Saturday, September 24, 2016

#97: Awakening the Deluded Masses

Yes, I know, I used one of those dreaded words, the “masses,” the words THEY use for us. But most people out there are completely unaware of where they actually are in the scheme of things.

This was from Dennis and covered so many subjects, that I decided to use it to make some vital points:

The current debt is bogus----no financial consideration was offered by the so-called lenders who created the currency ex nihilo only when some party (sucker or serf) signed a promissory note to a member of the banking cartel. 

The debt he's talking about is the Federal “public” debt. The government exchanges bonds (debt instruments) for the money issued through government spending. The government, not you or I, thus decides to buy what THEY want, not what you or I want, and they get to do it “on our dime,” as they say, because we are not only on the hook for the principal spent, we must pay back from uncreated money, an interest rate to the bankers.

The central bankers are the ultimate power in today's world power system – Mystery Babylon, the mystery being that they are not perceived to be the actual power - and all wars are based on the struggle at the top to remain in power. The central bank for the US government (as it's “best credit risk” customer, therefore its perpetual debt slave), the Federal Reserve, created that money out of nothing, by fiat, out of nothing, ex nihilo, and as Dennis doesn't perhaps get yet, that their fiat to issue money was STOLEN from all of us. This blog contends that the fiat to issue money belongs to us, as a natural right covered in our right of contract to do anything with each other under the oldest known natural law. Subverting contract law automatically proves you live under a tyranny which defies nature and propels society and all life itself toward death and should by all rights be overthrown, exactly as Thomas Paine (not Tom Jefferson) wrote in the Declaration of Independence.

But that is beyond the purposes of this blog and we specifically DO NOT advocate violence. In fact, we actively encourage all members of the military and law enforcement, as well as their families, and their grandmothers, to be among the first to join us in establishing our independent exchanges. Our intent has always been to propose an alternative to THEIR monetary system, a place to go to before and after THEIR system implodes.

The idea, as proposed by some, of giving people an unearned stipend to each citizen as a guaranteed income, is one of the worst ideas imaginable. What you subsidize you get more of! And such action subsidizes indolence.

Before stating the contrary obvious to Dennis and others, I simply point out that right now all money spent under the US defense budget is a far larger waste of money than providing “the lower orders” some subsistence purchasing power. But that aside, this statement would be acceptable if there really was a natural economy in operation. But there isn't one anymore, because all the money is in fewer and fewer hands and as they trade it back and forth and the government continues to spend, spend, spend, its completely unbacked money, well then prices steadily rise.

The economy has been destroyed through all the consequences of capitalism; outsourcing, etc. What Dennis complains about here is socialism, usually of the state sponsored variety and the reason state socialism MUST be allowed is that without it, there would be a huge social revolution against the looters, the capitalists, those who make money on money without work.

Somehow Dennis doesn't get that not only the poor don't work, but the rich don't work either. We're not talking about those with a few million or those with a few hundred thousand in total assets, oh no, I'm talking about billionaires who can buy whole countries. These are the rich I'm identifying as rich. Meanwhile in order for the rich to get more riches the people in the middle must be looted of what little they still have, especially the lower order millionaires, and they ARE being looted too. Without them, there really is no economy and no future. So what does Dennis propose to solve this situation?

What is needed is a return to commodity money, the money which emerged naturally as the most marketable object of exchange in all the great river basin civilizations throughout history----namely gold, silver, and (formerly) copper. And very importantly, allow prices then to adjust freely to available supplies of silver and gold, and above all, quit allowing the banking class to create currency as debt, the most egregious example of an unconstitutional fraud that can be found in our land and, by extension, now throughout the world.

Very well, let's parse this: First of all, Dennis, seriously pal, commodity money is what we have now. The money itself is a commodity, bitcoin is a commodity, most people's idea of money is as a commodity. It's in our language too; how much money does one have, etc. Some even theorize that one must match one commodity used as money with everything else that's produced as commodities and all this must be subject to rigorous planning bureaus, else one would have inflation.

Also, and this is important Dennis, your ideas about silver, gold, and copper and history itself in these matters, come from economist fraudsters, the so called “Austrians,” who want you to ignore all of REAL history concerning these metals. Their acceptance was not natural at all, it was FORCED on people and the heads of the rulers were stamped on all the usual coins, you paid those back to him as taxes and used what you could earn as money for everything else. These were times when life for the most part was “nasty, brutish and short.”

Precious metals are just some other commodity. If more comes to market or not is based on whatever uses the metals have and all three of these have very good specific industrial and artistic uses. People's habitual looking backward is not going to help solve anything, Dennis. The past was “nasty, brutish and short” for most people and we see no reason whatsoever to go back there. Plus, those who have the most of these metals when used as money inevitably become the masters and those without become the slaves. Dennis, seriously, at the bottom of the Great Depression of the 1930's, we had a gold standard and 35% unemployed and there was still the inevitable inflation, even with natural depreciation, which continued right through 1971 when we left that standard.

The biggest lie the “Austrians” tell the world is that precious metals were accepted naturally by people in trade. In fact Dennis, these metals were FORCED on people at sword point, and later gunpoint. The “Austrians” are flat out liars and I will continue to say so until their “economics” is thoroughly discredited. Read The Babylonian Woe by David Astle and then get back to me.

The so called “market” for all of these metals is THEIRS, Dennis. They control the mines too. There is no point at all in trying to imagine a situation where a supposed free market exists, where principles would work to the advantages of the average person in the street. It's idealistic dreaming. This is another delusion perpetrated by the “Austrians” for their own purposes, since THEY ALWAYS EXTOL USURY, Dennis! In fact, Dennis, the entire basis of the so called “Austrian” alternative is to continue the control of the money lenders, period!!! But I assume that Dennis doesn't really yet know this. Dennis says further,

You can still have the convenience of paper money and checks, but those instruments must always be redeemable 100% in silver or gold grams. You can still have credit cards, but swiping a card becomes the actual transfer of gold or silver ownership for a prescribed term and lent at interest by a segment of the population who is fully cognizant of the true loan contract and its terms of interest, the latter not being set arbitrarily but in unhampered capital markets.

Wait a minute, Dennis. There are no unhampered capital markets. The idea of trying to create one is preposterous, EXPENSIVE and completely unworkable. The people you listen to want to keep their public audience dreaming of something and feeling angry about something they can't do anything about. It will never happen, because as you have failed to see, even the precious metals are THEIR money, under THEIR absolute control, period. They determine what it is worth in all the rest of THEIR brands of money. Unless the money you use is actually yours, if you did not issue it, then it is not yours, then you have no control whatsoever over anything that you use it to buy. Our proposal is far simpler, cheap and we let them determine just what their money is worth compared to ours which does not change as it is based on the present value of a transaction at a specific point in TIME rather than any quantity of any commodity.

Step out of THEIR world and take a look at it differently: we said that at inception 11/2/11 one ounce of gold would be worth 1,000 Valuns, and today, even with the price of gold way down from inception, no one knowing what a Valun is truly worth would part with less than V1,000 for an ounce of gold, though in THEIR world to us, gold's real value is down by 23% or so. We accomplished this within our own market in Valuns, NOT THEIR markets in THEIR precious metals and it costs us nothing to do so.

It is also very possible and maybe even more desirable to use the Islamic model of capital formation in which no loans are given but money is transferred against a stake in the profits of the enterprise.

This relates to finance and as we have shown, there are ways to get free of usury. We'll have more to say about alternative finance in future papers.

Dennis and everyone else needs to scrap everything they think they know about money and start over in their thinking. What we need is a standard all right and since Dennis and everyone else that has sent in comments tells me, they want that standard to involve gold and silver. So we did that. Instead of a commodity as money, we determine a piece of purchasing power at a particular time as the basis for all our money. Instead of a commodity, we call this a transaction basis.

This idea is not new. It was rediscovered by economists who did not support the present money and banking system, but were critics of it; both Arthur Kitson and E. C. Riegel agreed about this. The transaction basis of money was also probably known and used by Solomon as well, yes the Biblical Solomon. It was said under his rule that gold and silver were so cheap that people trampled these under foot. I recall as a kid dropping a silver dime or quarter and nobody thought anything of it, we walked on them. We do not live in those times now and we have supplied enough resources on this blog to determine the reasons and causes, but that is not our purpose.

By the way Dennis, none of the money in our proposed system is borrowed from anybody, so it doesn't need to be paid back to anybody. It circulates until it is used to buy something that depreciates and in that process goes out of existence as THAT is the correct and vital way to perceive money, not as some stagnant lake of some finite commodity but as a stream that must continually be replenished else economies die. So it DOES matter just who gets to issue money, now doesn't it?

As it is now human life is valued pretty low, such that some consider it worth senselessly killing billions off the face of the earth and all just to remain in power. It all has to do with the chosen basis of the money we use. If we issue our money, and yes we do have a standard for it that does not change, then each new human being that is working, producing, contributing, participating in our proposed system will be not only the source of wealth, but more wealth will build up naturally and solve the many terrible problems that beset us. We'll need to as their system is the Titanic and it has already hit the iceberg. So Dennis, this proposal is not just some whim of mine, it really does matter and deserves consideration and widespread action to bring it about.

Note that their money establishes our exchanges with all of their money. But we do not need any reserves of any precious metals at all. By far the most of the money we issue will be backed directly by our labour though the poor among us will have limited issue. THAT is the only source of so called free money in our proposal. But the amounts we will allow will permit launching pads for real businesses to grow back from the ground of local human need where it belongs, not from on high by some mighty dinosaur state or bank. As for “cash.” The proposed V-Check transfers Valuns from one account to another by means of an exchange wide account. Dennis and others, while economics, POLITICAL-economics more correctly designated is surely mostly absolute bunk, accounting is essential as all monetary systems center on a ledger that used to be in some big book and now is of course on a computer. The technology has made a worldwide monetary system operating locally under a worldwide standard a real possibility for a really small cost.

As for this blog: we are about to embark on another series we're calling The Road to Prosperity. It will be presented on two of my websites simultaneously.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

#0: Webster Tarpley: The Elite's Plan for Global Extermination

Now, since I honestly cannot refute anything this man has said in this podcast and indeed can confirm it by some personal associations from another lifetime ago, I decided it's important for our readers to digest this one too. Tarpley says that people are wealth. We suggest that he take a look at our proposal right away.

Who are the Windsors? - Webster Tarpley

#0: Lessons In Resistance: Open Source- James Corbett

Lessons In Resistance: Open Source- James Corbett

"Intellectual property," yes, in quotes because we do not believe that it is a true concept at all.  We consider it a curse.  We consider it a FRAUD.  Once you realize what this issue is and to whose benefit it is instituted, and those surrounding this issue, then you will ultimately understand that it will result in a real bloody war and a lot of that war is bound to be personal, against the instigators.  We will NOT stand for this very much longer!

Understand this issue well, because in our VEN membership, we will draw the line somewhere against anything and everything we regard as not just morally wrong (yeah, you do it and you are automatically a BAD person, etc. one who we would rather not even know), but basically inhuman, as the results of "intellectual property" actually are.

There will ultimately be a pledge associated with our Manifesto that will specifically forbid forever any idea that one can own what one sells and have some control over it once sold.  Patents in particular are instruments of this "intellectual property" garbage, and it is by very instigation an extension of THEIR monetary system; any patent is automatically a part of THEIR special market.  

Listen up, no business operating within OUR Valun exchange network (VEN) will ever be engaged in the buying and selling of patents.  Copyrights are similar.  If you are the author of something and trade it honestly, believe me, your fame and yes your fortune may be great and few will want to bother competing with you unless they have something really different to offer and they may, such are the ways of natural innovation hampered by "intellectual property."  Understood?

Friday, September 23, 2016

#0: Paul Craig Roberts: How The Law Was Lost

Paul Craig Roberts: How The Law Was Lost

This talk is older than this blog and the information disclosed remains relevant.  A younger Dr. Roberts said this:

VERY IMPORTANT:  Near the close of this talk, Roberts describes inflation in almost exactly the same terms as does Riegel.  Excess dollars literally created by government without any intention of taxing them back (since governments are not businesses and have nothing we want to buy from them) sooner or later must express themselves as higher prices

What do we say when someone has to pay more for something just because there's more money around?  We identify that with inflation and each unit in that system is losing its ability to measure value in a sale; the money is losing value

Roberts also discusses various tricks the central bankers use to open the money spigots and then close them down, the tendering and withdrawing of money, the booms and busts this brings about.  The typical reaction is to blame this on "fiat money" when in fact that fiat was stolen from each and every one of us.  This is something that even Roberts would be loathe to admit, but it happens to be true as Riegel understood it. 

If one suddenly discovers one has a natural right, does one relinquish it to another as though it were of no value when one discovers that it has value?  That's what giving away our fiat to issue money has accomplished. 

We'll say here and now that under the proposed system, there would NEVER be more money issued than would be absolutely required by the solid rules of basic barter; labour for goods and services.  It would be very difficult to raise prices without some significant value added to products and even then, there are elements to production and pricing that, until recently, were constantly disputed by the "know it all" types among the Marxists and those favoring more centralized planning. 

As we've said now in a few place, only those producing anything have any idea of what it costs for them to even take the risks involved, planners and governments literally can have no idea, which is why this idea NEVER works and ALWAYS leads to failure and by the way, even over production that results in vacant cities is proof that central planning, whether under private or public auspices, accomplishes as much waste as doing things locally and allowing people who really know what things cost to determine their eventual pricing.

#0: Warren Pollock-US Twilight Zone of Pre-Collapse Just like Rome

Warren Pollock - US Twilight Zone of Pre-Collapse Just like Rome

This is a remarkably blunt assessment of exactly where we are.  It may very well be too late. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

#96: More Q and A

Q: Why on earth are you against capitalism? Ben, Utah

A: Because capitalism is exactly what I say it is, making money on money without work. We have a specific definition for work too, it's the time out of the rest of your life in which you earn money to barter for your living. The real economic and political issue is what has been called “free” enterprise, but which E. C. Riegel properly identified as PRIVATE enterprise.

The people who sell and have sold capitalism to the rest of us, would like very much to continue the almost universal acceptance of the equation, capitalism = free enterprise. Well, as with many other “surprises” that are falling away from us by the day, as they are revealed to be scams, as a matter of fact, this identity is FALSE; they are NOT identical ideas at all. In fact it can be adequately demonstrated that both capitalism and (state) socialism aren't “natural” or “scientific” in any sense at all; they are systems that were devised to propel a governing elite into absolute control of everything; these systems were deliberately concocted to take over the world and they serve no further ultimate purpose.

Free enterprise is the right by nature to go out into the world and earn a living, any living you possibly can, by honest means. Our proposal is based on this understanding. We see no reason for “right to work” laws as we understand that every human being has a right to work and to be paid in their own money, which is exactly what this blog's proposal advocates. We don't need any further layers of labor unions, just as we don't need any absentee owned “public” corporations. These institutions are aberrations. The normal focus is the LOCAL community, the FAMILIES that live there, the extended families that may live elsewhere, the businesses that are LOCAL and intended to serve specific groups of people. It is nobody else's business to determine what's fair or unfair. It is the community's resolve to take care of their own through what we have deemed “natural socialism” which will ultimately fade away as people become more prosperous. Why? Because OUR monetary system will be designed to operate from the grass roots, eye to eye, ground up, which is as natural as any growing organism growing right out of the ground could be.

Capitalism on the other hand is an ism. I wish people would examine the words used in everyday talk and in the press; they would learn more about the actual and truthful usages in language and the exact meaning and sense of each word and then maybe they could have one up on those whose intention is to sway public opinion regardless of the facts, etc.

An ism is an itch, an irritation. To name the three most common: capitalism is the itch with capital as socialism is the itch with society and communism the itch with the community, taken to as large a space of state as possible; Bolshevism is an ism with the political majority, the mob. What happens when you scratch an itch? It usually gets worse.

These isms were literally intended to serve an ulterior purpose, to politically-economically take over the world. In fact, economics, properly known as POLITICAL-economics, as an academic discipline, is specifically exposed as essentially nothing but an apologetics for the present disorder of things; a series of excuses for how our political and economic leaders run things. All academic economic solutions involve changes they wish to make to natural institutions, never questioning the fundamental validity of those institutions they put in their place or the practices of these new institutions.

Neither the “Austrians” (they aren't, so why don't they just? … oh never mind) nor the Keynesians, who are the side of THEIR dialectic currently in power, EVER question usury as a practice and what it inevitably leads to; the present cancerous mountains of public debt that shall destroy the host governments, societies, economies and currencies. The process can adequately be compared to blood sucking or energy stealing from the rest of us.

Academic economics can say nothing about any of it else it would be akin to the dog biting the hand of its master and thus most economists are in fact dogs to some patronage (paymaster) master or another often identified as just capital. Even that is mistaken as these capitalists frequently have very little going for them and were they ever bereft of their riches would be absolute social nothings. We'd prefer calling most economists apologists for the wolves of society, for among capitalists, if they cannot produce a thing with their riches, at least they can use them to steal more from those who do produce.

E. C. Riegel was by comparison among the “sheep;” he was innocent in his observations and actually sought the recognition to assist the powers that be to improve things for more people; his instincts were purely humanitarian. He was not trained as an academic economist. We call him self taught; an autodidact. We believe strongly that all real education must be autodidactic and that's what education was before THEY took it over for their own purposes. Riegel was and still is a stand out among those calling themselves economists, which is why this blog bears his name.

In contradiction to capitalism, which requires capital, free enterprise and PRIVATE (non state initiated) enterprise are natural and everyone's right. They don't require a state. They can be aided by PRIVATE initiatives involving PRIVATE associations. Looking back through history reveals that there were times of relative prosperity (all brought to short ends by the bankers, by their manipulation of states and their war making power, etc) when many PRIVATE organizations (some called guilds), provided the basis for the community and its economy and prosperity. The proposal of this blog concerns itself with furthering the advancement of all PRIVATE enterprise everywhere, because after all the isms are no more, there will still be PRIVATE people, acting either individually or in groups that will be able to survive and continue … if we have time to stop some of the most horrific slow motion mass extinction events going on right now.

I also need to say that at one time, when I didn't consider the obvious difference between capitalism and private free enterprise, I was a prime supporter of capitalism and didn't see the difference. I worked many years for genuine capitalists. One of my mentors was a great capitalist. I'm sure he thought of it as free enterprise and as hard work, but all he ever did was buy and sell pieces of companies and watch his bets mature and cash them out. He took no part personally in anything any of the companies he was invested in actually produced. There are some out there that would like to keep capitalism as a familiar mental blanket because they still imagine that the real war is between their side, the capitalists, and all those who want to take their gains away, the socialists, when both were and are the creatures of the same people. What did I say? I told you that both systems were specifically launched to take over the world NOT to help people satisfy their barter arrangements.

So, you still want to hold onto capitalism and being a capitalist? Why do that? It doesn't have to mean or imply that you are a socialist. If free enterprise or more properly PRIVATE enterprise, and capitalism, are really two quite different things, then why continue the habitual mental confusion? Why not step out of and off of THEIR intentional philosophical-economic dichotomy?

How about landlords? Are they capitalists? Look at it this way: if someone has a property that they would rent to someone else, they certainly had to buy that property (may still be paying for it) and however they managed to do that, they must be making money doing something or else have enough to provide for maintaining it. Because a typical landlord is directly responsible for the upkeep of the property, his business is as if he were renting rooms in a hotel on a grand scale; instead of letting rooms for a night, he rents out whole living spaces for months or even years. This is clearly a PRIVATE enterprise business that qualifies as such because the landlord must have some direct command of the business of renting his property.

But how about the real estate investment trust market? This is a practice where huge corporations might buy and rent properties the owners (most drawn from the general public, so anonymous) may never ever see. All the owners care about is that the rents are paid and that they get their cut in terms of larger than average yields. The trust might or might not appoint some local caretaker company to go in and “run” the local property, collect rent, etc. This business practice is clearly capitalism.

We need more of the former not more of the latter. We must state these things as we see them, because we need the help of key elements in society; we MUST secure their help in our efforts to establish the means of our own money. These are the “pillars” of their communities. They are often rich in comparison with the people in the communities in which they reside or serve. These people run real businesses, growing, making or producing things or performing services for large numbers of people; they actually OWN and RUN their own businesses. Most communities are lucky enough to have one or two of these great people among them. The more of these people a community has, the wealthier it will be. We're using wealth in the same sense we always do, as productive of income for more people and most importantly that income usually available to be spent and invested locally by people who actually live there. Supporting and strengthening private enterprise is the goal, not advocating more capitalism.

Q: My biggest concern is that if something happens to me, what will all the rest of the people who depend on me do? Where is their future? How can anything you talk about help them? Tom, Oregon

A: Most people I discuss their present living conditions with are quite pessimistic concerning the future. They do not see a materially better future for themselves or their children and grandchildren. They are concerned that they will be economically dispossessed. They are also concerned about whether where they live will be taken over through some oppressive government regulation or policy. People are angry and scared and getting ready for any opportunity to either improve their conditions without having to engage with THEM or THEIR system … or to fight for their lives and their property!

Whichever it is, Tom, neither you nor they can go it alone. The best you can do for them is to organize them. But the form and quality of that organization matters. The rugged individualist who didn't need the rest of society to survive was also one of THEIR memes to keep people from organizing and standing up to them. But these people don't really need to be stood up to, they need to be walked out on, left behind, excluded, removed from our consideration, ignored, made irrelevant. We need to organize and do what we need to do, to promote PRIVATE enterprise - which really built all the developed nations of the world - NOT capitalism.

Parenthetically, ALL the worst aspects of colonization – particularly demonstrated by the lust for gold – were DRIVEN by capitalism, NOT free or private enterprise. Every single expedition was “capitalized” by a “crown” syndicate of investors who were to receive rewards (yield) from whatever the colonies produced. In very real terms, the American revolution was a revolt against these capitalists. What on earth have the works of Antony Sutton and others revealed about who were really behind the Russian revolution? We have come to the point where we cringe whenever we hear that someone has set up yet another bank. Wherever there is a bank, you can almost hear that sucking sound as the usurers take what was never created from everyone else. We certainly do not need another bank. We need our own independent exchanges.

Q: Can you explain just how we will ever be able to free ourselves from their credit system? I mean for big things like cars, machines, businesses, real estate, etc. Marco, New Mexico

A: Start by regarding banks and all THEIR money as THEIRS not YOURS. Begin to untangle yourselves from THEIR snares by paying off all debts to them and not acquiring more. Work to establish your own local Valun exchanges instead and coordinate any credit arrangements with the businesses in your area that will spring up.

David Burton

#0: The Entire Economic System Is One Big Illusion: Charles Hugh Smith

We did feature one of his papers here.
Sometimes (it is rare) one stumbles upon one of these conversations on YouTube or elsewhere and one realizes that someone has come to the same conclusions as you have. This is the case with Charles Hugh Smith in his conversation with Dave at X22 Spotlight. Smith said that he looked at cryptocurrencies as the answer. Well, he was close, and if I had further private conversations, we could probably come to some startling agreements. And no, except for something I posted here a few years back, all I heard from him was this conversation, though I have heard of him before. I haven't yet poured through his blog yet to see what's there. All I did was sample his bio and a few remarks he'd made concerning recent events and the state of the system, THEIR system. I'm sure he's busy, but this is a request that he contact me any way he can as soon as he possibly can.