Sunday, June 3, 2018

#0: They Are DESPERATE To Keep The TRUTH Hidden

In this title, who are "they" being spoken of?  Those few who have paid any attention to this blog know exactly who THEY are AND you would be among those who KNOW that THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION possible because of THEIR control of the MONEY which is more than the tokens used.  The entire money invention includes "the books" the ACCOUNTING.  EVEN CRIMINAL GANGS USE ACCOUNTANTS.  Why?  Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to have money without accounting.  

But our first lesson of observation is that none of the money anyone knows of is ours.  Especially when it all says exactly to whom it belongs.  So ALL the money you know of is THEIRS not yours or mine because WE DID NOT ISSUE IT. To get us upset over taxes, when NONE OF THE MONEY IS ACTUALLY OURS is a HUGE political gimmick.  To suppose anything idealistic or whimsical other than the absolute truth is frankly ... not very smart.  So we can continue to DOUBT the soundness of THE SYSTEM, etc.  THEIR system kills people because to THEM, we are all fit to be THEIR prey.

Over the weekend I met a man who insisted that all this "new" stuff - like the internet and social media - wasn't really all that new or unforeseen for what it is; it was all predicted - a spy and manipulation tool, and of course eventually there would be some kind of END to all of it and nothing but basic skills and raw talent would do as regards assessment of value for time and production.  Money DOES NOT eliminate barter, it splits it, ACCOUNTS FOR IT.  Barter never goes away.  

We discussed many things regarding the current state of the populace at this time, how many are functionally illiterate (most can barely even count) and yet there would be work for them to earn a living if the wealth destroying technologies weren't everywhere intended to continue the current obvious and apparent slavery.   He suggested that most who would most like to know of this alternative would never bother to get on line or read any blog.  So perhaps before too long I will have to raise funds to publish yet another book on the proposal.  It would have to be far shorter and smaller than what this blog contains.  It would be good to hear from a few more people out there concerning the idea of taking a basic idea off line where it could do more good.

Meanwhile we have situations where the EVIL deeds of THEM and THEIR savage baby minions are being exposed.  THEY cannot win and THEIR money will all fail because it is based on FRAUD.  But meanwhile we have the greatest human invention in the hands of our enemies.  It is NOT up to THEM to change anything, it is up to US to do things for ourselves!  

When we begin to want to be paid in our own money as well as THEIRS (because taxes are paid in THEIR money) then we have made an important promise to ourselves and our families, friends and neighbors.  Waiting to hear from more of you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#13.23 Peace Revolution Podcast 93

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We may come back and add some comments if we have time to listen to this 20 hour long podcast.  Let's face it; if you want and need a new education, expect it to take many hours.  Best.

Monday, April 2, 2018

#0: Common words & their Hidden Meanings- Deceptive Language of The Deep State

Common words & their Hidden Meanings
- Deceptive Language of The Deep State

... and it all starts and ends with that invention we call money that enables us to split barter among ourselves (barter never went away, it's just that certain well placed and PRIVILEGED people get to steal from the rest of society).  The presenter here says so himself; none of the money is yours or mine.  So he agrees with us.  All the rest in due course, but first, we shall certainly have our own money!  The idea that we could have ever just sat back and let others handle something so important is fast becoming ... unsustainable! 

Understood yet?  If not, read the rest of this blog.  Or not.  But readers are winners more than losers who never bother learning how to read, write and count.  And as we've said, some out there just can't and never will be able to and so we need a refreshed perception and awareness of new ideals for human existence.  People have value not things.  Any things we trade with each other are determined solely by us according to our own comparisons of value and what we have available to measure it (money).  The FACT that NONE of THEIR monetary solutions is honest or without basic fraud is a place to stand from.  Basing a unit of value on a FIXED piece of purchasing power rather than some artificially created scare commodity is WHY this proposal stands apart from all others and WHY it will last longer than ANY of THEIRS.  Trade in precious metals coins is whole barter with a precious metals token as intermediary, whose trade value is determined by those who control/own the mines, mints and markets!

I will be away from my desk for a few months.  I'll be back after my latest extended adventure sometime in late July.  I will keep up our little experiment here; determining the day to day value in US dollars of the proposed international standard value unit or Valun.  All the best.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

#0: THEIR PLAN IS HELL ON EARTH - Deborah Tavares


Notice this is evidence of the growing awareness of THEM (usual suspects). All verified information: those with any real experience doing serious geopolitical research over the past 25 years would be aware of what she is discussing as perfectly acceptable givens. That doesn't mean that most actually know this information or have anything like the realism required for a proper acceptance of the inevitable consequences. Obviously just one more reason for this blog's proposal, to "come out of her, my people" lest you seriously not survive.

We remind all who think otherwise to consider what it says in Revelation concerning those who accept any "mark of the beast" and again what she describes could only be considered the latest and last "beast" empire. It's getting very close to the time most of us must renounce the beast. It all begins and ends with what's in your wallet, in accounts of THEIR money, including ALL cryptocurrencies. If you didn't issue it, or know how it was issued, then none of it is yours.

Besides, since THEY lie about everything and have been "liars since the beginning" (figure that out), why would any of THEIR economists actually tell you the truth? THEY didn't because the truth would set us all free of THEM. It's starting to get real tiresome to have to remind folks to wake up, revise their perceptions of the world and plunge onward and away from THEM.

Want to find out more about THEM? It's all around you, basically anything and everything that's fake (and that always involves some patent or copyright - intellectual property law - another gimmick allowing the lazy to steal from the working) and yes that certainly includes the weather. Welcome to the present dismal reality. What? You thought I had some message of "sweetness and light" to bestow? Time's nearly up for that sort of thing now isn't it? As for those who will certainly get what they deserve, well, that's actually none of our concern either. It's "come out of her, my people" etc. not let's sit down and have tea with our enemies. You see, we didn't pay attention and hardly anything we think got the vetting it deserved. We were talked out of becoming more discriminating, etc. all variations of "just sit back and relax and let us handle it." We have the present catastrophes precisely because we allowed despicable people to rule over us. So we can stop that or not and it doesn't matter because nothing will change until the money issue is squarely dealt with.

We propose the end of "all money begins and ends with a bank." No, our money must begin and end with OUR WILL organized to represent each one of us qualified to join. Look through the pages of this blog. The whole thing is a compendium of the proposal and no one out there is paying me a dime to put any of this up, so it is a genuine effort from a real natural person.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

#57.13: Perspective - Correcting the Underlying Frauds

A very basic design for an obverse side of a V1/2 or V1 V-Check
Again, so as not to clutter the pages too much, THEY are the usual suspects, the enemies of mankind (male and female) and are roughly listed as globalists, bankers, elites, technocrats, pedophiles, satanists, scribes, Pharisees, etc. Notice we did not include governments, as we regard them as the chief prisoners of THEIR system; THEIR lowest risk, best credit customers.

What is THEIR goal? To take over the world, place it under THEIR private rule -no voting anymore, just sit back and relax and let THEM take care of it- to purge most of the rest of us from an earth THEY will claim to own. What's THEIR chief weapon? It's right there in your pockets, your wallets, your bank accounts, those pieces of paper with numbers and heads of dead presidents on them, etc. You and I did not issue that money, none of it is truly ours, but we are required to use it; all taxes and any other obligations contracted in it must be paid in it.

We have been asked over the years a number of questions which all boil down to asking what's wrong with THEIR money? Why can't THEIR system be fixed? etc.

We'll begin this discussion with some fundamentally flawed assumptions:

1) That all money must be issued by a bank as a loan at interest is perhaps the most basic poor assumption; neither a bank nor a government per se has any more right than you or I to be doing what they do. Let's say that $100 is borrowed at 10% interest, just to keep it simple. The bank issued you $100 but demands you pay back $110. The $100 was added to the money supply, but the $10 interest was not. Those paying debts must come up with the extra money by any means and always against the interests of their friends and neighbors and the rest of society that trades in that money.

The result is a widely felt social alienation -part of it deliberately encouraged and further milked for more profits from suffering THEY caused- and it is felt subconsciously because we are all aware of the frauds operating in our lives but we cleverly devise ways and means to keep the objective truth at bay just to survive. It is after all possible to break any human mind. We can only take so much. How we unconsciously feel about money is all related to this too. Just multiply this a few hundred billion times and you have the current frankly ghastly situation with THEIR system; money representing debt on debt eventually squeezes any economy to the breaking point. What's the breaking point? Either, “I have no money to pay you” or “I will no longer accept your money.”

Where this fully comes into view is when we consider who initially borrows the money to place into circulation and collect it back in taxes: the government is the biggest debt slave of the bank loaning it money. It too has to pay the interest and guess who is required to pay that back before any principal borrowed can ever be repaid? That's right, the taxpayers. Meanwhile nearly every taxpayer idiotically parrots the same wrong slogan that government spending is taxpayer's money when in fact it says right on it to whom it belongs, so who's the idiot? Time to get oneself better informed and stop being an idiot; all the money in existence with very few exceptions is THEIR money, not yours or mine.

You know what one of the oldest and dumbest con games in the world is? That some LIAR with a bogus message who has a bunch of phony credentials in front of or behind their names contributes anything more meaningful, authoritative or honest to any discussion than the plain truth. We try not to play those kinds of games on this blog. For instance, we don't give a rat's ass about what ANY economist has to say about anything, except about THEIR system, institutions, currencies, etc. People with economics PhDs may know plenty about THEIR system (and I do like and respect a few of them), but THEIR economics is not what's required to raise the people's expectations into the future for the billions who want better lives for themselves and others. Recall that we pointed out how disgusted we are that so many refer to the people as “the masses.” People, natural people not the phony corporate kind, have value and any object that is of value to people is determined by people, not by mere objects including any and all machines.

Guess what? We can't do anything about THEIR system. Politics is not only a waste of time and energy, it's largely irrelevant. So is most economics. Politicians; what have any of them ever really done for humanity that humanity couldn't have far better done for themselves? What was required and without which actually prevented useful and corrective efforts? Money! Even the present moves to correct what may be beyond repair in the present system fail to address the basic issues concerning money.

We don't advocate doing anything at all about any part of THEIR system. Let it run down until it can't run anymore. We can't do anything to save it, we wont bother and it wouldn't help anyone for trying when what we actually need is our own money as a natural extension of ourselves. Our own individual private will or FIAT matters, because if it doesn't matter then it proves we live under a tyranny. Once a tyranny is exposed and unmasked, one no longer participates in it or openly seeks a way out of it.

2) E. C. Riegel claimed that the source of price inflation was not bank loaned money but government issued money that was not taxed back into the Treasury and spent the next time. A dollar taxed back into the Treasury is a backed dollar, one that never comes back is an unbacked dollar. In order for the government not to contribute to inflation, it would have to tax back every last dime it spent and within every year. You obviously couldn't run an economy that way. So how much political action is ever likely to settle this issue? Forget about it! Do not expect a back seat passenger to be able to affect very much about the way a car he's riding in is being driven. It's the driver's car or maybe the driver is only being paid to drive someone else's car in which the backseat passenger is merely in the car for the ride. You see what we're saying here? All national currencies (all issued by STOLEN fiat) created in this way naturally inflate. They buy less and less, they depreciate, their purchasing power shrinks. Government spending over taxation causes inflation and eventually a Weimar meltdown as is happening in places like Venezuela. THEY and elements of THEIR media cry that it is socialism that ruined Venezuela's finances. No, it was government spending over taxation that did it. Whatever the money was spent on by the government, since it was not taxed back sufficiently and spent back into Venezuelan society, prices there eventually rose so high that no pile of their money could buy it.

There would be no way of correcting this by going on some gold or silver standard either. Why? Because the bankers control precious metals and have for far longer than the paper credit instrument money we're used to using or lately the swipe cards. All of it is THEIRS to keep ever greater tabs on us, to make sure those taxes are paid on as much as possible to keep paying them the interest from supplies of money THEY know to be artificially scarce.

Now we have cryptocurrencies, “thin air” being wagered on like the hottest 17th century Dutch tulip bulbs. And the people selling this fraud have no clue what money is or how it must behave in order to satisfy the demand for commerce where it is needed most; among the lowest tiers of society. THEY assume so much, as that the borderline illiterates in society don't deserve any monetary consideration at all, etc. “Take away their cash, let them eat cake!” is THEIR attitude. To this we respond, “People have value, not things!” Therefore, the money the people actually issue themselves shall have an ENFORCED exchange rate with all THEIR money. There wont be any speculation on the Valun allowed. Anyone trying anything like that deserves to be thrown out of our system maybe not forever, but for perhaps a very long time. Why? It is a matter of breaking trust with the rest of us that's the issue. Forgiveness? That's what's wrong with society; the unforgivable is forgiven. A predator can't be forgiven as he has no intention of being anything other than a predator. Why can't people get certain things through their heads? Brainwashing, I know. Certain things, we simply wont tolerate, after all this is to be a PRIVATE enterprise venture NOT open to the general public per se.

Bank loaned money enters the money supply (expands it) and leaves it (deflates it) with repayment of the loan. The interest repaid sucks money that belonged to someone else out of the money supply, since it was never issued and hence someone must invariably go bankrupt; musical chairs economics. Sometimes it takes a long time, but eventually, it's how all these Ponzi like schemes crash. Oh, and in the process everything belongs to fewer and fewer people who can and will care far less about maintaining any of it. Think along the lines of what the USSR began to look life and stayed that way for 70 years.

Typical STUPID economic thinking is to assume that the fiat money economies crashed because they used fiat money, therefore all fiat money must be bad. NO, STUPID. You've fallen straight into THEIR trap. ALL that fiat money was issued for those who got the right of first purchase in the economies; the governments. Both the right to issue money by fiat and the right of first purchase were assumed and or stolen from us by the banks and governments. THEY have been waiting for “sweetness and light” innocent little tykes like you to assume that some chunks of rare metal THEY also control will somehow save the day.

Precious metals as preservation of wealth? Where's the income stream? There isn't any. Even some stinking dividend paying common stock at least pays something in return for holding it even if it's measured in THEIR inflating money. All wealth must produce income or it ain't wealth. Nevertheless buy and actually hold some of those precious metals. At least they are tangible things -and they will buy Valuns. None of the rest of THEIR money is worth fooling with as it represents debt instruments (notes) of THEIR businesses as defined by THEIR intellectual property law. Hence, buy none of THEIR equities or debt instruments as you are leaving THEIR sinking Titanic, not attempting to make money on THEIR money without working while the ship sinks. Same goes for any and all cryptocurrencies; stay away from them.

Money holding its value? THAT is purely a matter of the exchange with all THEIR money and the proposal solves that. We decide, not THEM. Our organizations begin with IVES, the proposed International Valun Exchange Society, that with a very simple spreadsheet, will calculate each day the present value of the transaction representing the Valun and transmit that information to all the exchanges in the system. Right now, V1.00 = $2.68 (2/27/18).

3) You simply can't loan money you don't have, unless you're a bank in THEIR system. We wont allow that in the proposed system and you'll pay your rent up front for all money you borrow. If you borrow V100 for a week at 10% interest paid up front (the rent of the money), that interest must come from already issued money. You'd pay V10, get your V100 in return. In a week you pay back V100. You get a completed credit contract point, allowing you to become a better credit risk within the system. Yes, the proposal must include finance, but usury (the demand back of what was not issued) and its pawl on the money supply is eliminated.

In order to lend money as a B member financial business within the proposed Valun system, you must have it beforehand. No fractional reserve lending is ever allowed. In order to have it, you can buy it if you have precious metals, with certain restrictions, but usually you must borrow it from those who will have most of it when the system gets going; the pensioners, elderly, families, etc. You must borrow low and lend higher in order to make anything from this useful capitalism (making money on money without work). Finance (being able to buy what you can't afford) is necessary and contributes to the stability of society and must be on a sound accounting basis

Many seniors, veterans, retired police officers, etc. will enter the system with what to them might seem a fabulous windfall. The reason is that under the rules,we allow all pensioners 100% of the equivalent in Valuns of what they were paid in national currencies extending back to Valun inception on November 2, 2011. That's already seven years ago and nobody has really bothered to contact me about any of this. Anyway, it could end up being tens of thousands of Valuns, which is a lot of purchasing power. These people may not really need to spend all their new found funds (wealth) right away and may be willing to lend it at interest to be paid up front.

[3/1/18: 4) Yes, there's just one more thing and it is kind of important.  We do not want just another system where loan capital is snatched away to where it may be rewarded the most.  It is a privilege to be able to loan money at all in any system and the practice must serve the local people who lent the operations their money!  Finance must serve the needs of local people first.  Therefore we have, as someone reminded me, another 80% rule which states that any finance business operating within our market must have 80% of their loans within the geographical service area of each exchange.  This means that each finance business would have to operate B member accounts within the exchanges in which they're doing business, chiefly by raising money and lending it, 80% of the time to local people within the geographical vicinity of that exchange.  This practice over time will tend to build stronger communities.]

Example: Charlie has V2,000 to spare he'd be willing to lend at 5% per year. Clark borrows it from Charles paying him V100 up front and getting V2,000 which he must pay back to Charles within a year as specified in whatever terms the simple contract between them describes. 

Charles issued those V2,000 from his Issuance balance. The V100 he gets from Clark go into Charles' Income balance. When Clark pays Charles back the V2,000, they go right back into his Issuance balance to be lent again if Charles wishes

Anyone's Issuance balance is where their innate wealth originates in the system and is where all Valuns come from. All Valuns originate from an A member's Issuance balance, usually used to purchase a job, the self financing of labor, so that no one may have to ever again say that they are bought by another, a practical end to slavery at every level of society.

[3/1/18: I just had to add that indeed there is another way Valuns enter the proposed system and that is when they are literally bought into existence with THEIR money.  We will only accept gold or silver bullion, still THEIR money, in trade and we will abide by all existing law regarding how much money of THEIRS, if any, would be allowed in such a trade.  Further only A members may make these kinds of trades.  Also there is no way back: you buy Valuns, unless someone is willing to sell you something in Valuns that can be sold in THEIR system, the purchasing power remains in the Valun network until what?  Until someone buys something they can no longer sell for the Valuns that paid for it in which case that difference amounts to Valuns that are lost, gone, dead, never to return.  It is this undeniable and obvious fact that renders most of THEIR economics completely fraudulent and it is no wonder most people have a warped perception of monetary ideas.  But in fact, since the exchange to buy Valuns involves the account of the A member who is issuing them, where do you suppose those purchased Valuns are accounted?  That's right, they are added to that A member's Issuance balance, so again, all Valuns originate from A members' Issuance balances in their accountsIt is all about accounting! ]  

We explained this elsewhere: Valuns, from an employee's Issuance balance are lent to an employer at no interest and placed in their Escrow balance and paid back to the employee's Income balance as described in a very simple contract between them. Labor contracts are best at intervals of six months to a year and may be renewable, etc.

Cost accounting for all businesses in the Valun system would be streamlined to account for savings due to this self financing of labor feature. Businesses get the entire amount of Labor contracts up front and may use it for other expenses before the employees need to be paid. Employers get the float on all money issued to them and get it at no interest. Far more attention can be placed on correctly budgeting for materials and capital equipment costs for a project or production run.

The economies of the future will feature far more economic redundancy, far more specialization and smaller service areas. We expect a great deal of business in recycled or repurposed materials will emerge. Other “back to the land” scenarios everywhere are likely within the developing Valun system. Eventually, the Valun network will have an effect on the rest of the world as it takes up more of the economy, probably beginning at or near the bottom of things everywhere.

This proposal was aimed at eventually eliminating poverty and war worldwide. We do not accept that there isn't enough for everyone. We do not accept that even the worst natural and man made catastrophes cannot be repaired were we to have the money power instead of THEM.

How does one finance the colossal cleanup of something like Fukushima? The clear answer involves nanotech, but where are the foci of nanotech research directed? Weaponry and geoengineering! Stop it, you fools! You'll kill us all! But it is all being paid for with THEIR money to follow THEIR frankly selfish globalist objectives.

You are all riding as passengers in a car driven by THEM and so far you have no other means of transportation. You can't just jump out and start walking. You wont get very far or last very long. You need your own car and need to be driving it yourself. How will you accomplish that? By joining with all the passengers in the present car and organizing to leave the present car (for the most part) and begin driving their own cars as they develop.


David Burton

A very basic design for an obverse side of a V5 V-Check

Sunday, February 25, 2018

#0: The End of Everything We Know!

A montage of current developments.  Notice the messages concerning CASH and concerning THEIR (globalists, bankers, elitists, satanists, pederasts, technocrats, scribes and Pharisees, etc.) ultimate goals and plans being EVIL, the opposite of live; dead and by the way in every emphasis from the oldest scriptures invariably connects evil with error and stupidity!  So how can even the wildest delusions concerning social justice, equality, etc. have any possible relevance knowing that so much of it is led by the WRONG people with the WRONG ideas leading society straight over a cliff intentionally too?  As with ALL cryptocurrencies, since THEY started with the WRONG conception concerning money, one that resembles a typical "buy and hold" equity, subject to rises and falls in value due to speculation, none of them are suitable as money.  Blockchain is not new, but it is THEIRS not yours or mine, so any of your hard earned local currencies you throw into them are certainly subject to THEM including confiscation as we have already seen.  Our solution features a decentralized ledger too, because decentralized is more natural and likeliest to survive the longest.  But our solution preserves the vehicle we know as CASH.  We do not want THEIR internet of things to survive.  The only way for it to fail is to walk away from it.  Do it in a rational and reasonable and certain way, but plan to do so.  After all, why have anything further to do with than you possibly can a system run by people who regard you as prey?  And they do too.  Meanwhile:

"Commitment is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism."

Be seeing you!     

Monday, February 19, 2018

#113.8 The Proposal - How It Works - Part 8
The basis for all the proposed money in our parallel market, hence, our parallel economy, is this single transaction.
This paper is going to cover a variety of topics related to this blog's proposal.

Aren't you suggesting just the same thing as a guaranteed income [THEIR proposed Universal Basic Income] if you allow any money to be issued without work? Isn't your “natural socialismabout the same as a proposed minimum monthly stipend? How is it different and why have it?

Yes, we will address this, the resurrection of any and all pensions to 100% of their value in OUR money back to Valun inception Nov. 2, 2011. We need it to establish a firm footing for independent finance within the private market established within the proposed Valun exchange network (ven) of all operating exchanges nationwide and worldwide. To the question; 

1) Aren't you aware that we live in a world where people make money on their money all the time for doing nothing? (This is capitalism as opposed to free/private enterprise, which this blog advocates) How do you know that they came by their original money by honorable means? You don't. How do you know they paid any and all taxes on it? You don't. How do relatively poor people enter “public service” and end up millionaires or billionaires? We know and frankly don't really care.

Yes, as a matter of fact, as we have said all along, socialism is what defines a failing economy. It is the crumbs given out by capitalists through THEIR fronts, the governments, to compensate for THEIR looting of an economy.

So how does all current fiat money enter a system? As a debt to a central bank that the government takes out as a loan at interest as the bank's best credit risk customer. The bank's liability is an asset to them; they have a claim on the economy for said amount of whatever goods or services the economy can provide for the money lent, from nothing or not, it actually doesn't matter. That's the way the present system works, for the benefit of the bankers, and the preferred government contractors; the arch grifters of society, not those working people paid for time out of their lives to do service for others or who have produced or grown anything of value. The rest of the money floating around was borrowed into existence from banking sources down the line from the central banks, all lent at interest that must be paid from a supply of money that doesn't include it; literally the demand back of uncreated / unissued money. Since THEIR money supply does not include this money, someone will not be paying back their debt and shall economically fail as a result. We call that the inevitable “musical chairs” effect of any and all genuine usury driven societies.

What's the difference between a bank issuing money and you or I doing it? Here's one of the differences; there is no interest to pay to anyone.

2) When we issue it, we make the choice of what to buy, usually employment, when THEY (usual suspects) do it, the state has first buy and certain sectors of the economy are benefited disproportionately compared to others; anything having to do with war making or profiteering on the backs of the already downtrodden.

3) Reliance on loaned money and payment of interest from money that was never issued insures that all money will be tight and scarce no matter how much is issued in this way. Bubbles are literally required else economies die, but bankers are lured into the biggest deals involving the least risk. The little people mean nothing to them, increasingly dealing with car and home loans is becoming onerous to those who would rather gain the sure thing in the equities markets as long as interest rates are low or near zero or even negative, where you pay someone for holding your money, which is actually THEIR money in an account with your name on it.

A Valun system would run in parallel with the existing system, each hour worked would produce eventually several Valuns per hour and there's no interest to pay to anybody. Furthermore the more industrious people are, the better they do; this system promotes productive activity. Since THEIR money is required only to pay THEM taxes on the profits of our money, strange but true until it isn't, then our reliance on THEIR money is thereby reduced.

What's the glue that holds it (THEIR system) together, that engenders lower risk than elsewhere for THEIR money? Patents and copyrights, intellectual property. The stolen ideas and techniques of others for the benefit of those who make money on money without actually working. Any idea placed into THEIR patent and copyright system is ripe to be bought by speculatively interested capitalists.

So no wonder there's a limited economy with THEIR money. THEY are getting exactly what THEY intended, keeping everyone on a shorter and shorter leash through imposed scarcity of money except among the 1%. Notice the general war on cash and we just found out that one thing that's possible in cryptocurrencies is the tracking back from point of sale to the producer of a wide range of products. All sorts of things suggest themselves as that quality issues are all related to efficiency of scale being exceeded, poor -corrupt or overpaid- management, etc. Hence, knowing this kind of information from blockchain technology automatically disqualifies all cryptocurrencies from consideration as cash because none of these sales is anonymous.

The current economy is normally in a deflationary scenario despite inflation caused by money being cashed out and returning to home markets, where it ends up in the equities markets until interest rates rise and then they'll flood into the debt markets, which are anywhere from ten to a hundred times larger than the equities markets. Having decent debt markets is fine. It has always been debt to whom and in what money that has mattered as pertinent questions. It also matters as in a Valun system, that all rent of money is from money that already exists, not as under usury.

Q: what happens to any money that is lost in a stock sale? A: It is gone, perhaps forever, never to return, because stocks have and can become worthless and the currencies that measured them along with them and none of that has anything at all to do with anything you or I do. That's how all money dies, through depreciation, the inability to cash out of something for what one paid for it. Things lose value and money dies with them. So are you beginning to understand a little bit more the significance of this proposal?

If everyone of our A members is capable of issuing money, all of it to a standard adopted by us all, the proposed Valun, then we buy with it whatever we want most and eventually everything else with it, including the land, as we intend our money system to last, since it corrects the frauds of the present system and besides it would really be our property, not THEIRS. What does having a strong claim on the 2nd Amendment demand? That you accept a right to protect what is actually yours. Understood?

4) We accept as usual and normal for some people to have a claim to a living from others around them, chiefly members of the same family. Families to communities. Communities to nations. The proposed Valun system strengthens it all. This is where we ram straight through all existing schools of economics. We see it from the standpoint of the little people in this world, not from that of the high and the mighty. If the invention we call money is to last and benefit us, we, the people, NOT “the masses,” then we must resolve to join together in a certain way to make it so. Women and children were supposed to depend on what could be brought in by a breadwinner. This is the root of natural socialism. Anything else is frankly a state tyranny and hence illegitimate as socialism and is not allowed within the proposed association.

Maybe we should make this point straight too. We have in cultures extending back at least 4,000 years the idea of a family holding, a pile of money that is intended to serve the emergency needs of family members that is collected from family members only out of the proceeds of exceptional business or trading activity; increase over and above normal income. We'd organize these as B member holding companies and the accounts would have an increasing pile in their Retained Earnings balance as family members would make their contributions, all of which would have to be from money on which taxes had already been paid. All the principal benefactors of the family would be members of a B membership company. Of course a family member might have responsibility for the holding company and desire to place funds into credit contracts with other entrepreneur finance businesses within the developing Valun system; people who financed furniture, parts, recycled anything, cars, etc. and thereby over time increase the holding company's assets. We will allow certain avenues to make money on money without work as long as they obey the rules. Distributions from the company to family members would be made when a recognized need arises requiring financial aid.  Yes, this was and is the rightful tithe.

The organization of exchanges is going to begin conceptually with existing political demarcations. In the US, that would be the county level. Under the proposed IVES identification system, the United States is 3-23. In the United States, a county is a political and geographic subdivision of a state. Of the 50 U.S. states, 48 states are divided into a total of 3,007 counties. The number of counties per state ranges from the three counties in Delaware to the 254 counties in Texas. We will give examples from the US. 

After the first 3 numbers identifying continents and countries, there are four numbers that identify the states and the counties. Here's how that further breaks down: 

IVES# State #of counties
00 DC
01 Delaware 3
02 Pennsylvania 67
03 New Jersey 21
04 Georgia 159
05 Connecticut 8
06 Massachusetts 14
07 Maryland 24
08 South Carolina 46
09 New Hampshire 10
10 Virginia 134
11 New York 62
12 North Carolina 100
13 Rhode Island 5
14 Vermont 14
15 Kentucky 120
16 Tennessee 95
17 Ohio 88
18 Louisiana 64
19 Indiana 92
20 Mississippi 82
21 Illinois 102
22 Alabama 67
23 Maine 16
24 Missouri 115
25 Arkansas 75
26 Michigan 83
27 Florida 67
28 Texas 254
29 Iowa 99
30 Wisconsin 72
31 California 58
32 Minnesota 87
33 Oregon 36
34 Kansas 105
35 West Virginia 55
36 Nevada 17
37 Nebraska 93
38 Colorado 64
39 North Dakota 53
40 South Dakota 66
41 Montana 56
42 Washington 39
43 Idaho 44
44 Wyoming 23
45 Utah 29
46 Oklahoma 77
47 New Mexico 33
48 Arizona 15
49 Alaska 27
50 Hawaii 5

Now after that, we're going to assign exchange numbers to counties as they organize themselves and we want three counties in each state to organize together. For states having more than 99 counties, hexadecimal notation is used. The following are given as mere examples: 

1) The state of Delaware has only 3 counties so the IVES numbers for these exchanges would be 3-23-0101, 3-23-0102 and 3-23-0103. The state of Delaware could organize all at once.

2) The state of Texas has the most counties at 254, therefore the exchanges in that state will run from 01 to FE hex.

The state of Georgia would run from 01 to 9F hex.
The state of Missouri would run from 01 to 73 hex.
The state of N. Carolina would run from 01 to 67 hex.

Not all of these numbers may be used, because some counties will have so few residents that they can't form a local exchange, while other places might have many exchanges operating in the same county, because that county has lots of people living in it. If the number of exchanges rises above 99, switching to hexadecimal gives us 255 identifications within 2 places, but what if there are more than 255 exchanges within a single state? What we do then is to concatenate the state number with the county number and convert the entire decimal figure to hexadecimal notation. This gives us a total of 65,535 discreet identifiers in 4 places which should be sufficient.

For instance, Texas is likely to need more discreet identifiers than anyone else even though Loving County, Texas has only 67 residents and is unlikely ever to form an exchange and there are six other counties there with under a thousand people living in them. On the other hand, California has Los Angeles County with over 9 million residents and is likely to form as many exchanges as in the rest of the state.

For California, IVES identifier 3-23-31, if every county there has an exchange they would fit within 3-23-3101 and 3-23-3158 numbering just fine. But as soon as more than 99 exchanges happen in the state, the numbering system for them all switches to hexadecimal where 31 is concatenated to the number of the exchange, let's say 100 and the hexadecimal equivalent of 31100 is 797C in hex, so Hawaii at 50, were it to have 100 exchanges would be 50100 to C3B4 in hex, 50256 would be C450 and 50512 would be C550 Etc. There's plenty of space to identify lots of places. IVES of course would know all of them and provide handy Ask IVES apps for local exchanges to use in validating V-Checks from other exchanges.

In addition to these numbers, each exchange will assign cash accounts for each of the denominations of proposed V-Checks initially from the Half Valun, through the Ten Valun. We would really like to stimulate cash (anonymous) exchanges and the trust of our personal checks as well, as the will and honor of our people is better known. THAT my friends is upon what one bases one's trust of any money system.

We would eventually like to see the following full set of V-Checks: V1/2, V1, V2, V5, V10, V20, V50, V100 and V500. Who exactly runs the cryptocurrencies? Does anyone really know? These cash account numbers would be known to the exchange officers and IVES only and would not appear on any V-Check or be known to anyone else.

The printed paper V-Check is the outward representation of the Valuns on these accounts. They got there when the member requested cash from their account and the Valuns were transferred from the member account to one or more of these cash accounts and nothing is charged to the member for doing this. The process can be done immediately upon request by a counter clerk at any exchange or Valun counter. It's similar to buying traveler's checks but hopefully easier.

All transactions are tabulated and verified within hours on the same day, certainly all those occurring within the exchange. We did it that way in the old days and survived long before the internet appeared. We have finally come squarely back to understanding the imperative use of paper ballots only. The dullest pencil is always sharper than the … how did that go again? You see. We will need lots of paper and ink, not digits and what did someone call cryptocurrencies the other day? Oh yes, “thin air.” What have we been saying all along? That money is accounting and the tokens were just instances of the accounting.

So what then of pallets of cash, makes no difference from whence, that are flown here and there in big airplanes? Each one of them was printed and yes, accounted for by their issuing institutions. Do you suppose for an instant that THEY are unfamiliar with verifying every last one of those pieces of paper as valid money? Of course THEY are. That even goes for bogus plates with THEIR list of possible serial numbers too. Do you see where I'm going with this?  

You have perhaps been misinformed all your life that money had nothing important to do with accounting and was merely the external objects of trade, whether they be disks of precious metals or nicely printed pieces of paper. No, my friend, the accounting is everything. It's not too difficult for the literate person to understand and as I've said before, everyone in the world knows what banknotes look like and even the illiterate know how to use them, so why dispense with them? So that some people who demand to make money on their money without actually contributing anything can have their slice of the action of others making random and routine decisions about where to spend their money, which isn't even theirs? You see where this goes. Cryptocurrencies can perhaps mask who the buyer and seller are, but if all the transactions can be traced, then what is that? More snooping in on transactions? You see where this goes too. And lately, not much to our surprise, we hear that some wallets have been raided of their coin. Trying to set up a monetary system on the internet is like setting one up in the middle of a superhighway. A good place to get run over not to settle business.

V-Checks will be printed as numbered blanks to be stamped with an expiration date by the clerk at exchange or counter. On each V-Check, running along the bottom of the obverse side will be a series of eight numbers or letters defining the registry of each one in the series. On the upper right hand corner of each obverse side of a V-check will be a space where the expiration date goes. It will be stamped either with a permanent ink stamp or with one of those which punches a date in holes through the paper. For instance a V-Check from New Jersey would have 3-23-0318 241A532D on it. Because we want to help the clerks do their job fast, it would probably look more like this:
3-23/0318 241A532D 

The obverse side would also indicate how many Valuns and say something like Bearer hereby tenders said number of international standard Value Units. The reverse side would indicate the number of Valuns and feature an ad for a local business. In fact, we've given consideration to offering ads that look similar to those sometimes found on church bulletins.

The obverse sides identify the exchange and would feature some scene or landmark from the area of the exchange, an identification of the exchange and of course the IVES symbol.

We started this discussion answering a comment by someone claiming to be a libertarian / free market / capitalist who values precious metals, self reliance and preparedness. What of those in society who cannot earn a living? Some of them might be related to you. Sure, some have their problems. What would a Valun system do for them? What would doing for them do for you? Do you understand how being part of something like this in your own neighborhood would certainly build more self reliance and preparedness among all involved? You can't go it alone. In fact, anyone thinking so is deliberately playing right into THEIR game. Yes, “come out of her, my people” is the message. But out of her into what? Not into being alone and oblivion.

Community will perhaps be forced upon us by natural circumstances as the earth is definitely changing by the day; we need each other to survive and eventually to thrive no matter where we are or what we decide to be doing. This proposal offers a direct way out for each and every one who embraces it, but it will require all of us to get together to make it a reality.

What could happen. The initial transaction that established the proposed Valun could easily be eclipsed. What do we do then? The Valun must always trade at a premium to any and all of THEIR money and we do that by establishing a transaction between gold and dollars on 11/2/11. That's $2.16 per Valun and take a new initial value, a bigger chunk of purchasing power, with each successive rise in the price of gold. If our price to hold an oz of gold is $3,200 then all Valuns in the system rise to $3.20 and then if the price of gold falls, the Valun continues to rise relative to dollars as it takes more gold to purchase the same piece of purchasing power. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is how you preserve purchasing power in a monetary unit no matter how many of them are out and about at any one time.  

The rascals of economics will surely tell you that one cannot have too much money circulating about as it raises prices. How can it be that all these spare monetary units would be bidding on more than one product at a time? Since all the money does not participate in each and every sale, the argument is dismissed, thrown down, excised, discarded, shoved off the stage, etc.

What causes inflation then? Exactly what Riegel said caused it, too many unbacked pieces of purchasing power, literally bogus claims on the economy that didn't originate in a transaction to split an honest barter. Riegel didn't mean backed by gold or anything like that either. He had this in mind: the government spends $10 but only gets $2 back in taxes. That's $8 unbacked to $2 backed. Now, next go round the government can spend that backed $2 again along with perhaps $6 more of borrowed money. That's now $12 unbacked to still $2 backed and $2 taxed back. The backed money canceled out the unbacked money but it's never enough. Too much and speculation on commodities happens and economies to scale are breached everywhere and before you know it, you have today's ghastly messes around the world. You see where this leads? Everything goes up in price. Oh and by the way those who really own the money begin demanding that the government adopt all kinds of THEIR policies and the government can't do anything about it because all and everyone is bought and sold with THEIR money. And you still think this blog's proposal isn't that important?

Get back to me when you know that it is. You'll need to help set up IVES and each county represented will have to begin with 13 people who meet the criteria and one of them had best be a lawyer. 

Be seeing you.

David Burton