by the elites, who laugh while they tell lies, the chief one if you have been following along, is the noble lie, that there is something special about them that they have a right to rule over the rest of us.

Listen to the incredible lies officials and bureaucrats (college professors too) use to try and obscure the truth. Who indeed are the “stakeholders” mentioned? “Sustainability,” as we have said before, has absolutely nothing to do with what real people everywhere want, a restoration and clean-up of the environment, which they have no intention of doing; this is a takeover, pure and simple. When it is finally unmasked, as it will be sooner or later, we can expect many “natural courses” will play out. Such is the warfare between tyranny and liberty down through the ages. Which side are you on?

The core conceit, which you hear from a variety of these people, is that they somehow have a right to conduct the affairs of others, for whatever supposed flipping reason, they never even give it a single thought, they uncritically accept (often with disgusting laughter where laughter has no place) brutal collectivist dogma. So they imagine their actions advance human progress, when in fact they are advancing an agenda of universal oppression and genocide. The supporters think they'll be the ones pulling the levers of power. Really? Damn fools! Wait til they have a gun at your head. It will suddenly dawn on you that, oh yeah Stalin had his purges, even Lenin had them, Hitler too. So by aiding the establishment of a totalitarian regime, for whatever unsupportable green stupidity you can imagine, you believe you'll be on the winning side of history.  You wont.

Anyone considering themselves a pragmatist (a proven fake philosophy with no ethics at all) or a social democrat, a statist lite, is a fellow traveller with the oppressors. If the ultimate leftist power is represented by Bolshevism, which had an impressive record of innocent casualties resulting from its ruthless takeover by FORCE of old Russia, may it never ever be forgotten, then I suppose socialism lite is more workable? Come on, giving the state that kind of power is always a bad idea. It will be a worse idea this time around too because of technology. But already unforeseen developments have been made possible by this same technology, so there may be room for hope.

All the historical material covered in this episode is at least as old as the steps listed in the Communist Manifesto (and a lot of it much older) and traces itself through UN initiatives and conferences in Rio de Janeiro and elsewhere. People involved in these initiatives should take a good look in the mirror, congratulate themselves as the new pseudo-god tyrants, the new communists, the new Bolsheviks, hurrah to the almighty state and the oligarchs who run the money, hurrah! Until of course, should these gangsters win, they turn on those who lifted them to power in some huge purge, which certainly will follow a statist takeover of the world, the establishment of a world government to grind the boot into the face of the people, a world economy to grind the people into the earth, a world religion that teaches some phony radical atavism, a worship of the earth, etc. all parts of their grand plan to remain in power. Very informative.

The lecture by Walter Veith “The Beamable Sustainable Princes” goes very deep and is of utmost significance. This is basic historical data: ignore and deny it at your peril. Those closest to it, know it as fact, which is stranger than fiction. 

Webster Tarpley's lecture “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor” follows. He puts a lot together and brings it all into the present. Sometimes the audio could be better. In such places, headphones work better.

The episode closes with an in depth discussion of oligarchy, which is the reigning system of today. The model presented represents religion as in service to the state (Byzantine style) with the oligarchs running the government from behind the scenes. These oligarchs would be the UN projects “stakeholders” mentioned above.

Tarpley traces this system back to and through Venice. We believe that the banking institutions that developed in Europe from the 13th century onward, headquartered in places like Venice, derive their business models, practices and polices from the Babylonians (the gold and silver bullion dealers, managers of metals storehouses, finance magnates, etc.) and while they rule, they remain in the background, as they have in fact since the Congress of Vienna in 1815.

(Parenthetically, the present beast -and the last- is Mystery Babylon. Figure it out, it's staring us right in the face. The previous beast, for a short time, was Napoleon. Before him, the Roman Catholic Church was the beast, a military power on the European continent that was kept alive after a mortal blow was suffered by the head of the previous beast, the Roman Empire, which was saved by becoming the Holy Roman Empire. Before Rome there was Alexandrian Greece, and before them the Persians, before them the Babylonians, who developed modern – ancient banking and finance and the whole war making, slaves, gold, silver, etc. dirty businesses. Before them was Egypt. But that's just my addition to what Tarpley is saying).

The way out of all of this? Beginning locally, thinking of yourselves as local networks of interest, people who have things naturally to trade and share with each other. It starts from there, together with awareness of what the tyrants are up to. Discussing alternative economies, alternative tokens of exchange, the proposed Value Unit exchange notes and coins, thinking linkages between local businesses, etc. Prepare to establish local Value Unit monetary exchange (IE) centres. Propose to this blog rules for setting up a local IE that would be applicable to all.


Post Sustainability Institute
Democrats against UN Agenda 21

Rosa Koire- Behind the Green Mask
Cheng Nien- Life and Death in Shanghai 
BF Skinner- Walden Two 
Barbara Tuchman- A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century


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