Thursday, November 17, 2016

#0: The War On Cash Goes Nuclear In India, Australia and Across The World

The War On Cash Goes Nuclear In India, Australia and Across The World 

We post this here as news.  We obviously see the benefit of CASH in a monetary system, not as the final and actual money which is all in accounts, but as the anonymous tokens (in common parlance, money) in one of those systems.  Bitcoin is suggested as a lifeboat.  We have established that Bitcoin and all the rest of the crypto-currencies are just more of THEIR money, since you or I didn't issue it.  The block chain technology is nifty, but the basis of the currency on an artificially scarce commodity makes it just another "buy and hold" investment vehicle and therefore not suitable as a STABLE and unchanging standard of value measurement.  If it can't even achieve that then frankly what good is it? 

Bitcoin for instance is recommended because it went up in price; it costs you more to use now then it did when it started.  That should immediately set off warning bells.  It's nothing more than just another one of their commodities open to speculation and profit by making money on money without work.  And forget mining, we're not buying it's actual work, sorry.  Most people work for a living and if they don't would want to.  We have only lately been conditioned to have the responses of entitled babies that some state with banker and corporate sponsorship can have their way with.  Yeah, get that visual and it will greatly help your perception of exactly what position we're in.  And they call that having a life.  Most can't get ahead and don't know why.  

They brought in those plastic cards and now everyone is being conditioned that that's money.  The beauty of cash was that at any time you knew right there how much you had and would limit your spending accordingly.  Then they bring in bitcoin as an alternative (their either or, both and, subterfuge) and people (sheeple) immediately jump to that as a solution. 

How can it be?  Is it yours, really?  Did you issue it?  No, you just use it, but it's THEIRS.  What happens when the lights go out or the internet comes down?  Oh, that will never happen.  Never? 

You have the "gold bugs" chasing after some tangible representation of value (even though its markets are controlled by THEM) and so assume that a solution (we've already tried this and it doesn't work) will be the money of last resort.  That may be.  We do advocate you start stacking gold and silver all the time as your real insurance.  It would be the only thing we'd take in trade for any of our money in THEIRS.  You bring in dollars or whatever into one of our exchanges, we give you the Valuns, either as V-Checks (cash) or credits to your account   We'd take THEIR money and buy gold and silver with it to make the trade.  Right now our proposed Valun is back up to $2.79 as it takes more gold or silver to buy our piece of purchasing power since the prices of precious metals, after a brief up period, have fallen down again.  Meanwhile prices in Valuns remain nearly constant over time and are meant to reflect real value and honest accounting for value that isn't affected by excessive government spending over taxation (the principal cause of price inflation) or any of their futures speculation markets.  We let them determine what their trade with us is, but we accept trade only on our terms; the trade is one way only and based on the present value of a piece of purchasing power at or near the last high price peak or plateau for gold.  If you want cash, side with us.  THEY think of the next racket, we want something capable of enduring for hundreds of years.  Best.

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