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#0: The Next Massive Disclosure Will Shock The World -- John Paul Rice

 The Next Massive Disclosure Will Shock The World -- John Paul Rice

The story under all other stories exposes other dimensions that impact directly upon the reasons and efforts required to establish the means to issue our own money separate from THEIR money and all THEIR institutions.  The message is to "come out of her, my people" not to compromise in any way, shape or form with those who have always been working against us.

Friday, November 8, 2019

#57.21: Perspective - The wider social view

You mentioned a dynamic, that narcissists attract predators. Would you say President Trump is a narcissist who has attracted predators? Another presidential hopeful who has caught my eye is Mr. Steyer, who seems to be an extreme narcissist, running as a charismatic billionaire outsider trying to take on the system. A populist platform. If this trend continues further, of more and more extreme narcissists being presidents of the USA, would you say the USA is being preyed upon? Has it always been so, or is it building to something more extreme? I appreciate any insight you can provide. 

Ok, narcissism is an itch with Narcissus, a fictional archetypal character who drowned from viewing his own reflection in a still stream and dove in after it. The character is drowned by his excessive self love. A narcissist would be a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Psychology associates selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and a need for admiration, as characterizing a narcissist personality type. Psychoanalysis associates self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, either in very young babies or as a feature of a narcissist mental disorder. This last professional group associates this trait with very young babies! Remember that one of our characterizations of ruling elites is as savage babies. Yes, assuredly we are accusing THEM of narcissism, every last one of THEM. Recall our handy usage of THEM = globalists, bankers, elitists, technocrats, satanists, pederasts, scribes and Pharisees.

Origin of the term; early 19th century: via Latin from the Greek name Narkissos (see Narcissus) + -ism. (the itch) So this is a relatively recent term. Consider all the commercial implications upon society since the appearance of this word only 200 years ago. The other terms in common usage, socialism, capitalism, etc. are also fairly new. Remember we said that socialism and capitalism were invented by the same people at or about the time these words first started appearing in print around 200 years ago.

You asked whether President Trump is a narcissist who has attracted predators and you mentioned Tom Steyer. Whether either of them is or is not a narcissist and therefore subject to predation by predator sociopaths, might be irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. It's political. It involves THEM and their doomed system.

Remember folks, THEIR system will fail. It's way too debt heavy. It's all mostly stolen fiat currency; THEY have taken OUR WILL (fiat) away from us and made the issue of money THEIR illicit business to enslave the world with usury, the demand back of that which was never issued (the famous 11th marble). Our message has remained the same. There is no political solution to the attainment of monetary independence. None whatsoever. Oh, and what exactly do we mean by Pharisees? Political parties of all kinds are Pharisees, ok?

It's necessary to reiterate that narcissism has been sold to “the masses” as attractive, acceptable, desirable, through THEIR PAID entertainers. So it's not just political leaders who may be characterized as narcissists, it's the great bulk of advanced societies that have been turned from self reliance, real goods and services and natural reality, to anything NEW, anything fake, anything requiring a small fee be paid to inventors, or most likely to those who bought or stole patents (intellectual property). Along with it has arisen waves of entitlement, a general lack of empathy, a supersized usually phony need for excessive admiration, etc. Note how all the focus of attention on self esteem figures into it. 

We can learn something from whatever this is, by greatly expanding our view to the entire national society, the entire present world society in fact. What we will see, if we are honest observers, is that narcissism has had its effect directly on people through various levels of panderers. To pander is to gratify or indulge (an immoral or distasteful desire, need, or habit or a person with such a desire, etc.). Pandering is not strictly limited to porn, but expressively extends to goods or service that are expensive relative to other goods or services. Those entertainers that move product get paid the most.

Again, as previously noted, the role of entertainers is very important and impressive and the greatest of them have been and are tremendous narcissists, as all the real world knows. The first time Trump appeared to most of us, was as a subject of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, a TV program with a notable focus on narcissism as something to be aspired to and admired!

So Hollywood and Washington DC may be said to have this quality in common. Why stop at Trump or Steyer? Just name all the top players and you can infer a lot of narcissism, or of sociopathy, or both! Who has the most self respect? A criminal, particularly one who knows that he or she is so far up the power pyramid, that nothing will ever happen to them. You can assume that places that pander narcissism to “the masses” and set up various pop stars for the general public to admire, are also full of predators of various kinds that really have a very similar profile to that of a narcissist, except sociopaths always aim to destroy, to murder, to overthrow and their particular targets for destruction are narcissists. Is this the path of the flesh and the devil? Some might say that. We're finding out more all the time.

But this blog is for expressing something else; the essential importance of free PRIVATE enterprise and of innate wealth and in order to achieve that, it becomes a requirement to admit issuance of private enterprise money. We hear continually that we must shun socialism and spread capitalism. More political talk that's always beside the point. We hear nobody promoting free PRIVATE enterprise. The reasons for this are described in this blog elsewhere. It has to do with deliberate CONFUSION of free private enterprise with capitalism.  

Students, what is capitalism? That's right, an itch with capital, the making of money upon money without work. What is free enterprise? That's right, it's the individual's will to do work. What's work? The time out of the rest of your life in which you do something to earn money. 

Why do you earn money? Well, in this world, unless you're not competent, you are required to pay for government in one way or another using THEIR money. All users of THEIR common ordinary STOLEN fiat money are encouraged to examine the cash instruments which says right on them who owns them and what it concerns; in the United States, a debt obligation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, always capitalized, as it refers to the corporation forced upon us by the bankers back in 1871. What does it mean when the name is all capitalized? Students? That's right, a corporation, a body, not the real entity, but one representing it as a creditor to whom? That's right, the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the country. These are Federal Reserve notes. What's a note? That's right, a debt obligation to pay it back, to whom? That's right folks, the Federal Reserve system, a set of banks set up by THEM back in 1913. It's all THEIR money, not yours or mine.

The government you pay for has jurisdiction over you as you live in this country and there are 50 states, each with their own set of governments. In the United States, it was always implicit that government was to be decentralized, to bring it as close to local public command as possible. But central banking and its stolen fiat money thwarts this and turns everything upside down. Now, the federalized power merely clamps down on each local area, subjects it to the common corruption of the grifters and grafters, and dictates the terms of their obeisance, all because of the source of all the money. It's THEIR system. All clamor for THEIR money and it comes out of legislative appropriations.

These legislative appropriators in particular are entrusted with the most important economic task facing the nation, determining what the government should buy. Why is this dangerous? Come on students! Did someone get that centralization by itself causes negative decisions to affect everyone? Did anyone get the tremendous waste in the purchasing of technologies and materials that might be unconstitutional within the United States as properly understood? Did anyone get the tremendous depreciation of some assets the government buys? That amounts to money that's gone forever, but must still be paid back with interest from that never ending stream of taxation. 

Yes, all of that is true. But our purpose has nothing to do with reforming THEM or anything like that. It's beside the point, literally beside OUR point, which is to recapture our will, our FIAT! 

So government is as some have put it, mind control. Government is the installation of a system of regulation of the mentalities of its … contributors, taxpayers, citizens … slaves. We have said that the proper purpose of a state is to enforce the law, specifically the civil and criminal law, even though there is a third branch of illicit law, commercial law, that the state must also enforce. 

Law is FORCE and is judged as nothing but FORCE in all cases. These include natural laws as they are discovered to exercise FORCE independently of the will or whim of any one of us. If you jump off a cliff, you may very well sustain injuries sufficient to kill you, due to the FORCE of gravity. If you circulate two sets of monetary tokens, one made of paper and the other gold with the same monetary units, the paper ones will circulate while the gold ones will be hoarded. Another FORCE is at work here. A third instance is of an activity or enterprise that can not be sustained. Sooner or later, it stops simply because it can't go on. That's also a form of death which itself is an instance of FORCE. A government has jurisdiction over you. That means that this mind control racket you are FORCED to pay for, using money that isn't even yours, actually tells you what the law (civil, criminal and commercial), also FORCE, happens to be. 

An essential part of the waking up process is to walk away from THEM, to walk out on THEM, to leave THEM to THEIR devices and avoid getting enmeshed too much in any of THEIR panders. You will still need to pay taxes and anything else that must be paid in THEIR money. Otherwise, you'd do better to rely on Valuns. But this isn't a “build it and they will come” idea. This must be done by each natural person out there deciding to organize to give it some time and yes a little of THEIR money too, to get it off the ground. 

Most people have no idea how businesses are organized, how they function, what any of the natural flows of products and services are. Each of these are deserving of study. A vertically integrated business is one that controls everything from production to final sale. A horizontally integrated business is one that engages in a variety of retail lines that they don't control and projects its business in as many local areas as possible before what happens? Come on students! Did someone say diminishing returns to scale? Of course, and it is different from industry to industry, from farm to farm, etc. Al kinds of things can change this dynamic too. Nevertheless in most going concern businesses, there are knowable diminishing returns to scale calculations. 

Some activities fade in usefulness and are gradually removed from business. These are termed structural changes by most standard economics. If one is structurally unemployed, it means that there's no market for one's skills, one's innate wealth has become structurally obsolete: something about the structure of goods and services in trade changed and rendered it so. Manufacturing and agriculture also undergo many structural changes, as when some crop can not be grown where it once thrived or that there is no market for it anymore. 

Any structurally sound enterprise is also spoken of as a “going concern” and implies that it has maintained itself over many years, perhaps a long time family business. Most of these are involved with production at or near the wholesale level; they are the most productive, again considering factors of size relative to return on investment up to a certain size where diminishing returns to scale sets the upward limit to profitability. 

What do capitalists frequently do? Recall that to us, capitalism is the making of money on money without work; the person having a lot of money to risk in a business does not actually punch the clock or contribute very much of anything, other than money to the business. Capitalists are looking for sure things. They very often don't succeed. One reason they fail is that they bought into a business that is nearing its structural end. Another is that they anticipate growth at scales they insist must return to them more as the enterprise grows in size. I can easily name half a dozen big nationwide concerns that are no longer in business simply because of their hubris of attempting to break through the diminishing returns to scale law. Market saturation plays a role in this, but it is a bit more complicated than supposed. 

One reason this blog exists is to alert everyone who reads it that the globalist plan is to take over the world. THEIR plan does not consider civilization as we have come to know it, to be essential or even desirable. How much better to flourish with all the gadgetry and illicit luxuries in a world that is otherwise a dystopia of death for most and a great suppression of the vast majority of whatever is left of the world's human population. THEY have written about it (THEIR scribes and lawyers, journalists and other presstitutes, etc.) and have made movies about it. Pity, the audiences that just thought they were watching fiction. 

So when I'm insisting that widening your vision amounts to seeing appeals to narcissism everywhere and always, I'm hoping to point out to you the depth and breath of what is usually described as narcissism. Once you begin to see the blazé, empty headed, common ordinary varieties of mass narcissism, it's difficult to see the world as you thought it was before you took notice. 

So now, I lead up to one of the capstone concepts that would characterize the way out of the deadly morass in which THEY have placed us. What is structurally required to have a sustainable civilization? It begins and ends with what we in America used to call the middle class. Without a sufficient middle class, nowhere can one have real civilization. Therefore: 


This statement has the status of a law, which means that it has natural FORCE behind it. If a civilization loses its middle class, it sinks into poverty and barbarism. Any society that increases its middle class becomes more prosperous and civilized. You can't have a stable civilization with a fraction of the people being extremely rich compared with the vast majority of the people in any country, anywhere on Earth. Think of the dark ages in Europe, any other area or time when civilizations went into decline. Their middle classes were gone, either through wars, famines, natural disasters, and so on. History has adequately proved this and all ancient civilizations were actually held back by their rulers flouting this law, which of course they knew nothing about. Craftsmen and producers were always prey to the rulers, as they are now.  

Therefore, one reason this proposal exists is to promote the enlargement of the middle class, everywhere. Key to this is free PRIVATE enterprise and the issuance of our own money, separate from THEIRS, as described in this blog.

What are the structural imperatives of a strong middle class? How about the obvious ones that THEY always want to twist, mangle and obscure from everyone; ethnicity, family and nationality. You are who you are and no one else is you. You have will and most of you can work. There's always plenty to do. With another supply of money available through this proposal, more entrepreneurial ventures can spring up. Local trade causes living standards to gradually rise, because of the compounding of will and work, the only compounding worth considering. So this proposal specifically strengthens the potentials of every ethnicity, family and nationality that is capable of applying it. This is something we do for our kids and grandkids. Elsewhere we've said that all A member accounts were assets capable of being inherited. 

We could dive into the importance of supply lines, of wholesale and retail, uncovering the basic facts of life or death for any business of any size moving forward. Those who have pursued this neighborhood of topics, would begin to understand the realities of prices, of price points and quality features, of the various kinds of trade in used or recycled goods. These subjects await being tested using the proposal's accounting features, such as the 80% rule regarding the relationship between the Equity and Income balances and the Escrow balance as a means to determine what a diminishing profitability to size amounts to and how to optimize the balances to achieve the highest productivity and profitability. Regardless, there are natural limits to scale for any operation. Any business contemplating moving into the Valun exchange world would consider suppliers and whether they too would like to participate in the Valun exchange world. This is one way that this proposal can gain traction. 

As we have always said, whether this proposal becomes anything more than an academic exercise is a matter of personal and group will as none of us can do this alone. In fact, the whole concept of money loses its meaning if only various individuals act alone.  These must organize themselves into recognizable institutions that can manage the accounting (where all money ultimately resides anyway) and furnish a means of letting members know of each other, as advertising using the reverse sides of our circulating cash instruments provides. The proposal has largely been presented. The proposed international standard value unit or Valun has been in existence since 2011. It is up to you to take individual and group action to bring the proposal into reality.

David Burton

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#0: Killer Bankers Are Humanity's Enemies - Michael Rivero "All Wars Are Bankers Wars." - AIM

Killer Bankers Are Humanity's Enemies - Michael Rivero "All Wars Are Bankers Wars." - AIM

American Intelligence Media just published Michael Rivero's All Wars Are Bankers Wars, originally a title derived from General Smedley Butler's book with the same title. What all of them were telling us is the same message that this blog has carried since its beginning, except we get right to the point; that NONE of the money in use actually belongs to the people using it. It all belongs to those who issued it, which in the United States isn't us, unless our name happens to be Federal Reserve.

Now, just to reiterate, the almost universal suggestion to correct what has been an ongoing battle since at least 1815, is for governments to issue the money interest free. Does that really make anything better? Would the money ever really be ours? No! It would belong to our government, but what our government does is not ours either, what an idea! Would such an idea ever cause taxation to diminish or cease entirely? No! Would such an idea prevent a government from spending itself into insolvency and inflating the money? No! So, we don't have a solution here and anyone who thinks so should re-examine the first premise of this blog; that none of the money actually belongs to the people that use it.

We refer to this situation as STOLEN FIAT; your very will has been hijacked first by the government that is supposed to protect you, your life, liberty and property, and then by the central banks, those who really own all the money. By the way, the bankers also own ALL the cryptocurrnecies and ALL of the precious metals. It's ALL their money, not yours or mine.

What do all of THEIR economists constantly rail against? FIAT currencies. Why? Because ALL ECONOMISTS ARE MOUTHPIECES FOR THE BANKERS! Therefore anytime an economist opens their mouth, you will hear a LIE! Let's examine one of the lies exposed here; if we let government issue the money everything gets better. No it doesn't! Private bankers will still lend money at interest, because to rent money paying simple interest up front would greatly diminish their take. Secondly, all STOLEN fiat money was issued either by a government or a bank, which guarantees that it will ultimately fail. So faulty reasoning; it is NOT PROVED that just because all STOLEN fiat currencies have failed, that OUR fiat currency, issued by us, would fail. In fact, as has been mentioned on this blog from time to time, there are private trading associations that issue their own fiat currencies, which are still in business today after being in business for a long time. But you can't join unless you are a producer, you must have something to sell.

What we advocate here is that everyone has something they could sell, their time, their labor, their products, their innate wealth, that capable of providing an income. We didn't say anything about a living wage, because we don't know enough to be able to determine what that would be in monetary terms. We allow others with far more hubris to do that and we take their indicators as markers for our own determination of a member's poverty. We will have a lot of people to begin with that are impecunious, as Riegel called it, who will need to issue some money based on basic need rather than productive abilities. The extra money they spend will end up in the hands of the most productive, as it should be in an honest monetary system.

We have also taken cognizance of the fact that unless new money is added to a monetary system, economies die, due to depreciation of assets, something THEIR economists rarely discuss. There are certain illusions that THEY very much want public, like all THEIR phony and obnoxious ideas concerning "sound" money. THEY want the quantity theory of money to survive in the public mind because though it is completely false, it holds up THEIR right (so THEY suppose) to have speculators make money on money without producing a thing. We oppose all of this. We don't do anything about it. We walk out of it and away from it and THEM and start our own; "come out of her, my people" is still the message.

Friday, October 11, 2019

#0: Mike and Doug Show: The Big Ugly

Mike and Doug Show: The Big Ugly

One again, our friends at American Intelligence Media have given us a few more rabbit holes to purse, for any researchers who care to ferret out the data, observe the criteria of logic and arrive at the suitable structures and objects behind the oldest game in the world; who gets to rule over everything and everyone, who gets to take over the world and subject everyone else to genocide or slavery.  Just one more reason why we need our own money.  There are hundreds of other perfectly good reasons.  So far, even after as many hits as this blog has received, we receive very little notice from anyone.  Perhaps that will change, perhaps not.  It doesn't depend on me.  It depends on you.  Be seeing you.    

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

#57.20: Perspective – Attitude, Work and Perception

Isn't it crazy to expect people, who can barely function past 65 years old or before 18 years old, to be able to establish their own monetary system, which of course requires their own economy to support it? (No I don't mean THEIR economy) You can't build an economy in a person's life span. It takes many generations. You keep hammering the same point, Its not your money! Never was! I wonder why that is :( Spongy Iris

Or is it more crazy to continue to allow someone else to do for us what we should have been doing for ourselves all along? What have we said about money? That it's an accounting machine, with the various circulating tokens as mere instances of what is recorded “on the books.” Why have we said that pieces of paper with denominations printed on it works better than anything else? Because of Gresham's law reversed, which is a real law, which means that Nature and FORCE has something to do with it, like the FORCE of gravity which does not permit you to step off a cliff and walk in mid air. Remember that as we move forward with this essay. The cheaper the means of exchange, the easier it changes hands and eventually drives everything else out of circulation as money tokens. 

Due to the inadequacies of our present education system, most people are completely unaware of the actual situations surrounding the making of a living. It's never taught in school. Neither is very much taught about the common uses of money. Those things, in most places, one finds out on one's own. 

This essay concerns the obvious. If it is of interest to you, perhaps you'll be entertained. Maybe I'll not be all that entertaining, but I promise you, everyone you've ever been entertained by – aside from those among yourselves personally – that's right, through the media, that constant source of interruption that schools prepare you for, all those entertainers were of course PAID by someone, to keep you entertained. 

Those paid entertainers were working to entertain you, while being paid by someone else for doing so. The time spent by them was remunerated to them in money. That money came from somewhere. Do you ever bother to consider the source of the money you are paid with? You assume it's yours too, I don't doubt. Your name on one of THEIR bank accounts proves that, doesn't it? 

For many more obvious reasons, among the entertainers, I have to include the vast array of musicians of all genres, as well, anyone connected with the visual arts, any of the technicians connected with these tremendous enterprises; they are all paid to do what they do and it has a purpose. This represents a considerable swathe of wealth in most modern societies. 

In the United States, a lot of it emanates from the state of California, a place with roughly twice the area of Great Britain, half the people and about the same sized economy. Great Britain of course has perhaps a quarter of its economy emanating from London. The same pattern is found in all major developed countries. Patterns of work are generated by streams of money, flowing and directed to attain certain goals, always to sell you something, whether it's a product, service or just an idea. 

What are the implications? Of course, you know them. Just pay more attention to them and – responsibly, I would say to each one of you – decide when and where to pull away from THEM. Why? Because you don't need THEM. Are they paying you to entertain you? No. You pay for all kinds of services to allow THEM to intrude on your time and space to entertain you. What's THEIR message? Figure it out. Is it real? Is it fake? Especially if it's fake, you would perhaps be more concerned to know. 

We've said that work is the time out of the rest of your life that you spend being paid to do something. This takes all kinds of forms and terms of barter, one's time and labor for what one really needs and wants. Some are in money payments on specific dates. Some are settled in deliveries of agricultural or industrial products for which one is paid in money at a particular time. The terms of barter settled by money are still barter, which never goes away. Money performs the task of splitting the barter, so that a far wider range of exchange is possible. But before charging forward, let's briefly consider just how exactly much of humanity lives. 

There are people who live on the land and are totally dependent on what they derive directly from the land, some actually live as hunter gatherers and have indigenous societies that go back deep into time, measured as we measure it. But these people do not measure time as we measure it, not at all. They may know some of the annals of their people, should there be any. These people may be some of the luckiest on earth, as some have romanticized them. But among such people, any who have been exposed to the modern world, its modern conveniences they seek would invariably bring about the destruction of their primitive societies. 

Primitive people, if they trade with others or not, settle matters within their tribes, based on some rules involving barter. Someone gets something for doing something or provides something for getting something else, and so on. Nothing about their interactions has anything to do with time as we know it. They neither measure it, nor have much in the way of an interest in the use of numbers beyond counting the number of their fingers and toes. They have plenty of interest in reading natural signs. As we understand the skills of reading and writing, they have no interest whatsoever. 

Everywhere else, one must earn one's living by a means of barter involving money. You put in your time, you accomplish your job, you get paid according to the satisfaction of who's paying you, your ability to do or to stand the work, etc. This is the time out of the rest of your life for earning your living. The rest of your life, you sleep, you eat, you take care of your personal needs and you're entertained. 

You might be able to afford to buy a car, a boat, a house, a farm, some land, some animals. In most cases, you won't have all the money to buy it in cash, so you'll have to finance it; borrow / rent the rest of the money you'll need to buy whatever it is. 

You were never taught in school to regard everything you own as an asset. You were probably even scolded into thinking something like that considering anything an asset was somehow reducing it to its value as mere things in terms of money and that whole attitude has clouded your perception. Some of you bought very overpriced products that you thought were going to be assets to you, but they aren't.

Check out the advertising and entertainment you've been exposed to, lately, last month, last year, ten years ago, etc. You had to do this, else you wouldn't be happy. Who said so? It was some combination of things that all came from the entertainers. You see what I mean? In fact, there are some things about you that you decided to emulate or succeed in because of something you got from some entertainer, even if it's as seemingly insignificant as the way you'd play a song, because you heard someone else do it that way.

So anyway, we all acquire assets and these improve, or supposedly improve, our chances of success at one thing or another, always with the intention of improving our standard of living. No primitive human, no matter how happy or unhappy they are, would find any of this to his liking. We all remember the film about the bushman who found a coke bottle one day. He was never happier than when he threw it over a cliff. Primitive people generally like the way things are, as long as Nature cooperates. 

But we have to earn a living. There's just this little problem; there's never enough money and most of it is never in the hands of the common people. By THEIR own admission, THEY hold 97% of all the monetary assets on earth, leaving the rest of us who care about trying to earn a living, with the remaining 3%. 

Most of the stuff you hear or read anywhere of an economic nature presumes that 1) you already have a lot of money and 2) you are willing to surrender it for the purposes of gambling on the future prospects of this or that chain of productive operation. Most of you don't have any money, you never have and you never will. Increasingly, it will be difficult for you to pay your bills, have decent living conditions, do much of anything, all because there isn't sufficient money for you to do them. You've relied all your lives on someone else's money that you must have in order to support your life, your food, water, electricity, heat, the roof over your head. And you wonder why there are so many homeless people? 

So along comes E. C. Riegel and he says that only those without money may be allowed to issue it, he comes up with a perfectly obvious and sensible idea upon which to base the monetary unit, realizes that it would be international in scope and stumbles over the fact that fiat (will) has been stolen from us by all the illegitimate issuers of THEIR money (which doesn't even belong to us).

So then, each of us may have something we can willingly do for someone else and if it's reasonable, a certain amount of Valuns would naturally start flowing through all the local communities everywhere and build a parallel economy that would outlast THEIRS. I'm letting everybody know that THEY can't keep THEIR economic Titanic afloat much longer and with much that's being revealed, well, it's only a matter of time.

What are you going to do when there is no gold, no silver, none of THEIR STOLEN fiat money floating around? This would happen if the value of the asset base crashed and was not recoverable. Where again did all that money go? Come on students! Those who said depreciation of assets win the cigar. It's the death of all money and incidentally it's also the reason why THEIR limited quantity commodity theories of money are GARBAGE, and I'm being extremely kind. That instantly rules out ALL cryptocurrencies, because they are all based on this scarcity of the trading commodity concept. And all one needs do to erase them is pull the plug. Bye bye now!

So Trade Genius or not, and there are dozens of other investor services out there, when the doors of the stock exchanges close because nobody has any confidence in them anymore and all that money has disintegrated, and deflation savagely sets in, no, there won't be any gold or silver floating around, because it will be too valuable compared with everything else. And what's the value of labor under these situations? It falls through the floor. Massive unemployment occurs, all because there is never enough money. 

E. C. Riegel saw this and it is one reason why this blog exists. We feel PASSIONATE about employment and work and desire to foster a solid work ethic, because we WILL it! Understood? FIAT IS WILL and without it we are all THEIR slaves! 

Let's again put this as mildly as we possibly can, ok? Most know the famous jibe that opinions are like anal sphincters and everyone has one. So you want the facts? There are some clowns out there who similarly say that the ultimate value of any fiat currency is zero, and they may be right, but always for the wrong reasons. Fiat? Fiat currencies? It's WHOSE fiat that matters. 

Yes, the same mistake has been made over and over and over again, down through time. The Chinese are said to have started it, others followed. WHAT DID THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON? Come on students! That's right, they were all issued by either a government or a bank. That's the right answer. 

So we say squarely to the clowns, it's not our fiat, stupid, it's THEIRS that's illegitimate and THEIRS always fails because non producers issue it. There are a few complementary currencies that are still around that are based on some form of barter valuation and yes they are all fiat currencies. They are PRIVATE fiat currencies and in order to issue any, you have to be a member that has something to sell to the community of others that use that currency. 

We understand that most of us can't just walk away from THEM and THEIR money, because we are carrying mountains of debt. You know what will eventually happen with all unsecured debt? It will default. That will cause the Ponzi like structure of THEIR financial system to collapse, and since THEIRS never separates clearing transactions from lending money, when THEIRS fails, it takes everyone's wealth with it. There won't be any money after that, because it was lost in the depreciation (fall in prices) of the assets it purchased, which can no longer be sold for even a fraction of their original prices.

Now hyperinflation. That's when there is so much money floating around that prices of everything rise until it costs you a month's rent to buy a hamburger. Long before that, your money has become toilet paper. Think a Weimar meltdown isn't possible in any number of countries? All it usually takes to bring down a government is a sufficient rise in food prices. How do the governments usually cope with this situation? They hand out more money for no work. They appropriate expenditures over taxes for their friends. They just give money away without ever expecting any to return, because they as issuers are illegitimate to begin with, they produce nothing anyone wants to buy.

As we have further stated, grifters and grafters are usually behind all of this corruption and that's what this is. Think hyperinflation wont happen? You have been living through it in every advanced and developing country. It's just been going on in slow motion due to the tremendous amount of used stuff that's a break on rising prices. Hyperinflation has already run its course in various countries, like Zimbabwe and Venezuela. The weather too, all about whatever is behind it? Who knows? 

So this is a strenuous time and it will require strenuous and precision efforts; always work smart not hard. Has anyone seen that series on the Russian fellow who built his own log cabin, etc.? He worked smart as well as hard. It seemed every action was precisely timed and thought out. His tools were in tip top condition too. He used physical leverage a lot, etc. Above all, he had the right attitude about his work and wasn't being paid for it, though his videos I'm sure are paying him a little and he claims he has a regular job. Entertainment again. What's the message? See America? Do as this Russian guy is doing. And maybe more of us might do so, because we want to distance ourselves from THEM and THEIR entertainments. 

What's the difference in doing something for money and doing it for nothing? For one thing, a level of expectation is usually part of a paid situation. The employer has certain requirements and expectations that must be met or the situation doesn't last too long. There's usually some sort of fit or chemistry involved as well. One usually has to be socially liked or accepted by the other people one works with or for. Having to earn a living makes it far more important to be able to go outside your own personal focus and actually interact with other people. What do the entertainers promote? The stay at home by yourself meme is catching on and it's got some definite downsides.

School never taught us anything about basic attitudes we would need to succeed, because maybe they didn't even know what these were or ever considered them important. As a bare minimum, education would have enabled us to acquire the abilities to read and write in at least our mother tongue and to count things using numbers. Reading, writing and arithmetic (hope you never had Common Core) are still the basic skills required in the modern world. If you still don't have them and aren't living among hunter gatherers, these would be the very first skills to acquire as soon as possible.

In some societies, conformity to particular standards of dress, sociability and composure are required, else one easily becomes dismissed as an antisocial or deviant. THEY have social services to take care of those people, so they are rarely seen. In the worst cases, THEY have prisons where those who won't follow the conformity can be taken out of regular contact with others. The proposed social credit systems are intended to accompany all usage of THEIR cryptocurrency, when or if it appears (all others will simply be devalued or turned off so you wont be able to get to them and since they were ephemeral to begin with, too damn bad if you spent too much of THEIR stolen fiat currency on any of them). As we have always said, it's THEIR internet and when it goes off, bye bye.

The basis of this conformity stems from the same source as the entertainment. Just sit back, relax and enjoy, pay and consume. You can't afford it? You want it bad now too, don't you? You can't live without it, right? How much more would you be willing to pay over time to have it right now? Wait. Do you have a job? Are your prospects good for keeping your job or even getting a promotion? How much more time and energy are you willing to exert in future to have that whatever right now? And THEY just love the idea of you living way above your means, even if THEY never do, because even when THEY (come on, usually synonymous with the top 5%) have all the money in the world, THEY still require servants (slaves) to help THEM do the most basic chores.

Consumerism was born the minute someone could finance something they couldn't afford to buy. The rest, always involving some form of entertainment, was punctuated by interruptions for commercial advertising to get you into that craving for something to make you happy when nothing around you is doing the job.

You need to start asking some serious questions that might put you at risk of becoming an antisocial or deviant. Who are you? What are you? What about yourself is really your choice? How would you choose, from what you honestly know about yourself, to change about yourself to become more the person you want to become? How does an audience, a market for your skills enter into all of this? What style of life would you prefer to become accustomed and how much is that likely to cost you in time, effort (your energy) and money?

This blog has never advocated anything as ridiculous and foolish as political revolutions or activism intended to overturn the existing structures. Never! What obvious foolishness! We have plenty of history to prove that all of these efforts, some ongoing even today, were always intended to benefit THEM, never the people at or near the bottom. Most of these would be leaders refer to the people as “the masses” the better to depersonalize them for later elimination when THEIR masterful social schemes don't work out, when enough people wake up to realize they have been cheated once again. E. C. Riegel would never have advocated anything of the kind.

Riegel recognized that economies to scale require effort to build and set up, that they can't always spring into action to take up the slack that THEIR economies have eliminated as they became “too big to fail.” By the way in the process of merger and acquisition, wealth was actually destroyed because streams of income were eliminated for more regular folks. The hubris behind many of THEIR acts of defiance of Nature runs centuries deep.

Do you know what hubris is? HEW-bris. Hubris = excessive pride or self-confidence, lacking the basis for either genuine pride or confidence, frequently associated with arrogance, conceit, conceitedness, haughtiness, pride, vanity, self-importance, self-conceit, pomposity, superciliousness, feeling of superiority, imperiousness; hauteur; in informal usage, uppitiness, big-headedness and also by direct inference, NARCISSISM. The biggest ploy of THEIR entertainers is to equate your happiness with some very profitable form of mass narcissism. And of course narcissists attract predators, more of THEIR legions.

By any likely comparison, E. C. Riegel was a very humble man, merely asserting the obvious and wishing to bring it to our attention. You will (fiat) have to consider the best wishes for your fellow men as you pursue your own attainments and happiness. The rugged individualist, another of THEIR favorite memes, will not help you long term. So this isn't about you just becoming someone you'd be proud of, it's about being involved with other people, based on something real, the exchanges of time, labor, services and products.

Obviously the entertainment we have been exposed to has left certain impressions on us that THEY intended to use to further THEIR goal, to take over the world. In that scheme, perhaps you count as a consumer of economic product, perhaps you are used as part of some public policy effort, to make some politician or political party seem more intelligent, enlightened or compassionate, when none of this is the true objective and to whatever extent you personally are involved, it has nothing to do with you.

When it comes to earning a living, what most of us require is knowledge of what other people want or need doing and whether or not we might be qualified to do what is required and of course for the price offered. The proposal is built around a new institution we call an exchange. Of course we exchange our goods, services and time among our members and these are measured in Valuns instead of THEIR money. Meeting other real people through local exchanges is something THEY have tried to make uninteresting to the vast majority. Would it have been better had we said we were going to establish a network of private clubs? That's what this proposal looks like, but we'd prefer calling them exchanges. 

How does one meet or associate with people anymore? On what basis? The local exchange focuses this key human need for cooperation and interaction to achieve both for ourselves individually and as communities, what we each might want. Of course any core product involved with the basics of life; food, clothing, eventually lodging, housing, capital goods (machines, vehicles, etc.) is already going to be there operating in THEIR system. Many operators are aware of the problems with THEIR money and will want to seek a hedge against the failure of THEIR money, etc.  

How do we connect then? Assume the internet is down or no more. Even if it's up, it's time to move in the opposite direction. All the way back to hunter gatherer societies, as are currently springing up even in advanced countries, because there's not enough money where it is most needed? No, back to what we have always spoken about, the size of each enterprise always operating within its own scale; production, customers, revenue, finding that place where further growth would result in diminishing returns to scale, a fundamental law of Nature itself which THEIR economies always defy to OUR peril.

We did mention Herbert Stein's law, “trends that can't continue, will stop.” If a company expands at the wrong time, they may be doomed. If they expand at the right time and then fail to scale back when the trend fades, they are likely doomed. There are structural changes in technology and custom that can also doom various kinds of businesses. Whole areas of consumer products that used to be sold as “this is what you need to make you happy or at least more satisfied,” are long gone out of business because the trend could not go on, so it stopped. Some things once stopped can never be restarted. Once automobiles became more feasible, horses and buggies were never coming back, etc. 

The connection with each other as members of the proposed local exchanges are 1) by dropping by the exchanges on a regular basis to check out all the offers for jobs that our members would be offering and 2) by seeing advertising on the backs of our money, letting us know who will take it in exchange for goods and services we actually want or need to buy.  

In order to ensure the vast majority of humanity from THEIR fully intended genocide or obsolescence, we must make it our deliberate business to care a little bit more for each other and less about our own narcissistic preoccupations, many of which if we look more carefully at them, will reveal themselves to be foisted upon us by THEIR entertainers.

Many discussions over the years about this proposal have convinced me how few people actually understand their situation in life, how to make it better for themselves or avoid making it worse. We are often propelled through life on the expectations of others, but more often the ideas we have about our own aspirations come directly and indirectly from THEIR entertainers. And we PAY for THEM to entertain us on top of it! But there is often truth in observed irony.

As for building economies that take several lifetimes, we have all lived through situations where economies were created overnight by THEM, - remember the dot com bubble? - only to be smashed to bits (pun partially intended), when THEY had made enough money on THEIR money without work. That's THEIR goal.  

Meanwhile, we need to band together, figure out who we are, where we are, what we can do, what we can't or won't do, etc. and it's best to begin with already existing businesses that have been going on for a long time already that serve as models. We know the difference between wholesale and retail. We know that the difference has to do with efficiencies to scale. We are also aware of many structural changes that make and break industries. We are aware of THEIR gadgetry, all intended to make human effort seem more worthless. What happens when a job is always paid in money issued by the employee not the employer? What happens when nobody buys what THEY are selling and instead buys locally from people they know and trust? What happens when the trust of those in distant places falls away so much that THEIR long term trends can't go on? Those trends top out and fall or just stop in mid stride as has happened dozens of times when some technology got too far ahead of actual usefulness or other hazards were discovered that rendered the technology useless.

Don't for any instant be fooled by the so called power of any technology. These are tinker toys of adolescent narcissists who usually have very little use for anyone but themselves. Having been occupied in the computer technologies most of my life, I've run into quite a few of them. I suppose that when a computer program of their choice finally says “I don't need you anymore,” perhaps they'll have sense enough to pull the plug and for good measure purge the program, so it can't be spread further. Remember, the choice to be whatever you want to become is bounded by your attitudes and your information before you ever set out to acquire any skills. 

All the best, 
David Burton

Saturday, August 24, 2019

#0: Bitcoin Busted for Fraud & Patrick Byrne gets Redpilled by a Russian Spy - AIM

Bitcoin Busted for Fraud - Gabriel & McKibben

Patrick Byrne Gets Redpilled by a Russian Spy

The truth is out there. Listen and learn and then run, don't walk away from all cryptocurrencies. What we have always reiterated will be termed FRAUD and it always involves LIES and everything that's FAKE. It's time to pull the curtains away and see the players behind the scenes. Yes, the usual suspects. ANYONE NOW ADVOCATING CRYPTOCURRENCIES, YOU ARE HEREBY WARNED TO STOP OR GO DOWN WITH THE FRAUD. THERE IS NO ESCAPE, NO SILVER LINING, SO NEVER BOTHER GETTING STARTED. All that has been deliberately hidden, because THEIR intentions have always been nefarious, will be brought to light and then Nature will certainly be taking its course. No regular ordinary person, with far too little of THEIR money to waste on such SCAMS, should have anything to do with any of this because IT IS FRAUD AND HAS NO LEGITIMATE FUTURE. Besides which, we already told you that if you didn't issue any of this "money" it isn't yours. So back away from everything associated with THEIR internet and THEIR blockchain baloney, and get with the proposal outlined on this blog, before we go back to reality, back to truth, back to having OUR OWN money, which is the mission and purpos4e of this blog. Gabriel and McKibben aren't kidding and the truth they have uncovered will stand, whether that be today, tomorrow, next week, next year, whenever.

Be seeing you.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

#57.19: Perspective - The Valun and THEIR money

I review many charts each and every business day.  But I always watch this chart.
We have recently seen the precious metals surge in prices measured in US dollars. These are the two principal brands of THEIR money. The experiment we have conducted since 2011 has given us the vehicle to comprehend the shifts in purchasing power of these two principal brands of THEIR money.

The Valun began at $2.16 or 1,000 Valuns for an ounce of gold bullion, on the date of the Valun's inception, 11/2/2011. Since then, the price of gold has fallen, so an ounce of gold bullion no longer buys what it did back on 11/2/2011. This has been reflected in the value of a Valun measured in US dollars; the Valun has almost always been well above its inception, at its peak, reaching $3.00 on 12/02/2015. 

As we have always said, the Valun is offered as an international standard unit of value measurement in a trade for goods and service, a substitute to whole barter, while barter never goes away. The Valun is never a commodity masquerading as money, that changes its ability to measure value in a trade, based on the whims of speculators and other insiders. These people are those engaged in making money on THEIR money without work; without contributing to the store of wealth, which must provide an income for its producers. The Valun remains as an unchanging unit of purchasing power, devised to represent an unchanging point of reference.

Critics, of whom most wouldn't know an honest argument if posed to them, because half of them have enormous chips on their shoulders to begin with, that prevent them from having any honest discussion about anything concrete or relevant, will say that this contention, that the Valun remains unchanged, is not so. They will contend that the proposal intends on changing this fixed unit as soon as the price of gold rises above Valun inception.

So to anyone, the exception is when the price of gold marches up above the original Valun inception. Then, we would see a new inception point for the Valun, always higher, never lower, and that's the key. What happens should gold bullion no longer be sold for US dollars? We consider this possibility highly unlikely, whether there's a Federal Reserve bank or not, whether the US Treasury, unconstitutionally by the way, decides to issue what they'll call US Government Notes or US Treasury Notes, or whatever. We'll still see gold sold for these as it is for FRNs today.

What if there are a string of new highs for gold in quick succession? We'll just post the inception point for the Valun as many times as required to represent the highest point in THEIR valuations of dollars and precious metals. 

Example: The price of gold reaches $2,200. That's our bid, not THEIR spot, which is always 25% lower. That's our bid price, which means we have adequate advantage and may be buying more gold than we need to cover the exchanges into Valuns. At $2,200, the Valun's new inception is at $2.20 rather than $2.16. But the next week, gold reaches $2,560. The Valun's new inception point becomes $2.56. Now what's the price of gold actually going to do? None of us knows. Why? Because none of us controls any of that. Let's say that you have decided to purchase stock in gold mines, or silver mines. Does your stock ownership affect anything concerning those mines? Who determines what those shares are worth day in and day out? Do you? Does anyone have anything to do with any of the mints, public or private, unless they actually work for any of them, and even then? The most basic question: do you actually OWN any of the money you use? 

So anyway, does the price of gold just go up and up forever? Not unless the purchasing power of US dollars is running downhill into a Weimar meltdown as we have already seen in places like Zimbabwe and Venezuela. What could happen to the Valun, if that begins happening here? The Valun just gets harder and harder as a result, and we have no intention whatsoever of devaluing the Valun, once a new inception point is chosen.

So, if gold reaches our bid for it of $3,800, the Valun is now $3.80. As the price of gold falls back from this point, as it would, else the US dollar is toast, the Valun gets even heavier, because it would take more gold to buy one. Right now it takes more gold to buy a Valun than at its inception. Most of the time, no, ALL of the time, we want it that way. Even so, the Valun would never do what is common in typical “buy and hold” fake scarce commodity cryptocurrencies, where one sees runs into the thousands of dollars and gigantic price plunges soon afterward. I remind you all that commodities speculators make money both ways, whether the price changes are higher or lower.

There is always a range, the reverse almost of the one chart seen at the head of this post. Gold will never be worthless, so the upward limit to the Valun in US dollars would always be far smaller. At $3.00 back in 2015, gold was selling at just above $1,000. How much lower would gold have to go for the Valun to reach $4.00? At our bid price of $260 an ounce for gold, how likely is that?, the Valun reaches $4.00. So the Valun trading range is always only a matter of a few dollars.

It's more likely that precious metals would behave exactly as they have for as long as people want to examine the charts. In the chart at the top of this post, you see a volcanic looking formation centered around 2011. We chose our Valun inception to be among those peaks. Following this, we've seen gold fall back in price, where it tried to find its bottom and normal trading range. Usually a kind of plateau of trading prices for precious metals is established which lasts for some years. Since all of this activity usually occurs far below the occasional volcanic price surge formations, the Valun maintains its comparative price advantage throughout these often multi-year plateaus in precious metals prices.

As this blog has continued over the years, we have received many suggestions for altering our basis for the Valun. No matter what we could have chosen, prices in any commodity possibly chosen are still affected by THEM through THEIR speculators and without the clear fundamentals that basing our exchange on the price of gold would offer us, to easily determine what the exchange rates for all the rest of THEIR money would trade for in Valuns. We have and will continue to steadfastly ignore any other possible bases for the Valun. Those reading this blog ought to know exactly why gold was chosen from the outset; it is THEIR oldest brand of THEIR money and allows us to defeat that basis for value as well as any of the other of THEIR STOLEN fiat currencies. As we have stated many other times, there is no substitute.

We certainly want anyone to know that when the Valun system gets going, a Valun will never be worthless, nor subject to any more speculation than already exists with all of THEIR money, yes, including THEIR cryptocurrencies, which we consider more than worthless. We will NEVER need to, nor ever will accept any cryptocurrencies in trade for Valuns. We remind everyone that E. C. Riegel observed that all of THEIR money was illegitimate because it was issued by non producers. What backs a Valun? The work or will of the members, nothing more is required. 

David Burton