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#120: A Conversation with JZ

This entry might have something to do with A Conversation or it might cover other related topics. It began with a conversation I had with someone we'll call JZ, who has decided that blockchain is nifty and the way to go and that Bitcoin in particular is destined to become the new world currency. Yes, the New World Order currency, which is just the Old World Order attempting to survive the tsunami heading its way. So I began in this way ...

Whatever it is, Bitcoin, etc. is just some more of THEIR money to take our attention off of ourselves where the true wealth resides.

Why did I say that? Because wealth, to us must provide an income or it isn't wealth, just stuff, mostly depreciating stuff at that, unless it's perhaps fine art or something in a similar category. Very little stuff actually appreciates in value, rises in price relative to everything else.

But I also reminded JZ that contrary to anything and everything else you might have heard, there is no value outside human will and effort (labor). Anything that has been done or will be done requires human effort or will to accomplish and that's where the income comes in. To those with the greatest marketable skills relative to everyone else goes most of the income. Let's pause for a moment and reflect on the many occupations that do require skills but produce nothing. There are a lot of those in a dying economy, where far too few have far too much of that key tool required to provide a basis for building and making wealth, money. No redistribution scheme using the same money will accomplish anything as history proves again and again. All of the money anyone uses is THEIRS which is why we need our own. We don't even want any more of THEIR money, we do not covet it, because THEIR money will never be suitable to us for a number of reasons that may come to light during this conversation.

So I rhetorically asked, whether I have to educate the entire world how they have been brainwashed? Yes, apparently I do as nobody else seems willing to point out the obvious.

Let's begin with the internet. Yes, you're reading this using it, but the internet belongs to THEM and not to us. Were we to be able to rescue the internet from THEM, it would still be a series of tools that promote a worldwide view of things, when the local, the regional, the state and national affairs are far more important and affect each of us individually far more. So our proposed alternative, parallel monetary system doesn't have anything to do with the internet. It isn't ours, we want our own and we don't need the internet to provide ourselves with what we need. 

I reminded JZ that all the money that we have ever used all of our lives belongs to THEM not to us. The idea that we are self-governing at all is a lie and a myth. It is all based on the bankers dialectic of either their credit or their gold. All the precious metals belong to THEM. THEY control the mines the mints and the markets.

This has nothing to do with anything political. There is no political solution to an issue that deals with free enterprise and what we want to accomplish in our own lives. This issue is about us, you and I and countless millions around the world, billions actually, who presently have no access to the internet and don't want any! I think that bears repeating; there are presently millions out there who hate computers, hate digital technology, have always felt intimidated by it and regard it as an affront to their personal aspirations. The scale turned away from the human to the machine is NOT acceptable to the vast majority and will never be accepted by most worldwide.

But these people certainly know what any paper money represents and how it works. Unfortunately, and it's just about time everyone learn, a monetary system is nothing more than an accounting machine with the tokens representing the tokens in the game of trade.

Each one of you is worth something and in order to get a new monetary system off the ground, each will be given an account with the ability to issue 200 international standard value units (Valuns). Some of you who have retired will be able to issue far more Valuns from the start because these members of society have already contributed more than those who started out and have been short-changed by the present system in any case. We would take care of part of the restoration of their wealth by recognizing their pensions, etc. right back to Valun inception on November 2, 2011. By the time this gets off the ground, enough time will have elapsed since then that some of these members will be able to issue a lot of Valuns. This is where the stores of potential financing potential spring from.

So, what could you do if you had the resources? What is holding us back? What has been secretly determining the basis of our lives for a long time? It's all THEIR money stupid! That's just a reminder as we're all brainwashed into thinking that the money in our accounts is really ours. It isn't and it says right on all of it to whom it belongs. Is your name Federal Reserve? Thought not.

Entreating others to get into some blockchain monstrosity that nobody wants to use doesn't change a damn thing! What is required is that we get together and get organized, away from all this technology and the internet, none of which we own. we need our own monetary system so that we need not be bothered with THEM, and that's part of the message too. “Come out of her, my people or suffer for her crimes.” 

Suit yourself, but blockchain is nothing new, can't be used by the vast majority and does not eliminate banks or bankers ELSE WHY WOULD THE SPECULATORS BE FORCING THE PRICES OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES UP AND DOWN? .Some of you people need to get some common sense, like those who sponsor Trade Genius or Noble Gold, etc. It's all THEIRS not OURS. We need our own. Nothing else will do. BTW, we have less problem with Noble Gold than Trade Genius. Were this project to get going, we'd expect to be dealing with Noble Gold and any other precious metals dealer to satisfy any of our member's demands for more Valuns based on our requirement that they be paid for in comparable value in gold or silver, the only money of THEIRS that any independent local Valun exchange would accept for our Valuns.

JZ responded:

Yes it does have to do with you not trusting certain politicians because if what you say is true, then you are saying that these politicians are only giving us the "illusion" that we are shaking off the cabal and gaining freedom from global control, which then blends in with all the people who believe these politicians are actually deep state. We don't know a fraction of the plan. Is there such a thing as free energy? Is there such a thing as not relying on an electrical grid vulnerable to attack? What was that WW wave some months ago that traveled the entire world? I choose to trust the plan even though I don't quite understand everything about it. IMHO the last thing we need are groups of people thinking they have a better plan than these politicians.

JZ still imagines that money, our money not THEIRS, has anything to do with politics. It doesn't. It has to do with us, not some government that claims to be ruing us justly or otherwise. A monetary system needs to be easily understood. The Valun is. It has to use technology that everyone knows how to use. Our proposal does that. It has to be non-political because earning a living is not a matter of one's politics and politics should have as little to do with ordinary trade among ourselves as possible.

JZ then thanked me and dismissed me. I'm used to it. So I replied:

Thank-you for not questioning my patriotism. I am still following certain politicians.

Most I have long since discarded as corrupt individuals performing roles on behalf of the real unseen rulers. So I said that I had worked for the Federal Reserve and IBM and know what I know about money and was given my assignment by a mentor, now passed on, who told me that the present monetary system was inherently evil, would not survive and that the people who run it are unspeakably evil and their deeds will be exposed. There is nothing that can be done accept to return to national economies, far more economic redundancy and far smaller units of scale. We either go that way or billions will starve. Frankly weather conditions don't look very good right now.

But here's the real truth, and I am writing it in caps so you get it. When it comes to money, IF YOU OR I DIDN'T ISSUE IT, IT AIN'T OURS! And if it ain't ours, it belongs to someone else who has STOLEN THE RIGHT TO ISSUE MONEY FROM US. Now, follow me: the 1st amendment guarantees freedom of speech, press and assembly as long as we don't advocate sedition or treason. That includes our right to contract, to organize and to print and use our own money. If we don't have that right, as most think we don't right now, then WE ARE THE ECONOMIC SLAVES OF EVERYONE WHO IS ISSUING THEIR MONEY. Wake up! I'm glad you are doing what you are doing. We need our own money back, the colonies issued their own money before the Revolution which led the British to go to war against us to replace it, which THEY did. THEY never expected to lose the American Revolution either. So THEY never gave up until the 3rd time, the Federal Reserve, and THEY still won't, because most Americans didn't know that the Constitution itself was THEIR agreement with us to have THEIR money rule over us, so THEY in Britain, could continue to rule and rob us, and most would never guess. So now, we have cryptocurrencies which use old mainframe software (blockchain isn't new) and are really controlled by the people who invented it deep within the intel / banking establishment, and we are supposed to believe that this is something for us? Sorry I'm not buying any of it because I know the truth. If politicians want to feint that way, I'm sure they know what they're doing, except for money. One in a thousand know what the real basis of money is, and it is not gold or silver.

Well THEIRS may be, but a labor contract under our proposed rules allows a member of our exchanges to issue money. Everything in the proposed system is based on simple contracts. If any contract is too complicated to understand, it's probably crooked.

JZ replies:

Sounds like you had a wise mentor, knew about the cabal and the control they had on our money supply/lives. I wish you could see what I see with this bitcoin. How else can you keep another entity from controlling our money supply unless it's something like bitcoin that "can't" be controlled? 

I used to believe that measurements of money supply meant something until I took a good hard look at depreciation of assets and put it all together. Bitcoin, etc. are all based on the commodity theory of money which says that all money itself is a commodity and that its quantity all by itself figures in price inflation. One reason Riegel stands out is that he saw right through this. If you use a commodity as your universal measure of value then as it becomes scarce, its price rises, as it becomes abundant, it's price falls. That's like trying to build a house with a ruler that changes measurement every day. THAT right there condemns ALL commodities based money to long term demise. Oh? But gold and silver are always around as people hoard it. Sure and if it becomes priceless none of it circulates. So instead we based our proposed money on something that does not change because it has already happened.

A Valun is equal to a thousandth of an ounce of gold bullion at the close of business on 11/2/11. On that date, you could have held an ounce of gold bullion in your hand for $2,160. A thousandth of that is $2.16 which is the Valun at inception. But today, 7/9/19, that same ounce of gold has fallen in price to $1,397.50 spot and our rules say that we're able to bid $1,746.88 to hold an ounce of gold. It turns out that the same unchanged unit of purchasing power is now worth $2.57 in fair trade. That's 19% above inception. We require more gold now to buy the unchanging unit of purchasing power established on 11/2/11.

JZ continues:

No cabal can ever control bitcoin! That's the beauty of it!  

I'm calling instant BS on all of this! OF COURSE Bitcoin, etc. are controlled by some cabal, they were NOT issued by any of us and are stooge stand ins for the real thing which must ultimately spring forth from us. Why is money supply less important? Because not all units of money participate in bidding for every sale, that's why. Economists like to pretend that they know something when often they either don't or are just keeping up the illusion that the present monetary system is sound, sane, fair or natural when it is almost none of these. I assure you, an application of a software technique that started the virtual use of mainframe computers back in the late 60's early 70's is only going to appeal to THEM and believe me, THEY have already figured out how THEY will control and benefit from it, because that's the nature of all commodity based money. The proposed Valun is based on a single transaction that defined a specific unit of unchanged purchasing power at inception on 11/2/11. That's why we call it an international standard value unit, because it is more like a unit of distance measurement that doesn't change, than the changing contents of a pail of water.

JZ prattles on, as if she is trying to convince me otherwise:  

Except our minds have a hard time comprehending that.

NOPE: money is not that complicated. It's a set of accounts with various tokens representing flows in or out of said accounts and that is all! Intrinsic value of the tokens? Says who? Some speculators making plenty of THEIR money on THEIR money without contributing a thing to production of goods or services. Intrinsic value of money is both a lie and a fraud practiced now for many thousands of years. It's about time we did something completely different. But JZ says,

Greenspan & the white hats knew what they wanted. They created a system that cannot fall into "anyone's" hands to be controlled. I think in the early stages [they] might have been able to take it down. But now? It's on auto pilot and nothing can stop it. Nothing...;)

I responded: I'm not about to consider Greenspan a white hat. Nor is it likely that someone dreamed up some better machine to prevent the money supply from being increased. The only purpose for blockchain would be to process transactions anonymously and without possibility of being hacked. But that's why bitcoin exists, to support activities that most of us want stopped. If blockchain networks were sending the proposed international standard value unit or Valun instead of the FAKE SCARCE COMMODITY model represented by Bitcoin etc then it would be a good telecom improvement. But we still don't need it and it doesn't belong to us. Everybody is going to have to face the fact that public corporations and banks are largely irresponsible organizations that care nothing about anybody locally and focus all their attention on the biggest deals they can possibly negotiate. I honestly believe that some politicians are attempting to keep as much of the system alive as they can through a transition that will see the too-big-to-fail organizations either broken up or dissolved entirely. You can use any basis you like, many of these big organizations are bankrupt and will never recover. Meanwhile the real economy that always matters is the local economy, the state economy, the national economy, not international trade. 

Besides all of this, I contend along with E C Riegel that any money that is not issued by a producer is illegitimate. It still works as money, but it is illegitimate. Anything illegitimate is fake and will ultimately fail. When a Valun is issued, it is always based on work. The person who worked wants the barter for their work and issues the Valuns to barter among the community of Valun traders for his needs. 

Parenthetically, another BIG source of confusion concerns settlement of barter. Whole barter is trade without money. If money is used, barter doesn't go away, money splits the barter between buyer and seller allowing for far wider ranges of exchange.

The Valun he issues circulates among Valun accounts until someone pays less for anything than it originally sold for in Valuns and in this depreciation process, Valuns are eliminated from the accounting and are destroyed, gone forever, never to return. That's what happens to all money: it is issued by someone, in our case by a central bank, is spent into the economy by the government and circulates among dollar users until someone pays less for something than it cost brand new, depreciation occurs and those dollars disappear never to return. Depreciation of assets is a natural break against inflation, but since the issuance is illegitimate and so is the spending, great diseconomies to scale always result.  The government does not deserve to be the first time spender in any economy, because no government produces anything we wouldn't better buy from a producer. 

So there's a lot of deliberate disinformation out there. Most economics is bunk. They never really deal with depreciation, their view of money as a scarce commodity only benefits speculators, which explains why cryptocurrencies bounce up and down all the time. The proposed Valun will never fall below $2.16 nor rise above $4.32 and is immune from speculation. The basis of the Valun is a transaction that has already happened that we take the present value of each day. The only people who care about money supply are money lenders.

We could have a gold backed dollar, we had that during the Great Depression and it didn't work. We could substitute a fake commodity like bitcoin and anyone off the internet would be out of luck. We need our own money that we issue and actually belongs to us. We can set up a system using off the shelf open source technology that keeps everything off the internet, which is not ours, and allows us to preserve our privacy, 4th amendment. The government only need know our taxable income so we can pay our taxes, in THEIR money of course, until the income tax is abolished as income taxes are a detriment to wealth and under the progressive tax, penalize the most productive. Getting the government out of the money business is really the only way forward to regain our freedom.

David Burton

Saturday, June 29, 2019

#119.1: 1900 or The Last President by Ingersoll Lockwood

Every now and then, another piece of literature gains wider attention and has something to say with relevance to this blog's proposal, though of course that wasn't the author's original purpose. We'll get to that too. Ayn Rand's John Galt speech, was similarly critiqued, so that everyone interested in this blog's proposal and our perspective could review it, as this was another piece of literature that had something to say to us about our enemies (yes, we certainly have THEM, every bit as much as every predator has its prey) as well as something to say about ourselves. Anyone who has bothered to read our take on Rand would certainly be surprised how we see it, I promise. Go ahead, it's part of your continuing real education.

So, since this is a spoiler piece; if you don't want to know what this short piece of historical literature is about, I suggest you take the time to read it first. After all, it's under 50 pages. We'll describe the action of this piece and how and why it is relevant to our proposal. This is the first episode, so expect a few more to get this piece covered. 

1900 or The Last President was a 48 page pamphlet that was copyright 1906 by Ingersoll Lockwood, of the New York Bar (he was a lawyer) and was printed by the American News Company in New York in a slim red cloth bound volume that sold for ten cents. It consists of ten chapters spanning its 48 pages. 

Garret A Hobart
Before the action begins, there is a quote by Garret A Hobart. Hobart was the 24th vice president of the United States, serving from 1897 until his death in 1899. The President was William McKinley, the 25th under the Constitution of 1787. It ran as follows: 

The Chicago Platform assumes, in fact, the form of a revolutionary propaganda. It embodies a menace of national disintegration and destruction.” 

Hobart is saying that the Chicago Platform = revolutionary propaganda. 

Revolutionary propaganda = going round and round with deliberate lies to the general public, bamboozling while going round and round. Believe me folks, there is no political solution to what this blog's proposal addresses. 

William Jennings Bryan
The Chicago Platform turns out to be the planks adopted in 1896 in Chicago by the Democratic Party, who ran William Jennings Bryan for President against Hobart's Republican President, William McKinley, who six months into his second term was assassinated. That was in 1901. By then, Hobart himself had died in office (in 1899) and been replaced by Theodore Roosevelt, who would become the 26th President. So William Jennings Bryan is the pivotal character in Lockwood's short fiction; in it, he is elected President of the United States in 1900, from whence the title derives. So it's easy to see this piece as a political tract clearly featuring the hated Bryan as the country's last president. 

There were many proposals in this Chicago platform that would seem ridiculously socialist to most of us, like nationalization of all railroads. But further research into the political movement Bryan represented reveals this from Britanica, which of course will suffer my usual cautions: 

Throughout the 1880s local political action groups known as Farmers’ Alliances sprang up among Middle Westerners and Southerners, who were discontented because of crop failures, falling prices, and poor marketing and credit facilities. Although it [sic] [they] won some significant regional victories, the alliances generally proved politically ineffective on a national scale. Thus in 1892 their leaders organized the Populist, or People’s Party, and the Farmers’ Alliances melted away. While trying to broaden their base to include labour and other groups, the Populists remained almost entirely agrarian-oriented. They demanded an increase in the circulating currency (to be achieved by the unlimited coinage of silver), a graduated income tax, government ownership of the railroads, a tariff for revenue only, the direct election of U.S. senators, and other measures designed to strengthen political democracy and give farmers economic parity with business and industry. 

In 1892 the Populist presidential candidate, James B. Weaver, polled 22 electoral votes and more than 1,000,000 popular votes. By fusing with the Democrats in certain states, the party elected several members to Congress, three governors, and hundreds of minor officials and legislators, nearly all in the northern Middle West. In the South, however, most farmers refused to endanger white supremacy by voting against the Democratic Party. Additional victories were won in the 1894 midterm election, but in 1896 the Populists allowed themselves to be swept into the Democratic cause by their mutual preoccupation with the Free Silver Movement. The subsequent defeat of Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan signaled the collapse of one of the most challenging protest movements in the U.S. since the Civil War. Some of the Populist causes were later embraced by the Progressive Party.” 

OK, so you notice the things that caught my attention. We have heard the term populism of late. We said recently that populism is essentially that the average person should not be held down or prevented from exercising his/her natural right to free PRIVATE enterprise by some elite with special interests above the average person. Our argument with respect to this and THEIR money is that precisely due to how it is issued, it represents a STOLEN FIAT from those regular folks like us, by a group of long time organized criminals, call them what you will, the Deep State perhaps, or as we have identified THEM, as Mystery Babylon, yes, the last Beast empire before Shiloh comes. 

Yes. But to continue, clearly Garret Hobart was not a populist in the sense the framers of the Chicago platform had outlined it, in terms of promises of government policy. We consider that the author, Ingersoll Lockwood, wasn't one either. Both men and others were aware of what the Farmers’ Alliances wanted; affordable insurance against crop failures, some control over farm prices, and better marketing and credit facilities. Transportation costs figured into it too, which is why farmers went to other forms of transport as soon as they became available. Getting free of rail transport meant that farmers usually got better prices and greater control over the timing of delivery geared to the exigencies of the harvest rather than to railroad schedules. 

Many of these changes developed over the years, so that large enough farmers could become more productive over the long haul. It has traditionally been production unpredictability associated with agriculture that has been the basis of a natural friction between farmers and financiers. Finance likes stability and predictability and anything that makes the unknowns of agriculture easier to predict has driven standardization, hybridization, GMO's, etc. ultimately by those specializing in financing farmers. 

The goal of these financiers has been to predict what the prices of agricultural commodities would be out into the future based on projected crop yields. The farmer's insurance in part is covered by his participation in the buying and selling of futures contracts or derivatives on them. Prices are determined based on product yield and market size. Supposedly, the wider the market, the fewer price fluctuations over the widest area. 

As usual, we'd prefer to take the small farmer's side of things; to produce what one can and offer it for sale locally, but use our own money rather than THEIRS to do it and only collect in THEIR money what is required in taxes, where relevant. One would get relatively anonymous transactions using our V-Checks and the sources would all be local and redundant so that variety and freshness are promoted. Always organic, of course and heirloom seeds and their gathering would be encouraged. All we need do is set up every small producer as a series of accounts within the locally owned and truly democratically run Valun exchange system and perhaps a few would purchase ads that would be seen on the backs of our V-Checks. 

Countless other branches of ordinary human activity can be facilitated in organized to operate this way. But notice, our proposal does not require any state action or responsibilities, nor does it require any bank. None of our exchanges will ever loan anyone money so they aren't banks. Rental fees for the rent of money over the usual terms of bills, notes and bonds always paid up front from existing money are determined by those finance businesses organized outside the local exchanges to carry on such businesses all as private enterprise capitalist concerns, which cannot engage in any share selling as that creates limited liability and absentee ownership, both to be eliminated from our monetary system. Likewise, absolutely none of them may ever rent out any money that they do not have. Call it a 100% reserve system if you like. We will not tolerate special privileges for those who may be able to make money on their money without work, which is capitalism, over the rights of the rest of us who are actively engaged in providing actual goods and services to the general public through our free and PRIVATE enterprise. 

If we are advocating a parallel monetary system to THEIRS, and we are, every bit as much of a natural right as some people seem to think access to healthcare is, then we are aware of the very structurally fluid nature of labor is at the moment. There are plenty of freelancers out there, all of whom should look into and champion drives to enroll as many of their own members as possible. 

This is about moving away from THEM (usual suspects) and THEIR systems of manipulation, control and predatory consumption and accepting another system that one uses as well as THEIRS until THEIRS in all its varied brands, is discredited and fails. While we're at it, we develop our own networks of supply and detail that do not use the internet, or rely on it, do not use cell phones, and renew what we are always on the point of losing; that meaningful face to face human contact. Here's something else we're gong to have to face; there is s limit to digitalization and that limit is fast approaching. More people want OUT of THEIR system and have nowhere to imagine themselves but in some kind of perpetual nomad existence or perhaps end up homeless in some disease infested inner city. Only the return of sensible “brick and mortar” arrangements is going to matter long term and after THEY and THEIRS are gone. Say what one will, one can only defy Nature so long and most every “too big to fail” organization is already running out of balance with the “diminishing returns to scale” law that proportions every activity to its optimal sizes. Until next time. Best. 

David Burton 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

#0: Plans Exposed, LBJ, documents, Deborah Tavares & Sarah Westall

Plans Exposed, LBJ, documents, Deborah Tavares & Sarah Westall 

This is the third interview in a series. The information covered, that we expect more people know about, explains much about what we are all experiencing as parts of the whole model of absolute control by those who have no business proposing or implementing what is transpiring. Why are THEY succeeding? Because THEY have control of all of the money that everyone uses. It's THEIR money, stupid! Yes, including precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Until we have our own money, and even then, we will be at THEIR mercy; not a very good place to be. Pay attention to what Deborah Tavares has to say. Those of us who have not lost our individual perceptions and ability to reason from facts, will be taking action. We will REJECT the weaponization of everything for the most reprobate and evil purposes of the evil people at the top of THEIR pyramid. Those who know more cannot sleep. Understood? THEY will be exposed and this planned genocide of most of us cannot ultimately succeed without taking THEM down too. In fact, all THEIR schemes will be stopped very suddenly and all THEIR plans shall be ruined and THEY will come to ultimate justice fairly soon. How do we know? The really informed study history, know who we are and what time it is.

Check out more of Deborah Tavares at and 

Deborah's two previous interviews with Sarah Westall are:
Plans Exposed, CIA & President Johnson Documents w/ Deborah Tavares (1of3)
Plans Exposed, CIA & President Johnson Documents w/ Deborah Tavares (2of3)

I was reminded to restate just exactly who we have always identified as THEY; globalists, bankers (especially the international variety, but they are all part of an essentially rotten system), elitists, technocrats, satanists (those who believe they have a right to use other people as their prey), pedophiles, scribes (chiefly the MSM or other mob or clown operated media) and Pharisees (chiefly politicians aligned with the rest, especially their esquires; lawyers, etc.). 

Is our proposal political?  It is only so because there is no political solution to what is essentially an economic and human rights issue; the right to free enterprise and the money issuing means to make that freedom possible.  THEY have THEIR agendas, which is why THEY have been so successful, while the rest of us usually have little or no interest in politics except to watch it as one watches a dangerous predator when one is engaged in productive enterprise. 

Therefore alignment with THEM is like admitting one's own slavery or committing suicide, taking yourself, your family, your children, your societies and cultures with it too.  We want ourselves, our children, our countries and societies back from THEM.  Unfortunately for THEM, THEIR monetary system is nearing its inbevitable fate, discreditation and collapse, just as happened many times before.  What is THEIR chief weapon?  It's DEBT to THEM, built in as USURY, the taking back as interest from that which was never issued.  Everything else hangs on that one simple mathematical error and no, there is no way to have an HONEST monetary system without its removal.  It's the matter of paying rent for borrowing something, in this case money.  Notice how the goal isn't to save or get away with spending less.  Nowadays you are being talked into attaining a higher "credit score" allowing you to get yourself deeper in debt to THEM.  If you work for THEM in any way shape or form, you are on notice that when THEY fail, you too shall be painted with whatever brush painted THEM.  Your very first goal should be to stop participating in your own demise.  It's time to get up and get out before you can't or wont because THEY have already captured you and you shall not get free of THEM.  It's what THEY want not what you want and believe me, unless you are a predator yourself, you wont stand much of a chance against THEM.  What were we told?  We were told to leave the present system behind as it is surely doomed and this next time, it will be forever.  "Come out of her, my people," etc.  Getting it yet?  Best.     

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

#118 Significance of Tony Robbins' 2012 analysis

2012 US Budget Spending with Tony Robbins

The other day, I went to the post office and saw another buy 10 first class stamps for $5.50 or $.55 apiece and happened to recall when five cents would have sent a first class letter anywhere in the country and I saw one more instance of inflation. Then tonight, my sister showed me this Tony Robbins video. Now, say what you like about Robbins, but his clear analysis of our present monetary situation indicates exactly what E C Riegel identified as the cause of inflation; unbacked government spending, watering down the purchasing power of each successive dollar. And it doesn't work any differently in any other modern country that has adopted the central bank STOLEN fiat model for issuing money. We can count on endless taxes and endless public debt. We have already indicated that approximately 97% of all financial assets rests in the hands of perhaps 2% of the people. We guarantee you that none of these people ever has to work a day in their lives. They live from making money on money without work, which we have identified as capitalism. E. C. Riegel identified free PRIVATE enterprise as the goal to be served, else he would have called one of his books Capitalist Money instead.  They are NOT the same things at all.   THEY (the usual scoundrels) needed something to ensure that THEY would always remain in control, so THEY invented socialism, always the state variety, and it has been used ever since as a consolation prize to the people in return for the capitalistic gobbling up of businesses, inventions and resources into ever larger corporations which have long since ceased to be efficient to scale operations – lots of dead weight – and have become “too big to fail” because if and when they do fail, there will be hell to pay.

This blog's answer is simple; NONE of THEIR money is OUR money and therefore we need our own. You may have been searching for the answer, and this is it.  We begin with a standard of value measurement that does not change because it has already happened. It happened at the close of business on November 2, 2011 (11-2-2011) when one could purchase an ounce of gold bullion for $2,160. We divide that by a thousand and we arrive at $2.16 for each of our international standard value units or Valuns, just what Riegel called them.  No Valun will ever trade for less than $2.16.

We determine what the present value of a Valun is by determining what the current close of gold happens to be and we get $2.73 today (4/18/19) for that same unit of purchasing power. That's 26% above Valun inception. What happens should the price of gold fall? The Valun will go up in value. As the price of gold rises, it may rise above $2,160 an ounce. Then a new inception value, higher than the last, never lower, is adopted and all Valuns in existence at that time rise in value. We simply wont take less for one than we demand, based on our design. All commodities speculation stays outside our monetary system and is only allowed to take consideration when we are determining what prices should be in Valuns for something comparable in any of THEIR money.

We have further determined to rid our monetary system of some of THEIR oldest tricks to steal purchasing power from everyone else. We demand that all rent for money be paid up front. Can you imagine taking possession of a place to live without paying the rent up front? So it shall be for all money in our system. Nobody gets to loan money they don't have, so that eliminates all fractional reserve lending. Nobody gets to charge rent on rent for money either, as is done in all compounding of interest schemes. It is bad enough that THEIR system always demands back money that was never issued. This guarantees a built in scarcity and opens all businesses to the liability of a "musical chairs" economy and economics.

The Valun eliminates all of this and earning them will provide an adequate savings base for building our own businesses and eventually the purchase of all hard assets. We are pledged to provide our own land registry to be handled in Valuns. Eventually, the professionals we attract will begin to expose the terrific fraud of THEIR land registries. We will want to know in detail exactly who owns the land and resources in all of our countries and if it isn't we the people, then we will have recourse to means outside the purview of this blog's proposal to consider. Presumably we will all begin to understand better the terrific grip that THEY hold upon us in every conceivable way.
The road ahead has always been the same. It will take WILL to accomplish this. IVES, the proposed international Valun exchange society, comes first. It will be a simple, for profit, subject to local taxation, organization, in which each member has a vote as an owner. It's job is to sponsor the formation of franchise organizations that take care of local accounting - not in any way connected to the internet - for each geographical area covered. Will any of our exchanges ever seek to use blockchain?  Not in the way the cryptocurrencies work.  For secure packet transactions between exchanges?  Perhaps, but ALL the accounting still rests on the local hardcopy and equipment at each location.  Privacy is our first responsibility in accordance with the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution.  Each local exchange will be a simple for profit, tax paying, organization in which each of its A members is an owner. IVES will also determine the daily rates of exchange for the Valun, not just in dollars, but eventually in any and all of THEIR money. 

What everyone wants is a return to cash instruments freely and anonymously exchanged. Our V-Checks provide this and the number of them, their variety of design, etc will defy easy counterfeiting. And yes, they may resemble what used to be known as traveler's checks.  All of them will identify back to the member cash accounts of each exchange, so the money is always in accounts and the accounting for transfers is done locally while maintaining a single worldwide ledger for all member transactions.  [7/15/19: These cash accounts belong to the members of each exchange not to the business entity each exchange will represent.  Each business always has its own asset cash account, separately from all other business and subject to the rules and laws defining each kind of business entity.  The transaction fees would flow into each exchange's own cash account, not into the member owned cash account each exchange will maintain, with oversight when required by IVES.]

We start with each A member, a natural person 18 years or older with legal right of domicile and two other A member sponsors. Each A member pays a V1 per year dues (in THEIR money, until THEIRS is no more) and is given an account with V200 in it. We have described how issuance is separated from income so that local taxes can be determined. All taxes must of course be paid in THEIR money. This is not a tax dodge.

Purchase of Valuns will be allowed A members only, no B member business may purchase Valuns because no B member business can issue Valuns. When an A member brings in money to buy Valuns, it shall be understood that this money has already been taxed. No exchange will have anything to do with a member's tax delinquency and will submit the required forms indicating the taxes owed on all income from Valuns. This is not a tax dodge.

Further, no Valun will be sold for any of THEIR money except precious metals because this is not a money laundry. For instance someone may buy Valuns knowing that the price of gold will fall, and were we to allow it, once the Valun reached a new high, would cash out his Valuns for some of THEIR money. This is not a money laundry. We will not be able to maintain funds in THEIR money to cover any such eventualities. The Valun is intended to serve as the rock bottom of all the money in existence; once THEIRS fails, ours will be the only one left. Understood?

Robbins has given adequate proof whether he knew it or not, for exactly why we need our own money going forward. But something else seems to be required and it has nothing to do with money as a human invention enabling us to split our barter, since barter never goes away. It is this, that every economy requires the interaction of people, that it is not we as separate entities that matters as much as our recognition of others' talents, others' gifts, others' contributions, that make an economy, a society, a civilization. There has to be HEART for all of it in each and every future member of what actually becomes the missing half of the tremendous awakening taking place around the world. For none of us needs to be poor, none of us needs the constant threat of war, none of us need starve to death either, for lack of THEIR money. Please read the rest of this blog. It presents a compendium to understand the depth and breadth of this proposal. Separately, it is difficult to continue anything that requires many many people to accomplish. The exchange of time, talent, energies, everything, involves money. We are nearly done with THEIRS and THEM. Why should we EVER again accept that THEY can do for us what we should have been doing for ourselves all along? Because we have been fooled for a very very long time. But eventually it will be impossible to fool all of the people all of the time. Best.

David Burton