Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#57.5: Perspective - People to people

Since this is a “perspective” piece, expect that some of it is going to allow me to rant. Some are no doubt under the impression that everything I say on here amounts to ranting, but that's only because they (those that suppose that all I do is rant) stubbornly stick to ideas which aren't even theirs, which they THOUGHTLESSLY (without critical examination) accepted and now expect me or anyone else offering an alternative to the present mess to compromise with. But there are no compromises: this is a quiet war that has been going on for … 7,500 years and all the evil in the world is really due to compromise … with evil. No, and emphatically no. We seek commitment not compromise; strength not weakness, will rather than acquiescence. This one could be subtitled, setting a basis for a grass-roots movement. 

Come on. How do you talk anyone into accepting your money proposal? All the philosophy and whatever behind it may be as sound as you say, but it's as if only you are selling this as your idea. No one I know of bases money on a fixed transaction, they all use commodities. Eli in Washington

Dave's dollars? No, it isn't my idea. The name on this blog is not mine. I'm merely the messenger, as usual. But the short answer is that “the one eyed man is king in the world of the blind.” Stated another way, “if you have the time, we have the plan;” if you can think and plan over spans of hundreds of years if necessary to blind everyone in society, while at the same time, you are the only one knowing what's really going on, that gives you a lot of power and money and prestige and property and advantages, etc. Let's see: how many of you ever heard of morganatic relationships. Your further research may start right there. Look into it. It's far more common than you can even imagine.

THEY, we sort of suggest, are the combined groupings of globalists, bankers and elites. Usury -as we have rigorously defined it- links them all and whether they can convince the world that fractional reserve banking originated in China or not, THEY have always maintained and used it to enrich themselves.

THEY are specifically associated with capitalism (the making of money on money without actual work) and the financial support of all state socialism back through time, as the two isms were developed side by side by the same people to allow THEM to take over the world. There is no other intrinsic or further economic merit to either of these systems as presently conceived, period! No arguments are necessary or accepted. If you are a dog habituated to your vomit, etc. There is no help there. These present monetary organisms cannot be repaired, reformed, converted back into something older, better, finer, etc. They are deadly machines that only assist criminal cliques who claim ownership of most of the world, including you by FORCE. What do you say to that?

We also admit that as an old colleague said, “the more concealed it is, the better it works” and sometimes the safest place to hide something is right out in the open where most would never suspect a thing. That has also been the case for anything and everything relating to this blog's proposal, especially all the usual economics claptrap, all of it based on an ancient con game that needs to be … renounced for something better. “Come out of her, my people” was the precise expression my mentor grabbed to make his point when he gave me this assignment.

How aware are most people? Most people know the difference between SANITY and its absence without too much trouble and most people seek to live lives with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. Most people are sheep, THEY are wolves. Or perhaps most are fish and THEY are sharks. Most live and love and work naturally: work as we consistently define it on this blog, is the time out of most people's lives in which they earn barter in terms of money. But THEY do not work. THEY envy and hate us for all of that and that statement can be verified countless times and in all kinds of places and in many languages. THEY always take and all THEIR gifts are at your expense. How do those who never work acquire the means to steal the world? It's THEIR money, stupid! Another mentor upon our very first meeting warned me, “beware of the rich.” Of course, at the time, I failed to pay much attention because I was interested in getting more of THEIR money.

So let's focus on THEIR BIGGEST and MOST USED tactics; It's a psychological term called PROJECTION; “it's not me, it's you.” THEY deliberately project onto others what THEY actually feel, believe and think. Hate speech? THEY invented it and use it all the time. I find it ironic in the extreme how those who constantly warn others not to judge them, so easily spew (a very emotional word) all the usual projected invective against their own interests, with NO REGARD FOR FACTS upon people they actually don't even know, because unbeknownst to the spewers, they are unaware of the successful brainwashing they have been subjected to for most of their lives.  

So how aware are most people, really? THEY, the authors of all the brainwashing THROUGH THEIR TAX EXEMPT, TAX DODGE BRAIN TRUSTS (wow, such brains!) INSTITUTIONS (FOUNDATIONS, NGO's, etc.) WHICH SPEW ALL THE “OFFICIAL” MEMES, “HATE SPEECH” ETC. ATTEMPTING FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE THROUGH THEIR IMAGE SYSTEM; “who is like unto the Beast?,” also perfected the Stockholm syndrome: if you don't know what it is, look it up. THEIR social conditioning was working pretty well up to recent political events which shall overturn them (turn over the tables and spill out all THEIR crimes).

How can you spot THEM? It's easy. THEY PROJECT, “it's not me, it's you” as a matter of course: it's so common a tactic that literally it is THEIR signature piece and biggest strategic weakness. When THEY make a charge, a JUDGMENT against someone THEY don't like, it is almost always a projection … and we are supposed to just jolly well go along with all this “official,” “approved” (by who and by what authority if not the truth?) “what to think” rubbish!

Here are some well worn examples of THEIR projections of hate:

Sexist: All of the power brokers in the world are men. No woman above the age of 28 or 30, other than their immediate female relatives, are ever usually permitted in their presence.

Oh and while we're at it, there are misogynists and misandrists as well, and then there's the whole trans-gender thing. Where do you suppose most if not all of this comes from? From sexual child abuse, asshole! That's where! So figure it out, most of THEM were sexually abused and when they grow up THEY like doing it because now it is their turn.

BTW, Sigmund Freud knew about all of this among the children of the royals and other important people in Austrian society and deliberately covered it up to remain in practice long enough to develop a theory he could use to his advantage in England; he was basically just another coward, con artist and opportunist with very little integrity. That's pulling a Paul Johnson* on someone; you dissect their lives down to their philosophical underwear and reveal what's left, if anything.  *(Johnson's book Intellectuals is a must read)

Meanwhile, right now across the world, all of this projection is paraded about and used as the social and personal dynamite that it is. But THEY use it to divide and conquer as THEY hate everyone equally.

And while we're at it, because we are discussing usually secretive organizations or associations of men (and nowadays a few women), we assert that there are “rights of passage” or “initiations” that usually involve blackmail of some sort or another and the women who do manage to gain prominence have had to shed innocent blood in some way to prove they are “worthy” of the brotherhood of darkness that power circles really are. Don't be so naive. Abortions are taken to mean just the same thing among them too.  Still think compromise is anything but a weak strategy? I have news for you: give your opponents absolutely nothing. They rarely deserve it.

Racist: All the power brokers in the world are racists. They believe that their race, specifically their personal bloodlines, should rule the world. Everyone else is just cattle, chattel, serfs (tied to the place they live) or vermin (people living over expensive resources) who can of course be sacrificed. Yeah and I do mean in the sense of making a blood sacrifice to one of THEIR gods. They have a “religion” all right and it aint atheism or even scientism. THEY would prefer that all mankind just accept THEIR right to rule and worship only THEM as gods. That was the message in Hunger Games and other popular series. If that's what THEY want and it is certainly against your best interests, then why compromise with such as these and THEIR programs? Higher purposes? THEY are LIARS! 

Homophobe: It is well known by the informed that homosexual men (and very increasingly homosexual women) are used by power brokers to get at what they most want; children. When these people are no longer of any further use, they are … liquidated, as the history of various purges plainly illustrates.

Xenophobe: Outsiders are hated by power brokers because everyone is an outsider to a power broker and they hate everyone, because they fear everyone, so they seek absolute control over everything; they have a god complex. Popular series like Star Wars are intellectual cartoon illustrations for the enlightened.

I'd like to add Femiphobe to the list too, since all power brokers really loathe and I expect fear the real power of women.

We might even see the word pediphobe invented soon. This would be fear of children? Or fear of pedophiles? I assure everyone: if we do not draw the line right here and right now and deal squarely with pedophilia and worldwide child trafficking, then frankly we are no good. Understood?

I suspect we may find out that all of THEM are mostly pedophiles and far worse! So yeah dammit, we need our own money and we need to pull away from all of such TRASH as THEM as soon as humanly possible … for our own survival.

So that's the short answer.
NOW, the longer answer:

I come with an armed mind. Some people out there are body builders. I understand and respect that. That's fine. Given my situation in life, I preferred mind building. Part of the process, is growing up to certain realities. Growing up means admitting that there really are enemies and genuinely bad people in the world and recognizing just who they are and what they do and are like in their habits, etc. There are the manipulators behind the scenes and they are aided by countless mindless drones who were created for the purpose of tearing down, jeering and destroying their opponents. For all these people spew forth for their usually unseen financiers, true self-consciousness was somehow bypassed. They are often remarkably incapable of any original thought on any important subject. A surprising number, when caught in their deceptions, attempt to escape by suggesting it was all a joke.

In my process, I have come to understand that enemies attempt to literally take control of your mind, your thinking, your decisions, your desires, your dreams, everything. Recent exposures of THEIR surveillance aparat proves this beyond doubt. I have developed and honed my present view of the world (it changes based on awareness of concrete evidence) based on a frank and intellectually incontestable analysis of groups of people. I used the emphasized words precisely: I intend to hold my views (until they are no longer my views) and am willing to defend them against contests from any source.

In other words, in order to suggest that what I say may be tendentious or untrue, you'd have to present incontestable relevant evidence. I said I come with an armed mind. I don't suffer fools gladly: if you are a clown, I will pull a Paul Johnson on you. I'm too old already to be doing this: younger, stronger and better men should appear to take this proposal to the next level. I have already outlived better men, true geniuses. But who cares about any of that these days? “While you were sleeping, THEY came and took that all away.” So instead, everyone is running scared, when they aren't fast asleep.

Meanwhile, while we all sleep, THEY are determining whether to kill us or to make it so difficult to move or make a living that THEY will give you a restricted sustainable income (THEIR money, not yours, of course) and FORCE you into THEIR multicultural cities (crime ridden slums), while THEY own the world. 6 people currently own more than half the rest of the world's population. Understood? So this blog's proposal really IS about YOUR future.

To begin with, about the first thing one throws out is all the usual academic or official bureaucratic attacks on your free speech. You toss out all of THEIR conceits. Sorry you may have paid for, or may still be paying for, a miseducation so terrible that frankly you've been scammed. When it comes right down to it, no matter what anyone else may claim to know, they are no more worthy than you of any more personal admonition or respect, except that they may use FORCE against you. I didn't mention BULLYING although I have mentioned jeering. They usually exert FORCE through control of THEIR money. (Right now we hear that THEIR offered prices for professional political agitators are pretty high. We have known that THEIR offered prices for professional terrorists has been and is pretty high as well).

Discovering the deceits, lies, subterfuges, etc. I no longer accept as true THEIR views. Yes, there is a fundamental social dialectic and always has been, between the ruled and the rulers, but it's not as simple as that. THEY are the people BEHIND the rulers. THEY are so mysterious to most people, seriously, as though THEY were part of some unseen FORCE that could never be contested. It would be like looking behind the forbidden door leading to all that is so evil that it is never spoken of.

Economics? Money and banking? Finance? It's all THEIRS. It is NOT from you therefore it is not of you, it doesn't issue from you, it is not yours. You are allowed to use it and that is all. Oh and ALL precious metals are also THEIRS.

So, all that academic or official economic analysis has to be tossed out as more than mere mental garbage; excess fat if you will. If you don't happen to agree, then I frankly may not even want to know you until your blinders fall off and you see things the way they are, void of all the usual claptrap.

Yeah, I went to college, ok? One of my basic impressions from my experience of “higher” education was spotting claptrap, except that we were often advised to gulp and accept it as necessary. THAT was mostly all of economics, banking and finance. Part of waking up consists in taking all the blinders off and seeing things exactly as they are, not shrouded in a lot of excess deference, respect or superstition.

Growing up and waking up consists in seeing everything as objectively and rationally as possible, as systems, background, all of it rather mechanical in fact and based on medieval, outmoded or archaic ideas. This list includes states, laws (THEY know nothing of law and strive to mold it to preserve the status of slaves and chattel and of course all law is mere FORCE), all schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, temples,  all religion, all politics, all economics, all academics, all of it is polluted by THEIR money and THEIR power structures. Truth is what sifts out of all of it and remains the truth regardless of whose interests are affected. Truth is the ultimate authority. Truth cannot be effaced by lies, slander, misdirection, as eventually as enough data is presented and properly organized and run through the time honored trivium, it remains truth.

If you wake up to discover that you are working for THEM, as I did, and I had my mentor to thank in part, then you quit. You make it a point of personal virtue to refrain from ever considering any occupation where you would work (take time off from the rest of your life to earn barter) for such as THESE with about the same resolve as one renounces sin.

But perchance you do work for any of these; are your services necessarily evil? Of course not. Most public servants, law enforcement and military really are among the best of us. We have reason to assert again that most people are aware enough to recognize and assume SANITY among others they deal with and for the most part seek a life with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. Most do not presently live in war zones, but there are changes afoot.

Groups are naturally formed around basic natural associations which include family, extended families, nations, races, cultures, cults, traditions. THEY (globalists, bankers, elites) seek to destroy all that by whatever means and replace it with THEIR totalitarian PRIVATE corporate worldwide dictatorship. They'll use mass migrations of peoples to do whatever they want if possible. All THEIR plans and objectives are long since written and available. THEIR publicly stated religion is atheism, but the truth is now being revealed more openly. THEIR religion is called satanism more broadly. It promotes an amoral and unethical projection into the rest of natural human society and rewards its promoters. It is commercial, it always aims to sell, sell, sell, to patronize, pander to and project some exquisite view of possible prosperity to its victims. We have seen this satanic projection among more primitive cultures, in New Guinea, Indonesia and parts of India and the Arab world. It is always a minority but has tremendous power that is often as not associated with THEIR money, beginning with gold and silver.

So people being naturally people, the best thing each group of people could possibly be doing is getting its own act together. It doesn't matter at all, or help at all how anyone outside each group might feel or care about it. But come on now, it does take money. What? THEIR money? No, YOUR money. We have given all of you out there a BASIS for establishing your money. Why is this important? Money is as we've said, a human invention. Anyone could use it. It isn't cultural, and can be adapted to all cultures that we know of. It tends to lift the material living standards of the societies that use it.  Whole barter is what one has when civilizations have vanished and barbarism returns, times when life is for most, "nasty, brutish and short."

I'd like to think that it is possible for people everywhere to ask themselves just how much they complain about in the rest of the world is actually the result of chasing money. All the problems between the races? The police? Money. All the crazy passions set loose over the past year in America Pick a President 2016? Money. All the worldwide pedophile crime syndicate and even worse to be revealed that will sicken the best of you? Money, THEIR stinking money!

The rest of this blog is the long answer. I was not the author, only the messenger. Copernicus and Galileo were observant enough to see the obvious. So was E. C. Riegel and Arthur Kitson and others before him. You really want your Life, Liberty and Property back? You must take back your will and that invariably involves that indispensable human invention; money. Will you continue to be THEIR slave?

David Burton 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#0: Web Bot hits Bitcoin price again ($888) Chilling predictions of Web bot report

Once again, we admonish all those fond of bitcoin and any other crypto-currencies, that their days of playing their risk with their excess money, making a return on money without actually selling some of your time or your effects (capitalism) may be numbered.  Bitcoin is clearly a central bank darling.  It is a prototype for what THEY (globalists, bankers, elites) intend doing.  They gave you those little plastic cards, and phone apps so you wouldn't have to carry around all that tangible reference to money so now THEY get to know every transaction you make.  Recall that we said that the real value of cash consisted in the anonymity of trade.  Now taking any of THEIR money, probably precious metals and precious stones are the ultimate cash.  We see things a lot like Jim Sinclair would except we add a knowledge of history and some common sense to as it were turn perceptions on their heads: none but individual human beings have the right to issue money (which excludes any businesses, banks or states) and they do it in the act of buying something.  Further and drawing directly from that, no one need be paid in any money but their own.  This we call the self financing of labor and it admits that no one may be "bought" by another, which restores two things from the natural law at once; liberty and property.  The limits to issue are determined by the community that agrees to use this money.  It must NOT be a commodity because that opens the money up to speculation, as all THEIRS, including bitcoin, are subject to. 

Rather than a commodity, our proposal is based on a unit of purchasing power that has already happened.  Since it already happened, it wont change.  In order to determine at any time what THEIR stuff is worth to us, we take the present value of that already past unit of purchasing power. 

What was $2.16 for each unit, which we call a Value Unit or Valun, the same name given it by E. C. Riegel is now $2.84.  What is this unit of purchasing power?  It is that on the second of November in 2011 one could buy to own and hold in your hand an ounce of gold bullion for $2.160.  So you see, we agree with Sinclair about gold and if one attempts to offer anything better than what THEY have always sold us, one will FAIL if one neglects the importance of gold.  We also know of many economies that ran for a while on silver so we acknowledge silver as similar to gold in its function.  

But here's where we disagree with Sinclair.  It has been sold that money is a store of value.  Let's demonstrate why this cannot ever be so.  A store of value is itself something one buys.  If money is just another commodity then we are stuck back at whole barter and terms of whole barter always change.  Gold and silver being uncommon, their value would be uncommon.  How many cows or horses could one buy with gold and silver of whatever weight?  You'd be back at whole barter and the unique situation to be in would be to be of the people controlling that scarce commodity.  And studying world history from the standpoint of the flows of precious metals has been a time honored way to know the rise and fall of empires.

But this blog isn't about empires, it is about empowering everybody; everyman and everywoman.  THIS is the basis of our proposal.  Be advised: If one has any of THEIR money they wish to exchange for any of ours, it will be ONLY in terms of gold and silver.  THAT is how we establish linkage with THEM until THEY are ... not in the money business, because that certainly is THEIR future.  We have to be prepared for that eventuality.  It was E. C. Riegel's concern after seeing the effects of inflation on money and on society and people.  It was what concerned my mentor during the final months of his life and it was the mission that he set me to, which led to finding E. C. Riegel, Arthur Kitson and soon others.  Since many of these are German or Swiss/German in origin, do we propose to label this a "German" school of economics?  No.  This is not economics as THEY have always meant it.  Since economy is nothing but the movement of money, using a monetary unit that does not change is going to determine what actual values are more consistent with each other over longer periods of time; bread and butter as well as gold and gasoline. 

If the money proposal presented in this blog was no better than THEIRS why would we bother?  It's because it is the only one out there that is actually based on YOU rather than THEM or some scarce commodity out there, that matters most.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

#110: Liberty and Will

This piece focuses attention on where value originates. We aren't even going to consider what any academic economist has to say, as they have always the wrong end of everything, because as we have maintained consistently throughout this blog, standard economics only seeks to explain monetary operations with reference to their own institutions and traditions rather than objective reality and common sense.

What was Thomas Paine's contribution to our awareness of things? A book he called Common Sense. He's also responsible for the name of the American Republic: the United States of America and he, rather than Jefferson, probably wrote the Declaration of Independence. What did Tom Paine have? He had will.

This will he certainly understood as an inalienable right, something each of us has by birth without any support or recognition by any state. in part we'll focus on an extension of this will, an invention we all recognize as money. If you look at the money you use, one thing should be easily understood; neither you or I had anything to do with it. We use all the time what does not belong to us and we use all kinds of rationalizations to maintain the exact opposite of the literal facts. It's as if you have never seen straight a day in your lives until someone gives you a new pair of glasses. You claim something is yours when in fact it has never been yours and you are actually FORCED and compelled into using it. By whose will? Oh, the “corporate will” or the “state will” or even the “national will,” or any other clever LIE to cover the obvious facts of the ownership of all money (including bitcoin or any other crypto-currency or precious metals; it is ALL theirs, not yours or mine) and how it has been used by states and private interests down through time to enslave the people of the world. The solution is NOT doing away with money, it is accepting the responsibility for issuing our own. You all need to start thinking for yourselves and asking just whose will you are following every day of your lives. If you don't, you are nothing but a chattel slave and expendable to the owners of the present money. Understood?

When you get up and go to work every day, it is a matter of your will. If you attend school and must attend classes then you do so as a matter of your will. You exercise your will in everything that you do. If you eat or drink something, even however compulsively, you have exercised your will. Nothing has any objective value to you unless it facilitates your will.

Now, even if this is true, and it certainly is true, most people automatically assume that value is determined by other people who deal in things and things relative to other things is what constitutes value and that is what is measured in money terms. Prices edge up while our salaries edge down and no one has enough money and many have been out of work with decent skills for a very long time. Sometimes things are cheap and at other times more expensive with no apparent real supply reason as an explanation. Indeed, the simple conjecture that price inflation is due to commodities speculation, including speculation on the money itself as a commodity to be speculated upon, and the absurd idea that speculators are somehow immune from any serious losses in what they do, and you arrive at where we are today; in a world where it is envied to play games with money, making more money on money without any serious work involving the production, processing or sale of any good or service. Eventually when there are no jobs because these people deem it cheaper to have stuff made somewhere else and shipped in for you to buy with what? Right, you lost your job some time ago and your credit is shot because of … well you can't live on borrowed money forever. Well that's just what we ARE living under right now.

Right now I'd like you all to go to the nearest mirror and take a good look at yourself. Go ahead, I'll wait. Take a real good look at yourself and then come back.

You were just looking at the origin of all value; you yourself. Each of you saw in the mirror who you are and you remind yourself what you can each do, what you have done well, what you liked doing, how you best liked spending your time, the kinds of things you liked participating in, making, growing, producing, even if those be entertainment events, anything. You are looking at the origin and determination of all value everywhere. Now look at this.

Yeah, it's a gold coin. It's more of THEIR money, THEIR oldest brand. Someone says it's worth something and will always be worth something. But that price changes daily because it is part of a commodity that is subject to speculation on future supply and demand and that's how its price is determined. ALL commodities used as money are like this. So prices are subject to far more speculation and they go up and down, usually up and building the basis for a steady economy free of bubbles, the grow or die imperative, etc. becomes increasingly impossible until eventually the whole thing crashes. It's in the process of self destruction right now and there is not a thing that will save it, nothing. If you build on the wrong premises, expect failure. If you do it again and again and again and again, as we have done, it's a wonder we aren't extinct for being so stupid.  

If I have before me a 1 oz gold coin and a ½ kilo loaf of bread, what is the relationship between the two and what is the common measure capable of measuring them both? It's that invention we call money. But we have a hard fuzzy to remove from our brains and thinking: gold (and silver) are commodities. Just because coins made of precious metals are in limited supply and few people have them doesn't make them any more desirable to serve to measure the value of either the gold or the bread. Bread too is a commodity so measuring things in terms of bread is equally as silly.

We need something that relates to both, but if given a choice of universal exchanges between our money and THEIRS, most would prefer being on a gold basis than a bread basis. In any case, I'd choose a piece of purchasing power to represent the common unchanging yardstick that would determine the relationship between the two on a fairly consistent basis. That piece of purchasing power is represented by our proposed transaction; 1 oz AU BU = V1,000 on 11/2/11. The price of the gold was V1,000 and the bread V1. Would those be the likely prices for these same objects today? It's likely that today (1/6/17) the bread would still be around V1. The gold has fallen in price against the Valun, so maybe the gold is only worth V673.50 and that would be the Valuns to get physical possession too. Gasoline would have changed price dramatically since Valun inception as well. That should tell us something about the natural price variances between things like bread and butter vs. gold and gasoline. The purpose of money, what is usually called “sound” money, is to reliably measure the value of things in terms of barter and where the prices tend to remain stable over long periods of time. You decide based on how much money you have what you will buy and you decide based on your value of that item, good or service. The Valuns in your hand arrived there through your will. Are you getting it yet?

The basis of your money, how you make it sound: The Riegel advantage is the choice of something that is already done, that is not going to change, a deal in the past that will not change because it already was. You compare everything to that transaction. You take the present value of it in THEIR money and get a fair trade evaluation of what everything else costs. Over time, a very short time too, all mid to long term business planning will be far easier in Valuns because prices will assume standard points and will be subject only to the laws of LOCAL supply and demand. That DOES mean that whoever has the most of anything and is capable of getting it to anywhere is likely to command the LOWEST price for anything. But the law of diminishing returns to scale is still in play and precludes any monopolies and encourages economic redundancies and the more of that one has the better. What capitalism has produced and does produce are economic deserts that leave the vast majority operating just above bankruptcy in some state socialist ghettos. What our proposal will produce is vibrant LOCAL economies that will quickly spread around the world, since we are using the same standard for our money and the same ledger just stretched around the world. We do not need any states or any piles of precious metals to do any of this.

But it all comes about because you exercise your natural right and will decide to do it, you WILL to do it and you get enough people in your LOCAL community to become interested enough to read the blog, get the proposal and begin thinking and working toward making their will a validated and understood reality. You'll need something, and we'll all need it together and will need to rely on each other in order to satisfy our individual will.

Why did I bring this up? Your will? That's your FIAT. It has been stolen from you since before you were born. You were born a slave and you'll die a slave, but meanwhile the shackles of their prison are failing and will fail. What then? Want to trade more shackles from THEM when THEIR current system implodes? More of THEIR money (either THEIR credit or gold?). WHY? They do NOT deserve your trust! It is YOUR life. Exercise your WILL not THEIRS.

Take your fiat back. You have to get others to do it with you too. This is something that can only be recognized as all recognize it in others. We each have a right to our own value and our own will and must stand up and assume it. We have been enslaved long enough. Do it.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#0: Warren Pollock-Clinton & Trump Will Fight to the Death

This is really more than the title suggests, although that subject is covered as well. Over all his analysis has a probability of better than 70% and we agree that since there is nothing secure in any of the globalist managed economies, that the future scenarios all lead to WORLDWIDE economic collapse. This is a DIRECT result of the drive toward centralization and concentration of power and wealth into fewer and fewer hands. It will lead to an explosion and then perhaps the return of the Dark Ages, which since Fukushima still spews will gradually kill off all organic life on earth will become permanent. We told you our proposal was serious and might end up helping save the planet. We're yet to hear from very many who seem at all enthusiastic.

The preppers may be ahead of the curve. We WILL have to re-establish basic skills, with some reasonable and energy efficient technical strategies. All THAT is really part of the very simple, single page, contracts we believe would sufficiently run this system. Recall that our solution is lifeboats away from the Titanic and the only way to get free of it is to have your own money. Despite the precious metals certainly being something, and we will take nothing else in exchange for our money, they are certainly not yours or mine as long as someone else determines the value of them. Money is an accounting mechanism, a machine, not the visible tokens. If we also establish a usury free financial system, we can place all bonds and debt on a sound financial basis which is the real biggest problem with the present system, and oh it has LOTS of built in problems, which is why it will fail. 

Near the end, Warren really describes matters which are of clear importance. Our proposal WILL need sound financial institutions based on our rules for the loaning of money. Will some kind of market for such funds ensue? Probably, but it will be an expensive thing to get going the way we intend it. Again, for the most part, Pollock is spot on!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#0: I have heard - Steve Sims

I have heard many different deadline scenarios but I dismiss them all because the future is not written. we are co-creating the future by our constant choice-making process. there are obvious and not so obvious probabilities, and the black lodge is constantly implanting outcomes (predictive programming), but still trying to find the ultimate LIE which triggers all the bad stuff, but no matter how much they try to dominate the subconscious, they will never gain control of the collective soul of mankind.

We are all tuned in to it on some level or other at all times. We are not naturally inclined to hurt each other, but some of us have been broken down to perform insane acts. I wont go into all that except to say the practitioners of the dark arts are continually operating in deception, attempting to exploit whatever level of trust they find themselves in. Sadly in America, we have been giving away our trust for so long, the black lodge has derived much of its power from us.

Their goal is to gain higher levels of trust, estimate the level of trust needed and assess whether or not the effort would be worth the reward. some individual scams may take decades to mature, but organized scams often have more immediate results. In fact, the higher you climb, the more insider you become (unless you become the target), the more empowered you are with their currency and the sooner you get in on the action. With ancient bloodline scams, they are so institutionalized (ingrained and codified grandfathered benefits hidden from the public) that enforcement is carried out by the victims; the masses, by their very habits and lack of judgment based on facts, or lack of facts to begin with; it's called uninformed consent. That has to change. People have a decreased capacity to process facts due to being targeted via toxified, weaponized, food and drugs. It's been successful enough to get them this far, but the word is getting around, even though many are afraid to say it publicly.

We always need those who are willing to step out and speak truth to power. I don't have a website or a radio show, and I admire those who step forward and take the heat while providing that higher service. I don't even mind inaccuracies, not mentioning any names, because the truths they have to tell remain well after the mistakes fade away, be it intentional or not.

What I do have is a fb page, and the impetus to put my thoughts into words, and let the universe take it from there.

We can intellectualize these deceptive practices, but they make them habit. That's how insane they are; obsessed with control and how to get more. Addicted to power. It's a mental game where the paperwork is a mere formality. The playing field is the here and now, and the game is always on. Ignore it, it will go away, and you save yourself. Or, you can do your best to expose it and help your fellow man in many different ways.

Forewarned is forearmed. Or maybe I'm totally wrong, and all the times I've been abused, neglected, vilified, cheated, robbed, injured, placed in harm's way, betrayed, ignored, maligned, and misjudged have been my fault. Then I remind myself that the dominant game running is the black lodge. There are countless hierarchies, financial, intellectual, spiritual, to name a few categories, which are controlled at the top by insiders while the rest of the members are being used. They target what they see as threats, not realizing their judgment is clouded from above. It's the black lodge that assesses the threat, determines the vulnerability of that threat, and weighs the consequences of acting on it.

In some cases, the minions do see it, but put dealing with it on hold. That works so well in this semi-Orwellian state in which we find ourselves. It's spiritually-Orwellian as well as financially, and definitely intellectually Orwellian. they have succeeded in compartmenting all of the mental components, from wisdom and knowledge to intelligence and memory.

I'm not intending to give them power by giving them attention; I'm pointing out how they operate so they can be recognised. It's just as important for the petty criminal and the keeping-up-appearances crowd as it is for the sycophants of high degree to aspire to higher moral principles, and drift away from the overt and covert worlds of control.

Steve Sims
(appearance here granted by the author)

#109: The Top Ten List Minus One

These are the top ten reads in subjects related to money, economics, history and their interrelations. We're talking about many more than ten books. We're listing authors and even lumping some of them together. Books of all the major economists are specifically omitted as the “pulp fictions” they are. To get anything useful from them, they would have to be mercilessly exorcised of all references they contain to the presumed origins of money as to us those casually assumed omissions conceal what most needs to be revealed and recognized concerning the present system.

1) We begin with the collected works of E. C. Riegel (all available on this blog) who clearly makes the list as these works propose the penciled sketches of an entirely different and quite obvious perception of money, a vital human invention used to split whole barter in half between buyer and seller. Without his brilliant observations, we wouldn't have the present humanitarian proposal as a clear and present way out of all the important dilemmas facing mankind, including poverty, war and extinction.

2) But then we have Carroll Quigley's Tragedy & Hope, available as a free download on line, a work that literally changed how I view everything. I divide people into two rough categories, those who have read this book and those who haven't. It's big; 1,310 pages. If nothing else, read the material on Great Britain and draw the appropriate conclusions. Quigley wrote two other major works, but they are less weighty than his masterwork.

3) The Wall Street series by Antony Sutton ranks right up there with Quigley's work and offers a few more interesting details. There are three of them and they describe the financing of the Soviet Union, the making of FDR and the rise of Hitler. However he may have characterized the revolutionaries, FDR or Hitler is not relevant as his focus was rather on money and business. No understanding of contemporary political-economic affairs is complete without knowing this information. Of course the other books by Sutton are certainly worth reading for more excruciating details of some best known conspiracies, all of which can be laid to the usual sources (globalists, bankers, elites) and their willing dupes and minions. Really, if you're still working for any of these people, what are you doing?

4) The New Underworld Order by Christoper Story FRSA is one of the better compilations of all the connections that are apparent to the average student of state, deep state and extra-state espionage and mercantile networks, syndicates and mafias. This work is available on line, here.

Oh, and if you haven't guessed it yet, this man was my mentor and gave me the mission to find something else that people could use as money because the present system couldn't last long and what they had planned was terrible. He was the editor of the International Currency Review and of course knew a lot about money. So what are the rest of you clowns out there taking me for anyway? You think I know nothing? Some rank amateur perhaps? Some of you get your egos in a bunch and assume you could do better with the existing system. Go ahead then! You see how easy it is to get many dupes to follow, all you need to is provide it, like bitcoin and you have a market. It matters not to you that all you've accomplished is the creating of yet another “scarce” commodity for speculators to play with. This is NOT a reliable yardstick of value and you never know how much anything will cost so you can't plan constructively at the level it needs to be done; locally not globally. Which of you knows exactly and precisely how money is issued and how it inevitably dies? How many of you know that money is not best served as a scarce quantity that can be speculated upon in rigged markets but must be a renewable resource else economies literally die? Best think again and reconsider this blog's proposal.

5) The fifth spot belongs to Eustace Mullins. Read all of him you possibly can. It's all on line. It's all relevant to the present moment. G. Edward Griffin's work goes here too. Together with Mullins' works, that's four or five books you'll have to read. Much of it deals with the Federal Reserve. It's vital you understand how and why none of it is OUR money and never has been.

6) The Babylonian Woe by David Astle sits in the particular spot to show the connections between banking and war and the preparations for and making of war between nations and peoples from ancient times; the weapons, slaves, precious metals and drug trades are all integrally related. It is a rigorous but well footnoted classic.

BTW: what's so different about recent events and atrocious behaviors involving major crimes alleged to have been committed by high ranking political officials and anything that was alleged to have happened among the same ruling circles in ancient times? Check what you might know about ancient Rome or Greece while they were in decline. For that matter what of the connection between the Hell Fire Club of Ben Franklin's day and Eyes Wide Shut partying that really does go on right up to this moment?

7) Gertrude Coogan's Money Creators, available on line, is particularly good at describing banking, the ways it works, etc. You'll get a better idea of why it is best to let lenders lend money they actually have rather than other people's money without their real understanding or knowledge. Such practices lead to economic bubbles, cycles of booms and busts, and bank failures, all our proposal eliminates by design.

8) Ferdinand Lundberg comes next, his America's Sixty Families is chock full of information that makes a lot of plain sense. One could do worse not reading all of his works including those authored in collaboration with others.

9) George Orwell, particularly 1984 but also Animal Farm and Aldous Huxley Brave New World, etc. Both of the social engineering experiments in Brave New World and 1984 have been tried and are in the process of being tried in various degrees all around the world up to the present moment. Some would add the works of H. G. Wells. They are all linked together because they were all insiders and involved directly with the international plot to rule the world.

10)? We can't think of anything that is indispensable to have read on the subject of money, finance, banking, economics, etc. that would have told you anything more than what this collection can tell you, but we'll give you one anyway.

Intellectuals by Paul Johnson. Johnson is uneven, but if you read nothing else of his, don't miss this book. It's quite literally what you see when all these supposed super brains are picked apart down to their philosophical underwear. Johnson is terrifically funny and very revealing and what's most concerning is the effect these people, many of them unscrupulous rascals and scoundrels, had on their societies. Why we bother with any of them is beyond reason. I'm being kind.

So, there it is. Hats off to any and all I can hear from who have read any or all of these works.

Merry Christmas!

David Burton

Saturday, December 24, 2016

#108: Animalism as an Analogy

Before moving on to other papers and series, we thought to give our readers some tools of perception with which to better perceive the present world and current events. One contributor who cannot be ignored would be George Orwell (1903-1950) whose real name was Eric Blair. Orwell wrote Animal Farm, a satirical novel based on the Russian revolution and its aftermath. His other masterwork, 1984, is on our top ten book list and should be read by everyone.

Animalism is a communist philosophy (ideology) of all of the animals being treated equally and sharing equally in both the responsibilities and rewards of the farm. Here are the seven commandments of animalism and their analogies:

1) Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

Enemies are those on the other side of any ideology: us vs. them. If one has enemies, one needs protection and one usually buys one or is FORCED into supporting one, known as states, the greatest protection rackets known to mankind down through history.

2) Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

Friends are defined. You don't decide who your friends are, the state decides for you. Unbeknownst to you, people who got rich had these tax dodge institutions formed to tell the government what it wanted done and the results were and are social engineering done on such an insidious scale that eventually we all wake up in a fake world. That process is ongoing right up to this second.

3) No animal shall wear clothes.

No friend will ever adopt the inclinations, preferences, ideas, attitudes and proclivities of the state defined enemies starting with one's outer garments; everything about you will conform to what the state expects from you.

4) No animal shall sleep in a bed.

extended to the enemy preferences for any comfort including housing, extended villages, society, etc. Examples are ever smaller dwelling units and everything sacrificed to the level of having or owning or dealing with as little as possible. All minimalist trends.

5) No animal shall drink alcohol.

extended to the enemy preferences for food and drink or possibly any drugs or cognitive enhancement nutraceuticals. Anything the state forbids, you shall accept their edicts and obey accordingly.

6) No animal shall kill any other animal.

No friend will kill another friend. So if and when a friend kills another friend, it was and is the state that made the decision according to its own needs to preserve its power and extend and consolidate its control.

7) All animals are equal.

All friends are equal a
nd the state determines the nature of that equality. It is never up to you or me. If you and I are friends as defined by the state, then we are equals.

What can we learn from this?

A few things actually. Let's try to begin with ideology. It has two definitions:

1) “a system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.”

The trick word is of course ideals and we know what happens when one has a social irritant concerning ideals; they become idealism, a poisonous social solvent deliberately concocted to cause division, chaos and catastrophe from which the people with money expect eventually to gain. (The character of Mr. Potter from It's A Wonderful Life should come to mind).

This definition includes things like, "the ideology of democracy" with synonyms: beliefs, ideas, ideals, principles, ethics, morals.
2) “archaic - the science of ideas; the study of their origin and nature.”

So we use the first definition which is far narrower than the second which used to be more inclusive. Notice morals are included.

So morality is defined as “principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.”

This definition includes “ethics, rights and wrongs, ethicality, virtue, goodness, good behavior, righteousness, rectitude, uprightness; morals, principles, honesty, integrity, propriety, honor, justice, decency; ethics, standards/principles of behavior, mores, standards, particular systems of values and principles of conduct, especially one held by a specified person or society: the extent to which an action is right or wrong.”

What I've said for a long time about morality boils down to two things:

1) Awareness of right and wrong, etc. cannot be assumed of everyone and
2) The purpose of morality is to keep its followers safe.

Basically, a moral person is going to be in a safer position most of the time than an immoral or amoral person. But, can moral awareness be impaired or absent? Dare I ask what in our present worldwide distraction service may tend to cause impaired or absent moralities?

What this blog has always intended is to deal fundamentally and honestly with the question of money. Not where it does come from now, hence all the various weird economics associated with that, but where it really belongs; where money MUST come from, if we intend on proceeding further.

Animalism, like communism, socialism, fascism, even nationalism, and what we might even call weaponized democracy, are all forms of statism; a social irritation with the state (various ideologies spring forth from this) which demands that the public uniformly and unquestioningly accept state pronouncements as if issued by God; the authority of the state. Why did we look to the state for so much? Because the money power left most of us no alternative. Most of us have taken it for granted that none of us has any power except those with money without asking how or where it came from because frankly the whole subject was mighty mysterious to us and we thought we'd rather not bother with it. But we complain about it all the time. So it doesn't make any sense, does it?

Hey, this is the 21st century. Don't you suppose we might have learned a few things about subjects like this down through the centuries, come on, like money, to have some better ideas than to just content ourselves with something that did not work well for the vast majority when it was in place? You know what I mean, the so called “gold standard.” What a hoax that is!

First of all, even under THEIR gold standard, the money is still lent to the government at interest and the governments get to spend it before anyone else gets any and the rest trickles down … You know what? Gold per se, is NOT the solution and that retired congressman baby doctor from Texas knows a lot less than any of you imagine on the subject. The “Austrians?” Their stuff proves what I've said consistently in this blog about all economics; nothing but an apologetic for the present system and that is all. Base an economy on usury as the “Austrians” do and eventually the money lenders own things that didn't at first belong to them. Understood?

The other dragon that must be slain is inane panegyrics against fiat money. We accept that all known fiat money has eventually failed and we know why it has failed and it has NOTHING to do with the money being issued by fiat but WHOSE fiat is used to issue it. ALL known fiat currencies were issued by BANKS and lent to STATES at interest. The currency that is most visibly failing right now is Venezuela's and it is no exception.

As Riegel pointed out, states have nothing to sell back to the public for all the money they issued by spending it into the economy. The most they could do would be to tax back as much as they spend, and that would “back” it, but we also know why they can't do that; because of capitalism, we must allow some socialism else the people would revolt.

We hold to precise definitions here on this bog: capitalism is making money on money without work and unless you are rich you can't be a capitalist by definition. If you have been conned into using this word to describe what you do, which is probably free enterprise or PRIVATE enterprise, then kindly drop capitalism from your vocabulary and avoid further cognitive dissonance. Just because one is not a capitalist doesn't make one a socialist. Socialism is the inevitable result of capitalism, the two systems were deliberately devised to take over the world materially, socially and politically, to seal the fate of the freedom of the vast majority of humanity and to ensure the continued power structure's continuance in power. THEY (globalists, bankers, elites) do NOT care about you. In fact for the vast majority of you, THEY propose that you … go off somewhere and die quietly, so as not to disturb THEM at THEIR destructive and self-destructive games.

Those out there with some artificial political-economic axes to grind had better trace every last fact and idea you think you know right back to its original source before accepting any of them as absolutely true. It's time to drop a lot of conceits. I did. So can you. It's the path to perhaps learning something new every day one is alive, rather than assuming that knowing things is something one does when young and thereafter gives no further care for the time and effort it takes to learn anything more.

David Burton