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#0: Virtue - What Bankers Lack

Dennis Spain · Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dennis Spain's interest in monetary reform matters is genuine. Even so, it is simply astounding how easily led people are by obvious frauds and I'll be happy to lay a few of them bare here. Regardless of these, much of what Dennis says is spot on. A “virtue” to us on this blog is anything which can't help but be good. Dennis' title could be a backhanded rebuke of a class of people who have … since at least 1815, exercised directing power over most of society, have ruled from behind the curtains, while in front are presented for public view the ranks of technical bureaucrats (economic parasites) and an array of babbling politicians (even bigger parasites) who as soon as they reach the capitals of power must immediately raise money for their re-election bids (from lobbyists; influence peddlers, etc.). There are plenty of these sources to help too, for a price. So the popular conception that any of their democratically elected leaders or a “democratic process” is really anything but a sham, escapes the attention of a vast majority of the public who simply put, expect much but sure don't know! We live under Mystery Babylon: 

Five hundred fractional-reserve, out of control credit-creating-out-of-nothing financial mechanisms, which are the international banks, position members of their boards of directors on the boards of directors of the world's major corporations. These bankers have been given the legal empowerment by corrupted politicians worldwide to create national currencies out of nothing but signatures on bogus promissory notes. Thus, they control absolutely the allocation of resources on the planet through their close connection to these corporations, which depend on these banks for timely injections of 'capital'. (I put 'capital' in parentheses because I have a different definition of that word, namely a pool of previously-saved commodity money of inherent value.) 

Let's be actually more accurate about this: the bankers since at least the late 17th century have TAKEN the legal power BY corrupting politicians (a lot of it involving wars to kill people and take things from them or force them into slavery as in ancient times) and the creation of national currencies was first done by fractional reserve lending based on a store of commodity money -gold or silver- and the notes were supposed to come due and payable in enough sequence so the essentially Ponzi nature of the architecture of these banking schemes could be maintained.  

We'll get into Dennis' definition of capital anon, because it describes very well what we would expect to develop within our own proposed Valun Exchange Network or private market in Valuns or VEN. Dennis continues,

Hitler understood this mechanism from his experience of WWI and the Weimar Republik of the 1920s. Germany was in total chaos and one of the first things international finance did was attempt to isolate Germany upon his rise to power. Judea [sic] declared war on Deutschland in 1933, in fact, and then as now, Jews are over-represented in these circles of finance. Now don't blow a gasket, I am just stating a FACT. 

Hitler disconnected the German economy from the international bankers ('eine internationale Clique'') and the German people quickly took control of their own destiny, surpassing in four years the economies of the other Western nations which remained mired in Depression. 

I know this personally from a man who lived in Germany from 1937-1945, with whom I had hundreds of hours of discussion in a local coffee shop (the same coffee shop whose progressive liberal owner later banned me from because of my Facebook posts----hahahahahaha. That owner and I graciously made up and realized how stupid we were to be so reactive!) 

Until the connection is seen between a dishonest currency issued by a central banking cabal as an artificial debt on the backs of a citizenry, a political class which has subjugated itself to this banking cabal for the privilege of having every one of its cockamamie projects funded without resistance, and the ensuing declining level of virtue in society as a whole, we will NEVER get out of the mess we are in. It will only get worse. 

Now, even though much of this requires further explanation, one would be generally advised to seek research on Hitler's monetary regime elsewhere as that entire subject lies outside the realm of this blog. We are far more concerned with formulating a real alternative to any of THEIR monetary systems, Hitler's included because he used a state and this proposal does not require one. 

A “dishonest currency” to us would aptly describe ANY money whether it be made of paper, on plastic cards or precious metals that was issued by any bank on credit to any government for the purpose of that government spending into the economy (buying first) without anything other than taxation (retrieval by FORCE of that which was spent by FORCE and without exact compensation) to restore said money to the bank, with interest too which implies taking back more than was created. Change a few things and that since the 17th century, with the change of precious metals to mere digits, is the shape of THEIR present monetary machine. If the con game worked this well for hundreds of years using gold and silver too, why bother to change it very much? It hasn't either, not since ancient times. 

Dennis continues, 

Even the Founding Fathers knew (from personal experience during the Revolutionary War) that the bank notes of fractional reserve bankers, as well as state printed currency, corrupted human trade relations and thus all human interaction, so they LIMITED the federal government's role in monetary affairs to simply ensuring the fineness and weight of coinage, and prohibited the States from issuing bills of credit that were not redeemable in gold and silver. 

Hell's bells, even the Romans knew about the deleterious effects of debasing money but persisted in their illusionary state policies predicated on a false notion of credit (capital). 

All right, a few corrections here too. FIRST: we will NEVER accept, I repeat NEVER accept the notion that the paper Continental money failed due to excess government spending (no government had such power) or in fact due to too much credit creation (none of that was a cause either). The fact is that more Continentals showed up in the market for things simply due to counterfeiting that was done deliberately BY THE BRITISH to force the new government back on THEIR gold and silver standard. I've told Dennis this and I'll tell anyone for the rest of my life: GOLD AND SILVER ARE STILL THEIR MONEY UNTIL ALL OF THEIR SPECULATIVE MARKETS ARE CLOSED FOREVER. It is precisely and exactly these rigged markets that directly affect the purchasing power of any and all precious metals and believing otherwise is sheer blindness to reality. THEY control the mines, the mints and the markets and therefore these precious metals belong to THEM. Honest money? You have fallen for THEIR oldest trick. Precious metals cannot produce more of themselves, they may be worth something but only speculators determine that. AND above all most people don't have any precious metals and don't want any. They recognize the essentially foreign nature of even gold and silver coins. Dennis advises, 

Withdraw support from this fraudulent order of political/financial collusion. Return to honest money [sic]. All the financiers (who benefit greatly from the present system) will howl and cry to the heavens that there is not enough commodity money to facilitate market exchanges. You would have to let prices fluctuate until the quantity of commodity money is in line with the quantity of goods and services produced in our modern economies. Gold and silver will shoot through the roof initially in terms of prices denominated in national currencies, until people finally realize that prices should not be denominated in national currencies, which are the bankers’ freak creations, but instead expressed in terms of silver and gold grams. 

Has Dennis solved how much a gram of gold will buy today vs. next year? Who decides? Right, not you or me. It's still THEIR money, Dennis! 

Lending then [gold grams] occurs in a free capital market only from previous savings of the commodity money at interest rates that are naturally set in free capital markets, not by financiers in shit-stained $5K suits sitting around mahogany tables somewhere forever indenting the rest of us with their abstractions and relegating us to a class of modern-day serfs! 

There's no such thing as a free capital market, Dennis! This is an idealism. I don't think we want to be stuck with it. Also if one decides the rent for money, what's the difference between capital markets and financiers however they may be dressed? You clearly don't know. There isn't any difference! 

(I have actually changed my attitude toward gold or silver-backed money, due to the influence of Bill Still and David Burton’s comments----though still not in agreement with the idea of privately-issued valuns---and now would support a fiat currency if a yearly-adjusted Federal sales tax were instituted to withdraw and extinguish currency on expenditures causing inflationary forces by too great an influx of fiat money into infrastructure projects of all kinds; and if fractional-reserve banking were prohibited by federal law. Either a gold-backed system or a pure fiat system is preferable to the present system, however, with the added prohibition of fractional-reserve banking.) 

Going to break this one up a bit: I have actually changed my attitude toward gold or silver-backed money, due to the influence of Bill Still and David Burton’s comments----though still not in agreement with the idea of privately-issued valuns. Well then this point of view is still statist. States may come and go and private agreements last as long as desired. If you do not accept privately issued valuns, then you don't understand one of the things that ignited the Hitler era German recovery because only work would issue reichsmarks not banker stolen fiat. If you do not accept that the fiat MUST belong to each one of us, you become like Bill Still an advocate of Napoleonic money, not real legitimate private enterprise money. 

a yearly-adjusted Federal sales tax were instituted to withdraw and extinguish currency on expenditures causing inflationary forces by too great an influx of fiat money into infrastructure projects of all kinds.  A state solution requires something like this, but honestly Dennis, do you or I have any means to TRUST any of this?  We don't!  ALSO, since this is related, inflation in THEIR system is caused simply by too many of THEIR money tokens being spent into the economy by governments and not redeemed back by anything any government has to sell back into the economy. If you expect inflation, just cut taxes, and sometimes that helps keep economies using THEIR money going for a while, but prices will still rise. SINCE NO GOVERNMENT IS AN HONEST TRADER AND CANNOT BE ONE WITHOUT COMPETING AGAINST ALL PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, UNDER TERMS OF LEGITIMATE MONEY, NO GOVERNMENT MAY BE ALLOWED TO ISSUE ANY MONEY, PERIOD! Tom Jefferson and the rest of the real Democrats were correct. AND the usual sources of paid economic stupidity are those who assume inflation demands “sound money” or “honest money” or some other euphemism suggesting that the usual bank and government issued money is dishonest, which it is. It is fraudulent, illegitimate and used by grifters, capitalists, con men and other parasites to live from the work of others. Likewise one never hears how all money dies; in depreciation of all items which lose their value over time and hence the money spent for them cannot be retrieved, it is gone forever.

The usual public worries about money are always how to finance public works, specifically the roads, etc. I assure everyone that Hitler's Germany certainly had no problem building itself up without THEIR money or its practices, which is why the bankers had us go to war against them. There are alternatives to current financing models that have nothing to do with the basis of the money. Because the basis of all our money is the illegitimate stolen fiat of central banks, the fiat or WILL stolen from each and every one of us, no realistic monetary reform is possible. You can't polish a turd and expect something better, even if you polish it with silver and gold. We need our own money. 

And one of the consequences of having our own money will be the establishment of our own finance businesses. In all cases, the money for finance MUST and WILL come from the savings of the communities that adopt it: you cannot loan money you do not have. 

The end of fractional reserve lending brings all deposit insurance to an end within our proposed system because all money in all accounts will belong uncontested to the member / owners of each exchange, not to lenders / financiers associated with said exchanges. Likewise we do not want to see capital flight from where it was earned into existence so there will be another 80% rule that will make it impossible for money saved in one location to be scattered in hope of bigger return elsewhere. 80% of that money will have to be loaned within the area it was raised. We have a preference for free enterprise not capitalism. Making money on money without work will be closely watched within our proposed system because counter to all the PAID propaganda from the usual sources, capitalism and its evil twin sister state socialism, were the invention of the same people who dreamed of living as parasites from the labor, inventiveness and industriousness of others. 

Be seeing you.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

#57.12 Perspective - You Have Value

Now, before we get started we'd like to make a statement concerning our recent considerable uptick in hits from Russia.

First, hits from Russia have been at times 5 times what we get from the US.
Second, we are quite aware of recent allegations that implicate the CIA in ways of faking the sources of internet hits; in other words, it only looks like there are a lot of hits from Russia. If that's the case, someone is reading this, is listening, is paying attention etc. and of course we can certainly imagine that the intentions of those who pay them are not in accordance with anything this blog is about.

There's an old Italian saying that one isn't doing anything particularly important if one hasn't enemies. We've stated for public awareness just who these enemies are. We accuse them as enemies of society, as psychopaths, as sociopaths, enemies of civilization, enemies of all authentic human culture and of humanity itself. THEY hate us! We're just returning THEIR favor.

So those of you who still work for THEM (globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes, Pharisees, etc.) and might be tasked with breaking this blog's effort (really easy), you can then blame yourselves that you must work for such a hateful system, whose global hegemony shall certainly NOT succeed and the results for you could get quite quite personal. Want to be one of THEIR losers? THEY treat people like toilet paper, do you know that? THEY owe you nothing for following THEM. When THEY'RE done with you, you're disposed of. Look at the current record before our eyes. THEY run a huge racket and you are just a stooge if you work for any of THEM.

If on the other hand, there is genuine interest in this blog's proposal from sources within Russia, then we'd suggest that it all stems directly from a recognition of the basic natural law of LIFE, LIBERTY (or freedom which does not have to ask permission from any arbitrary authority imposing his will -stolen fiat money- on the rest of us) and PROPERTY; that there is someone that OWNS something and has DIRECT responsibility up to the extent of his/her property ownership.

An objective criticism of the role states have been FORCED to play in perpetual debt slavery to the source of all money, the banks, is the means (passage) to the root of the evil social machine that rules us all. The invention itself, money, is not evil. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. It's THEIR machine that is built on errors, that is evil. Hence, those expecting any relief from “monetary reform” etc. of THEIR machine are … polishing turds.

The proposal outlined throughout this blog is entirely different; like calling a spade a spade, calling a piece of paper with letters and numbers on it YOURS rather than THEIRS and doing that exercising your own individual will against THEIR impossible, grandiose, imperious and criminally insane propositions for worldwide control.

We begin with a conversation between a few men, we'll call two of them George and Daniel:

George “Reducing human behavior to economic interactions is Marxism. As in, it's literally Marxism.”

Note an ism with the ideas of Karl Marx, an itch, Marxism, the platform of the ruling class devised and paid for by bankers whose interests were class and certain racial dominance. Notice: THEY project racism, sexism, etc. on all THEIR adversaries while THEY practice these themselves as an entitlement to power! Oh and of course all the informed know that Marx was a British agent too. Yeah it DOES go that far back. Espionage (spying) goes back into prehistoric times. I suppose it derives from our not being clairvoyant and our habit of gossiping and then of course one has blackmail and all the rest of the ways THEY secure control over … the world.

Daniel “All human behavior is economic. Econ is the science of human action.” (Pure “Austrian” school rhetoric: these believe themselves to be the only valid economics: pompous asses!)

Is George interested? If not, why not? 

George “So keeping a diary is economic is it? Absolute drivel. The idea that humans are rational economic actors is one of the biggest lies ever peddled. This is just mono-mania; attempting to subscribe one root cause to 'all things' in a futile attempt to understand or worse control them.”

Yes, we emphasized these words as they seem important, not just to George. Yes, it was peddled and most gulp down gleefully as if they now know something.

Daniel “As opposed to irrational actors? How would such a person even behave?

Well, Daniel, you see them everywhere; people who deliberately, or seemingly so, make poor decisions regarding their future health, safety or longevity, so irrational action IS a reality that can't be thoughtlessly discounted. 

George “There is a deep irrationality at the heart of man. How long has 'rationality' even been a concept? 400 years?”

AND one can by no means ASSUME that all people are capable of rational conduct at all times; during all waking hours, etc. When it gets bad enough, in civilized places, they are institutionalized (another social machine) and in more rustic places, they may be simply taken off somewhere and killed. Some societies regard it as a “weeding out process” and again in case people have any other ideas, once again whatever law is stated (jurisdiction), that law becomes FORCE, just as M. Bastiat has said.

Daniel “Asserting things without evidence, or even logic and reason, is a great way to get thrown out of a helicopter.”
George “Nice try lad.”

Daniel makes reference to something from a recent motion picture mystery adventure or something. Steve having heard from the start comes up and says,

Steve “Every action seeks profit. All human action is economic behavior.”

George to Steve “No it doesn't. What absolute twoddle. I hold my girlfriend's hand for profit. I eat apples for profit.”
Steve “You're seeking some better circumstances, situation or position at all times.”
George “No I'm not. You lunatic! I hold my girlfriend's hand for the moment.”

What does George not want to accept and why? Economics, which derives from the idea of household management, devolves to discussions of the flows of money: any activity involving money and its exchange for goods and services, enhancing a kind of crass commercial overlay to everyday life so it is cheapened into mere monetary evaluations, buying and selling, pimping and pandering, hoping to move product, etc.

Economy = co-money

If George was an actual owner of his local Valun exchange and a part owner of the international committee empowered by him to assure the basis to the money he issued himself through his own efforts, perhaps his attitude would be different. He'd be looking at his own money in his wallet for instance. But we have news for all of these men and any others (women too): we agree with George! We openly RESENT this deliberate crass commercial overlay on everything, we recognize that the money we use doesn't stem from us, that it is but parts of another social machine we use that in fact belongs to THEM. There's nothing particularly special about anything that's THEIRS. In fact, this blog exists because we can and would be best served, building and maintaining our own machine. Gabriel walks up and says:

Gabriel “ "I hold my girlfriend's hand for profit." Yes. You hold her hand to add utility to your day. To feel good. AKA profit."

Utility: usefulness, as in being utilized. Now THAT's crass. Do monetary profits make one feel good? Maybe they might. But more to the point, adding utility does not always require any outlay of money. So this is where we insert our precise definition of work.

To us, work is only the time out of the rest of your life, not ALL of your life for the use of which you are paid in money, sorry. Sorry, we will NOT choose to be dominated by money or merely monetary affairs or ideas, whether that be our money or THEIRS. Whatever you do with the rest of your life is your business. THAT is what freedom in essentials is all about. We DO seek to further and enjoy all of our lives. We don't even seek to make any points about whether you are rationally seeking to “profit” or better your position during every waking hour, whether being paid for, or not. George affirms this: 

George “There's no 'seeking of better circumstances'. “
Steve “Why are you trying to convince people they're wrong? Psychic profit?”
Daniel “ "Profit" doesn't just refer to money. It has no objective value. Only the human mind evaluates anything. “

Well now! Let's examine this. The first sentence may be correct but it doesn't discount modern usage, which in 9 times out of 10 cases DOES tie the word profit directly to money. Remember, we are maintaining throughout all of this that we are all subconsciously aware that all money is THEIRS not ours and that we feel (however unconsciously) that it is all DIRTY and usually EVIL. Since it really isn't ours, why would we feel particularly good about doing anything with it but spending it for the things that demand it?

George “You're just widening the definition of profit to be all encompassing to try and sound clever. You don't sound clever. Happiness = profit, Pleasure = profit, Human warmth = profit. “
Daniel “Do you not value having this conversation over not having it? If you didn't, you wouldn't be here having it.”
George “Oh so value = profit too now?"

So is value = profit? The others sure hope George will profit from it, but George sees it only as cheapening his life. We're going to come back to this with an unusual answer later.

Gabriel “Yes George. That's how economists have been defining profit since day one.”

And Gabriel, aren't you old enough to begin considering why so many economists have towed the same line for so long? You assume it's because they're right? Why isn't it more correct then, to take George's side and limit the expropriating of just about everything casual in life for crass commercial interests that we all recognize as foreign to us or outside of our own circle of interests or of our own families and communities? Just because something goes on for hundreds of years does NOT make it right, or applicable, or efficient, or just, or anything else. Such considerations were amazingly rarely if ever broached. Centralization of power … the taking over the world by a group of supercilious criminals … is the best case in point, which this entire discussion intends to sideline.  

Daniel “All of greater marginal utility to the individuals that seek them than the alternatives. Hence, economics.”
George “No, hence warping words to suit your argument.”
Gabriel “Yes, George. Adding value = Profit. Good job on learning econ 101 today.” 

Patronizingly pats George on his shoulder.

Steve “I'm just going to quote von Mises out of Human Action. Since it's clear cut.”

Oh sure, just give us more of THEIR econ dope!

George “So, to reiterate you believe all human action is rational in the pursuit of 'profit'? Profit basically meaning whatever you want it to mean in the context of the situation. Lol.”
Gabriel “ "Action attempts to exchange a less desirable condition for a more desirable one, and costs are incurred to achieve a goal. The difference between the value of the costs and of the goal is called PROFIT" “
Joshua “It's not that hard.”
George “It's not that simple.”
Gabriel “George please give a different definition of profit if you feel this one is bad.”
Steve “Profit, in a broader sense, is the gain derived from action; it is the increase in satisfaction (decrease in uneasiness) brought about; it is the difference between the higher value attached to the result attained and the lower value attached to the sacrifices made for its attainment; it, in other words, yield minus costs. To make profit is invariably the aim sought by any action. If an action fails to attain the ends sought, yield either does not exceed costs or lags behind costs. In the latter case the outcome means a loss, a decrease in satisfaction. 

Profit and loss in this original sense are psychic phenomena and as such not open to measurement and a mode of expression which could convey to other people precise information concerning their intensity. A man can tell a fellow man that a suits him better than b; but he cannot communicate to another man, except in vague and indistinct terms, how much the satisfaction derived from a exceeds that derived from b.  

In the market economy all those things that are bought and sold against money are marked with money prices. In the monetary calculus profit appears as a surplus of money received over money expended and loss as a surplus of money expended over money received. Profit and loss can be expressed in definite amounts of money. It is possible to ascertain in terms of money how much an individual has profited or lost. However, this is not a statement about a social phenomenon, about the individual’s contribution to the societal effort as it is appraised by the other members of society. It does not tell us anything about the individual’s increase or decrease in satisfaction or happiness. It merely reflects his fellow men’s evaluation of his contribution to social cooperation. This evaluation is ultimately determined by the efforts of every member of society to attain the highest possible psychic profit. It is the resultant of the composite effect of all these people’s subjective and personal value judgments as manifested in their conduct on the market. But it must not be confused with these value judgments as such.

We cannot even think of a state of affairs in which people act without the intention of attaining psychic profit and in which their actions result neither in psychic profit nor in psychic loss.”
So those paragraphs are typical of an “Austrian” economist. Steve tries to make the profit to life overlay less crass, but sorry (not really), it can't be done because as McLuhan would have said, “the media is the message;” it's always been THEIR money, not ours, it is something foreign that did not arise directly or stem from us, that is an invention we are FORCED to use and that we are WELL AWARE profit some people far more than THEY'RE worth! George is clearly bored. That “Austrian” windbag probably put him almost half to sleep:

George “It's far too broad. As I said it's mono-mania. You're foolishly attempting to reduce all human motivation to one motivator.”
Steve “KO!” (knock-out)
Daniel “ *helicopter idles softly in the distance* “
Joshua “Replace the word 'profit' with expectation (with respect to the difference between value and costs) if you're having trouble. People act with the expectation that certain conditions will change by their action. This is a tautology- it is the definition of action.

Anything in the universe can be a motivator, but to become action there must be some expectation in the mind that the action in question will achieve the motivated end.”

Honestly men, you're giving the average man or woman far too much credit -and most now have headaches from what you tried to explain to them, because they are fighting what they instinctively know is a foreign viewpoint to their own lives. Most if not all of most actions are automatic and most people would prefer them that way, therefore the entire maximizing utility at every moment concept as a natural rule of life for the average person is sweatshop bondage of the mind to elements promoting THEIR social machines and THEIR social agendas, whereas the vast majority would prefer not to be FORCED to live by much of either. Many are so convinced that money as a human invention is at fault and are prepared to jettison it for almost anything else. It's not the invention itself at fault, it's who gets to issue it, stupid! We need our own money.

Gabriel “It is not a reduction of human behavior at all. It's an accurate description. What we value is subjective. The specific forms of profit we seek out are different. I may value family love over money, so I miss out of making a sale to go home early. My co worker may choose to stay and get the sale. We both still value profit. We both are seeking to add value to our day.”

Let's take this from the top: “profit is not a reduction of human behavior at all” is like someone slapping you and then telling you they didn't do it. We all know that is what it was too. Profit IS the REDUCTION of human behavior to serve the acquisition of more money as a drive. Is it a valid one or even the most important? How best to waste time might turn out as important, as in extending one's probable lifespan through reduction of stress.

Daniel “You're proving yourself a crypto-communist, Georgie. Might wanna stop doubling down before you find yourself ejected from a staggering height out of a rotary aircraft.”
George winces.
Steve “Every individual derives a psychic profit from his actions, or else he would not act at all.”

Oh, I don't know Steve, some people go through a lot of profitless actions regardless of what they expected as a reward.

George “Larping (Live-Action Role-Playing) as some kind of 'alt-right' or God knows what.”
Joshua “Now we see what's really going on.”
Daniel “And he's gone.”
Steve “I didn't even get to wave before you throw him out da choppa."

So what did all this mean? For one thing, you have a whole “school” of thought out there fully prepared to make THEIR “drive to profit” fit right up there with the “right to breathe” AND since most of these fools, YES fools, haven't bothered to think for themselves, it is merely accepted that such things as making money on money without work (capitalism) or states doling out money to those whose fortunes, incomes and futures are destroyed by the capitalists (state socialism) are just natural extensions of the economist's overlay, the “right to profit.”

Whose rights are offended by certain people lending money and demanding the return of that which was never created (usury) or of being able to be lending money one does not actually have (fractional reserve lending)? Sounds like a bunch of people ganging up on someone who does not want to see it their way. And believe me, George is not alone. In fact I'll say once more why this blog exists: we do not want to enshrine any particular one of THEIR economic understandings into anything we do as part of our off-work lives because THEIR system is based on THEIR RIGHT OF THEFT and of THEIR RIGHT OF WEALTH DESTRUCTION. None of the vast majority of the rest of us believes in either of these and therefore those engaged in these activities are considered DIRTY and or EVIL whether consciously or unconsciously, by most of us.

Meanwhile a fellow we'll call Shawn (spelled just like that) comes right up and has this to say:

The reason why capitalism is evil is because capitalism allows people to amass wealth far beyond that of many of their fellow human beings, which places more and more power in the hands of these wealthy individuals, who, as a result of their increase power over others, become more am more separated from their fellow human beings, and begin to enslave their fellow human beings, and, worst of all, eventually begin to believe that they are superior to their fellow human beings, start to dehumanize their fellow human beings, sending them off to fight in wars were they absolutely would never risk their own lives, in wars to aggrandize themselves ever more causing widespread suffering and death of their fellow human beings.”

Wow, that was a long winded read! Go back and read it again. Now ask yourself how many times you have heard the dialectic of socialism vs. capitalism? Want to feel like being squeezed into a two dimensional reality? This is it and it is of THEIR intention to undermine your own thinking and inspire you to fight for something that THEY deliberately cooked up. Shawn continues;

These people begin to think that they are elite, special, kings or queens, chosen by "god" . . . . above the laws of nature even. The humans who rule believe that they are "chosen", and that the masses are meant to serve them, and while they pretend to be the protector of the masses, they are actually the exploiters of the masses.”

Yes, Shawn gets it! THEIR hypocrisy unmasks them as the true enemies of all people on earth! THEY have even gotten us to refer to crowds of our fellow humans as “the masses” which is THEIR perspective on the rest of us. We who support THEM and without whom THEY would as good as starve, have the disgusting tendency to look down on everyone else as inferior to themselves since THEY are so rich and everyone will take THEIR money so that everyone can be BOUGHT! Go back and read carefully what we said about the self financing of labor and get that part of the machine fully in your head and turn things around in your mind. It is THEY who need YOU! Since that is the way things are until they aren't, read the rest of this blog and get busy in your own area. Shawn continues;

Meanwhile, those who are not in the upper echelons of society, as the power of those who are increases, begin to be more and more humiliated, dehumanized, and believe themselves to be powerless to change anything. They believe most readily what they want to believe . . . that god will help them if only they pray more, that their leaders have their best interests in mind, that if called to go fight somewhere, that there must be an enemy, and a good reason . . . . they become so humiliated and debased that they do not even bother to question why they are being sent to their deaths, why they are living in abject poverty, why they have no power whatsoever.”

And then what I am going to tell you is that each one of you has value and since you do, you have the will to work, the will to create, invent, improvise, improve, cause to be erected, enjoyed, be productive, consume what we choose, etc. THEY have no value except to play THEIR financial games; to make money on THEIR money without working. WE are the ones that make and grow things for THEM else THEY would have nothing! So we demand in ourselves and in our own communities a return to the right of free / private enterprise and that certainly includes our own money! Shawn continues concerning the ism, itch, with capital;

Capitalism brings out the very worst in man by introducing unfettered competition against one's own species, to the point of murderous competition, dehumanization, wars of aggrandizement, wholesale slaughter. . . . destruction of the world as sustenance of life . . . in short, a reality that becomes a nightmare of annihilation, self-destruction.”

What did we say? We said that entirely due to the demands of capitalism which is in turn based on USURY (relating to money only: the taking back of that which was never created) that all capitalism ultimately devours its own! What do you suppose all the merger and acquisition business is all about? It's to save as much of a bankrupt or nearly bankrupt company as possible to be devoured and downsized by whatever entity buys it. We are squarely against the whole idea of “public” corporations and they will be kept out of our Value Exchange Network or VEN, the private market in which Valuns will trade. These corporations, “bodies” are supposedly owned by investors who have no direct say in anything the business does. So we're talking about inherently irresponsible organizations that usually foist this lack of responsibility off on the states that charter them. They are dinosaurs and shall go extinct. They are also how it is possible for some people that didn't create or invent anything to profit from it; to buy or FORCE sale of what formerly did not belong to them; yes a form of stealing. Capitalism is STEALING! Free / Private Enterprise is every last one of our birthrights! See the difference? STOP SUPPORTING CAPITALISM! It is against your best interests and will be completely unnecessary once our money gets going. So Shawn continues;

There is no cure for capitalism, it is a cancer, and the humans who exploit their fellow humans are always the last to admit what capitalism is, because they have benefited so much from it, and generally they will not likely change that view until they are on the cart headed for the guillotine . . . . if ever at all.”

And guess what Shawn: THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE CONTAINS THE ONLY NON VIOLENT WAY FORWARD. So since this is to be our money and social machine, not THEIRS, we start by making our definition of work a boundary that we do not allow a disrespectful crossing. We each hope to work, to acquire wealth as well as building on our innate wealth, to provide an income for ourselves and / or our families, etc. We understand our roles as producers for what we want in return through barter by use of our money to split barter between us. We understand that no money can ever succeed without a standard. We base ours on a FIXED transaction representing a piece of purchasing power that already happened at a specific TIME. No matter how much of our money may be out there in circulation, doing what money does for us, all of it will be defined based on our fixed standard, impervious to THEIR speculative machinations outside our market, the Valun Exchange Network or VEN.

So this exercise concerns only work as we define it and concerns any skills you might be willing to place up for sale using Valuns to measure them. In discussions concerning this concept, the idea of manual labor being cheated was topmost in their minds. I said that I would be willing to teach anyone music lessons for V5 a half hour. A Valun is just now (5/15/17) $2.78 so five Valuns is $13.90 and for a half hour of my time teaching someone a piano lesson, that would be about right. A more advanced student would pay maybe V10 an hour (still the same rate over time) and that's $27.80 an hour which again is about right. Most teachers really like some time in between lessons, etc. and one can only teach a few students a day.

Compare that to any skilled mason's work. If any heavy equipment is involved the costs per hour go right up. If these jobs can fetch $100-$120 per hour, they would have to be valued at between V35.97 and V43.17. So, what do you do when they are not paying that much? You take what they pay you and get paid for the rest in Valuns. That's what everyone does. You no longer lean on THEIR system as much because eventually it will not be there and you will have to have something that keeps ALL OF YOU afloat. That's exactly what OUR MONEY is intended to accomplish. 

Since each of you is of value to someone, it's about time to figure out just what that might look like in dollars and Valuns. What's our answer to George not wanting to reduce all of life to the crass profit motive? It is to grab hold of the concept head on: it is to say from now on, that you know what work is and it has limits in terms of your time and will not necessarily influence the rest of your life and secondly that you will step up to it and offer yourself to work for whatever appeals to you for whatever price you can get for your skills for as long in hours per week as you can stand it. From now on, whenever someone offers you work to do something you haven't done before, accept it and be grateful you have the opportunity to experience that kind of work. Whatever it is, you'll learn something.

What I'm saying here by pointing out that every last one of us has value and or potential value is to point out the rest of it: it will be up to us how we decide to live, what our communities look like, what they provide, etc. and THEY with their “great useless plans” will eventually … be consulted far less, if at all. Over the next few weeks I am going to add another series to this blog based on a well known old classic on the subject of success in life. Stay tuned!

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[5/23/17: I was asked to comment on the vast numbers of people currently migrating around the world, waves of legal or illegal immigration, as to what causes it and how it can be stopped. It was brought to my attention that many had interpreted the proposal's domicile provision -to be a member / owner of any proposed Valun Exchange one would have to be legally entitled to be living there- as an attack on immigration. All exchanges are intended to serve geographical communities. The proposal is an overlay of current political borders. Within the US and UK it would be the counties, within France, the departments, and so on; always LOCAL. The focus is from the bottom up, not the top down, as in THEIR system.

The individual, specifically the Jon and Jane Galts in each community, the leaders of local societies around the world, then their families and extended associations. This is how the proposal would naturally spread. Some have indicated to me that we'd need this WHEN the present system fails. NO, we need this up and running NOW, BEFORE THEIR system fails. We have told you all that confidence in our machine and adequate experience actually seeing it run is something we need to be prepared to assume as THEIR system must and will inevitably and ineluctably fail. We got ourselves into this situation by NOT considering the accounting for money as important as the circulating tokens themselves.

THEY of course don't value us except, as I shall explain, as sources of exploitation. THEY want us all anonymous and increasingly want women and children subjugated and brutalized. We on the other hand, want everyone to be exalted as far as their natural gifts allow them. We describe that emphatically as one's innate wealth from which an income is possible.

So, we would contend that the reasons for all this mass immigration is the result of direct actions by THEM and we hold THEM responsible for all of it! THEIR deliberate displacement of people through wars, wars and more wars. Kill, kill, kill and more killing. As we have pointed out, THEY want you dead.

This proposal is our answer. None of us would prefer to die. Most of us would prefer to live and thrive wherever we are -AMONG OUR OWN PEOPLE- and be left alone to ply our natural trade with everyone else. THAT is natural democracy and doesn't require much of a governance; a regulation (recognition by a king/queen) of the mind, whether that be of the individual mind, the family or village mind or the national group mind. We're about reducing all of that because all of that COSTS us more than just more of THEIR money. IT COSTS US OUR LIVES! Because we have no recourse but to THEIR money, THEY (through stolen fiat) have THEIR will suppressing and dictating down to ours.

So what are THEY looking for? Rents. THEY want everyone to rent from THEM as the universal owners of everything; communism or a return to feudalism. Who stands in THEIR way? Anyone with a middle class outlook, anyone that knows and understands the basic right to FREE / PRIVATE ENTERPRISE. Notice we did NOT say capitalism, because capitalism, the ism with capital, is THEIR creation, and not identical AT ALL with the right to go out and earn one's living. What did Karl Marx regard as the barrier to human progress? The middle classes; the bourgeoisie. Who paid him? The bankers! No banker makes as much money lending to a middle class homeowner than lending to a big “public” corporation or a state. Are you getting it yet? 

Know your enemies: globalists, bankers, elites of all kinds, pederasts, all Luciferians, most technocrats, most scribes (people who write for THEM including lawyers and judges) and Pharisees (THEIR bought and paid for politicians). Who are your friends? Start with your local community, all the people one might have attended school with, your families, your extended families, etc. Read this whole blog, as much as doesn't make you sleepy and get the vision of having your own money and never ever being bought by another again! Want to end poverty and war? Why wait for states to accomplish what your enemies only live to deny you?]

Sunday, May 7, 2017

#0: Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You - David Icke

Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You - David Icke

BASIC EDUCATION.  David Icke GETS IT.  He understands the way THEIR (globalist, banker, elite, pedophile, satanist, technocrat, scribe, Pharisee, etc.) system operates.  He has successfully pulled the curtains apart so you can all see what's going on. 

Who controls all the currency?  WHY ARE ANY OF YOU ACCEPTING SOMETHING THAT DID NOT ORIGINATE WITH YOU?  Seriously, ARE YOU STUPID?  Read the proposal.  THERE CAN BE NO LEGITIMATE MONEY BUT OUR MONEY, NOT THEIRS!  Yeah, and Dave Icke and me, the other Dave are here to be telling you what's going on behind everything.  Well, guess what?  There will be only one currency eventually and it will be OURS, not THEIRS.  Why?  Listen to Icke, he'll tell you, better than I will.  

Here's more recent David Icke: David Icke - SHOCKING The Illuminati's Plans For 2017 - MAY 03, 2017 (NEW) 

We just jumped over 40,000 hits.  Let's make that 80,000 by the end of June!   Please read and share this blog.  It's important.  Thank-you.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#57.11 Perspective - Capital and Labor

First a message to young social justice warriors or advocates of Marxism or Communism:

Whatever you have been told to accept is WRONG!
The people who told you are WRONG!
The interests they serve are WRONG!
The ideas concocted by Karl Marx were paid for by Royals and Bankers with the intention of achieving that famous Orwell quote above with THEM (globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes, Pharisees, etc.) on top.

Oh and BTW, when I was young, I too did what you are doing, in Berkeley even. Been there, done that! (I did my time among the technocrats too, so I saw much of the inside workings of THEIR machine.)

Communism? How about a world record 170 million confirmed dead because of it? You expect to survive? They are on record as deliberately eliminating those that helped them achieve power first! THAT is your fate. Should they ever succeed and come to power everywhere, THEY will seek YOU out and kill you, just as Lenin did, just as Stalin did, just as Mao did, just as was done in Spain, etc. etc. All commies are the same; prone to violence, because they are infected with a bunch of pernicious LIES and their good intentions are twisted and turned to anger for THEIR purposes. WHEN THEY'RE THROUGH WITH YOU, THEY'LL DESTROY YOU! It's a death cult. You'd better get away from it and THEM while you still can.

If you're in college, get your degree and move on. Nothing of any consequence happens in college. Nothing! From some time in your past, you have been subjected to social machines called schools. They did not teach you HOW to think, they taught you WHAT to think. So what do you really know? That's right, sucker. YOU JUST SIGNED ON TO HALF A LIFETIME OF DEBT FOR NOTHING. You really know NOTHING, John Snow. You know ABSOLUTELY nothing, Nathaniel Rateliff. Not a God damned thing! And you are paraded through one social machine after another seeking answers? Hell no, you never seek answers because THEY worked their voo-doo magic on you all the time you were in THEIR schools, learning what THEY wanted you to know, or to think you know.

When it comes to money, banking, finance, power, politics and history, most of you out there know absolutely nothing. Too bad, because it is all going to be exposed so none can avoid knowing.

Religion? We have one out there where you bow to a certain place on earth that's very totalitarian and very attractive to the people that rule from behind the curtains. THEY think THEY'D like it better than communism, so THEY are pushing it HARD. See how many have already been recruited to it? What's THEIR agenda? THEY want 90% of us dead!

How about a few vital texts on communism?

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, by Antony Sutton. Read it here.
Red Terror in Russia, by S. P. Melgunov. Read it here.
The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, many authors.

Seriously, if you have not read these books, you do not know anything about communism. Those that say communism has yet to be tried deserve what they deserve: let nature take its course! Those who know communism from personal experience can be the first to take their revenge. Revenge is a bitch! There isn't an ethnic Russian family that hasn't suffered under communism and many Asian peoples can tell you what their experience of communism is too. Increasingly, people from Venezuela and Cuba will tell you. Those who say communism has yet to be tried? What good is your thought? Of what value is anything concerning it? The brotherhood of man? There is no such thing. It was LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY not Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood. Trying to make something socially artificial or awkward into something acceptable by FORCE never works. Never has and never will. It's against nature: like trying to FORCE water to run uphill. Oh, your idealism? Where did you get it? Why did you allow yourself such uncritical acceptance of something that sounded good but has never been true? - Aren't most of you old enough not to believe in leprechauns? Yes, we'll get into the whole subject of BELIEF as opposed to actual facts and the awareness of truth in a future post.

And what of all other totalitarian ideas that are being PUSHED on everyone, especially the social justice warrior crowd out there that wants to shut down freedom of speech? Who is teaching you this garbage? Who is responsible for getting these spewers of the sewers of society into positions of such influence? THEIR money is never far off to see its work being done and that's your answer. Nature shall and will take its course! This is a case of “while we were sleeping, they came and took it all away.” That's right folks, most of you have walked right into THEIR trap and have done so all your lives too, because it has been going on since way before you were born. Yes, and I am here to tell you.

Oh and all your Christian churches? More social machines with input, process and output, where most “ministers” are supposed to look like millionaires and preach the morality of materialism, universalism and inclusiveness. Know where all that started? (because it wasn't the same a hundred years ago). It started back when I was a child with organizations like the World Council of Churches and who was behind that? A bunch of THEM, that's who. There's really not that much help there, except as a place to meet other people who might be of some real help and service to you outside of church.

So let's get on with it:

I was fortunate enough to have known my mother's maternal grandfather. He was born in 1860, up in Canada. His family were involved with industrial engineering. His father and brothers built factories in Canada and the US. They had built the General Mills in Minneapolis, where my grandmother was born. They had come from Germany probably in the 1840's (very likely socialist sympathizers), but had decided on going to Canada rather than the US.

Other families in my ancestry included another immigrant family from Ireland that had made it to Canada a generation earlier, although I was later to find out they were really English, but not entirely. They were specialists in growing grain; had been doing that going back into medieval times in the English Cotswolds, where also part of my late wife's family had originated.

Among this Irish family was a patriarch named David. He was the only other David in my family before me and I was told that I was named after him. He became a great grain grower in Ontario Canada and my German great grandfather's family (really millwrights from Germany) built the mills to process their grain, so they became bakers. They became so proficient at baking that they supplied the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and might still do so. Other members of my great grandfather's family became famous medical doctors. They were an inventive bunch that were also fascinated by music and some were musicians. Some played piano but most played the violin.

Now, we didn't get into all that went into financing all of those mills and who else was involved. Much of that we don't know, because they never discussed it. That's how deep the agreement not to discuss money goes. These were successful business people, farmers and engineers producing a product of value for markets that existed and were made. Much happens in associations and back in those days one could find people in various commercial lines of business because innate wealth producing income was up and running as an everyday concept. So everyone knew a great many more people than is customary these days because meeting other people actually mattered; to relieve one's boredom, one read books or played music, one did not listen to radio/wifi/tv, etc. Other people in one's life mattered. You remembered their names and what they did, etc.

Based on these contacts, my great grandfather wrote letters, many of them my family still may have. He made remarks concerning certain people and their characters, especially concerning whether they were good for an honest day's work, so some included not so favorable views, including toward a few of his own sons. He had in fact corresponded with President Roosevelt and some of those letters my mother still may have somewhere. He wrote to my grandmother who was in California and said this of the place.

“Nothing of importance is possible there for very long as the place is run by grifters.”

A grifter is someone who swindles you through deception or fraud. So my great grandfather was making a comment concerning the likelihood of engaging in business or settling in California and this was his terse response. That was a long time ago. Is it still true? We hear and believe that it still is.

We would suggest that more people start observing the people around them and especially those way above their heads. We'd call it “grifter alert.” Look at THEM (all the globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes, Pharisees, etc.) and tell me how any of THEM is not a grifter? BTW, these are the real “useless eaters.” First and foremost, I'd ask you to pay closer attention to LYING, CHEATING, SWINDLING, FRAUD and especially how ALL of it involves THEIR money and its availability etc. when it can be demonstrated that THEIR money isn't the best in town and certainly isn't OURS.

Do we need grifters in our Value/Valun Exchange Network or VEN? No, we do not. How best to keep them out? Make the rules so simple and explicit and the process of the exchanges so simple and penalties for breaking the rules very clear (you're out, if not forever, at least for a good long time), then we have the best chance to keep grifters out.

We start with finance:

Finance is very simply being able to buy what you can't afford. If you don't have the cash (a black market), you have to settle for terms (a pink market). Finance is usually someone -a third party, neither the buyer or seller- that buys something from a seller for a buyer because the financier has the cash the buyer doesn't, and the buyer is then committed by Credit Contract to pay back more than the selling price over time to the financier for the right to have the item on the day he bought it.

Special B member businesses will be formed to finance things that cannot be paid for because they are very expensive relative to other things. Each of these businesses will have an account at a local exchange. They will raise money from other members to begin their finance operations.

Since a lender cannot lend money that does not already exist, the lender must raise that money from others who have it to lend. Ultimately that money was the result of value exchanged and has been thoroughly backed, first by labor or by will and secondly through being used in exchange for real value; it has to have been used as money to split barter value in a trade. Valuns that are just sitting there in an account or as V-Checks in a drawer is not money until it is used to buy something. When YOU get Valuns back for what you do or sell, that money has been backed by the exchange and NEEDS NO FURTHER BACKING. Those tokens hence becomes real money.

Remember, all money eventually dies, never to return, when it buys something that loses its value over time; depreciation of assets is the death of all money. ALL MONEY IS ISSUED AND ALL MONEY DIES. This implies right away that money must be a STREAM not a fixed quantity or a LAKE. But what is the only thing we will allow to be traded for our Valuns? That's right, silver and gold. Any silver or gold SOLD to the exchange for Valuns, belongs to the exchange. You as a member of the exchange own some theoretical fractional amount of that store of precious metals, but it has been used to “back” those Valuns and is no longer yours. If you brought in US dollars, we'd trade them for gold or silver required and give you the Valuns in return, either as V-Checks or as an Exchange-Check that is basically a deposit slip.

When it comes to the actual monetary unit, the standard matters, not the commodity used to express it in tokens.

One ounce of gold on November 2, 2011 could be yours for $2,160 so THAT becomes our unchanging piece of purchasing power, divided into a thousand parts, each part being a Value Unit or Valun.

Due to our “natural socialism” and especially near the beginning of the movement of this great machine we have in mind, there will be a lot of extra potential money that members will be entitled by the rules to issue. Finance will need this money to begin any serious operation and will pay it a rental fee up front. The contract used is a credit contract. The financial company will in 90% of the cases be either a retailer or a wholesaler of products requiring finance. But not always, and in any case, we'd highly suggest that each business offering financing in Valuns should have a separate account in the local exchange for this business.

So we just said that all the money borrowed from other members must have its rental fee paid up front. Here are some more dimensions of this

The best Credit Contracts are the shortest. Anything shorter than a year is a bill. Anything out to seven years is a note. Anything out to 49 years is a bond. But we will designate shorter intervals; 5 years, 10 years, for bonds as is usually done in THEIR system.

ALL such businesses need partners and they must ALL be members of a local exchange. We will ask for three people partnering in these businesses as a bare minimum. Within the existing Valun system, the VEN, they must raise Valuns to loan to others or to buy something and sell it back to someone else. The seed money is the rental fee that must be paid up front. Credit Contracts of this kind will probably run in denominations of V100. V500 and V1,000 and pay back (redemption) after 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and so on and the rental fee paid out would be higher the longer the pay back time from date of sale. There will probably be stated days of auction where people are willing to bid down the rental fees as the various bond issues are sold. This same practice would describe how any money would be raised from the Valun community for any reasonable activity.

Now against the money raised, the financiers would be able to lend that out for shorter periods than the contracts they just sold to raise their money. They could also engage in buying and selling other businesses' Credit Contracts at discounts and making more back when the redemption date for that contract comes due.

Any business engaged in selling items of greater cost where financing is normally required are entitled to run these kinds of businesses and can arrange terms with their customers as the market will bear. Competition and economic redundancy reduces the margin, monopolies increase it, but there is ultimately a diminishing returns to scale always involved.

Note that the financial business and the transaction clearing business are separate and so shall they ever be in our system, because finance may come and go, the monetary accounting system and the money that all members rely on must and will go on. The transaction clearing and accounting is paramount. The financial businesses are needful appendages. This arrangement limits capitalism (the making of money on money without work) to where it has always been necessary while eliminating its capacity to create economic bubbles, etc.

Now to the labor:

Just because a paid British agent was right about something doesn't make him a genius. Karl Marx was right about the critical role of labor in an economy, but didn't see it from the bottom up, but from the top down, from the prerogatives of social leadership rather than from the vitality of the individual worker.

By simple clarification, we assign the word wealth to anything capable of producing an income, usually measurable in monthly terms. If you do anything, spend time away from the rest of your life being paid to do something, that is your work. Anything that might become work that comes directly out of your own will (volition: fiat) is your innate wealth. You could turn a craft or skill into an income and to the extent that income could increase, you could turn out to be very wealthy.

Should you be rich in THEIR money, you may not even work, probably do not. You get paid from the use of your money doing work, usually in finance. But to us, as common labor, that doesn't count as work. It cost you no time out of your own life and you still got paid. That's capitalism and it is stealing, the way it is presently constructed. It requires the government to throw a lot more of THEIR money around to the poor and dispossessed else there would be a social revolt against the capitalists, which is inevitable anyway.

But meanwhile, we workers are the only ones capable of issuing legitimate money, not some government or some bank. We allow ourselves through our monetary machine to issue our own money. We do not need anyone's permission as we are exercising both our natural right of assembly and press, but also our freedom of speech, which includes our will (volition: fiat). FREEDOM not liberty. Liberties are what one asks permission for, freedoms are what one asks no permission for from anyone.

Since we that work actually contribute value, we will pay ourselves from out of our own issue and use the self financing of labor to do it: we work under contract, we issue all our remuneration to the one offering us employment and are paid back on terms written in the contract and processed by our local exchange as transactions into our account from the escrow balance of the employer's account as described herein. We'll do this up to our ability to pay taxes for the extra income in THEIR money, not ours. In such a way, we that work, will ensure we are paid what our labor can bear on our own terms, dealing with public tax laws as they are. We do not contend with anyone concerning THEIR money, THEIR institutions or anything like that. We may decide eventually to leave working for THEM as soon as we possibly can. We strike out on our own, all of us in growing communities now armed with their own means of trade, an international standard of value, the Value Unit or Valun. We try and do what we always wanted to try and do and we share with each other because WE MUST RELY ON EACH OTHER as that too is nature.

If we want anything better, it's long past time to have our own. Right now, with recent deliberate price cutting on precious metals, the Valun has gone right back up to $2.75 (5/1/17). Where will Valuns go? The least a Valun could trade for is $2.16 and if THEY raise the price of gold where one has to spend more than $2,160 to acquire an ounce, a new inception transaction above (never below) the old price is established and when the price of gold and silver fall, the Valun just gets heavier. Prices in Valuns will tend to remain as stable as supply and demand and since Valuns are not a commodity, there's no way to influence its value in the VEN by speculation, because THEY already do that with THEIR commodity based money; whether dollars or precious metals.

You really want better? It WILL take WILL and organization.

David Burton


Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[5/5/17: There was more to say in this post. It concerned one of the oldest questions that besets economists, presumably those that study the movements of money, the exchanges, the co-money or economy. This concerns the flight of capital from localities it springs forth to other places in order to earn a return; again real capitalism then, since money is being made on money without work, the time out of someone's life in trade for something else using money as a means to split barter.

To begin with capital to us is just spare cash. The ism with capital is that it's just sitting there, doing nothing to increase itself. Well, it could be presumably invested in things that would drastically reduce it as well, but few allow themselves the reality of such thinking when considering “investments.” We could include within the usual definition of capital, anything involved in production, a depreciating asset base, and we could have included all buildings specifically used for production or service, but for our purposes, we wont need to. Capital is just idle cash in someone's account or sitting in a drawer, makes no difference to us. So, here comes another proposed 80% rule:

We have this need for finance as some that really want and need can't afford at the time of purchase but could perhaps qualify for financing if it could be shown that they are reasonable credit contract risks. We imply that at any time a financial business connected with us through our Valun Exchange Network or VEN, would be holding debt to the community and in turn would be willing to lend this money to facilitate the finance of some material object on terms, usually monthly. We'd contend that it was possible to loan all the money out, however 80% would have to be lent out within the same boundaries of the exchange from whence the financier borrowed the money to lend. The finance business would also have to have a B member account in that local exchange. Regardless of whether the money is Valuns or some of THEIRS, it's not good economic sense to us to deprive any area that contributes to finance from the blessings of finance. It IS our objective to prevent anyone from getting too far into debt. THAT too is really one of the reasons behind this proposal. Whereas THEIR monetary system (and social machines associated with it) and THEIR money actively encourages indebtedness; in fact one can't get ahead in THEIR system unless one is seriously in debt to THEM and THAT should apprise you all of the correct current enslavement situation humanity is in. This proposal intends to solve it from the ground up: each locality that can will use adopt and use this system -yes, a machine, but one of our own, not THEIRS- and in doing so will become more independent and prosperous as a result.  

Liberty is someone else giving you the right to do something: freedom is doing something without asking anyone's permission, knowing already what the lawful boundaries are. The former (liberty) derives from an age old conception that we all need someone else's permission, and yes we do, but the latter (freedom) says that wherein an individual's boundaries exist, so too lies the individual's rights without need of any permission. Of course presuming people really know the difference and ramification of liberty vs. freedom, and our contention that most people -by nature- know good from evil, know SANITY from insanity and wish to live within the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace, we can fairly assume success as most of recorded peaceful periods in history have demonstrated.]

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#0: Exposing The Real Sovereign Authority Of The United States: John Titus

Praise for John Titus as one who is wary of bitcoin. We hope he reads the rest of this blog as it really does contain the only solution moving forward. What people are not getting yet is that behind the political tsunami that is resurgent since 2016 is an even bigger cultural and social tsunami that will uproot and carry off most of the present establishment; both institutions and policies, whole ways of doing things, will pass away. We frankly don't see much of a future for automation that destroys wealth in the form of everyone's innate wealth, which of course must provide an income. Where incomes die, lie the results of wealth destruction. Most of it is done by corporations and governments, but behind them of course are the ultimate authorities, the banks. The present scene very much resembles the description we have called Mystery Babylon, the last Beast empire to rule the civilized world. The front is democracy, the worst possible people doing a lot of babbling and causing confusion. Behind them lies the mystery to most called money, banking and finance. The understanding of these key elements in society has been purposely clouded by those whose purpose was always to befog the public mind; for instance much of the babble heard from a former Federal Reserve chairman. Proof that all this is so of course is that THEIR (globalist, banker, elite, pedophile, satanist, scribe, Pharisee, etc.) people are all above the law.

Be seeing you

Oh, and some of you might like this: All the Plenary's Men

Friday, April 28, 2017

#57.10 Perspective - The Mission

Now lately, we have examined the association between money and will, also called FIAT. We have nothing personally against anyone, especially those among the “gold bugs.” But honestly, they are blinded by their tacit acceptance of THEIR (the usual criminal classes) economics; specifically because “gold bugs” accept without much serious thought, the ideas of defunct economists. 

We lump THEIR economists into two main groups forming one of THEIR dialectics; the Keynesians (fiscal manipulation of the economy) after Lord John Maynard Keynes, the British economist and the “Austrians” who are mostly nothing but proponents of a return to DEFUNCT 19th century banking practices with a gold backed money still subject to fractional reserve lending and of course, usury. 

Let's make it absolutely clear one more time exactly what we're talking about: USURY is the practice of always taking back more than was originally created. It always creates an unnatural scarcity in the money supply at any moment and STEALS VALUE FROM EVERYONE using the monetary system. It is WRONG by sheer mathematical logic and is the root and cause of ALL the trouble with the present monetary system. It can't be fixed. It will fail. We must have our own system and own own money.

And secondly, most financial institutions got the idea that THEY are entitled to issue money they don't even have and charge interest on it. THEIRS is the mother of ALL entitlements. Without this FRAUD upon the public, THEY would be powerless. We will have our own system that specifically and forever makes it impossible for you to lend money that you do not have and that you will never ask back more money than was lent. All rent of money is to be paid up front in already existing money or it is customary financing, where a third party buys something a buyer can't afford and sells it back to him on terms. In this case all the money must exist before transactions are enabled.

We're sorry (not really), but there is no help among THEIR economics because ALL economics to date has assumed the existence of both usury – the taking back of that which was never created and fractional reserve lending – the lending of money one does not have. We likewise part company with all those assuming an unbridled capitalism: the making of money on money without work and an itch with their excess capital.

Work we consistently define as the time out of one's life when one is paid in money for one's time or labor. Capitalism is said to be equal to private enterprise. But, no, it isn't. Free or PRIVATE enterprise we consider the bedrock upon which any economies (the movement of money) must rest. Capitalism is just the ability of the rich to make more on their riches. We'll place very obvious limitations to all of that as it too is STEALING on steroids. So, I beg your pardon, I'm not rich enough to be a capitalist, but I sure as hell have talents and skills that I can easily trade for money, were I to issue it and it be accepted by my peers around the world, since there would be one standard, the Valun.

There is NOTHING that requires the association of private enterprise with capitalism. They are distinctly different and their common association in most people's minds is clear evidence of a propaganda campaign on behalf of THEM who are the authors of both capitalism and STATE socialism. If you allow the THEFT that is capitalism, you must inevitably allow state socialism (not our natural socialism as a temporary measure) or “the masses” would have revolted long ago. What do the rulers say? The people are revolting. 

But it's actually the rich who are revolting and down through time have always been revolting. These are the people with so much money that they can't think up enough ways to waste as much as they make in a week. What's revolting about this situation is that they get to have more and more ready calls against resources, can buy whatever they want, without work. Not a single one of them spends an hour out of the rest of their lives to earn their money on money. That, my friends is capitalism; all the ways the people with more money to live on “invest” it in assets called “securities” which are really nothing but pieces of paper denoting either ownership of some minuscule part of some corporation or the debt of some such corporation, or some public agency or government. All prices are supposedly based on supply and demand but there are market makers everywhere engaged in raising money to keep these concerns (more social machines) going and selling off their debt instruments for various fractional discounts to make their profit. Those that service the capitalists engage in nothing productive. Don't tell me any different: I've been there and done that.

All that being said, the idea of even small holders that have next to nothing holding silver and gold as insurance against the savageries of the banker's “credit cycles” is very prudent, as certainly the bankers themselves always scramble to grab as much of the precious metals as they can. THEY (globalists, BANKERS, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes Pharisees, etc.) still run the show: it is either THEIR credit or THEIR gold and THEY determine the value of that in exchange in all the other brands of THEIR money. The same is true of bitcoin, which is nothing more than a fake scarce commodity, always subject to speculation.

The idea of making a distinction between precious metals and paper or digital currency is IDIOTIC (you do not know enough to make such a suggestion) so it is best to tell everyone out there the truth about precious metals:

1) ALL precious metals have human blood on them. They have been the subject of wars of conquest down through time and were mined by slaves usually worked to death under the most horrific conditions because THEY wanted to keep the acquisition of gold as cheap as possible and always have sought that down through time. It marks the basis for THEIR disregard and disrespect of all human labor.

2) ALL precious metals are controlled by the same people who run the banks: they own all the mines and determine the values through THEIR private trading syndicates which none but THEY control. The same issues also affect precious stones; another of THEIR rackets. THEIR other traditional rackets on which all prior empires were built include the trade in human beings as slaves or to be devoured and destroyed in the case of children, of drugs (we heard spices in school) and of weapons of all kinds including poisons and explosives. The link between the bankers and the weapons makers is thousands of years old.

3) ALL precious metals were FORCED on people to use as money, just as today the underlying reasons for wars everywhere involve the scope and reach of the banks. Ideas that circulate that assume precious metals were accepted freely for use as money are DEVOID OF HISTORICAL EVIDENCE because the overwhelming evidence supports the use of military FORCE, not freedom of choice for the use of precious metals as money. 

All that being said, you should still own some and have it in your possession, not locked up somewhere in someone else's possession. But if it becomes so valuable relative to anything else (NOT POSSIBLE) then it doesn't circulate, because the reverse of Gresham's law is an actual natural law: the cheaper the intrinsic value of the means of exchange, the more it will circulate and perform the split-barter function of money. 

We also said, and we mean it as it is OBVIOUS and COMMON SENSE, that ANY commodity serving as money will itself contribute to the price in any exchange where it is used. So with precious metals, we have someone in some far away city deciding from day to day how much a said chunk of said metal one proffers in exchange for whatever one is buying is capable of exchanging, value for value, splitting barter in a trade. The result is still fluctuating prices and they can be as much as 25% within 12 months even in the most stable of markets. And who then determines those prices? Certainly not the holder of the commodity used as money. So how “free” is he/she? 

While we're at it, let's knock another hole in one; money vs. currency. Money is nothing but ONE EYE. That's what the word literally means and usually it refers to coins. The old fashioned banker way of distinguishing the two was COIN vs. currency. Currency was just notes issued by the central bank in various denominations. Currency is extended to include any digital exchange between accounts, therefore verifying our assertion that visible emblems of money; coins, notes, checks, etc. are nothing but tokens of the monetary machine which includes all the back office accounting; NO MONEY EXISTS WITHOUT ACCOUNTING FOR IT. It doesn't matter what the circulating tokens are made of. They could be made of old cheese and it wouldn't matter. Silver and gold? It's still THEIR money. 

So here's what we do with any of it. If you are a member, and acting as an A member of your local exchange, then you have an account there. If you bring in any of THEIR money, we will reduce any and all of it to silver and gold, which shall be exchanged for Valuns and those Valuns will either be available to you as V-Checks or for deposit into your account. There is no valid exchange from our money back into THEIRS: this is not a money laundry or a “buy and hold” commodity. The precious metals shall belong to the local exchange and be used to clear any taxes and state imposed expenses the exchange incurs. The amount of each (silver or gold) that exchange for Valuns is determined by THEM, since all the money to be exchanged is THEIR money. 

Today a proposed International Standard Value Unit or Valun trades for $2.74 (4/26/17) making it among the heaviest means of exchange available. That price is based on the prices of gold and silver, and how those prices have fallen from the inception values of $2.16 (11/2/11 an easy day to remember). You see, our money isn't based on a commodity. It's based on a piece of purchasing power that has already passed, that will not change over time. We measure what all of THEIR money is priced, based on the prices of the precious metals plus a reasonable bid price to obtain the daily value of a piece of purchasing power that happened back on 11/2/11. 

Now last weekend, I saw two first cousins help erect a shed on one of their properties. No money was exchanged, therefore this time out of their lives that could have earned payment for each in money was not accounted for; their labor at that time was lost to both as a further means of exchange in their community. Likewise a younger sister giving up some of her time to help an older sister with her children, frequently would help without payment. In fact, it could be easily proved that especially when times are tough and money is scarce, most work is done without pay; volunteered and in so doing, the value of labor is further reduced and the opportunities to earn the means to split barter for things one might actually need or want, rendered as missed opportunities to express one's innate wealth. Why? Because time is scare and you're wealth has a right to earn an income, that's why. Hold onto that one and consider this: 

We are just now apprised that 80% comes from 20%. If we got 20% of the volunteer work to accept Valuns instead, we'd have a real economy in Valuns underway. How are they paid? If it is a one time only matter, the one cousin or sister offers the other some V-Checks. It may be common to hear, “I'll give you 5 to do it.” V5 or Five Valuns is currently $13.70 of purchasing power. If more than one series of events is anticipated, a labor contract stipulates the terms and the local exchange takes care of the transactions. Another phrase might be, “I'll do it for 5 and 3,” meaning five Valuns and $3. A whole variety of teachers and practitioners can operate with their customers this way. 

Concerning volunteer occupations in families or among close friends, we are somewhat curious to know why payment in money has NOT been done very much before and we have our ready answer; the money is not ours and of course it is naturally scarce. Since it is not fundamentally ours or of us, issued out of us, we naturally tend to regard it as a foreign device or series of devices and consciously or not, since we do not have much of it and there are certainly plenty of ready claims on any we do have, all of this enhances our trends toward volunteerism and opportunities to express and profit from each of our innate wealth are lost. 

We saw an ad recently that made the claim that saved money was stored labor. That's only true close to the time the labor became earned money if we are using any “public” money, as all of that is guaranteed to lose its purchasing power, whereas the proposed Valun is designed to retain its purchasing power, which is why it can outlast all the other money. What will outlast all the other money? The tokens? NO! We remind all those who think otherwise that one cannot have money, an economy, a civilization, unless we are economically reliant on each other as indeed we are now, the machine we use is not ours, hence all the present disabilities. A man with a mountain of gold may be rich but if no one else has any, no one else needs any. We need our own. 

Representing the E. C. Riegel paradigm of money based on a fixed transaction representing a specific time referenced piece of purchasing power instead of a commodity has become a personal mission. It was given me by someone who knew the inside and out of the present machine better than I will, who knew that in the long run it was doomed. And a return to precious metals will not save THEIR machine, because THEY will not give up THEIR fundamental means of stealing from the rest of us; usury and fractional reserve lending. Changing to a gold backed money (going backwards into the 19th century) does not change either of these as givens.
Since THEY will certainly not give up THEIR errors, it is long past time for the rest of us to start our own machine going based on our own value, not some stinking pile of blood soaked precious metals. Besides which, should anyone really care, the best place for stores of precious metals is not in a series of central banks, but scattered among a network of local exchanges that will keep those metals OFF the market thereby tending to force the prices of precious metals up not down.

In any case, a very few people, perhaps 20% everywhere could get a sizable economy going; enough to equal the 80% already produced by the sagging whole. It is my mission to get more people to see the obvious realities I see and to see the remedy as proposed. It is indeed the most humanitarian and egalitarian proposal and yet allows each community, each group down to the individual to devise one's own livelihood. Please read this blog more thoroughly, and give the proposal your serious consideration and spread the links among your family and friends. If thoughts be real tangible things and that they produce effects, think about what this could mean to the world, to alter reality for the better, to eliminate poverty and war, forever, before it is too late. 

David Burton 

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit  
[5/1/17: Q: Are you suggesting that volunteer work or volunteerism is wrong? Because if you are, you have no idea how many people would be hurt by this idea of yours! We need volunteers or many services for people in need would simply collapse. Beth in Arkansas.

A: Congratulations. What you say is proving my point. ALL volunteer work is still time out of the normal unpaid time of the volunteer's life. Since that time is unpaid, the value the volunteer sacrifices to the volunteer effort is lost in terms of future barter; it is a trade of something for nothing. If all volunteers suddenly quit working, what would happen? The state would have to do something or what? Or nature would take its course and those at the bottom of the system would be neglected and die off, that's what would happen and that's what THEY at the top actually want and have long since written of THEIR plans.

Meanwhile, this proposal would suggest that all present volunteer work really must be paid for and if not THEIR money, then whose better than the volunteers and the people being served themselves? If any of THEIR money is paid in addition to Valuns, it should be understood that all of it is to go back to THEM as taxes. Remember, the proposed Valun system is NOT a tax dodge and there will be taxes to pay in THEIR money at the end of the usual tax season. Since all earning under the Valun system is not strictly tied to any particular work schedule, nor is it understood as originating from any employer, because all the money paid in the Valun system under our labor contracts is issued first by the employee, therefore at the end of each tax season, all American A members will get a 1099 from their exchange, since they will be members and have perhaps earned taxable income. That's for THEM to decide. We abide by existing public law as it stands.

Under the proposal, if one is an A member, which means a part owner, and if one is truly indigent, the proposal includes what we have deemed fair to call “natural socialism” and as supported by E. C. Riegel, the only ones capable of issuing money are those without any. They will not be without any for long, unless they are perhaps on their way out through natural causes; we all face eventual demise. Since the proposed Valun shall be a unit of value, stores of them will be inheritable. Every A member will designate their heirs when they join. Members can change these as they wish.

To those out there who may claim the Valun can't have any eventual value, it's very simple. By the proposed rules, a Valun is a fixed piece of purchasing power and we only trade gold or silver for any of them and we decide how much each day based in THEIR prices for precious metals that fixed piece of purchasing power is worth in THEIR money; chiefly dollars and gold. There's no way to break it. There's no way to speculate against it. If THEY cause gold to surge past our initial inception price, we just raise our piece of purchasing power higher, never lower, and when the price backs down, it then costs more in precious metals to purchase that new standard. Purchasing power is preserved and the resulting money gets heavier and heavier which means prices stay nearly constant over long periods of time as people have more confidence in planning business using Valuns. But it will take a lot of people recognizing that this is the unique and only realistic way out from under THEM and on to better things, like fixing the natural disasters THEY have caused. Best we get started as we don't have much time!]