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#0 Ark Midnight - Episode 2 Geoengineering with Dane Wigington


Now Wigington might just be the "Dr. Doom" of the times.  Listen and see for yourself.  It also seems an interesting coincidence that today, the 22nd of June, this site hit 22,222 visitors.    

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#89 Inconvenient Facts for Americans

This particular piece is going to have specific relevance to Americans at the present time and ventures into territory that frankly we'd prefer not to get into too much as there are people who do a far better, more detailed job at documenting it than we can or would on this blog, which after all has its own message, mission and function. Many of the historical and legal facts presented have been verified by others all over the web. Those interested can do deeper searches. This promises to be quite a disturbing piece as some of you will probably have your hallowed notions utterly smashed. Shame on most of you for believing in idols then, such as a piece of paper representing a defunct contract kept alive as a trust. The meme pictured above was simple, the original poster's name is Shaun and his remarks follow nearly verbatim in green, mine in black:

Let's be honest here! We keep giving the world our fake corporatocracy money and ALL CAPS / LEGAL NAME DEMOCRACY of the DEAD with DEBT! Welcome to the UNITED STATES INC. way! Sad thing is...Most won't even understand much-less comprehend what I even wrote...lmao

I offered him a link to this blog, and asked if he understood it. He replied,

No, because honestly it is incorrect in so many ways. Just being honest here.

I wanted to know his reasons so I asked in reply, “How so? Please” and he responded,

Where do I even begin...All of what people think is money is based off of our ALL CAPS / LEGAL names from our birth certificates and all of the other fictional contracts we sign as the DEAD and for our future labor. All of what people think is money is really a bankrupt note of DEBT that is a promissory note (I promise to pay once we get real money or value etc.) because all CORPORATIONS are DEAD and they have made us into CORPORATE ENTITIES that are considered DEAD...Money actually means "1 eye" that same non-human 1 eye on the dollar bill...Dollar actually means "Pain".

Now all of this is very interesting and happens to be true as far as it goes, but their system will fail because it has already failed many many times and always for the same reasons and it shall do so again. Therefore this blog's proposal is to set up a lifeboat monetary system that is actually ours so we can finally say, WE HAVE HAD JUST ABOUT ENOUGH OF YOU and shove THEM away from us. Our message has consistently been “come out of her, my people” etc. because THEY have committed grave crimes and continue to do so, and the retribution THEY have coming is a matter of Nature taking its inevitable course. But meanwhile we should not participate in any of that and pursue our own courses, which can only be achieved when we unite with each other in common effort to start something new. Now Shaun continues,

There is no "Income".. The term "income" has repeatedly been held by the courts to indicate "gain on capital" and not receipts, wages or a fee received in exchange for selling an item of property. It's all been bankrupted for many, many years now to keep us as their slaves and make us their product in which they are our creators in the CORPORATE (DEAD) world here.

Emphasis mine. Now I promised Shaun that I would be kind to him and I will, because frankly it's clear he already knows far more than most about our present “legal” situation. But one of the things we're simply going to have to do is define our own terms to mean what we understand them to mean not what THEY assume them to mean because they twist everything, sometimes just for sheer evil joy of twisting things, usually as a projection to draw attention away from something nefarious they're doing, and for no other reason, delivered with a kind of super willful arrogance. They certainly have no right to our trust and are already manifestly proven deceivers and thieves who have no regard for faith, truth, honesty, integrity, RESPONSIBILITY, etc.

Much of this blog has already eviscerated academic economics as utterly worthless, since all of it in one way or another props up the present corrupt banking system, hopelessly corrupt since it is built on usury, which is a mathematical impossibility pretending to be honest when it is a device intended to steal, cheat and rob all but the money lenders. Accounting, on the other hand, is absolutely necessary and vital to all successful commerce and happens to be THE final register of any and all money that ever exists!

In these papers, we've taken great care to define our terms to mean as nearly precisely as possible exactly what WE mean by them. It's a form of purposeful mental retraining. We reiterate, whether THEY happen to like it or not, that any and all wealth in order to qualify as true wealth, must produce an income and that the area in which a people live is technically described as their commonwealth, because it provides a particular level of income for the people living there. Shaun continues,

There is no free enterprise, if it was a free enterprise then we wouldn't have to be CORPORATE FICTIONS and have a CORPORATION to do business..

He's right. Under present circumstances, we have to incorporate as we grow any business larger. The reasons are a lot of hungry people who think they can make fast money by ruining others and plenty of hungry wolf lawyers who will help them. This happens to be a VERY important reason why we need a parallel economy (the Valun exchange network or VEN) using our own money, the Valun, as this blog proposes.

What incorporation does for any business is to provide a shield between business effects and personal effects so that even if we are forced out of business through lawsuits, we can still retain our personal property. It also allows poor businesspeople, yeah there are some, to save on their taxes through greater write offs as their income increases.

Income taxes: But as if taxing income weren't enough of a disincentive to work or do much of anything, it must be either STUPID public policy or another DELIBERATE theft of value from the people. I believe there's more substance to the latter cause. However, we follow the dictum, “pay unto Caesar that which is Caesar's,” etc. Taxes must always be paid and in THEIR money too. In fact taxes rank FIRST of all common debts to be repaid, which is why probate exists. The right of a debt to be paid off before other debt is called its “seniority” and taxes enjoy seniority over all other debt. Don't fight it, accept it. When Valuns appear, use your dollars to pay taxes and pay down debt and spend your Valuns for what you need from among your IE business partners, because that's pretty much what an independent exchange (IE) would be.

As if taxing income isn't bad enough, we also have what are known as “progressive” income taxes, which PURPOSELY intend on robbing anyone with any talent, drive or ambition and purposely making it nearly impossible for anyone to rise socially high enough ever to challenge the fabulously rich elites, who follow their genocidal program, because as they have said since forever, there are just too many people; “useless eaters” etc. So the people who do make it are chosen by the elites and set up in their various businesses. Since these people's riches exceeds ours by many tens of thousands of percent, they tend to view us as “toys” or “ornaments” or “protégés” or whatever.

Before leaving this subject and since Shaun is going to reference it, we contend that the present monetary order has transaction accounting totally wrong as they believe that transactions are cleared (paid in full) when paid in money demanded, when in fact the transactions are only half closed. This may also account for inflation in their system and THAT also is one of the reasons their systems fail and since Riegel was one who spotted the error, this blog bears his name. It is simply this:

Nothing, and I mean NO THING, ever becomes money until it is accepted in trade for something else deemed of greater value than the actual TOKEN representing a common value. and of course purchased, tendered in trade by a human being, not a corporation or even a business that isn't represented by a human officer of that business, a human being not a system or a machine. Can you imagine a machine placing orders for things? That's what the algorithm trading programs do in securities markets.

You see the TOKEN isn't supposed to be intrinsically worth anything, that is another banker's lie to keep THEIR money in business. All money represents the splitting of barter. A barter transaction is hours worked = housing, food, etc. No transaction is settled until the money paid is accepted back in return when today's buyer is tomorrow's seller; when the original buyer must sell something back into the community to redeem the money he/she issued; when the hours worked are finally realized as housing, food, etc.

All that being said, when the buyer redeems his money back with something of value having been exchanged, that money has been sterilized against causing inflation and will probably circulate until it is spent for something that depreciates at which point that money is irretrievably lost, so ALL money eventually dies. THEREFORE, every economy needs continual inflow of money or it dies!

So new money must always spring forth from somewhere and the crucial question is what do you think is more important, people or things as a basis for OUR money? Think about it, don't answer too quickly, because as a matter of fact, If you choose things over people, then recall that Shaun noted, even THEY attempt to base some of their system on our birth certificates, so even THEY use people to determine some hypothetical value their speculators can play around with to make more money on money without working for it. What they're doing amounts to nothing but another capitalist con game, one that only the rich can play too, but we'll let that whole subject go for now.

Anytime we use the promissory notes and fake credit we keep adding more and more DEBT into the system that they have unlawfully passed to us the Living People but made us CORPORATE FICTIONS with deceit so we think the actual DEBT is ours! I could go on and on. We are in a perpetual DEBT SLAVE SYSTEM that has been created to keep us in DEBT til eternity.

Yes, but it can't and wont last because the system eventually reaches a breaking point. For OUR money, we would also be wise to consider an alternative that would work even when the lights go out. Understood? It has to be a paper driven system, because the dullest pencil is sharper than, see I can't quite remember the exact words and that kind of sloppiness is negligence in money terms; therefore paper ledgers whether they be computer printouts and paper V-Checks, Exchange Notes (we're being honest about what all money is) and personal checks. If it can't run without electricity it's not good. As I said, economics may be a fraud but accounting is essential. Can't have that forgetfulness or sloppiness for reliable transaction clearing which is one of the main functions of money, that it can be exchanged with others for things of greater value than its tokens. I asked if he had a blog. He replied,

No, I don't have a blog although I have thought many times of doing one. BTW...The reason I wrote that headline up top the way I did is because the U.S. DOLLAR a.k.a. Promissory Notes is the World "Currency" and the reason it is, is because we keep going to war with Countries that don't want to use our fraudulent bankrupt notes and giving them what we have which is a DEAD ALL CAPS / LEGAL NAME CORPORATE DEMOCRACY...

This is what I describe to some other people as THEIR Disneyworld conception of the world, where all Nature is plastic, where all the countries are cute and all have their stereotyped differences that the elites can either have under the gun or as free range slaves … and they call that civilized. Oh, how far down we've come in the last 200 years! But it wasn't all that great back then either and we can certainly do better, certainly better than all those high and mighty assholes with their “great useless plans,” etc.

Yes, we are really in actuality a Living Republic but have been Illegally and Unlawfully not even been put in a Democracy...It's in actuality like I said a DEAD ALL CAPS / LEGAL NAME CORPORATE DEMOCRACY where only the DEAD can basically buy or sell, do business etc. with fake Promissory notes which people believe to be money 

OK, two points. I think that the living Republic we all think we live in is part of our own idealism that if we stop and think about it actually doesn't come from any of our volitions; we had no say in it one way or another. We'll get back to this point on farther. But secondly, no one should ever fall for thinking that just because the money we use isn't ours, is illegitimately issued and blood soaked, means that it isn't money. People get killed over it and steal it all the time, so therefore all currency we know of today accomplishes value exchange and therefore does what any and all money does acting to split barter. The money we use IS money, let's not fall for this baloney argument

The question of debt to whom matters though thousands of percentage points more in any argument than that money is in fact a representation of debt, a note in fact. All money is debt, and ALL of it represents uncleared barter transactions, so I repeat, ALL money represents debt. I can't stress that point enough: if all debt were canceled all the money should disappear, but not in the present order, as the debt far outweighs the supply of money and THAT's what eventually kills it. You see, Shaun is correct, the present order is DEAD and lives by death, it represents everything contrary to nature and life, with a money that must be supplied by buying half of what the government spends each year on military equipment and expenditures in which money goes to special interests and does not benefit the majority of people living in that economy. In fact, this is where most money goes to die, never to return.

So the notional explanation for money supply and inflation is also wrong, since we already said that money dies, it also is pretty obvious that not all money participates in all sales equally so that doesn't make it for an explanation either. E. C. Riegel's was the correct explanation; too much money issued (buying) without taking the equal amount back doing any selling wherein the issued money is canceled. When this is done monetary circles are closed. Again in a credit clearing system, the money issued against the money received, closing monetary circles, minimizes the money supply to only that which is required to carry on most useful business.

What in fact is the limitation? Riegel believed that someone should be able to write a check for how ever many Valuns one had which could be as many as one earns. You know, Riegel gets a lot of press for advocating a popular fiat system and especially for allowing the poor to issue money by fiat, but the fact is that most money in the proposed system would be issued based on work performed or products produced, not what we just previously coined as “natural socialism” and eventually everyone would have enough money and the economy would gradually rise and socialism would be phased out as society would be wealthier.

This provides another reason to decide to use a truly alternative money. Valuns are designed to retain purchasing power while every state issued currency will inflate. The value retention function of the proposed Valun is based on the present value of a transaction involving a thousandth of an oz of gold on Nov, 2, 2011 with any other of THEIR money. Right now the proposed Valun is $2.72 (6/16/16). Meanwhile ...

Trillions of dollars have been handed out to Countries to keep up the perpetual debt and traded for oil/petro to keep the whole slavery system continuing to go endlessly.

At this point, I asked to use Shaun's comments to develop a piece on this blog. I was happy to see comments of someone who had done some research; he expressed things that few know and more need to know before we can ever move forward effectively. But we have to address a few things squarely

1) The basic document of the country is the Declaration of Independence, which must be the founding document, not the Constitution.

2) We were ruled under Articles of Confederation and had a "Lincoln style" Federal fiat money THAT WAS DELIBERATELY COUNTERFEITED BY BRITISH AGENTS WHO DID THE VERY SAME THING TO THE FRENCH REPUBLIC'S STATE NOTES. In the US they were called Continentals and the press of the day, also in the pay of the usual people, detracted from their use as more and more fake ones circulated. Hence, and listen up real well; we will no longer tolerate as rational, accept as credible, countenance as honest or agree with ANYONE suggesting that the reasons these currencies failed rests SOLELY on the people's fiat, even if expressed imperfectly though their governments. Since we know that intentional counterfeiting was done to destroy this money, these allegations of THEIRS amount to yet another attempt by the guilty to draw attention away from themselves! We know the history of these events; thugs and other clever deceitful rascals, who the bankers hire, have done and will do anything for the bankers' filthy lucre.

3) The core of the Constitution, which is why it was written beforehand and discussed and debated IN SECRET BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AND ARMED GUARD, was to ensure that
A. The debts of Revolution to foreign creditors would be paid off and
B. So that the Fed gov could borrow money.

4) The organic Constitution of 1787 DIED in 1861 when the South left the union. THAT WAS IT for the Constitution because thereafter those running what was left of the government were doing so OUTSIDE the bounds of the Constitution which was and is a contract that failed and should be regarded as null and void! 

This is a very hard but key point and should be well understood by everyone. When Lincoln, the corporate railroad lawyer from Illinois, was elected, with the bankers and industrialists behind him, The South, which paid the majority of the taxes, determined that the jig was up and the original contract failed when they walked out on it in 1861. Thereafter and to the present day, the present government, operating under cover of the failed Constitution, pretends to be legitimate when it is not. I remind all Americans that their states shall survive if they care for them, but the Federal government is too far gone and incapable of rescue. It will fail along with THEIR money, and then what? They'll proffer gold and silver of course -the other branch of their prearranged dialectic- and we'll be back to times where people really are either royals or slaves and when for most life was “nasty, brutish and short” unless we say NO to them because we have our own and will NEVER go back to theirs once it fails!

5) THEN after "Civil" war the powers behind the scenes demanded the acceptance of the 13th through 15th amendments. It was called Reconstruction, but it was all under color of law but without valid contract therefore it was from thence a tyranny which has only grown bolder and worse over time. We actually have pretty good evidence that the Southern state legislatures passed the 13th and 15th amendments without any difficulty, but NOT the 14th. The issue was again, debt to foreigners. If it can be proved and it can, that this 14th amendment was not adopted according to the rules of the broken hence defunct contract known as the Constitution, then everything in civil law depending from the 14th amendment is certainly invalid, illegitimate, phony, fake, a fraud upon law and must be stricken from the books, repealed, abolished, etc. An AUDIT of the Constitution would establish once and for all whether we will stand for continuance of most of it. This audit should NOT be done by Congress, it should be done by private citizens operating in each state who will then put forth the facts to the public and demand a national political solution.

6) We as Americans have every right to ask for a public audit of the Constitution and we want the original 13th amendment back too. You probably know about that one, it forbids lawyers of the BAR (British Accredited Registry as Esquire a form of title of nobility from a foreign power) from holding public office anywhere in the Republic. But everything associated with the 14th, 16th,and 17th amendments, we want abolished as we believe that none of them were ever actually ratified according to the rules set forth in the Constitution.

7) So what I've just told you is that the Constitution EXCEPT THE BILL OF RIGHTS WHICH IS OURS is DEAD, as DEAD as everything else Shaun has so eloquently described

Does it not then make sense that since we live in a dead and dying world made dead by the death-masters, that you would see everywhere all around you literal affronts to beauty, virtue, goodness and heroism? I'm an old fart but occasionally I listen to death metal because I consider it honest music of these times.

It's actually been a corporation here since it's so-called inception back in the 1600's with the VIRGINIA CORPORATION and MARYLAND CORPORATION. As for the British freemason lawyer so-called founding fathers, the constitution was written up by the CITY OF LONDON INC. and THE VATICAN HOLY SEE INC. and sent here to be "ADOPTED". Same goes for the Declaration of Independence...No one signed either document, it was only witnessed. British means "People of the Contract" as in B'rit-ish. The LEGAL term of contract is actually "connected to tract" that goes all across the sea to the CITY OF LONDON and the VATICAN HOLY SEE. 

As I said, I doubt the Declaration was anything more than telling the world that we had had it with the British and were severing our national bonds with them with the reasons stipulated and specified. The Declaration had signers. Perhaps the Articles of Confederation did too, but the Constitution did not. It was a charter agreement exactly as Shaun described it. However read on because Shaun was to mention things about the Declaration that I was also told and had forgotten.

Those common people who fought in the American Revolution were unaware that the 1213 treaty still ruled despite the fact they THOUGHT the Magna Charta was a viable piece of work.(4) The Declaration of Rights in 1689 declared the Rights of the British subjects in England. At the end of the English Declaration it stated at Section III " ...that should any of the Rights just mentioned be in violation of the HOLY ALLIANCE (1213 Treaty), is as if this Declaration was never written".

Treaty of 1213 - The Beginning of the Lie
The TREATY of 1213...The MAGNA CHARTA 1215...and The SECRET TREATY of VERONA 1822

The constitution of 1787 died in 1789 when it was changed over also. "We the People" are NOT the CITIZENS

1789 Is also when all courts were put under Admiralty/Maritime law of the sea under the Judiciary act of 1789. Also when we had the first president of the PRIVATE FOREIGN CORPORATION George Washington...Before that we had "Heads of State"

He provided this source.

He then listed presidents of the United States before George Washington before the government under the Constitution of 1787 which one can see here: Presidents of the United States before George Washington 

We will not list them here. Shaun continues ... 

After Washington resigned, the office of Commander-in-Chief was eliminated, and replaced with the less powerful position of Senior Officer of the Army, the precursor to the modern-day Chief of Staff of the Army. Until Washington became President of the United States in 1789, in the years following 1783 America did not have a single individual tasked with the duties of "Commander-in-Chief.".

Let's also not forget that ZIP CODES which are FEDERALIZED ZONES and will put you in their fake jurisdiction...It's all been fraud, deceit, illegal and unlawful.

George Washington The Traitor

None of Us signed any of these constitutions, declarations, treaties, contracts, etc...We are all forced into believing we are a party to then. Govern-Ment = Control-Mind...Mind-Control.

BTW, the actual proof of what you identify as the Vatican connection is verified by the ambassadorial status of certain people who you would never dream are as powerful as they are, except that they are Knights of Malta or something else. The RC Church is of course one of the oldest DEAD corporations on earth. It is as always the people who are swayed one way or another, usually as water seeks its own level, going along to get along until conditions become unbearable.

I remind you all that as we have homeless and starving here now, back in the 1930's WHEN WE WERE ON A GOLD STANDARD, there were perhaps ten to fifteen million people who starved to death on the great plains as the dust bowl era cranked on. We could easily see very bad conditions again. The Baltic Dry index measuring shipping is down down down, nothing much is moving. There are no guarantees. 

If you know true contract law, any and all contracts only pertain to the parties that signed them. If I write up a document and get a bunch of men to all agree to it...Does it count for everyone? CORPORATE FICTIONS? You do know that CORPORATIONS are over 5,000 years old, maybe even older "Code of Hammurabi" during the Babylonian times.

… and Shaun nails the Babylonian connection, a kind of ancient society that would have been run similar to the Soviet model and administered by a vast bureaucracy of scribes!

House Joint Resolution 192 of June 5th, 1933 was the gold standard abrogation and the bankruptcy...But people didn't know that it only had power within the 10 square mile area known as WASHINGTON, D.C. Most people also don't realize that under CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY there is a 70 year clause....After the 70 years, all debts are to be forgiven...They didn't though and continued to go bankrupt over and over to keep the people enslaved! 9/11 was said to be one of those bankruptcies....Think about that. They have gone bankrupt many times before 1933 also...

Another open admission that they are vulnerable to discovery, exposure and eventual justice; THEY NEVER LET GO OF A DEBT EVER. Even in death, they pass the debt on to their creatures, the corporations, organizations, foundations, agencies, etc. to collect it. They never forgave the previous royal debts of British kings when they were asked back into Britain to support Cromwell, etc.

The so-called elected officials representing the State and Federal levels of government and the American Bar Association, removed the words “We the People” from the original declaration. The document was rewritten around 1999 and renamed, “The Declaration of Interdependence,” which is based upon Marxian Science! When the “New World Order Communist Party” is officially in control, this Declaration of Interdependence will become the “Magna Carta” for the ruling class in America! Under this New World Order, populations will be absolutely controlled and only the extremely intelligent will be allowed to propagate through artificial insemination! 

They have to come for our guns first and we are many and they are few and they cannot win once confidence in their system is shaken and it will be soon. We'd better have a solution long before that happens and so far none but the proposal in this blog will accomplish anything. 

The Declaration of Independence is another story omitted from our American history books. Of the fifty-one men involved in the creation and signing of the Declaration of Independence, twenty-one were actually (traitors) and on the Kings payroll. During the Revolutionary War; English Officers were provided the names, addresses and family members of the thirty (loyalists). The English soldiers had been ordered to hunt down and murder all thirty (loyalists), their wives, children and all relatives, with further instructions to burn their bodies inside their homes. The soldiers were to leave no trace of these men and their families. The soldier’s orders were intended to wipe out all trace and existence of these loyalists for an eternity! The history of civilizations has taught us all that martyrs are dangerous to men of power and King George didn’t want to leave any martyrs! It is pretty obvious who provided the detailed information about the thirty (loyalists), their family and addresses! How do you feel about Ben now! 

He's on their $100 bill, isn't he? Let's take a look: only Jackson stood against the bankers and Grant, though he was probably the most significant American in that quite possibly without him the union would not have won the “Civil” war, but when he bacame President, he let the bankers have a field day. 

At first glance, it appeared that James Madison of Virginia was so concerned about lawyers holding any position in American government that he championed the original 13th Amendment, which barred titles of Nobility and lawyers from holding any public office in government! The 13th Amendment was ratified but never made it into print in our government controlled public schoolbooks and classrooms. In the printing process the 13th Amendment was surreptitiously removed [and we now know that the British set to work early on in the publishing businesses of the young Republic to accomplish this and that the War of 1812 was an attempt to FORCE us back. We have very good reason to hate the British nobility and those still operating out of the City of London and we predict eventual destruction shall befall them and they shall get what they deserve.] and replaced by the 14th Amendment. The 15th Amendment became the 14th and so on... Madison’s efforts appear admirable but his later actions as a member of the 1st Congress, suggests that his only real concern was to block lawyers from undermining the theft that he and his compatriots’ had planned for America!

Once the cost of the Revolutionary War sufficiently placed the Colonists in debt, the English soldiers were ordered to dispense with their efforts, recover their arms and within the next eight years they eventually returned to England. The Colonists were so glad to see the fighting stop that they allowed the soldiers to retreat and exit America peacefully and in their own time. There is an old legal Maxim that states: “The first to leave the field of battle - loses.” Pursuant to this Maxim, the Founding Fathers proclaimed the Colonists the victors! A Maxim is a legal truth that supposes to be time honored and incorruptible. Well, so much for the integrity of Maxims!

Indeed so!

In reality, the War was just a diversion! The Colonists had no chance of succeeding in their efforts. Examine the facts for yourself! During this era, England had the largest Army and Navy in the World. King George owned England, Ireland and France [through the banks], having a combined population of about 60 million subjects. The Colonists were poorly educated, poorly armed and composed of farmers, tradesmen, bonded slaves, women and children and boasted a total population of only 3 million subjects. Considering the undermining that was occurring within the Colony’s by the Kings' spies and the Founding Fathers, the Colonists never had a prayer of defeating the English!

and in succeeding years there were people in the elite branches in England that wished they'd diplomatically arranged things differently and maybe then we'd come back into their fold. But I can tell you that increasingly we wont, because the mother country deliberately hurt us all and she shall unfortunately pay for it. I can say with some assurance that the Australians are disgusted and the Canadians not far behind and of course except for some loonies that think they're still English living in New England, most of us know better and will never return to mother, not tomorrow, not next week, next year, NEVER. The reason is pretty simple; from the 17th century onward if not before, she sold out and is still owned by those she sold out to.

Americans have been indoctrinated by our federal and state governments by and through government controlled public schools and literature; government controlled media and government controlled churches (YES, EVEN THE CHURCHES) to believe that America defeated the English! We celebrate that victory and our so-called Independence each year on the 4th of July and it is all a bunch of propaganda, a carrot to lead the horse and keep this society stupid and passive! We boast today that our country represents the finest schools in the world but in reality we’re no smarter than the first Colonists! We only know more about other things because of new technological developments during the last 250 years and yet the average IQ of America is really only 70.

So, Shaun just handed the lot of you a challenge. Are you that stupid or are you going to wake up and get busy doing something for yourselves instead of for THEM? He's just reiterated what I've told you for years now; it's all unreal, none of it is yours and ALL of it is theirs and you are a free range slave.

A year after the conclusion of our so-called Revolutionary Victory, three representatives of the 1st Congress, traveled to France to execute the “Treaty of Peace” with King George. Many historians will argue that the King conceded to his defeat by signing this Treaty but nothing could be further from the truth! The King simply agreed to allow the new established government to act without his open intervention providing that he received his patronage. The first bank established under our government was the Bank of the United States and all profits were paid over to King George. This government continues to pay tribute to the Crown through the social security administration and every time ownership of a title changes hands. If you still believe that the Constitution threw out the King, if a new revolt was to occur in America, a new government established and the tribute stopped, all that the Queen has to do is to file suit for a breach of contract against the new government in the International Court and the Queens title as Monarch/ Dictator of America would be restored to her! 

If this were more widely known, we in turn could and should call for the heads of virtually everyone in power. If they knew they were telling us a lie and called it a “state secret” then they are guilty of treason against the people of the Republic and anyone that helps them is potentially liable for misprision of treason. But we do NOT advocate violence even though we know that some is inevitable and we have plenty of people actually attempting to stir it up any way they can to take the public's attention off of themselves! It's known as PROJECTION and its one of their hallmark tactics. They also like DELAY because they have all the money so they can wait while the rest of us need money to survive. WHY DO WE INSIST ON USING THEIRS? Because they PAY people to FORCE us to do whatever they say to do and those doing the forcing are glad enough to take their money. 

Documented proof that the Constitution was not for us can be found at: Padelford, Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, (14 Georgia 438, 520). This was a Court case wherein the Plaintiffs sued the City of Savannah, for violating what they believed were their constitutionally protected rights! The decision of the Judge says it all: "But indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution, the Constitution, it is true, is a compact but he [the private person] is not a party to it!" [Emphasis added]

So a lot of what they told us in civics class was AN OUT AND OUT LIE THAT VERY FEW PEOPLE IN THE KNOW ACTUALLY KNOW and the rest of us are played for fools! Are you angry yet? You should be if you're an American. But you should be very aware before doing anything at all. Know where you are, what your capacities really are and the dangers they really pose. Hear the rest of these very hard facts and never forget them!

The United States Constitution was converted into a (Trust) and the legal definition of a Trust is: “A legal obligation with respect to property given by one person (donor), to another (trustee), for the advantage of a beneficiary (public).” The property in this Trust includes all land, your personal possessions that you believe you own, your physical body, your sweat equity and credit. [See George Carlin told the truth: THEY own YOU!]

The donors of the Trust were originally the King of England and the Holy Roman Church and all federal and state public officials became the Trustee’s.

Does this help to explain exactly why things are being done out west to push people off the land?

The reason the Constitution was converted into a Trust is because as a (business plan) the Constitution completely bound the hands of our government officials, which was what it was supposed to do! By converting it into an Implied Trust, our public officials were then free to make any changes they desired without their constituents knowledge or approval! The 14th and 16th Amendments are evidence of changes made outside the strictures found within the written Constitution. [The 17th as well, the Senate belongs to the states to counteract the central power of the Federal state and that power was stolen from the states by these trustees] Neither amendment was ratified by a Constitutional Convention. [or the other rules like getting 3/4ths of the state legislatures to ratify.] The rules of a Trust are secret and no trustee can be compelled to divulge those rules. In a Trust the rules may be changed with the wind, by the Trustee(s) and without notice to the Beneficiary! (See the Law of Trusts.)

So you see, Shaun has started the basis for a full audit of the Constitution and has raised issues easily beyond the scope of this blog. Even so, we know damn well sure what's eventually coming.

The one pitfall confronting the Trustee’s and their plan was the fact that by converting the Constitution into an Implied Trust, our public officials had to legally assign a Beneficiary and the Beneficiary they chose could not offend The Law of Trusts or be contrary to the numerous International Treaties that were already in force. Our public officials wanted to stay in control of the Trust as Trustees however a Trustee cannot also be a Beneficiary! So even though the Constitution was never designed or written to benefit the Sovereign American people, Americans unknowingly became the Beneficiary of this secret Trust. In America such actions by our public officials necessitated the use of “propaganda” regarding our Constitutional Rights! Only if you appear in Court as a 14th Amendment, U. S. Citizen, may you claim a Constitutional Right! If being treated as a franchise or (a legal fiction) offends you, you cannot claim such a right! A flesh and blood sovereign human being cannot be a corporate franchise and fiction too! They are incompatible ideas and represent an oxymoron!

We reiterate, the message is still “come out of her, my people.” We believe they need us more than we need them, so our clear intention should be to walk out on them whenever possible, cut as many ties with them as possible, let them sink in their own stink. And there's one certain way to abolish any trust and that's to eliminate its trustees and its donor, and that will surely come as sure as Nature shall not be overcome.

But we shall have no personal part in any of this, because that's not our calling. You see, we were told all of what Shaun has said here and more, much more, all of it terrible and very evil. It was in 2009 when one of my mentors said, “You know David, if you really want to help your fellow man, the best thing you can do is find the best alternative money system you can devise and get them to use it alongside what they presently use, because their money is certain to fail and soon.” Well, soon for Riegel's projected inflation took 70 years and I figured out in part just why inflation was slowed for that long; the death of money along the way, through depreciation of what money bought, that could then not be party to all sales kept inflation from exploding as it did later. But I doubt this time their system will take that long to collapse. Our opportunity to ever prevail must begin now before their system fails, as it will be very difficult to persuade anyone during the chaos that shall follow.

In closing, thank-you Shaun for your contribution to our understanding.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[6/21/16: It occurs to me reading you that what you are saying is that reversion back to the use of nothing but gold and silver as a medium of exchange (money) implies that people don't trust each other. Most people these days don't. If you can't convince people to trust each other enough to form an alliance of those willing to trade on the basis of the new money you advocate, I don't see how it could possibly work. People are also scared and angry and desperate some of them. None of that breeds more trust. We're in a hell of a fix. Brent, Texas

Everything you say is certainly obviously so. But at some point in time people in Texas got together and made Texas. They didn't have anyone's permission to make it happen, they just did it. Some of the money they used was specie, some was wildcat paper crap money, that was based on heads of cattle, which was the real basis for their money. It takes courage to do what modern researchers do, to run along the beach that is recorded history and begin turning over historical stones that are hidden in plain sight. There were special documents that accompanied the acquisition of Texas, California and Hawaii by the corporate government headquartered in Washington, DC. Those documents should be better known and understood by residents of those states. Also we have reason to believe that the state of West Virginia was as it were stolen from the rest of Virginia and the validity of its statehood is actually quite suspect. This is reflected by the fact that the separation of the two states occurred after the original contract, the Constitution, was broken by its southern state members. Those who worship the Constitution as if it were some extension of their Bibles are idolaters, what else is there to say?

And finally, it gets right down to the compromises we make all the time with the present order of things; we have no reason or interest not to trust most things we engage in in society because we would like to think of ourselves as honest, honorable, scrupulous, fair, and even benevolent in our dealings with others. We go along to get along, etc. All that involves a level of trust that we take for granted all the time. Most people trust that when they open a soda and chug it down that it wont be poison that will kill them, etc. We take a lot for granted. All that relates to levels of trust and we contend are based on the usual abilities of people to detect and operate in SANITY and with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of their life being of continuing peace. The new money as you call it, when it appears, would be taken for granted by everyone that uses it, every bit as much, probably even more so than present money.


[9/13/16: Here's a link for more information about the FIRS and REALLY RATIFIED original 13th amendment.]

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#88 Natural Socialism

Now, before we get started, we'd advise everyone to have a look at this. 

We have no idea how long this will be on YouTube or even if this blog will long survive what's coming. The title of Gerald Celente's report was, "Global Meltdown: It's In The Numbers" – (6/9/16). Now, make no mistake, we like Celente. We could have only minor points of disagreement which could be easily resolved because Gerald is a reasonable man who responds to facts and logic and is well aware of bullshit!

Gerald is certainly one who sees that all the money we know of is treated as a commodity and is therefore subject to speculation. He wouldn't be in the camp of those who think nothing but precious metals is really money. But then again, he knows the reality, that when everything comes down to accepting payment, even among enemies, only gold will do. This is why we deliberately chose to base the proposed Valun on a transaction involving gold. We of course advise Celente and everyone else to read this blog thoroughly and thoughtfully. I have tried hard not to bore too many people. I find it's always best to try and write exactly as if I were sitting across a table from you, looking you in the face and just talking to you.

The reasons to buy some gold and silver are in case you have to resort to whole barter to survive as the spit-barter function that money provides would have failed, as it has in Venezuela and may spread elsewhere. But we contend, and we can prove it, that THEY control gold and silver too, so none of it is really OUR money because we do not determine its purchasing power, THEY do. We can cry til we're blue in the face that the price of precious metals is kept artificially low, but who cares? The fact that THEY determine its price is all you need know. Gold and silver are still THEIR money, not yours or mine and this will be so as long as they control the price in any number of their other money; be they dollars, pounds, yen, etc. all central bank issued from stolen fiat..

Stolen fiat?  But THEY have always told us that fiat issue was bad unless THEY did it.  Right.  As we said before, if YOU or I didn't issue it, it's illegitimate money. If a bank issued it, it's illegitimate, if it was issued by a state, it's illegitimate. It is still money in that it performs split-barter for us, but it is illegitimate nonetheless. Precious metals are commodities and since, if you use them, all you accomplish is pricing one commodity with another, then both ends are subject to speculation and no speculator ever makes any money if prices remain stable.

Economic arguments in support of speculators are BULLSHIT and should be seen as nothing more than advertisements for pilferers and fraudsters of every kind and description. Speculators are just another bunch of rich capitalists, redundant because in order to actually be a capitalist, one must be rich, who make money on money without working for it. They accomplish nothing but stealing from everyone else. In fact, all capitalism relies on usury, the taking back of that which was never created in the first place, and spreading this essential fraud among the rich to get them sucked into the black holes called “public” corporations, which literally are too big to fail because if they didn't exist, the states that registered them would cease to exist. Are you getting this out there? 

Free enterprise and Capitalism are NOT the same AT ALL, they are in fact eventual enemies because capitalism relies on free enterprise for any and all material advances, else capitalism would die. Corporations attempt to “manage” all the creativity among their own people, but when push comes to shove, when an idea is literally so good that it must come forth, someone sees an opportunity for tremendous profits and so, new businesses are formed from out of corporate laboratories anyway. Does that mean that any but a few gain from them? Of course not.

So now in this election year cycle (slumming) one hears more talk of socialism. Well, we've been living under a fascist form of socialism now for many years. In fact it's to the point where the income disparity has become so great that if more and more people weren't on the dole, there would easily be a revolt against the capitalists and the states tomorrow morning. We see that state socialism in some form or another is necessary else the capitalists would not be able to get away with their stealing.

A point could even be made that the capitalist takedown of the Czar in 1917, which established a hard core socialist state in its place, as well as murdering an inconvenient 60 million people (conservatively) was really so that the powers behind the scenes could get their hands on Russia's raw materials at rock bottom prices. Want to imagine that it wasn't exactly that with all we know now? Why don't you read Antony C. Sutton and you'll know more. Also notice that the same format exists today with regard to Syria.

Anyway, socialism is defined as a noun, a thing, an idea: “socialism - a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Synonyms: leftism, welfarism; radicalism, progressivism, social democracy; communism, Marxism, labor movement - "my appreciation for certain aspects of socialism does not mean I'm a socialist" - policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism. (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism.” Google

We want you to notice right away that this definition covered exchange, which means money. By “owned or regulated by the community as a whole” does NOT mean that any central bank, or any bank, or any government for that matter as whose “community” do such institutions serve? They serve their “stakeholders” and stockholders and nobody else!

So this definition conveys statist memes that have the common people believe such ludicrous fallacies as that they have any say in anything their governments do, when obviously they do not. Did anyone really want to go to war in 1914 or in 1939 or today? No, the people have to be conned into going to war for a good cause worth dying for. OK, so that would be the bankers' profits. That's why you're going to war.

As a theory of social organization, socialism conveys the notion that successful societies can be fashioned/arranged through acceptance of the theory or that in some way the theory actually explains something going on naturally. Notice that means of production (technology), distribution (transportation) and exchange (money), are advocated to be in the hands of certain members of society -as stand ins for actual members of any community, who are obviously too stupid to know any better and must be nannied about - and are given the power to rule over us in this way through our democratic consent; the technocratic democratic state. They actually call it legislative democracy, but it doesn't mean that the people have any voice whatsoever as those posts are filled by the technocrats who were all bought and paid for by them and these people actually believe in the system, or do they?

We have described socialism as the evil twin sister of capitalism, therefore:

Capitalism is defined as a noun, a thing, an idea; “an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. Synonyms: free enterprise [sic], private enterprise, the free market; enterprise culture, "the capitalism of emerging nations" antonyms: communism.”

Merging state power with corporate power = fascism. But in reality, what a fascist is allowed to do is FORCE people to the will of the rulers in any way possible, even by insinuating invasions of foreign people who have no stake or understanding of the societies into which they are pushed.

So we obviously contend with this common definition as to us, capitalism is the making of money on money without work, whereas free enterprise, private enterprise, enterprise culture, "the capitalism of emerging nations" all have to do with work to attain profit determined in money terms. Wealth again is that capable of producing income. All wealth that is capable of sustaining a community is its commonwealth. That which each individual has to enable them to provide an income is their innate wealth or their acquired wealth as it may include either tools, education or both. One can acquire wealth by information (education) and by purchase with money.

Wealth, that capable of providing an income may be enhanced by purchasing tools or education/ training with money. However, it would well be to consider the costs when financing the acquisition of either a fancy education or an expensive tool, that the cost is worth the potential income to be gained. Despite all the clamour to the contrary, such caution is only prudent; it may be a far better life strategy to acquire a piece of real estate rather than an educational degree. Obviously it matters just where that real estate is located and in what the degree is taken in.

If one wants to mow lawns for a living or remove fallen leaves, and one acquires the equipment to do these things and knows how to run them and maintain them, and if he is able to be paid over and above all that it costs him to maintain them, then he earns a profit in money terms that exceeds his terms of barter in his favour. Do that enough times and actually do something with each purchase of either information or capital goods (tools, machines, factories) to increase one's wealth (to produce more income) and one could become rich through honest labour. Rich enough for most people anyway.

The issues with socialism are how do communities take care of their own? How was it usually accomplished in the past? Or even what is the goal?

Here's another one we'll throw into the mix; populism is a political position which holds that the virtuous citizens are being mistreated by a small circle of elites, who can be overthrown if the people recognize the danger and work together.

By virtuous citizen would mean anything that can't help but be of good. We doubt this explanation is either clear or realistic. The actual meaning of the virtuous in the above expression is applied to those among the people who earn a living by producing something; a good or service. It is fair to say that a small elite of extremely wealthy individuals DOES in fact take advantage of everyone else, whether we are mistreated in the process or not. In any case, we advocate another position for the virtuous (John and Jane Galts) to take; to walk out of their system and start the process by forming your own, which you can only do among your friends and neighbours first and foremost.

Our answer to state socialism is within the proposal of this blog to build into our monetary system a feature we'll call Natural Socialism since it arises naturally out of obvious mutual benefit among people who actually know each other rather than imposed on any community by some outside FORCE, it will be a socialism that arises among the people who know each other best.

Before we get into that, we reiterate that any ism is an irritant of some sort, an indication of disease. Capitalism is a disease of capital and socialism is a disease of society deliberately caused by capitalism. It is in fact a giant misleading hoax to think that communists overthrew the Czar since it was capitalists who PAID the communists to do what they did and the same power phalanxes that existed then are still at it; in Syria with ambitions to further disrupt and destroy Iran and Russia too, because they intend THEIR monetary system, whether that be by bank credit or precious metals, to rule the world. That has been their stated strategy since at least 1815. They want total control so they determine exactly and precisely who lives and who dies. The only problem with all of this is, that they know the evil they do and THAT will ultimately undo them.

Now about natural socialism and our proposal: Since we believe that giving anyone money for nothing is abhorrent (that's capitalism and socialism), and we are in almost universal agreement with exactly how most people feel, then we consider measures having to do with any “natural socialism” to be temporary. After all, one does not encourage any ism by tolerating it; one seeks a remedy to eventually eliminate it. So we propose to begin by using THEIR methods and numbers until their system fails, and it will too.

What then will millions upon millions of people do when Social Security is not just cut but eliminated? We pledge to help people in the only way we can, by giving them the right to issue their own money for their subsistence until they can attain enough wealth to become more self-sufficient, knowing of course that complete self-sufficiency is at least a pipe dream and at most hides a general misanthropy; the current meme is to set up a dialectic between the “rugged” individualist as opposed to the completely socialized wimp. We frankly doubt the accuracy of this meme and anyway it's from THEM so it has to be scrutinized as if it were a lie on arrival.

In a previous paper, we gave an example of how each state in the US determines by public law what the minimum wage is and by inference what income a standard forty hour work week would produce; the customary payment schedules for any jobs worked at those pay scales. Everyone complains that money is still scarce and well they might complain because as we have also demonstrated, money is not only created/issued, it also dies, is destroyed, never to return. And THAT is key to understanding exactly why new money must flow into the system, else you have an economic failure due to lack of fuel. That's largely why the economic slowdown is being deliberately engineered; through lack of money, economies die and people die along with them. 

What powers the Valun flow? Work! Our system would pay you in Valuns in parallel to what you get in dollars (or anything else) as long as the tax implications are thoroughly understood and you and your employer are both members of your local IE. If you are a public employee the same could happen though the contract would be with your local IE since your government employer would not be allowed to join. You would increase your purchasing power and diversify it to get out of debt so you can walk out on them by paying off all your debts in dollars, etc and living off your Valuns and eventually as you earn more, saving them to acquire bigger and better things which perhaps may enhance your innate wealth. Of course as long as THEIR system lasts, there will be taxes to pay, etc. that must be fully observed; this is not some hair-brained tax dodge scheme. If you ever thought so, please get that notion out of your thinking or leave off reading any further.

But what about public employees? In fact what about retired public employees? Well, at this point governments wouldn't join, but since earning Valuns is always connected with a Labour Contract, instead of it being with some B member business or even another A member, it would be with the IE itself representing the community. You'd submit your paystub and we'd determine in Valuns what it would be each pay period and the same would be true of all retirement payments benefits provided as part of your job.

Of all public employees, we especially think it important to enroll anyone in law enforcement right up the line to even people in high positions within these organizations because we think you in law enforcement are especially vulnerable. If the system fails, we want them on our side with a stake in something that is really ours. After all, most police are members of our families who just needed a job to make it in THEIR system.

As more people find out about this proposal and spread it around and it might be over a fairly short time, as more come aboard, there will be more places to spend your Valuns for things you really need; food, clothing, HOUSING, services, other items, usually in used goods markets first and there will be those who value honest 100% reserve finance that will draw more people into the Valun Exchange Network (VEN) too.

We will have to grow our own new skill sets, develop our innate wealth, practise each day to do what we like to do and can do best, to do it even better the next time, to practise to have fun. To live our lives planning our work time so we can enjoy more our treasure time, the times of our lives.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[6/16/16: Excuse me, but isn't what you say Natural Socialism is, that's just people like in families helping each other do things for barter without money. You're suggesting we use Valuns among ourselves? Jeff, Alberta Canada

Your suggestion would greatly help people understand what money is and does. You could start a project among your extended family and friends using the proposed Valun. Give each of them V200 (200 Valuns) and rather than making it pieces of paper, give each a tiny book into which they'll add and subtract their transactions, just like a mini bank book. Nothing fancy. They're just advised to keep their books with them as that's where their Valuns are recorded. Everyone is supposed to trust each other implicitly that they don't cook their books.

As we've said countless times on this blog, TRUST is at the heart of any and all systems of trade. CONFIDENCE only matters when it concerns the means to split the barter (the money instrument: the willingness to accept it as well as the willingness to spend it). HONESTY is the one quality in any trade for goods or labour which must must ultimately prevail. If you want an end to lies, deceit, thievery, murders, wars, etc. you have to separate yourself from all of that, “come out of her, my people,” and chief among them is learning the virtue of telling the truth.

We also said that it took 3 people to start and each of the three could seek out two more, and each one of those could seek out 2 more, etc. It will soon be clear to everyone that as numbers grow the more useful it would be to have a community ledger and associated tokens; the V-Check (to circulate for six months only, renewable or deposited) and eventually the Exchange note (circulation out to seven years, possibly determined by appreciating assets acquired by each of the local exchanges) except that they would all be the equivalent of V-Checks and of course personal checks.

Now, each Value Unit (Valun) is right now at $2.71 comparable value (6/20/16) so V200 are the equivalent of $542. That should be enough to get started.]

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#0 2015 Unfortunate Truth JFK, 9/11, and Beyond - The World We Live in.

Now all of this has actually been verified by many sources so guess what folks?  A certain perception must be drawn from all of this information: it's all about money, THEIR money, which so far they have used to steal everything from the rest of us.  We consider it this way: there is nothing to do but walk away from them, stop supporting them, stop making them relevant at all.  Stop accepting their money because you'd rather be paid in your own and there are others who produce things that want only their own money in return.  Are you interested in your own money yet?  We think you will be.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#87 Precious Metals Prices & Proposed Valuns

I was recently asked to respond to how a proposed Valun would be affected by the idea from Jim Willie that the price of gold and silver might be set by the Chinese in their markets and that in such cases they'd price gold at $3,000 / oz and silver at $50 an ounce.

Gold at $3,000 spot exceeds the inception price of gold. But we'd want our bid price which would be 25% above spot or $3,750 which would under our rules provide a new inception point for all Valuns. Each Valun would begin at the new inception at $3.75 and if the gold price keeps going up, so does the Valun. What happens if gold in dollars is priceless? Then the dollar is worthless, simple as that. It will have become worthless as money long before that happens.

Similar figures would occur for silver. At $50 an ounce spot we get a bid price at $62.50 and divided by 3.75 = 16.67 Valuns per oz of silver at inception. I trust all of you see how that is done.

The proposal is not based on commodities or commodities markets because we allow THEM to determine all that while it lasts. We accept that precious metals are still THEIR money. We have a proposal based on an INCEPTION TRANSACTION instead of any commodity which THEY determine the value thereof in THEIR money, all of which THEY treat as commodities, so that THEIR speculators can continue their con games robbing the rest of the general public through THEIR massive speculation schemes. All of that business is capitalism NOT free enterprise. In fact to prove the point, it's exceedingly difficult for the average man or woman to set themselves up as any kind of market maker or stock jobber or any other capitalist. Why? Because you aren't rich, that's why. It's that obvious.

The proposed inception transaction is $2,160 = 1 oz of gold on Nov 2, 2011. That made each Valun = $2.16 at inception. In order to purchase the same purchasing power you'd have to pay the difference in gold or silver prices. That means that since inception the proposed Valun's fair trade has risen. Right now at 6/1/16 it's back up to $2.81.

Now, what happens when gold is set to $3,000 an oz.? First of all, will it stay there or rise to as high as $6,000/oz of $10,000/oz.? We presume that would the price of gold ever get that high, that the dollar would be finished by then. What would we do? We'd choose a higher transaction level involving gold and perhaps some other national currency, whichever becomes the strongest. Riegel would certainly have agreed as he was certain at his time that the US dollar had become the legitimate strongest currency and his Valun would have been based on a dollar at its lowest point in the inflation cycle or he would have chosen another currency.

In any case, ours would always be based on gold and if there was any gold backed currency around, it would be based on their highest point in transaction trading activity at a point showing the highest price for gold. Again if that price becomes priceless in that money, that money will have become worthless, etc. We acknowledge that gold and silver are commodities worth some thing, but as Riegel maintained, we're never exactly sure what that value is. Therefore we choose a transaction to base our money rather than any commodity of it which we regard as frankly beside the point, as we regard with contempt and some venom the notion that money retains its value by being made deliberately scarce by some cabal of bankers.

The reason the proposed Valun will preserve its purchasing power is that it is designed to do so. Any lingering sentiment that puts forth the worthless and contemptible idea that money is some sort of lake of potential liquidity that can affect any and all prices as a commodity pricing all other commodities is frankly a mistaken view of money.

Rather it can be proved that money arises from someone buying something whether a government or a human being, and that money is all borrowed from a bank earning money on it in the form of taxes (that's right they go to the bankers first) and that as money travels around it eventually buys things which can no longer be resold for what they were bought for and in that process money actually dies. In the natural depreciation process more and more money dies and requires replenishment which under the present order produces more debt from usury extracting that eleventh marble (the actual cancer) until the host economy finally dies for lack of money since it has all died out of the system. Then of course the money itself buys less and less until it in turn dies. What do those holding a lot of it end up with? Would gold save them? If it really becomes priceless, maybe. But the rest of us produce food and what would we want for our food in THEIR gold? You see what happens? This is a merry-go-round.

This explains by the way exactly why the Monsanto GMO project was of banker origin; they want to control the food supply for “the masses.” They assume they will survive on something else despite their products ruining the natural environment. They don't care and have never really cared. Nature will ultimately take its course. But meanwhile, we should pursue, “come out of her, my people” and take back our own fiat and issue our own money and begin using it among ourselves.

Should the proposed inception need to be raised, it will never be lowered by design, it would involve the new transaction at a higher level, always based on gold and some other of THEIR money and always tied to a date in TIME. From then on, fair trade determines the present value of that initial transaction. If the initial price of a Valun rises from $2.16 to $3.75 if gold goes to $3,000/oz then tell me which is better to want to earn, save or use in trade, dollars or Valuns? Lots of people will begin to see things our way if that happens.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit 

[6/2/16: OK then if gold reaches $10,000 an oz. what the Chinese say they may base their new gold backed money on, what would the Valun be in dollars? Clint

It's acceptable bid price is $12,500 assuming we could even get our hands on any gold at that price, and hence V1 = $12.50 at inception, whatever date is chosen. That would be very heavy money with prices very much lower than any of us would be used to. V-checks might even be issued for example as V1, V1/2, V1/4, V1/8 with the V1/8 being $1.56.]