Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#104: There Is No Political Solution

I apologize ahead of time for using this title to get people to read something thinking that there really is some political solution. There isn't. The point of this paper is to demonstrate another solution. It will also attempt to correct some of the questions people ask of any Riegel inspired ideas. But first, let's address some of the political matters as they seem current.

Now we may or may not have heard the epithet, “libtard.” That's a person of “liberal” politics who is regarded as somehow retarded (mentally slow to catch on) by those with different politics. But there are “conservitards” as well. Yes, those are people with “conservative” politics, just what they intend on preserving / conserving and for what reasons is never very clear to them; they are as well, slow to catch on, are somehow retarded in their thinking.

We'll make a few statements about each caste, the other castes being those of no party, or so they assume. They aren't merely innocent bystanders. These people cast a straw at the whole system by claiming no part in it, the “independents” who generally pretend to espouse some genuinely liberal social idealisms with an odd mixture of the other end of the banker's ready made dialectic; either THEIR credit or THEIR gold. Yes, they choose the gold side, believing, CONNED into believing, that in precious metals lies freedom, when it's actually the oldest of all means of being enslaved.

We're going to speak some about gold too. But first the libtards: the best book I have for them to read is Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler. What many of them have done is to relegate their politics to the directives of “Liberal” politicians who take their orders from political elites espousing the usual literal interpretation of the three poisonous frogs (since they came in during the French Revolution) of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. The original common law was Life, Liberty and Property. So what was and is the difference? The right to life was eliminated. That should be an immediate tip off.

Anyway, the “Liberal” interpretation of these are directives to reorder society as they see fit. Is it Life, Liberty and Property? No, it is Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and all three ideas are so poisoned that there can be nothing allowed among the members of this “cult” than strict political cant, what we call “political correctness” and hence the resultant “triggering” of deliberate social responses in its cultist members. In so doing, such become exactly what their detractors see; sheeple being led to their own slaughter.

At present the “conservitards” would seem to be on the ascendancy, but they are woefully misinformed about everything starting with the US Constitution. They have FAILED to understand the commercial nature of this document, they have likewise FAILED to see the references to precious metals as to THEIR (globalist, central bankers, elites) money, NOT money per se and certainly not money that “conservitards” actually can claim to own or have originally issued. Most “conservitards” think they prefer dealing (bartering) in actual gold and silver coins or perhaps in paper documents “backed” in a 1 for 1 correspondence with such coins. Let's give a simple example of how this would work:

Let's say that your gold backed money is in some arrangement with gold and silver. Let's say that it's a bimetalic design, allowing both trade in gold and silver with gold holding the Figure 1 position (basis) with respect to any paper “notes” against it. Let's say that the arrangement is 1 oz of gold = 1,000 units to be understood as paper notes. No specific time is applied. Here's what you have:

On 11/2/11 we had a close of $1,728 for 1 oz. of gold. But that was spot price. We can get our hands on gold for 20% more than spot in most cases, so we chose $2,160 as the price we'd have had to pay for an oz. of gold on that date. 1,000 parts make each part = $2.16. Silver turns out to be around 19.56 of these units: $42.24 at the time to acquire a 1 oz silver coin.

Now we're still sticking with the direct “backing” of money by gold and silver here, so time marched on.

A year later 11/2/12, gold closed at $1,677.51 and silver at $30.85. We're amazed at these figures now. What happened to the purchasing power of your “backed” money? Using the same requirements, $2,096.89 bought 1,000 of your paper money and each one of those is now $2.10. Silver buys 14.69 of these same units. Your money is only 6 cents off in one year measured in dollars (which is also just another of THEIR commodity based moneys). But notice that precious metals already buy less. Let's move on.

In 2013 (11/2/13) gold closed at $1,315.70 and silver at $27.38. The prices to acquire the metals were $1,644.63 for gold and $27.38 for silver. So the thousandth part is now $1.64 and silver buys of 16.70 of these units.

In 2014 (11/3/14) gold closed at $1,170.15 and silver at $16.12. Prices to acquire were $1,462.69 and $20.15 and so the monetary unit is now $1.46 and silver buys 13.80 of these units.

We are just three years down the road. The proposed money is actually tied (pegged) to precious metals so that as THEIR prices for these metals is determined in THEIR markets (since it is THEIRS from mines to mints and markets, NOT yours or mine), the actual money in exchange falls in purchasing power. $2.16 - $1.46 = $ .70 or the actual loss of purchasing power of said money by 32% That's pretty significant for such a short period of time.

Now we could have started our series from long before gold was priced as high as it is now and we'd have had a money that increased in purchasing power as gold rose in THEIR markets for it, and fell as THEIR markets depressed the prices for it. Regardless, THEIR money changes value and is therefore an unfit device for measuring all other value since it is not based on something that does not change relative to everything else.

Riegel's observation, also Kitson's before him, was that a unit of exchange that is truly fit to serve the purpose must represent something that does not change; a transaction at a distinct point in time. THAT Figure 1 basis would stand athwart all commodities as money whatever they may be. But the choice must be made with reference to capturing the largest possible piece of purchasing power as measured in THEIR money, including precious metals, which are also THEIR money.

That's what our proposal does. So for instance covering exactly the same time frame we used above, the proposed international standard value unit or Valun remained exactly where it began while purchasing the present value of that transaction changed in THEIR money. The Valun preserves purchasing power above and beyond all of THEIR money, by design.

It began at inception (11/2/11) at $2.16, but that $2.16 is not the same as $2.16 today. By design, that $2.16 is now $2.83 (11/29/16), capturing exactly the value of that 2011 $2.16 as a FIXED basis for valuing everything else. Prices due to inflation, where the money is never accounted as a commodity or subject to speculation, is rendered impossible. Yes, impossible. That means that where prices are high in Valuns it is entirely due to scarcity or demand exceeding supply, which is what prices would tell you in any money.

What happens when the original initial price of gold transaction is eclipsed? It goes up to a new price inception point and that new transaction continues as the basis for all Valuns. If the US dollar as a vehicle for acquiring gold ceases to be able to buy gold, as it was for quite some time, between 1933 and 1971, then we would be back in the pits of the Great Depression or perhaps something worse. We could still operate with a Valun standard based on whatever would be the largest possible quanta of purchasing power in THEIR money until THEIR system crashes.

If all THEIR markets are no more and gold trades for whatever it trades for, then we'd say that 1,000 of our Valuns would equal 1 oz of gold and some other moving factor would accomplish the same for silver. BUT as long as there exists ANY speculative market for these metals, their price is subject to manipulation and that is where the folly lies, in trusting to the whims and wills of these traders.

If there were none of these markets, perhaps we'd eventually revert to actual gold and silver coinage and paper notes for larger purchases; as dollars or euros or yen or yuan are ascribed to gold and silver bullion coins of today, well below their actual value accoring to THEIR markets.

The reason we do NOT accept ANY present notion of “gold backing” is because we already know a lot about gold, its markets, its mines, who actually controls it, etc. Same with diamonds. We want out from either THEIR credit or THEIR gold, the two ends of THEIR dialectic. The value does not ultimately reside in any THING, it resides in each of us. Each one of you out there has value in and of yourselves. Each one deserves the credit each community is willing to accord you. If you seek something more, there is a fresh start for many and a way to secure preservation of your wealth; we're speaking directly to all the John and Jane Galts out there. We need to organize and do something on our own.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#0: END OF USA Federal Reserve System is a Threat to Western Civilization

END OF USA Federal Reserve System is a Threat to Western Civilization

We post this as a news item.  It represents a certain informed view of our present situation.  The only problem is that the obvious answer is right here in this blog and they (all those who appear in this documentary) haven't a clue that actual value resides with US and not THEM.  The only thing they get right is the local advantage, which is natural and will ultimately succeed; that which goes up will come down.  Oh, of course an endless growth economy is DIRECTLY related to permission of usury in the way it is precisely defined on this blog; the demand back of that which was never created and only applicable to money and the lending of money everywhere.  There are alternatives to this kind of financing which eliminate this necessity.  The message concerning local communities is essential to the success of this proposal.

Near the end of this, they discuss capitalism.  We determined that there was a specific difference between capitalism and free enterprise (private enterprise).  Capitalism we maintain is the making of money on money without work.  Free or private enterprise is merely everyone's right to attempt to earn a living by whatever honest means.  We advocate free enterprise, not capitalism.  You can't do capitalism unless you are rich.  Those claiming they are capitalists have no idea and of course are rarely that rich.  Best.    

Thursday, November 17, 2016

#0: The War On Cash Goes Nuclear In India, Australia and Across The World

The War On Cash Goes Nuclear In India, Australia and Across The World 

We post this here as news.  We obviously see the benefit of CASH in a monetary system, not as the final and actual money which is all in accounts, but as the anonymous tokens (in common parlance, money) in one of those systems.  Bitcoin is suggested as a lifeboat.  We have established that Bitcoin and all the rest of the crypto-currencies are just more of THEIR money, since you or I didn't issue it.  The block chain technology is nifty, but the basis of the currency on an artificially scarce commodity makes it just another "buy and hold" investment vehicle and therefore not suitable as a STABLE and unchanging standard of value measurement.  If it can't even achieve that then frankly what good is it? 

Bitcoin for instance is recommended because it went up in price; it costs you more to use now then it did when it started.  That should immediately set off warning bells.  It's nothing more than just another one of their commodities open to speculation and profit by making money on money without work.  And forget mining, we're not buying it's actual work, sorry.  Most people work for a living and if they don't would want to.  We have only lately been conditioned to have the responses of entitled babies that some state with banker and corporate sponsorship can have their way with.  Yeah, get that visual and it will greatly help your perception of exactly what position we're in.  And they call that having a life.  Most can't get ahead and don't know why.  

They brought in those plastic cards and now everyone is being conditioned that that's money.  The beauty of cash was that at any time you knew right there how much you had and would limit your spending accordingly.  Then they bring in bitcoin as an alternative (their either or, both and, subterfuge) and people (sheeple) immediately jump to that as a solution. 

How can it be?  Is it yours, really?  Did you issue it?  No, you just use it, but it's THEIRS.  What happens when the lights go out or the internet comes down?  Oh, that will never happen.  Never? 

You have the "gold bugs" chasing after some tangible representation of value (even though its markets are controlled by THEM) and so assume that a solution (we've already tried this and it doesn't work) will be the money of last resort.  That may be.  We do advocate you start stacking gold and silver all the time as your real insurance.  It would be the only thing we'd take in trade for any of our money in THEIRS.  You bring in dollars or whatever into one of our exchanges, we give you the Valuns, either as V-Checks (cash) or credits to your account   We'd take THEIR money and buy gold and silver with it to make the trade.  Right now our proposed Valun is back up to $2.79 as it takes more gold or silver to buy our piece of purchasing power since the prices of precious metals, after a brief up period, have fallen down again.  Meanwhile prices in Valuns remain nearly constant over time and are meant to reflect real value and honest accounting for value that isn't affected by excessive government spending over taxation (the principal cause of price inflation) or any of their futures speculation markets.  We let them determine what their trade with us is, but we accept trade only on our terms; the trade is one way only and based on the present value of a piece of purchasing power at or near the last high price peak or plateau for gold.  If you want cash, side with us.  THEY think of the next racket, we want something capable of enduring for hundreds of years.  Best.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

#57.4: Perspective - Why I Did This

You don't have to read what I write. Those who know me personally can think what they like of me now. A few of you went to the same college a long time ago. Truth is, I never learned a thing until after I left college. I'd decided to go to college to try and learn something I could do besides just playing the piano.

Just playing the piano. Well, I do seem to be able to hear the music the way it is before I play it even when I'm improvising, but how do I do it? Courage! Fact is, I'm half blind, always was, always will be. Reading music was always hard. So anything I wanted to play in public I had to memorize. Later I developed cataracts and had operations and now can read music easier. So now I play more and memorize less. Terrible!

I never knew much, just thought I had to make up for it somehow, competition, etc. I'd perhaps have done better getting an engineering degree at a place like Georgia Tech. But I didn't know much. Before going to the college I ended up in, I'd tried to get into a school that had a broadcasting program, nope, maybe tutoring under an up and coming composer, nope. So I entered corporate America by the back door and spent about 25 years there.

I liked corporate America. They gave you a nice costume to wear, a nice office, reasonably technical work, ok friends, no pressure, nice and liberal in the usual sense of that word. Oh yeah and there were people of various races and both genders and nobody noticed. You get it? NOBODY NOTICED!

Well eventually things happened; my wife died and I had two kids to raise and so I moved to the country and ended up commuting to do work at a think tank for about 14 years. Yeah, a foundation, like the ones the Clintons started almost, except that it did more for its operators than was ever done for the Haitians. Oh yeah, the Clintons aren't racists and really care and everyone out of America is laughing when they're not raising their fists in anger.

I met some remarkable people, a few congressmen, a president (yeah, and my impression was that he was a puppet, not really in charge of anything) a senator or two, a few others mostly from intelligence, some military and some not, a few who were FBI, some of the best people I've ever met. I got to meet a Soviet dissident who spent many years rotting in a gulag from whom I get “understood?” and a British publicist with contacts right up to the gates of Buckingham Palace. I've met path finding medical practitioners, the best have a PhD and an MD. I've also known just as many ordinary people who were the best most well informed people imaginable, people who were not Hollywood stars but either worked for them or knew them, a few professors too, one from Georgetown who told me I was lucky to have escaped California, that San Francisco was full of phonies, that the only real talent is in Los Angeles and attached to the movie industry, which was one of his legal specialties, yeah he was a law professor.

Anyway, one of them, the British publicist, was really quite a mentor. He would have known who was really behind the stealing of children from resort places in Europe and elsewhere and where they go and who knows and pays for it.

You see, there was something else that crossed my path that I had to deal with; acquaintance with satanic child sexual abuse! The women who had formed a group to reveal it to the world asked me to be their president and the group went to congressional investigations where I debated with a man who later became governor of my state concerning the rights of children and most people in the room thought that I won. Am I an attorney? No. I was offered the chance to go to law school on three occasions but I turned them down because I was convinced that being a lawyer wouldn't help anybody since it's not a matter of law.

So here I am and I have said I'm a political agnostic because I have seen the inside of the system and it stinks. When we got organized about child sex abuse, my late wife and I got dressed to the nines and went to the HQ of NOW where the would be Democrat nominees for mayor were presented. One guy was so drunk he overturned his podium, another, the very dapper Jamaican man who later won, broke out in a sweat so bad he had to take out his hankie and wipe his brow as my wife grilled him about what he planned to do about the corrupt family courts, child selling and child sexual abuse. He knew about it, didn't he. They all did. Our group sent letters out to every big name Democrat pol you can name. Just for s+g we sent one to the White House which was occupied by the Reagans at the time. NO, we weren't Republicans. We didn't know any.

Well NONE of the Democrats answered. Then one morning after preparing a very shattered woman for going to court, I got a call from the White House. One thing led to another and we found out the facts: that there WAS all this going on, that there was NOTHING that could be done about it and that THEY (yeah Republicans) would help me and my family escape.

I find it OBNOXIOUS and I'm being kind to hear about any claims Democrats have that they really care about anybody but themselves. The Republicans are pretty clear that they care about nobody but themselves, so what's the difference? A lot of hypocrisy! You know what people? FUCK THEM! They don't even care to do anything about children being abused which is where everything else starts. Their ideas are so totalitarian that they wont work. So what's the solution? Certainly not law and politics.

My British publicist mentor knew all this and tons more, about how pedophilia runs all the way to the top, that it is used as blackmail, etc. The last meeting we had -knowing he was going to die within months, was to tell me to get everyone out there to start using some other money. We had to have our own money, not THEIRS. After five years, this blog is the result.

This proposal is serious. I'm serious. I've never been anything other than serious. I guess I can't help it. But we're in trouble and THEY can't help us. All over the world, everyone is going to need something else so that eventually we can say AWAY WITH YOU! We have our own and don't want or need yours! Perhaps then we may be free and happy and children will be loved and protected and people will flourish, and the earth will sing.

David Burton


Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[11/15/16: Q: You are I believe on record as advocating the elimination of non profit foundations and think tanks. You correctly identified them as tax shelters for those who want their influence on policy. But you worked for one for 14 years? Sam in Washington

A: I didn't know then what I do now, and my perspective changed due to new information about the existing system. I have had discussions recently based on a useful model from Stefan Molyneux to get people to identify with something perhaps a bit more socially tangible. It would be something like a natural democracy, a democracy without a ruling class, the recognition of dealing with each other peer to peer all over the world rather than through some imposed hierarchy. But as to your question, one thing I actually discovered by working in one of these institutions is that all this influence peddling is really wasted effort and almost always counter-productive. We are at the stage in the United States, where each state can sustain itself (even Wyoming and Montana) at the stage where the real genius of having 50 separate experiments of what liberty looks like can develop. Unlike in a model based on scarcity, if a model based on people is chosen (You and I have to decide to do something) and respects the limits to growth based on diminishing returns to scale, then we have a harmony that can be reached between our needs and the planet's capacity. We see no reason to back the spread of the same ways of dealing with daily life everywhere as if someone from on high knows. The choices will be made more and more at each local level based on the knowledge and experience that grows among the people in each local area.]

Monday, November 7, 2016

#103: An Updated Summary of the Proposal

Since we need to spread the word simply and clearly, we'll state the features of the proposal as simply as we can:

A: What is the basis of your money? 

Q: The proposed money is based on people rather than things. Money begins its life from its issue, when it is exchanged for something in a trade (when one buy's something with it) and travels around in trade in a community or market until it buys something that depreciates and thereafter that money is destroyed, never to return. That is the lifespan of money; it is born, it does its work in exchange for real goods and services, and then it dies, hence:

Money is not a static quantity but must be a renewable resource or economies (co-moneys) die.

We placed this statement apart as it is not only obvious, but this is where our economic understanding differs most radically from anything in standard academic economics: our understanding is more analogous to electrical theory. 

Our proposal is based on the extension of the Rights of Man; the right of everyman / everywoman to issue his/her own money as a literal extension of their individual will, resulting in a truly natural democratic order. I said a democratic order as it would be horizontal not vertical and without the organizational vertical, there is no need for representation or a republican form of anything, except in one place; each exchange would offer people to a rotating council that would be in charge of IVES, the service organization for all the independent exchanges. 

According to Riegel, any other money issuance is illegitimate and leads to ultimate economic failure, usually under terms of totalitarian tyranny, which also fails as a natural concept, since all centralized controlled, planned, etc. systems expect to run successfully against nature. As Riegel and others have noted, THEY prefer price inflation (largely to hold up the spurious value of their securities markets) so that over time THEIR money must lose its value no matter what fiscal or monetary policies are followed. Those policies after all are just more indications of the dubious but deliberate manipulation of THEIR system that it relies on such things to preserve its economy, co-money, intact. 

Want stable prices, enough money but never too much, money that is backed by the people's labour and split-bartered for available goods as all money has ever been used down through time? Then work to implement this Valun solution.

Q: Where does it all start? 

A: With each of you: with each one of us, word of mouth, eye to eye, grassroots, community to community. It begins with the formation of a business entity, perhaps called IVES, the International Valun (Value) Exchange Society. This business would be tasked with managing certain necessary internal bookkeeping tasks for all of its local exchange members, which would be something more than franchises, but less than wholly owned subsidiaries. In fact IVES would be the servant of all the member exchanges.
I recall inventing this image for IVES, It is a seal in the style of a rock, a stone with the engraved lettering IVES, representing the earth, the third rock from the sun, etc. Always to be printed in gray granite black and white. The IVES seal seemed to me at the time to show the basic idea that I wanted people to understand: our monetary system represents the ground, the rock, from which all things including ourselves spring forth.

But there's one thing I need everyone to understand; money has no meaning whatever unless it is exchanged with other people. It actually proves its power and usefulness only by how many people understand, accept and use it. In accomplishing split barter, its primary function, money enables us to save time and build wealth, which must provide an income, a livelihood. Money supports and helps sustain and build the cornerstones of society, beginning within each local community. Money is a tool separating the civilized from the savage, who have relied on whole barter since forever.

Particularly in these times, if you care about civilization or even the preservation of the planet itself, this is as important and serious an idea to consider and pursue as any material preparations you might be making for when times really get rough. If you want a future free of THEM (globalists, central bankers, elites), then you will need your own money, because money is literally the basis of any civilized human organization – and right now, our enemies have a monopoly over it and to that extent have unwarranted control over us.

The solution, the proposal presented here, is designed to beat any of THEIR brands of THEIR money at preserving purchasing power; it will retain its purchasing power over all others because its present value of a transaction at a stated time basis stands athwart their outdated and self-serving commodity basis for money (self serving in that THEY love to speculate on commodities as it makes THEM money on money without any actual work).

Q: What is the name of your unit of exchange: money? 

A: We used E. C. Riegel's name for it. It's called a Valun [VAL-un] – a value unit – although it could be called by other names as long as the same structure and rules were to apply.

Q: What is your money based on? 

A: A unit of purchasing power involving a transaction for 1 oz of gold on a specific date stated in any of THEIR money that can trade for gold divided into a thousand parts, the date identified as the Valun inception date. Each day, the present value of that transaction is calculated based on THEIR prices for gold (we also take silver and maybe later platinum in trade) and the result in THEIR other currencies represents the present fair trade value of a Valun in THEIR money. (On 11/7/16 V1 = $2.72. See the present value of a proposed Valun here.)

All exchanges of THEIR money for ours are one way trade as there is no point in trading out of the basic currency of the people, unless you intend perhaps some form of money laundering, which this completely eliminates.

Q:How does one participate in this proposed monetary system?

A: Each human being above the age of 18 in the United States (there may be more lenient rules in other countries) would be entitled to become an A member, an OWNER, in their community independent exchange or IE (which includes a percentage ownership in IVES). Each A member will pay the value of V1 per year as dues. Each A member must be recommended by two other A members (Technically: It takes an agreement among three people to start an IE, each recommended by the other two.) and be entitled to live where they reside: our domicile rule. 

Certain provisions will probably be made for the homeless; they will need to abide by the same rules, approval by two A members and a connection with the area in which they are homeless. This proposal is humanitarian at its roots, because it all comes forth from us not from THEM (globalists, central bankers, elites) and must be PRIVATE or it simply wont work. 

In order for anything to be worthwhile, it must be OWNED by the people that use it. That way, it gets better looked after, taken care of, runs better, etc. In fact the independent exchanges would become your spaces for gathering and discussing things relating to work, business, jobs, goods for sale, etc. Money is not just tokens, they're the visible part of an accounting machine and the offices in which these activities are centered will also feature ads for jobs and goods for sale in Valuns.

Will there be some internet presence? Probably. But most of us live in the actual brick and mortar world and want to make things, grow things, develop new services, new appliances, new ideas that otherwise would require THEIR money, etc. This proposal will only work if people really use it in their daily lives.

Q: Where are your offices?

A: Since this is intended to be a PRIVATE business, our premises will always be on PRIVATE property and access will be PRIVATE; NOT open to the general “off the street” public. Each local center will be called an exchange. The business of these exchanges will be the settlement of the accounts of its members; literally the movement of Valuns between accounts. Eventually, there may be smaller offices located in various places; Valun counters. These would carry on certain services, gather transaction traffic that will be processed at the main exchange office. 

Q: How will we spread news of this business? 

A: For now, word of mouth and eye to eye. Recall that money derives from “one eye” which was usually that of the potentate whose image was usually stamped in profile on THEIR coins; the “heads” side. Some of you can bring up and print out everything on this blog and spread it around. This is right now an “open source” idea and isn't likely ever to be otherwise.

Q: What do you stand for? 

A: The rights of individual (not collective) will, liberty and property (acquired by honest means) and the Bill of Rights from the US Constitution. I also support the Declaration of Independence as the founding document of the American republic. I prefer civilization to barbarism, refined culture to vulgar, quality to shoddy, rationality to anything else, truth to lies, SANITY to insanity and the wish to live a life in REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace as opposed to war, confusion, hostility, etc. and a final end to war and poverty.

Q: What do we get for joining? 

A: Each A member gets an account, an A member account. B member accounts are for businesses that join the exchange. Each account belongs to the members, not the exchange. The exchange does NOT lend money, nor is there anything like fractional reserves to worry about. There is no need for deposit insurance. All the Valuns in your accounts are yours. If you want to invest your money in a B member business or have any other reason to borrow money, you will have to contract for that with a member business set up to handle financial traffic. If any financial business fails, there is no cascading effect on the rest of the system.

Since usury, specifically defined as asking back from uncreated money as is practiced in THEIR system, is NOT allowed in ours, all the costs of borrowing money will have to be paid up front or in the case of purchases of capital goods, the lender would buy the asset at a lower price and sell it back to the borrower for more money over a longer series of installment payments covered by a Credit Contract as described on this blog. Either of these methods removes the onus of usury from the system. Lenders of Valuns will of course need to have those Valuns from their credit contractors, since they will not be able to issue Valuns from STOLEN fiat (credit) as is done in THEIR system.

Oh and of course, everyone gets 200 Valuns (V200) to start. That's the “you're at GO, collect V200” which sets up a basic pool of purchasing power among the members, again from an electrical analogy, the spark to set the machine in motion. A monetary system is nothing more than an accounting machine with its cash tokens as the observable part of its functioning.

All members A or B get a checkbook. We encourage the use of the proposed cash V-Checks to be used (with B member ads on the reverse sides, so they would function as legitimate advertising), but each member also would get a checkbook. A check requisitioning V-Checks is made out to cash, the Valuns are moved from the member account to the V-Check account associated with specific V-Checks; like traveler's checks. No transaction fee is charged. If the V-Check is not cashed in or recovered, it can be traced back to the member that acquired it to determine what happened to it, etc.

Some V-Checks might be acquired by a member knowing they will expire in six months, but knowing also that they can get replacements for them in newer V-Checks at any time in the future, and may nevertheless stash them in a drawer and might forget them. Each exchange will have as its principal service the making good of any legitimate V-Check presented to them, either by deposit or replacement. Depositing V-Checks into another account, not your own, results in a transaction fee payable by the depositor. An expired V-Check can be exchanged for another updated V-Check without transaction fee; the records for the expired V-Check are removed from the system – the Valuns are now associated with the new V-Check and so on until the V-Check is deposited. A monetary system is all about accounting and the transactions among accounts. 

Q: What would you do if someone brought in cash in some other money to exchange for Valuns? 

A: Since all of that money belongs to someone else, we can't hold it on account; THEIR money is the “notes” or debt instruments of THEIR system. We would also not likely take too much of THEIR money at one time, probably each exchange would set a limit of transfers per month per member because it is THEIR money and THEY are always looking to tax it away and we don't want to get ourselves involved with any of that until it is obviously the only way for some people to survive with their wealth intact. These are the intended financial lifeboats, THEIRS is the Titanic and it is going down.

We would take THEIR money and immediately buy gold and or silver bullion with it (the only brand of THEIR money we can at this time hold) and that would go into the vaults of the exchange and be owned by the members of the exchange. In the case of all transfers of this kind, Valuns are exchanged for THEIR money and spring into existence. These are “backed” by the precious metals we buy, BUT there is no commodity association about it; each Valun takes the silver or gold to buy it that we say it takes, not THEM based on the present value of our initial transaction.

Remember, we take the present value of an inception transaction: the purchasing value of our money stays right where it started, while THEIRS moves below ours (Valuns always at premium to THEIRS, never at discount) to be determined as THEIR markets trade every day. Our yardstick of value measurement remains static while theirs are all inflating. Want stable prices? Stick with Valuns: prices stated in Valuns are far less likely to change due to anything but actual costs and supply and demand. For once in your life, you'll have better than gold; a fixed yardstick standard of value to measure everything else reliably without the usual causes of inflation.

Q: Since your transaction basis involves a piece of purchasing power, how did you choose it? 

A: Since our transaction involves gold, I chose a transaction at a time close to the recent top in prices for gold in US dollars on a date that would be easy to remember; 11/2/2011, we've just passed the fifth year in our experiment. That's a big piece of purchasing power as represented by today's value: we began at $2.16 and now the equivalent $2.69 (11/1/16), still 24% above inception. But Valuns are not intended to be some kind of “buy and hold” investment, like bitcoin for instance. The Valun is intended to be used as money; spent and earned in a working economy (co-money) and Valuns will die the same way in any economy, in depreciation.

Q: What happens when the price of gold exceeds your inception transaction? 

A: When that happens, a new inception date is accepted by IVES and all extant Valuns will rise as long as gold is actually attainable in US dollars. If any other of THEIR currencies survives the collapse of the US dollar, perhaps it will be used instead of US dollars; whatever is practical. When it isn't, we revert to whole barter and 1 oz of gold gets V1,000 and an oz of silver perhaps V20. By that time, as we would say, the lifeboats would have been mostly sunk or unavailable. Whatever happens, the Valun gets harder and heavier with each new inception and beats inflation in any of THEIR money.

Q: How does one earn Valuns? 

A: Anyone with a job can conceivably earn Valuns as they earn pay in their “public” money running parallel Labour Contracts (LC's) as described elsewhere on this blog. The limit would be based on income taxes in THEIR money at the end of any tax period, because like it or not, THEY want a piece of you no matter in what money you earn it. You accept the fact of THEIR ability to impose FORCE on you as THEY determine whatever the law is. That's being realistic. Law is FORCE, so you pay your taxes in THEIR money. You are paid based on these LC's that run for the same time you are being paid in THEIR money, a parallel system.

Q: How are Valuns issued? 

A: Three ways: 

1) We discussed the exchange for any of THEIR money. 

2) Probably 90% or more of the money will be issued and “backed” by work done by the members as carried out under LCs. 

3) The rest, for our indigent or homeless members will be what we described as “natural socialism.” Anyone living on a pension of any kind may be qualified to issue Valuns. These would be the only source of unbacked money in the system; Riegel called them the “red inkers.” 

We predict that since we would be PRIVATE and therefore the wealth that we would establish in Valuns would grow forth from us, trickle up economics, the numbers of people who would be allowed to issue Valuns this way would gradually diminish and eventually no one would be poor.

Q: How will you end war?

A: War cannot be ended until the means for making war becomes too expensive and that means that THEIR money system must crash and NOT be replaced but repudiated by the world at large, because we'll have ours and none of us want to spend our money for war. Where then would any source of money come from except from us and we would then be hesitant to proffer very much of our money for any government that promised us protection with too many strings. I said I stand for the Bill of Rights from the US Constitution and that includes the right to protect yourself, your will, your liberties, your property and your loved ones. War will end when it no longer pays.

Q: How will you end poverty? 

A: Perhaps having your own money is not enough to end poverty overnight, but eventually it will be the difference. The allowances for “natural socialism” each community exchange makes are amazingly low compared with what the biggest governments spend for THEIR military or education aparat for that matter. Besides which, as we explained, the poor must spend everything they have and anything excess in an economy tends to gravitate to the most productive. That's just what will happen in our system. A man with a job and a poor man sit side by side in a diner that takes Valuns and when V-Checks are proffered, each will pay what's required without regard to how rich or poor they are. Each will know that they issued the money they spent or acquired it in their own business. If you spend it, you are of course willing to take it back in return. That's how money works.

Q: Who or what are forbidden entry into your system? 

A: The so called “public” corporations and governments are at this time forbidden to join as members of our business. We pay our taxes from the proceeds of the gold and silver we acquire in trade for Valuns. Likewise the money we take in as membership dues goes into a regular (one of THEIRS) bank account and that account belongs to the members of each exchange. From that regular bank account (for the time being), whatever is required to set up a system based on laptops and thumb drives and at the center a larger computer to print the records etc. is obtained. Records of this account would be available for any member to see.

Q: How many people would it take to make the system profitable? 

A: We'll start with how each exchange makes its money; transaction fees. Riegel's suggestion will be the standard we begin with; one tenth of one percent of a transaction (V.001 of V1), for moving Valuns from one account to another. 

After some consideration, for V-Checks, you don't pay a transaction fee for acquiring them, but you would for depositing them into an account. If you bring in valid expired V-Checks and get updated V-Checks in exchange, there is no transaction fee. We want to encourage the use of V-Checks.

Exchange profitability in Valuns is all that counts, the expenses in “public” currencies, like US dollars, are in the dues accounting and the exchanges of THEIR money for ours stored as precious metals. All those are sources of income to the exchange as a business and must be accounted for taxes. At the end of each taxing period the exchange pays its taxes from a combination of dues and sale of precious metals. The intent is to keep the taxable income and assets of each exchange very low. Exchange offices and any extant Valun counters that emerge may decide to operate on “bankers' hours” which were from 9 AM to 3 PM. This would give office staff the extra time off hours to deal with the business of each day.

If it takes V .001 to move V1, 
then it takes V1 to move V1,000 and 
V10 to move V10,000 and 
V100 to move V100,000. 

That's about the cheapest price to move money through an accounting system that I know of. But we'll have to see if it provides enough to maintain an exchange. Riegel recommended this as a start and if necessary, we could raise the transaction fee structure. However that may be, we the members/OWNERS will decide based on actual records rather than by some arbitrary decision as is usually the case in THEIR system.

Now let's consider people. 1,000 members get V200 to start which makes V200,000 which at $2.69 (11/1/16) = $538,000 in purchasing power and it starts from there. Most communities will probably have little trouble enrolling 1,000 A members, but that's not enough for a very deep local economy. B member businesses have employees that are A members. That way they buy part of their present jobs with LCs and they issue Valuns before they get paid in them as described elsewhere in other papers on self financing of labour. In future people will decide who they prefer to work for and talent will seek its expression wherever the need arises.

The social result of such a monetary system would be to remove the excess pressure on the state that perhaps THEY (globalists, central bankers, elites) might have wished and return it to each one of us. We will self finance our own labour and in process begin to build our own economy (co-money) using our own money, the international standard Value Unit or Valun. 

Q: What do we need to begin?

A: A survey of your communities with the potential numbers of likely OWNERS and the number of businesses, especially any family owned businesses, which would be likely B member subscribers. Oh, one more thing: each A member pays a V1 dues per year and are OWNERS, but businesses pay nothing to join as long as some or all of their employees are also A members.

B members would be privileged to purchase advertising through each local exchange, payable in THEIR money for now, and their advertising designs would be featured on the reverse sides of our V-Checks.

The V-Check (return of the traveler's check) is specifically designed to be impossible and not worth counterfeiting, since there will be so many designs and they will presumably change with the seasons on a far more plausible production on demand, almost a “just in time” process that stays well within the diminishing efficiency to scale of print runs, so that we can keep our quality up and our costs down. The first runs would be of the V1/2, V1, V2, V5 and V10. The present comparable price points (11/7/16) would be would be at $1.36, $2.72, $5.44, $13.91 and $27.22. Of course since all members will also have individual checkbooks, these can be made out for any number of Valuns down to the smallest named subdivision of a Valun; each Valun is divided into 100 cends, cendos, fen, etc.; the smallest part.

These represent the latest overall description of the proposal to date.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[11/8/16: Q: You mentioned something about ledgers, about the proposal having only one ledger? What are the advantages of this? How can you bring about coordination and settlement?

A: The proposed single ledger for the proposed monetary system is to be a fully running accounting engine, always in motion, so the best we will be able to do is to take snapshots at the last day of business by the month, quarter, half and yearly as is done in any other accounting system. We'd need to assess each exchange's earnings in transaction fees, for tax purposes anyway.

But each exchange has part of the entire ledger that would extend out all over the world to all exchanges. What this does is allow those who would do harm to be detected and thrown out of our system, after all, it will be PRIVATE so we get to decide who stays and who goes and for how long, probably not forever, but we do not want to sponsor any scams, get rich quick schemes, racketeering (not offering anything of value in a trade but taking money for it anyway – stealing), gambling, gaming, etc. A member who moves his A membership account a lot is suspicious. One can do it and the procedures for doing it will be worked out by IVES. The reasons for moving their A membership account may be perfectly legitimate, perhaps they just haven't found their place yet, but there may be other activities they are engaged in that would bring down the reputation of the Valun exchange network (VEN) community. There are intangible things that are of value. We identified these as goodwill. If any of our businesses loses goodwill they soon lose any tangible value they might have possessed as going concern businesses.]

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#102: About the US Constitution

It is long past time for every American to get a very clear idea about exactly what the US Constitution is and what happened under it and where we are now. This is not going to be an exhaustive survey by any means. All we're going to present is an objective perspective and relate it to the proposal as it is presented in this blog. But first a few statements concerning law and customs.

Frédéric Bastiat said that law is FORCE; a true natural law cannot be defied without consequences. That applies to anything under the purview of philosophy, achievable through application of the Trivium; grammar, logic and rhetoric, arriving at what are usually ascertained to be explicit laws that often have associated with them systems of measurement for scientific and technological purposes. Included in these natural laws are laws regarding the means of exchange; money and whatever “economy” co-money develops. Chief among these laws is that the cheaper the tokens of exchange are, the more likely they are to circulate and perform the split barter function of money; “bad money drives out good” or Gresham's Law.

Since you can't beat Gresham's Law, the cheapest form a money token can take is something made out of durable paper; what Gresham called disparagingly “bad” money. In fact at some point, if monetary tokens are too expensive to use, they wont be used as money.

As for price inflation, as we all think we know, the more money circulates drives up prices and the chief source of extra or excess money is “unbacked” money; money that came into existence without representing anything. These days the first right to spend money has been given away to states. They get to borrow it, spend it, tax it back and only that which the government has taxed back is in fact “backed” money, all the rest is unbacked.

The purpose of backing money is to associate it directly with a barter transaction. If you work for money that you issue yourself as described in this blog's proposal, then all that money represents the work you did and is used in exchange for the things you decide to trade your work for in goods and services for your livelihood. All money issued by you through our proposed labour contracts is hence “backed” directly by your labour.

Government issued money is all borrowed into existence through the selling of bonds; credit contracts. Interest above and beyond what was borrowed, from uncreated money, is the first, most senior, debt of the government and is paid back directly through taxes, especially income taxes.

But the reason why most STOLEN fiat money fails (THEY have stolen your will by doing this) is that more enters the market than there are available assets to purchase. It's like being flooded with money or the force of the shock (to use the electrical analogy) actually kills the economy which co-money actually dies in disintegration. What does everyone revert to when that happens? Whole barter. Is that better? Ask the people in Venezuela right now. As we've said many times, the failure of a money system results in what for many are lives which are “nasty, brutish and short;” an end of civilization.

Now the legal document called the US Constitution was drawn up and presented for debate among a select delegation held in a secreted place away from earshot and under armed guard. This was an important agreement and as most of these are done in secret so that they can be done above the general outcry of the common public, who most political leaders look down upon as a wolf does upon a field of sheep, there is nothing obviously amiss here. Once agreed upon, this document was presented to the 13 existing state legislatures for ratification. None of them would have ratified the document into law without the first ten amendments to that document known in common parlance as the Bill of Rights. THAT part of the document was OURS, the rest was THEIRS.

This agreement established an interstate supreme government to supersede the powers of those states, and it was an agreement between the people though their states and who? THAT is the question, folks

Before we're through you will know that the “continental” paper money issued by direct fiat of the revolutionary American government, bad as a solution as it was, nevertheless was deliberately destroyed by mass counterfeiting by the British (NOT government spending at this point in time, because the said government didn't have that power). The British, specifically the Bank of England, deliberately counterfeited any competing currencies, and we should never let them forget this either, as they later went after the French revolutionary fiat currency in the same way, though that money was actually “backed” by the estates and lands of the Church and some royals. The heart of the central banking system has always been Britain. Read Quigley's Tragedy and Hope and get familiar with it. THEY invent things so that THEY can rule the world. It isn't about you or me. We're mere pawns in THEIR game, “the masses,” mere flies that go by. We will Never get free of them until we have our own money and are willing to defend it against THEIRS. Well, what does our proposal include? That everyone using it is an OWNER not just “the masses.” Are you getting it? So what of this great national agreement?

The agreement describes a central government with its own plot of land (the Bank of England did the same thing for the City of London) and says that all debts are to settled in silver and gold. WHY? Because silver and gold are THEIR oldest brands of money!!! THAT should set all you Constitutionalists squarely on your heads! It has never been your money, stupid! But I'm not finished.

THEIR side of the agreement is the Constitution without the Bill of Rights. That was the part we were supposed to agree to. What was the part that we wanted THEM to agree to? The Bill of Rights of course. Now ask yourself just how well that has worked out. Has any government under this document EVER fully kept the terms specified in the Bill of Rights? NO! THEY have broken THEIR part of the bargain which was that the central government would only live within the bounds set by those first ten amendments. So it hasn't and it wont because right from the beginning the forces overseas wanted to use that government to enrich themselves and they couldn't do that unless said government could borrow money, THEIR money of course. So who are they behind the curtains who made this deal with the citizens of the new republic? A perpetual debt instrument in exchange for having nothing but THEIR money used as settlement for all debts. Is all that now VERY clear?

We have likewise been presented with some cases which have resulted in the BREAKING of this national agreement. When we forbade that anyone under the Crown could serve in said government, the British went to war against us. That was back in 1812. But there are some researchers who contend that the Constitution was effectively broken before that time. Regardless, it was definitely broken by the secession of the Southern states in 1861 and thereafter we have definitely been living under an illusion. A broken contract is still a broken contract. 

Now there are some who have researched the 14th amendment and are aware that this one was FORCED upon the broken republic after the “Civil” war by who? Who do you think?

Then what of 1871? That's a big subject all by itself. What in fact of the 16th and 17th amendments? We believe they are bogus; that they never were ratified under the terms of the original Constitution, which was broken anyway.

But how did we begin this? By stating that all law is FORCE and therefore whatever the FORCE says the law is, is what the law is. We therefore do not advocate avoiding taxes in THEIR money of course. But we do recommend that, from now on, everyone who advocates “a return to the Constitution” and by that include a gold standard for a government issued money, understand from whom that idea comes; from foreign bankers!

So the Bill of Rights (those first 10 amendments) is OURS as is the Declaration of Independence. THOSE are the fundamental documents of the American republic and they say nothing about money. The first amendment includes the right to contract as an extension of an individual's will. If you have no will of your own, then you must be someone's slave. The fiat to issue money is YOURS as an extension of your will and comes as an inalienable right; you can't sell it or give it to anyone else without the result inevitably becoming bogus. No matter what the rest of the BROKEN BY THEM Constitution has to say about it as regards debts to THEM, which must be paid back to THEM in THEIR money which is gold and silver, any other contract specifying in what one's choice to be paid in is by YOUR will, not THEIRS; YOUR business, not THEIRS. Money lenders can be satisfied by paying them their costs to lend money up front, NOT from uncreated money and of course every lender must have the money to lend in the first place, they cannot create it out of nothing. This eliminates bubbles!

The result is that we will have a PRIVATE monetary system which would achieve the objectives of the Bill of Rights without recourse to the rest of the Constitution. Some are so radical that they believe making some statements before THEIR (globalist, central banker, elites) law courts and gaining some outsider status, that they are really free. That cannot happen until all governments must rely on direct subscription from their willing citizens and payment is made in OUR money. Meanwhile, the banker class which has the money, THEIR money, continue with their attempt to take over the world and subject the rest of us to THEIR tyranny through taxation. THEY want world government. Worldwide mind control. Understood? 

Anything THEY tell you is the opposite of what you think they mean. That includes anything to do with the US Constitution, because YOU did not know that that document was only an agreement between a government and a bank that demanded payment in THEIR money, gold and silver and all that was and is OURS is those first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, that we insisted they adhere to. Did they? Of course not. What did we get? PERPETUAL NATIONAL DEBT! Want to make a bet that most people when they WAKE UP will NOT stand for it much longer? Nature will take its course, but meanwhile we most certainly must begin taking our own courses. Start more conversations about this proposal, especially with those who assume things about the Constitution which should be turned upside down to be seen properly, etc. Any worthwhile and not anonymous questions will be answered.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Uni

Oh, and while you're at it, have a listen to this.


As some of us consider this true, the US Constitution was effectively broken in 1861 and the revival even by signing the agreements which brought the Southern states back into the Union was not done according to the original document. The Bill of Rights which was the part of the agreement that was THEIRS to keep has been consistently broken. I'll tell you what WILL happen, people. The oldest constituted element in the nation is the army. Ultimately if they will not stand for it, no one will. The army, the militias, those that constitute the national guard and the state police aparat, they will determine what or who will continue and constitute law whatever Constitution there be until a final, fair and thorough audit of all amendments past the 10th is committed to by select and interested parties in all states. We want the original 13th amendment back, we want the 14th stricken, also the 16th and 17th. The Senate was never intended by the founders to be the plaything of the elites to put their celebrities in there, it was meant to be a body of citizen representatives appointed by each state to represent the best that each state could provide. Yes, there will be changes in this country. Why not decide to side with continuing civilization and doing your part to end war, poverty and be able to change course and save the planet?  We need our own money.  It's how we survive and keep civilization going when THEY finally fail.]