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#18.9 Gleanings from the John Galt Speech – Part 9

Psychologists have a word for it, projection. This is where you take your own flaws and project them onto someone else. In much of what has already been covered and yet remains, Rand takes the position of the elites she worships and who have paid her to write her screed. She projects their irrationalities on the rest of us, especially those at the bottom; blaming those who don't know enough or have means enough, for destroying civilizations, etc. when as history plainly shows, the financial elites are the destroyers of just about everything they touch through the theft of real assets behind usury.

They want to cheat the axiom of existence and consciousness, they want their consciousness to be an instrument not of perceiving but of creating existence, and existence to be not the object but the subject of their consciousness-

It is the elites who always want to do this, not us.

they want to be that God they created in their image and likeness, who creates a universe out of a void by means of an arbitrary whim.

Again, it is the elites that want to do this, even placing themselves at the top and considering themselves “separate species” or “gods”. We can see through this.

But reality is not to be cheated. 
That's correct. They can try as long as they like. They've had several thousand years at it already, but eventually it will be the reality of the fraud that lies at the base of their monetary system that shall be their undoing.

What they achieve is the opposite of their desire. They want an omnipotent power over existence; instead, they lose the power of the consciousness. By refusing to know, they condemn themselves to the horror of a perpetual unknown.

Turn this around and consider it regarding the elites; they achieve the opposite of their desire. All the rest follows. It is about THEM not us.

We cannot live outside reality, but we can become aware of how much that reality has been and is being warped by those who want an omnipotent power over existence. They have long lost the power of consciousness. They, who think they know so goddam much, who believe all their babblings in print and visual media, movies and TV, those who proliferate in every institution on earth, they are those refusing to know and whether you prefer Rand's fate for them, the horror of a perpetual unknown, or the Bible's, perdition, is irrelevant, it will be the same for them, because natural laws, and this one involves the simplest mathematics and logic, it's that basic, will not be broken forever. Therefore:

Those irrational wishes [of the elites] that draw you to their creed, those emotions you worship as an idol [on television and elsewhere], on whose altar you sacrifice the earth, that dark, incoherent passion within you, which you take as the voice of God or of your glands, is nothing more than the corpse of your mind.

No, we do not think that most at the top are smart, that they possess any real talent for anything except for stealing that which others have worked hard and long to achieve. We are quite aware of their dark incoherent passions, oh yes. But eventually it will all come to the light of day. That process has already begun.

An emotion that clashes with your reason, an emotion that you cannot explain or control, is only the carcass of that stale thinking which you forbade your mind to revise.

Yes, all this applies to the elites as to nobody else, including that stale thinking which you forbade your mind to revise. There is confusion at the top too. It is not a concerted conspiracy as some people like to believe, it is rather a culture that accepts certain givens as “articles of faith;” that one can take back on a loan more than what was created, that those who have more than others, have certain rights and privileges that the rest of us do not, etc.

Whenever you committed the evil of refusing to think and to see, of exempting from the absolute of reality some one small wish of yours, whenever you chose to say: Let me withdraw from the judgement of reason the cookies I stole, or the existence of God, let me have my one irrational whim and I will be a man of reason about all else-

As the saying goes, beware of pointing your finger at others since you will have three pointing back at yourself. [My, this too applies to recent events ...]  Much of this is the “let me get away with it” morality, which pervades the elites. It usually gets worse the higher one rises in the present pyramid of hierarchical power, also accepted as a given, when history plainly shows us that these structures rise and then as naturally fall of their own DEAD weight. [Pyramids as symbols of hierarchy, such as the one on the reverse side of a dollar bill, indicate structures associated with dead civilizations, not living ones.]

that was the act of subverting your consciousness, the act of corrupting your mind. Your mind then became a fixed jury who takes orders from a secret underworld, whose verdict distorts the evidence to fit an absolute it dares not touch-

... and which group does this really apply to?

and a censored reality is the result, a splintered reality where the bits you chose to see are floating among the chasms of those you didn’t, held together by that embalming fluid of the mind which is an emotion exempted from thought.

Right, we're onto you! Now, we're getting to a remarkable instance of projection, so of course everything Galt / Rand say here applies to the elites, not to us: 

The links you strive to drown are casual connections.

Rand contends that the indigent strive to eliminate the linkages between production and actual costs to the producers and capitalists (more on that subject in a forthcoming paper too), for delivering their goods and services to the poor, who they have deemed expendable, who have fallen off their “musical chairs” economy. We are fast growing aware of these links, believe me, and it is of course the elites who do not want us to see the lurid details of their real asset feeding frenzies.

The enemy you seek to defeat is the law of causality: it permits you no miracles.

This is VERY revealing; their understanding of how to use the law of causality to deliberately favour them over us, which is by definition real selfishness, which we now remind you Rand is thoroughly in favour of, permits THEM no miracles. They must act with scientific precision, leaving nothing to chance.

The law of causality is the law of identity applied to action. All actions are caused by entities. The nature of an action is caused and determined by the nature of the entities that act; a thing cannot act in contradiction to its nature.

Rand is setting up here what she hopes will be a rational explanation for the behaviour of business corporations. But it's going to backfire.

An action not caused by an entity would be caused by a zero, which would mean a zero controlling a thing, a non-entity controlling an entity, the non-existent ruling the existent-

Did you catch it? Rand is clever, but not by half. Earlier she said, all actions are caused by entities. Then here she says, an action not caused by an entity would be caused by a zero. Not possible, a contradiction. But that does not stop her from letting her cards show. Rewritten: If an indigent controls the issuance of money, an indigent controlling an entity, the indigent will end up ruling the rich. The word ruling was the obvious clue. [9-21-13: As brought to my attention by an attentive reader, there is also an alternate reading of this as the "zero" is the person that is not a person but a slave of their owners, the state licensed "public" corporation, becoming the rulers over real flesh and blood human persons.].

which is the universe of your teachers’ desire, the cause of their doctrines of causeless action, the reason of their revolt against reason, the goal of their morality, their politics, their economics, the ideal they strive for: the reign of the zero.

The first part is projection, the last reflects their fear of us. Now, Rand turns back to the law of identity; A = A. And the law of causality is the law of identity applied to action, and all actions are caused by entities; things.

The law of identity does not permit you to have your cake and eat it, too.

The law of causality does not permit you to eat your cake before you have it. But if you drown both laws in the blanks of your mind, if you pretend to yourself and to others that you don’t see-then you can try to proclaim your right to eat your cake today and mine tomorrow, you can preach that the way to have a cake is to eat it first, before you bake it, that the way to produce is to start by consuming, that all wishers have an equal claim to all things, since nothing is caused by anything. The corollary of the causeless in matter is the unearned in spirit.

Let's take a look at you can try to proclaim your right to eat your cake today and mine tomorrow. This is based on the scarcity of cakes as if the poor man would be after the last cake on earth that happened to be the rich man's. The fallacy clearly demonstrated here is to try and get the productive to view a whole class of men as their enemies, “oh gosh, those damned poor beggars, they're after my cake!” when the exact opposite is true. The Value Unit system says that ONLY the indigent get to create money. An indigent buys one of your cakes from you with Value Units which you accept in trade. Now, if you know where you can spend those Value Units for comparable value, do you care if an indigent or a rich man bought your cake from you?

But the last part is even more bizarre: The corollary of the causeless in matter is the unearned in spirit. What is the purpose of the word unearned? Unearned is that which you have without having been PAID for it and this monetary reference is again to spirit? I'm sorry I'm rejecting all these financial accounting metaphors as applied to spirit in any sense whatever. I don't sense that Rand knows anything at all about spirit, and her only real love is money and she loves those who have more of it more than all other human beings.

Whenever you rebel against causality, your motive is the fraudulent desire, not to escape it, but worse: to reverse it. You want unearned love, as if love, the effect, could give you personal value, the cause-you want unearned admiration, as if admiration, the effect, could give you virtue, the cause-you want unearned wealth, as if wealth, the effect, could give you ability, the cause-you plead for mercy, mercy, not justice, as if an unearned forgiveness could wipe out the cause of your plea. And to indulge your ugly little shams, you support the doctrines of your teachers, while they run hog-wild proclaiming that spending, the effect, creates riches, the cause, that machinery, the effect, creates intelligence, the cause, that your sexual desires, the effect, create your philosophical values, the cause.

In this remarkable piece of projection, Rand directs at the indigent, the little man, who would begrudge society a subsistence, just turn it around. By every feat of “limited liability” bigness they rebel against causality, their motive is the fraudulent desire, not to escape it, but worse: to reverse it. The reversing it has most to do with society, to revert to the feudalism of the Middle Ages.

The rest fits them too. It is more often than not the rich who want unearned love without personal value (many of them are frankly quite personally unlovable), unearned admiration without virtue (those who really know how dumb the rich are about most things and reliant on their servants, who are even more stupid for working for them, know this), unearned wealth without ability (this is a really popular goal among them), mercy not justice as if forgiveness could wipe out the cause (oh, do they ever want that!), to indulge your ugly little shams certainly does not apply to any but the rich. The poor, being poor, have no scams, except those set up by wicked NGO's. It is the elites who support the doctrines of their teachers, a whole line of them, including John Maynard Keynes who pretty much advocated that spending, the effect, creates riches. Now machinery creating intelligence sounds surprisingly like trans-humanism, a fantasy of the very rich, and of course their sexual desires create their philosophical values; to the elites, as has been proven once again by recent headline stories involving their figureheads' peccadilloes, other people are just sexual toys to be used and discarded as garbage. Oh, they get away with it too, for now.

Who pays for the orgy? Who causes the causeless? Who are the victims, condemned to remain unacknowledged and to perish in silence, lest their agony disturb your pretence that they do not exist? We are, we, the men of the mind.

Rand asked who pays, then answers we are, not we pay or we are paying. Big giveaway. She'd like you to believe that those who pay are those who think. She'd like you to think that all the progress in this world is due to people like the characters in her books. Maybe we can agree that under the present system, these people are never paid what they are really worth. But we'll never know for sure under the present system. Her attacks on the poor are deflected once again.

Now Galt proclaims,

We are the cause of all the values that you covet,

In other words, we make everything that you who are without money want for free. No, we want the poor to participate in the economy by natural right of existence; yes, attention elites everywhere, the poor of this world, those without money, except yours that gets them deeper into debt to you, do exist. They exist in far greater numbers than you, your minions, etc. Their numbers are growing. You cannot and will not be able to exterminate them without exterminating yourselves. You can count on it. By existence, they have a right to subsistence, a right to participation in the market. They will not be taking anything away from anybody by doing it under E. C. Riegel's terms. Those who spend Value Units will want to earn them. Most people, contrary to what both the elitists and collectivists will try and convince you, do not want a life they have not earned. And, by the way, it is the elites who covet that which belongs to someone else. The poor just beg for their lives.

we who perform the process of thinking, which is the process of defining identity and discovering causal connections.

We, the superior philosopher class. Yes, we know, Nietzsche thought of himself in the same way as well. You were both deluded.  [Something more; Nietzche was supposedly a professor of classical literature though there is little evidence that he read, knew or was even interested in what the classical authors of Greece and Rome had to say about anything.  He said that he was a madman and ended up a suicide.  Yet, he is often referenced among the elites who think along the same lines he did, except from social positions superior to his.]

We taught you to know, to speak, to produce, to desire, to love. 

Whose being grandiose now? And therefore to all you peons out there, “you just do as we say, too.” Well, you didn't teach me a thing I didn't lean on my own, whether that was in school or out of it. That is and must be the existential reality for each of us. Don't take my word for anything. Go out and educate yourself, become an autodidact, but certainly be aware of fakes like Rand. We've tried hard to see what good fruit we can pluck here, and so far it hasn't been that rewarding, except as a foil to E. C. Riegel's observations; to clarify some aspects of what a VEN would look like and how it would work.

You who abandon reason-were it not for us who preserve it, you would not be able to fulfil or even to conceive your wishes.

... and “You insignificant little fools that you supposed you could think for yourselves, etc.” Too late, we now know that you are mostly frauds and liars, especially any other than the actual inventors of really useful labour saving devices that benefit all humanity.

You would not be able to desire the clothes that had not been made, the automobile that had not been invented, the money that had not been devised, as exchange for goods that did not exist, the admiration that had not been experienced for men who had achieved nothing,

... therefore, “bow down and kow tow to us and admit that we are your gods, etc.” No, for were there no clothes and people desired them, they would find them, make them, etc. You have it all backwards. 

the love that belongs and pertains only to those who preserve their capacity to think, to choose, to value.

You know nothing of love, nor do most of your class, that class that paid you to write this.

You-who leap like a savage out of the jungle of your feelings to the Fifth Avenue of our New York and proclaim that you want to keep the electric lights, but to destroy the generators-it is our wealth that you use while destroying us, it is our values that you use while damning us, it is our language that you use while denying the mind.

Not at all, ma'am, I'm using your own words back at you and your backers, that's all. By this statement we also have another proof of your supercilious contempt for all but yourselves, savages out of the jungle of our feelings, indeed! Have you ever noticed that women can say things that were any man to say them would ... wait a minute, she has this guy John Galt, a man character, saying them. But listen to this male character's whine, it is our wealth that you use while destroying us. Well and good then, in answer to your complaint, let us decide NOT to use your wealth, lest you be destroyed, poor babies! You have already no doubt conflated the ideas of wealth, that which produces income, with money, the mere instrument or yardstick of value in any split-barter, therefore to you making money from nothing but lending money, and doing it so that you pinch off more than the existing money, all of it lent from you at interest, so that the debt can never be fully repaid, seems reasonable to you, since ... all can plainly see that you and your class have such dizzying intellects, etc. Really? It's time to wake up folks! The message has always been, never to fight them, for that would lower us to their despicable level. No, the message has been, “come out of her, my people.”

Ah, tra la la ...

Just as your mystics of spirit invented their heaven in the image of our earth, omitting our existence, and promised you rewards created by miracle out of non-matter-so your modern mystics of muscle omit our existence and promise you a heaven where matter shapes itself of its own causeless will into all the rewards desired by your non-mind.

Yeah, so what? The first group of mystics and their ideas are out of fashion now, while the second group of mystics have always been paid by the elites, as no idea abides long unless someone is throwing money at it. Collectivism survives as an idea and a tool by means of money flowing directly or indirectly from the financial elites of the present system.

For centuries, the mystics of spirit had existed by running a protection racket-by making life on earth unbearable, then charging you for consolation and relief, by forbidding all the virtues that make existence possible, then riding on the shoulders of your guilt, by declaring production and joy to be sins, then collecting blackmail from the sinners.

And were it not for collaboration from the State, the Church would not have held that power over people for very long.

We, the men of the mind,

You aren't, that's one of the biggest lies you tell yourselves and try and get the rest of us to believe. It's so you don't have to do any honest work with your hands. We've known this for quite a long time.

were the unnamed victims of their creed,

Another lie, including that you were not armed. Of course you were armed, you've been running the armaments business and other factors involving supporting (quartermastering) armies for thousands of years.

we who were willing to break their moral code

... that straw dog we call the bourgeois morality,

and to bear damnation for the sin of reason-

Oh come on! Are you going to try and fool us into believing that your ilk is synonymous with the real scientists and inventors whose ideas you either stole or are in the process of stealing? [Intellectual property rights allows someone like Laurence Gilbert, to expropriate the name of a remarkable economist for use as his personal monetary unit in his Riegel Monetary and Exchange System, also trademarked by him.  Isn't he likewise a thief?]

we who thought and acted, while they wished and prayed-

You aren't the same people, don't try and pull that trick on us, it wont work anymore.

we who were moral outcasts,

For good reason, you have innocent blood on your hands as you have been the financiers of war and the supplier of arms from ancient times.

we who were bootleggers of life when life was held to be a crime-

Interesting. No, you who were bootleggers of poisoned alcoholic products, when alcohol was made illegal. You had a hand in that too. You were those who grew rich while your customers died. Yes, we know some of you that were in on this business too.

while they basked in moral glory for the virtue of surpassing material greed and of distributing in selfless charity the material goods produced by-blank-out.

This sounds like nobody we know of but the super rich, not those Rand thinks she is castigating.

Now we are chained and commanded to produce by savages who do not grant us even the identification of sinners-

A whine. How dare you call us savages! It is you in your hearts of darkness, who are the real savages!

by savages who proclaim that we do not exist, then threaten to deprive us of the life we don’t possess, if we fail to provide them with the goods we don’t produce.

Not the indigent, Galt / Rand.

Now we are expected to continue running railroads and to know the minute when a train will arrive after crossing the span of a continent, we are expected to continue running steel mills and to know the molecular structure of every drop of metal in the cables of your bridges and in the body of the airplanes that support you in mid-air-while the tribes of your grotesque little mystics of muscle fight over the carcass of our world, gibbering in sounds of non-language that there are no principles, no absolutes, no knowledge, no mind.

Doesn't sound at all like anyone, except government agents and members of the Federal Reserve board to me. Europeans and others in other parts of the world can easily recognize similar agents and organizations.

Dropping below the level of a savage, who believes that the magic words he utters have the power to alter reality, they believe that reality can be altered by the power of the words they do not utter-and their magic tool is the blank-out, the pretence that nothing can come into existence past the voodoo of their refusal to identify it.

Rand's attack is on people who supported either the so called conventional bourgeois morality, or the collectivists, whom Rand does not know were paid by the same people who are paying her to write this screed. I don't think Rand was a hypocrite as she would be if she knew. I actually believe that she was just plain ignorant. So as she continues, Rand's words have far more applicability to the current “masters of the universe” than to any other group, with some astounding revelations.

As they feed on stolen wealth in body,

Yes, as we see and know they are doing right now, yes ...

so they feed on stolen concepts in mind, and proclaim that honesty consists of refusing to know that one is stealing.

[Got that, Laurence!]  We'll get into some of the details in this game of theirs, that's been going on since the French revolution, in a future paper.

As they use effects while denying causes, so they use our concepts while denying the roots and the existence of the concepts they are using. As they seek, not to build, but to take over industrial plants, so they seek, not to think, but to take over human thinking.

This applies to banking and finance capitalists more than to anyone else. It explains exactly and precisely what raised the so rightly called “robber barons” to power during the turn from the 19th into the 20th century that coincided with Rand's childhood. The effects used are rather financing schemes, the causes denied are the results of these schemes.

As they proclaim that the only requirement for running a factory is the ability to turn the cranks of the machines, and blank out the question of who created the factory-

That's right, the modern management schools that churn out the next crop of international corporate managers deny the importance of specific product related knowledge and could care less about the poor slobs they stole the factory from through fraud. Yes, we know.

so they proclaim that there are no entities, that nothing exists but motion, and blank out the fact that motion presupposes the thing which moves, that without the concept of entity, there can be no such concept as ‘motion.’

No, they don't care about the originators of anything, they buy their patents and sit on those that impede their monopolies. Yes, we know this trick too. [Getting this, Laurence?]

As they proclaim their right to consume the unearned,

We know who these people are and they are not the ones Rand is castigating.

and blank out the question of who’s to produce it-

Oh, they guess that the cheapest labour force they can find will do. That cheap labour can for the moment be kept subservient within the totalitarian lite prison states they have helped create and are in the process of instituting.

so they proclaim that there is no law of identity, that nothing exists but change, and blank out the fact that change presupposes the concepts of what changes, from what and to what, that, without the law of identity no such concept as ‘change’ is possible.

And who does this sound like?

As they rob an industrialist while denying his value, so they seek to seize power over all of existence while denying that existence exists.

Well, I'm sure they really could care less about any of that. All they care about is their “yield” from usury, which since they haven't produced a thing of value themselves, do not even deserve. We'll be in the middle of this same rant in the next post.

David Burton

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