Thursday, October 6, 2016

#99: Racketeering instead of Real Business

Warren Pollock mentioned it here and it struck me as so important that it deserved a paper concerning it. Why? Because we want to understand it and be on our guard.

Racketeering obviously involves a racket. A racket is anything that takes money without delivering a good or service. A racket is a theft by any other understanding. So racketeering would be what the racketeer, the operator (thief) of the racket is doing to promote it, etc. Even our taxes are supposedly buying us something in return and most governments do know how to play this one or they would be replaced by governments that do it better (socialism to make up for the scams of capitalism). War is obviously a racket. We're going to suggest that THEIR entire system is precisely a racket to benefit THEM for doing nothing. That's what makes it so perfect for the perpetrators; they can attempt to be doing something while doing nothing and still get paid, for doing or producing or growing nothing.

Racketeering is obviously often associated with organized crime -so we'll include in here banks and governments- the act of offering of a dishonest service (a "racket") to solve a problem that wouldn't otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the service. Racketeering as defined by the RICO act includes a list of 35 crimes. Let's list them ok? From the law itself:

(A) any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, dealing in obscene matter, or dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical

(B) any act which is indictable relating to
sports bribery,
counterfeiting, [of THEIR money and financial instruments, etc.]
theft from interstate shipment,
embezzlement from pension and welfare funds, [what banks are doing now]
fraud and related activity in connection with identification documents [who does that?]
fraud and related activity in connection with access devices [who does that?]
the transmission of gambling information
mail fraud
wire fraud
financial institution fraud [THEIR entire system is built on fraud]
fraud in foreign labor contracting [THEY are guilty of this]
the procurement of citizenship or nationalization unlawfully [and how about that including voting rights?]
the reproduction of naturalization or citizenship papers [same here]
the sale of naturalization or citizenship papers [no doubt]
obscene matter
obstruction of justice [all the time]
obstruction of criminal investigations [what have we just seen?]
the obstruction of State or local law enforcement [ongoing]
tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant [happens frequently]
retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant [same here]
false statement in application and use of passport [ditto here]
forgery or false use of passport [no doubt]
misuse of passport [etc.]
fraud and misuse of visas, permits, and other documents [happens all the time]
peonage, slavery, and trafficking in persons [where do you suppose the undocumented aliens come from?]
economic espionage and theft of trade secrets [what THEY do]
interference with commerce, robbery, or extortion [what THEY do]
racketeering [see our general definition at the top of this article]
interstate transportation of wagering paraphernalia
unlawful welfare fund payments [ditto here]
prohibition of illegal gambling businesses [the legal ones are allowed to run as if they are legitimate, etc. to benefit THEM]
the laundering of monetary instruments [THEY do this all the time]
engaging in monetary transactions in property derived from specified unlawful activity [Right, unless THEY are doing it]
use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire
illegal money transmitters [we have heard so often it's no longer shocking]
sexual exploitation of children [who does that too?]
interstate transportation of stolen motor vehicles [where does ISIS, etc. get theirs?]
interstate transportation of stolen property [etc.]
trafficking in counterfeit labels for phonorecords, computer programs or computer program documentation or packaging and copies of motion pictures or other audiovisual works [because those belong to someone after they sold them to you.  That's the weird and wonderful world of "intellectual property"]
criminal infringement of a copyright [sure, more of the same]
unauthorized fixation of and trafficking in sound recordings and music videos of live musical performances [right]
trafficking in goods or services bearing counterfeit marks [like what do you call all their unsound money?]
trafficking in certain motor vehicles or motor vehicle parts [again, look at ISIS]
trafficking in contraband cigarettes
white slave traffic
biological weapons
chemical weapons
nuclear materials
dealing with restrictions on payments and loans to labor organizations [oh, cheating the labouring classes?  and who does that?]
relating to embezzlement from union funds [or stealing funds from anyone.  bankers do it all the time]
fraud in the sale of securities, or the felonious manufacture, importation, receiving, concealment, buying, selling, or otherwise dealing in a controlled substance or listed chemical
(E) any act which is indictable under the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act,
(F) any act which is indictable under the Immigration and Nationality Act. [really? unless you're who?]

This list provides us with a convenient list of activities and businesses that would be thrown out of our VEN and for which IVES policing would serve a purpose.  All of it is of course PRIVATE.  Now, just go down this list and notice all and everything that goes by being regarded these days as legitimate businesses (especially on line) when they are nothing but rackets operated by racketeers (thieves).

Seriously folks, the proposal of this log is NOT on this list. First of all none of any of our money will be issued based on any of these frauds, many of which are practiced by the “too big to fails.” One cannot claim the same for very much of THEIR money. But right now we have plenty of people out there being paid to run rackets.

I don't know what else you could be doing, but being a pilot fish running beneath a shark isn't economically speaking a very good position to be in. These days, with narcissism and sociopathy running amok all due to THEIR money system, one could expect little better.

Real application of skills? Most who have any aren't being paid for their use anywhere anymore. In 2010 across the upper Midwest (I was there, I saw it) there was much farmland that was NOT under cultivation and we heard that more and more land was being left fallow. We heard stories of harassment of farmers, fewer farmers, big corporations taking over, then hiring foreigners who lived in separate quarters. What was going on?

We were in northern California in the spring of 2015 and the place looked dry (of course) and fewer people than expected were out and about or doing much of anything. You could hardly call it bustling. But we heard of the huge roaming homeless populations. What's going on? Nobody has anything to do to be paid for – no work. No work, no economy, no future. Want that? 

We had a young man write in who told us he knew nothing, had no idea about his skills. We have millions of people around the world who have grown up and don't know anything, most importantly they don't know about themselves. They don't even know what they're good at because nobody thought it important enough to find out. A lot of us are just waking up to the carnage of our cultures, the destruction of our wealth. Where did it go? How do we get any of it back? Who are we to be askig any more from our benighted leaders? Why do we stop at the use of ANY of THEIR money, including gold and silver?

Gold and silver, precious metals, cast them into round disks and you get people to fall for one of the oldest rackets in the world. Think about it. Meanwhile we have no actual wealth – none of it provides us with any income, and 93 million people are out of work in America. I crossed America in 1998 too and it wasn't much better back then. Fact is the whole thing has been grinding down for a long time. Some places that are used to it for longer than other places look more dilapidated, but life manages to go on, and on, and on, people waiting and waiting (restaurant jobs are about all that's left) and waiting, etc. It's all financial at the end of the day and power is finance at the end of the day. That's what it is, THEIR biggest racket of them all.

David Burton

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