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#102: About the US Constitution

It is long past time for every American to get a very clear idea about exactly what the US Constitution is and what happened under it and where we are now. This is not going to be an exhaustive survey by any means. All we're going to present is an objective perspective and relate it to the proposal as it is presented in this blog. But first a few statements concerning law and customs.

Frédéric Bastiat said that law is FORCE; a true natural law cannot be defied without consequences. That applies to anything under the purview of philosophy, achievable through application of the Trivium; grammar, logic and rhetoric, arriving at what are usually ascertained to be explicit laws that often have associated with them systems of measurement for scientific and technological purposes. Included in these natural laws are laws regarding the means of exchange; money and whatever “economy” co-money develops. Chief among these laws is that the cheaper the tokens of exchange are, the more likely they are to circulate and perform the split barter function of money; “bad money drives out good” or Gresham's Law.

Since you can't beat Gresham's Law, the cheapest form a money token can take is something made out of durable paper; what Gresham called disparagingly “bad” money. In fact at some point, if monetary tokens are too expensive to use, they wont be used as money.

As for price inflation, as we all think we know, the more money circulates drives up prices and the chief source of extra or excess money is “unbacked” money; money that came into existence without representing anything. These days the first right to spend money has been given away to states. They get to borrow it, spend it, tax it back and only that which the government has taxed back is in fact “backed” money, all the rest is unbacked.

The purpose of backing money is to associate it directly with a barter transaction. If you work for money that you issue yourself as described in this blog's proposal, then all that money represents the work you did and is used in exchange for the things you decide to trade your work for in goods and services for your livelihood. All money issued by you through our proposed labour contracts is hence “backed” directly by your labour.

Government issued money is all borrowed into existence through the selling of bonds; credit contracts. Interest above and beyond what was borrowed, from uncreated money, is the first, most senior, debt of the government and is paid back directly through taxes, especially income taxes.

But the reason why most STOLEN fiat money fails (THEY have stolen your will by doing this) is that more enters the market than there are available assets to purchase. It's like being flooded with money or the force of the shock (to use the electrical analogy) actually kills the economy which co-money actually dies in disintegration. What does everyone revert to when that happens? Whole barter. Is that better? Ask the people in Venezuela right now. As we've said many times, the failure of a money system results in what for many are lives which are “nasty, brutish and short;” an end of civilization.

Now the legal document called the US Constitution was drawn up and presented for debate among a select delegation held in a secreted place away from earshot and under armed guard. This was an important agreement and as most of these are done in secret so that they can be done above the general outcry of the common public, who most political leaders look down upon as a wolf does upon a field of sheep, there is nothing obviously amiss here. Once agreed upon, this document was presented to the 13 existing state legislatures for ratification. None of them would have ratified the document into law without the first ten amendments to that document known in common parlance as the Bill of Rights. THAT part of the document was OURS, the rest was THEIRS.

This agreement established an interstate supreme government to supersede the powers of those states, and it was an agreement between the people though their states and who? THAT is the question, folks

Before we're through you will know that the “continental” paper money issued by direct fiat of the revolutionary American government, bad as a solution as it was, nevertheless was deliberately destroyed by mass counterfeiting by the British (NOT government spending at this point in time, because the said government didn't have that power). The British, specifically the Bank of England, deliberately counterfeited any competing currencies, and we should never let them forget this either, as they later went after the French revolutionary fiat currency in the same way, though that money was actually “backed” by the estates and lands of the Church and some royals. The heart of the central banking system has always been Britain. Read Quigley's Tragedy and Hope and get familiar with it. THEY invent things so that THEY can rule the world. It isn't about you or me. We're mere pawns in THEIR game, “the masses,” mere flies that go by. We will Never get free of them until we have our own money and are willing to defend it against THEIRS. Well, what does our proposal include? That everyone using it is an OWNER not just “the masses.” Are you getting it? So what of this great national agreement?

The agreement describes a central government with its own plot of land (the Bank of England did the same thing for the City of London) and says that all debts are to settled in silver and gold. WHY? Because silver and gold are THEIR oldest brands of money!!! THAT should set all you Constitutionalists squarely on your heads! It has never been your money, stupid! But I'm not finished.

THEIR side of the agreement is the Constitution without the Bill of Rights. That was the part we were supposed to agree to. What was the part that we wanted THEM to agree to? The Bill of Rights of course. Now ask yourself just how well that has worked out. Has any government under this document EVER fully kept the terms specified in the Bill of Rights? NO! THEY have broken THEIR part of the bargain which was that the central government would only live within the bounds set by those first ten amendments. So it hasn't and it wont because right from the beginning the forces overseas wanted to use that government to enrich themselves and they couldn't do that unless said government could borrow money, THEIR money of course. So who are they behind the curtains who made this deal with the citizens of the new republic? A perpetual debt instrument in exchange for having nothing but THEIR money used as settlement for all debts. Is all that now VERY clear?

We have likewise been presented with some cases which have resulted in the BREAKING of this national agreement. When we forbade that anyone under the Crown could serve in said government, the British went to war against us. That was back in 1812. But there are some researchers who contend that the Constitution was effectively broken before that time. Regardless, it was definitely broken by the secession of the Southern states in 1861 and thereafter we have definitely been living under an illusion. A broken contract is still a broken contract. 

Now there are some who have researched the 14th amendment and are aware that this one was FORCED upon the broken republic after the “Civil” war by who? Who do you think?

Then what of 1871? That's a big subject all by itself. What in fact of the 16th and 17th amendments? We believe they are bogus; that they never were ratified under the terms of the original Constitution, which was broken anyway.

But how did we begin this? By stating that all law is FORCE and therefore whatever the FORCE says the law is, is what the law is. We therefore do not advocate avoiding taxes in THEIR money of course. But we do recommend that, from now on, everyone who advocates “a return to the Constitution” and by that include a gold standard for a government issued money, understand from whom that idea comes; from foreign bankers!

So the Bill of Rights (those first 10 amendments) is OURS as is the Declaration of Independence. THOSE are the fundamental documents of the American republic and they say nothing about money. The first amendment includes the right to contract as an extension of an individual's will. If you have no will of your own, then you must be someone's slave. The fiat to issue money is YOURS as an extension of your will and comes as an inalienable right; you can't sell it or give it to anyone else without the result inevitably becoming bogus. No matter what the rest of the BROKEN BY THEM Constitution has to say about it as regards debts to THEM, which must be paid back to THEM in THEIR money which is gold and silver, any other contract specifying in what one's choice to be paid in is by YOUR will, not THEIRS; YOUR business, not THEIRS. Money lenders can be satisfied by paying them their costs to lend money up front, NOT from uncreated money and of course every lender must have the money to lend in the first place, they cannot create it out of nothing. This eliminates bubbles!

The result is that we will have a PRIVATE monetary system which would achieve the objectives of the Bill of Rights without recourse to the rest of the Constitution. Some are so radical that they believe making some statements before THEIR (globalist, central banker, elites) law courts and gaining some outsider status, that they are really free. That cannot happen until all governments must rely on direct subscription from their willing citizens and payment is made in OUR money. Meanwhile, the banker class which has the money, THEIR money, continue with their attempt to take over the world and subject the rest of us to THEIR tyranny through taxation. THEY want world government. Worldwide mind control. Understood? 

Anything THEY tell you is the opposite of what you think they mean. That includes anything to do with the US Constitution, because YOU did not know that that document was only an agreement between a government and a bank that demanded payment in THEIR money, gold and silver and all that was and is OURS is those first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, that we insisted they adhere to. Did they? Of course not. What did we get? PERPETUAL NATIONAL DEBT! Want to make a bet that most people when they WAKE UP will NOT stand for it much longer? Nature will take its course, but meanwhile we most certainly must begin taking our own courses. Start more conversations about this proposal, especially with those who assume things about the Constitution which should be turned upside down to be seen properly, etc. Any worthwhile and not anonymous questions will be answered.

David Burton

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Oh, and while you're at it, have a listen to this.


As some of us consider this true, the US Constitution was effectively broken in 1861 and the revival even by signing the agreements which brought the Southern states back into the Union was not done according to the original document. The Bill of Rights which was the part of the agreement that was THEIRS to keep has been consistently broken. I'll tell you what WILL happen, people. The oldest constituted element in the nation is the army. Ultimately if they will not stand for it, no one will. The army, the militias, those that constitute the national guard and the state police aparat, they will determine what or who will continue and constitute law whatever Constitution there be until a final, fair and thorough audit of all amendments past the 10th is committed to by select and interested parties in all states. We want the original 13th amendment back, we want the 14th stricken, also the 16th and 17th. The Senate was never intended by the founders to be the plaything of the elites to put their celebrities in there, it was meant to be a body of citizen representatives appointed by each state to represent the best that each state could provide. Yes, there will be changes in this country. Why not decide to side with continuing civilization and doing your part to end war, poverty and be able to change course and save the planet?  We need our own money.  It's how we survive and keep civilization going when THEY finally fail.]

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