Friday, October 28, 2016

#101: Implicit Bias

We have been hearing this term used lately, usually as a political weapon to trigger various unthinking emotional responses for deliberate (on purpose) political purposes, apparently with little regard for truth or the consequences, because the first consideration for any government is to remain in power.

Unlike explicit bias (which reflects the attitudes or beliefs that one endorses at a conscious level), implicit bias is the bias in judgment and/or behavior that results from subtle cognitive processes (e.g., implicit attitudes and implicit stereotypes) that often operate at a level below conscious awareness and without intentional control. The underlying implicit attitudes and stereotypes responsible for implicit bias are those beliefs or simple associations that a person makes between an object and its evaluation that “...are automatically activated by the mere presence (actual or symbolic) of the attitude object” (Dovidio, Gaertner, Kawakami, & Hudson, 2002, p. 94; also Banaji & Heiphetz, 2010).

So anyway, with this as a point of departure, just what are the implicit biases of this blog? What of how those affect this blog's money proposal? (I suppose I could have called it a monetary proposal instead, so if it matters to anyone, it's the same thing, OK? We're talking about money, the possibility of YOUR own money, not THEIRS).

Yes we have a few biases. They aren't that implicit though, things like forbidding lending what you don't have to lend is a good example. But here's one big implicit bias: respect that every human being has the right to be a participant in the societies they naturally choose to form with other human beings and that especially includes those by nature, by kind, by family, by culture, by religion, by race and by nation as it is ever conceived: self determination from the individual right on up through all his/her natural groups is an implied bias. This emphatically implies that we wish to respect and recognize differences rather than strive for sameness across all possible social and political projections and interactions. Notice please, we didn't mention, nor do we wish to involve, as Riegel naively did, any participation by any state. This effort must be PRIVATE or it simply will not work. It is part of the relinquishment of the reliance on any nanny state and taking on responsibility for oneself, one's fellows, one's community, one's nation, etc. Rejection of any argument by authority alone is an important step forward toward discovering the truth and beginning to live one's life accordingly. That also relates to the inner track 

We accept and celebrate any and all diversities and differences among us, but in all our dealings with each other, we all recognize SANITY and its opposite, and we don't need anyone special to tell us the difference, and most importantly, we all strive to live with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. By never intending to do violence to anyone, we do not invite it upon ourselves: the golden rule.

So, we do not try to be all the same, because we are not all the same and would not be happy being all the same. We consider this the basic understanding of liberty, freedom, independence, self determination, the right to live life as one can and will by one's own efforts, nearly synonymous with the proclamations made by Thomas Paine and associated as the base of self esteem and self worth – the basis of innate wealth, which must of course provide an income. We call this free enterprise or more precisely PRIVATE enterprise, which we critically separate from any notions of capitalism; the making of money on money without effort, without work, without the “owners of capital” contributing anything more of themselves than their idle money into the effort of the project or business.

Our implicit, not so implicit bias, is to stand against globalism, statism and the idolatry of institutional authorities everywhere; the more arbitrary they are, the more distant they are from us and our will. Understand, people, this IS about our will. Will we bring this proposal about or will we continue to surrender our individual and local wills to those who frankly have never been worth our trust … and we will continue to be THEIR (globalist, central banker, elitist) slaves?

Let's take globalism. That's an ism with the globe, so when you itch it, it gets worse. This proposal, as E. C. Riegel intended it, must be considered at the atomic level in society: it affects everyman and everywoman above the age of 18 until it can be made legally to apply to everyone.

The proposal must be atomic, because the proposal pertains to this blog's sincere contention that Riegel was correct in his assessment of money; though the “public” issued money we use IS money, because it performs the spit barter function and moves trade, nevertheless, due entirely to who issues it, all of it nevertheless is regarded as illegitimate money – yes, you can think of it as counterfeit money, just as Riegel did. All of this “public” money was not issued by the right people, whether backed by anything or not. THAT is our principal contention and intentional bias; that the problem with the present money is NOT that it's fiat, but that the fiat has been STOLEN by the bankers who have no right to it. Ultimately the bankers are the enemies of all mankind and all their manifestations are being revealed daily as institutions of evil caring nothing for the common people of the world. That fiat, that will, was STOLEN from each of you! Our proposal turns this one on its head!

What of precious metals as money? Well, Riegel said they were worth something, but we weren't exactly sure just what. Who makes the determination what any of these metals is worth? Someone else does, in some far away market in some far away city and the amount of either metal you would have to possess to influence any prices for it in any of the other brands of THEIR money would be tremendous, so forget it. You can't even get delivery on any of their contracts unless you're “special” and that usually means governments and banks, not you or me. Just go ask Gerald Celente if you don't believe me.

You see, none of it is really your money, never has been and never will be. Our not so implicit bias stands against most schools of economics as nothing but apologies for the present structure of the present monetary order (disorder). The “Austrians” are EXPELLED for extolling usury, which when practiced as it is everywhere, asks back what was never created, therefore STEALING from everyone else. The Keynesians are EXPELLED for all their fiscal policy schemes which together with the banker's credit cycles, always promote a choppy and unpredictable economic and financial horizon – that's being kind.

So precious metals, the oldest of THEIR money, are commodities that were widely FORCED on everyone to be used as money (yeah, the “Austrians” are callous liars!) and we need a point of monetary exchange with the rest of the world.

You want to prove your money has some value? Only exchange it for gold and silver. Will we exchange ours for silver or gold? Sure, in OUR prices in Valuns, which will always be higher than in any other “public” money anyway. Value? Intrinsic value? Intrinsic value of money? Stop it right there! You have mixed two incompatible concepts. What have we said about money? It is as Riegel said, “a method of stating a value determined by exchange.” We state our prices in Valuns.

As far as we know, V1,000 (One thousand proposed international standard value units or Valuns) = 1 oz gold bullion, both at the inception date and even though the price of gold has fallen around 26% since inception, the Valun has remained where it began at 11/2/11 and that pinnacle piece of purchasing power that was $2.16 at inception is now $2.73 (10/25/16).

What that means is that today were our system up and running and our A members proffering dollars or some other currency for Valuns, we'd be buying approximately 26% more gold (or silver) than at inception to make the exchange. That will pretty much always happen too. We do intend on becoming principal buyers in both precious metals markets as we will not pay any government taxes in anything but proceeds from our precious metals sales. These exchange provisions allow us to preserve our independence from THEIR monetary system.

But let's get back to the individual rights issue for a moment and how that relates to promoting and rewarding innate wealth. It involves what some might call human potential. Remember all the “human potential” movement business of the 1970's? Whatever one might have considered its uses or drawbacks, this movement was successful in getting large numbers of people together to improve themselves. People who were attracted to these packaged gestalt therapy workshops were in their way trying to find and express their innate wealth and succeed in business and in life. Many people were hugely benefited by such programs.

Why didn't it work out better for more who attended these workshops? Nine times out of ten, it was due to lack of money, of THEIR money of course. If you don't issue your own, then it's THEIR money, even if the tokens are made of silver or gold. And then, it's commodities traded on exchanges where THEY determine the prices for these things in THEIR money and you have no say in it at all. But for those who actually attended any of these programs, their future lack of money was usually used to repay more debt that must be paid back with interest to some bank.

What if we solve the money issue once and for all? What if the money unit proposed is specifically designed to hold its purchasing power against all other brands of THEIR money? What if you can't get any of our money which would really be your money until you join us? What if the worst happens and we're the last money left standing? We could be too: it's all up to you.

If you are in some inner city community or out in the impoverished countryside, the combination of our labour contracts and the self financing of labour plus the Valuns issued and earned, thus backed in the process, and you might end up with the difference between survival and extinction, or empowerment vs. slavery. Remember, we will all have to find out what we are skilled at enough to command a price in Valuns. It would be a good idea to acquaint yourselves with the proposed Valun scale as related to US dollars. There would be a similar relationship between Valuns and any other of THEIR “public” currencies. Also remember, OURS is a PRIVATE currency, a PRIVATE enterprise money.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

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