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#65 The Inner Track

Ahead of time, the author makes no apology for appealing to the ascribed words of Jesus the anointed (the Christ) in what follows:

The inner track is an objective position one takes in one's life: It acknowledges that certain things about life and this world are true and that others are false. The proportions at any time of that which is true to that which is false is by many thousands of magnitudes to one; there is little that is genuinely false, but what is false stands out against a general backdrop of truth.

All that is false are lies, deceptions, literal attempts to thwart or control or otherwise undermine your life. They take the form of things as well as ideas. There are associations one has in one's life with these things or ideas that determine the course of one's life. If the things or ideas we make our decisions about happen to be true, then over all, our life must become virtuous, which means we can do no harm either to ourselves or others, the result being good. The promotion of life is all that is good. Therefore the promotion of bad is the destruction of life.

Where abundance of truth is; this happy congruence, always happens in society and is noticeable in our daily lives in relations with others, either known to us or even perfect strangers, as we proceed in SANITY and under the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. Where neither of these is satisfied, as in a war zone or in a terrorist event, people generally tend to migrate or remain within zones or areas where they feel most safe as defined by SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace.

Experiment: try subjecting yourself to 10 minutes of music dominated by nothing but Ionian modal harmonies; major scales. Then subject yourself to 10 minutes of music dominated by Locrian or tri-tonal harmonies, if you can even find that much. If harmony it can be called; one is doing the idea of tri-tonal based music the favour of comparison in the same sense as Dorian, Aeolian (minor scales) or even Phrygian mode harmonies.

Now, one may ask why the disharmonious, the INSANE, the genuinely bad is actually part of Nature? That's a huge separate lesson in itself. The various attempts at devising and teaching systems of ethics, value judgement and morality can be studied and followed at leisure. We think some systems more intelligent than others; all the well known, well run and well organized twelve step programs to confront and defeat addictions are among the best we presently know of.

The inner track acknowledges the individual uniqueness of each one of us. It takes it for granted that everyone else out there from babies to old people has an objective position on their lives as we do ourselves. We therefore acknowledge that all virtue springs from the understanding that doing harm to anyone else is doing direct harm to ourselves. This involves acceptance of each human being's separate identities.

What if one is not conscious of their separate identity? What if they really do just follow whichever crowd of other people they feel most comfortable with?

If that's the case, they are probably on the outer track. Most people are on that track. It is one thing to ask that people wake up and become more conscious, when they are already doing their level best to maintain SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace, but quite another to accept their unique separateness.

One's separateness is one's opportunity. One cannot exist alone, though each one of us is separate. The interactions day to day usually enhance SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. But sometimes, and the percentage is growing beyond bounds, they do not.

Since the false is outnumbered by the true by factors of many billions to one, it does not make sense to pay exclusive attention to the true as a means of escaping the false. (This was an observation of General Semantics) One will do that anyway in hundreds of thousands of usual decisions one makes each day, including mere walking. No, the false, fake, fraudulent, etc. do need to be described, studied, understood. One of the hardest lessons each of us has to learn is that the truly bad, the truly evil, the truly anti-life aspects of our world cannot be escaped, cannot even be fully eradicated.

So what is false is embedded, enmeshed in society and perhaps even in nature itself. It is the nature of things to contain particles of falsehood in each of them. A philosophy, as in "a study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline," could be something like what acknowledgement of an inner track amounts to.

The inner track of course deals succinctly with all that is not truth. But it does so in what to many might be considered a cowardly manner. Recall our point about the abundance of truth being most noticeable as an ongoing social SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. We approach that which is inherently false this way:

The scales have fallen from our eyes. We acknowledge that much of our current world events, the knowledge we presently have concerning them, and the people and figureheads associated with them, are a mere charade, a deadly charade nevertheless, that has been carried out largely by the same classes and sets of people for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is their system that is destroying life, the planet, etc. NOT US and certainly as their system continues on its course, will eventually precipitate some mass extinction event. But we all use their accursed money, none of which is ever actually ours. We claim that it's ours all the time, but that's the base part of the fiction; their fiction. We've all been brainwashed, that's all. Remember, they too have their objective position and theirs is that they are rich and powerful and “so what” and “who cares” to those who are not as they. That too has always been as it has been among us.

There are other kinds of fictions we all have to live with; taxes, public education, universal health care, various kinds of licences, government and corporate involvements in our lives, espionage and surveillance, the wars they cause (banker's wars all), the migrations of peoples they cause, etc. We of the inner track do not dismiss any of these fictions, because we recognize that they have the power to FORCE us all to do their bidding at any time. This is where the rubber meets the road; this is our public life, we acknowledge the reality, the truth, of all the terrible stories that come out about our leaders and their system, conspiracies?, oh yes, but rather than reacting to any of it, we go about the business of living our public lives in SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace.

The practise of the inner track is to be prepared to doubt everything but accept that which is undeniable fact, no matter how peculiar the evidence supporting it -all in the service of truth. It is also the practise of the inner track to know when to speak and when not to speak, and to whom and with whom about what. The inner track is not a philosophy of personal martyrdom, but of personal salvation; that one lives a good life and the evidence of that is known by others also living good lives.

The inner track can be directly compared to Jesus' narrow way as opposed to the broad road which he said led to destruction. It is not enough to eschew evil and go off somewhere and live like a hermit, though one may try that and perhaps find a good life. If one is living on a track in this world, one will confront the need to use that which is evil in order just to survive.

Do we use their money? Do we acknowledge their flags? Do we pay our taxes? Do we shop and buy every day? Do we usually act in SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace? We do, all of it. To what we know and to what we shall be, we acknowledge that it best continues to be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves, as well as to know when we are throwing our pearls before swine. This is our public life.

That is the way of the inner track. One must obey them (render unto Caesar what is Caesar's) though they and their system are false and evil and destructive of life. But one must also focus on who and what one is and what private life that is that one will lead.

Most lead this other private life right now. Even when they are leading the public life as a professional or other functionary or factotum in society, they are leading that other life too. Some call it the private life. Whatever one calls it, this is your other life.

Question: is that other life a good life? Does it promote your personal growth? What is personal growth? Objectively, the acquaintance with more truth is a road to personal growth. Are the acquisition of skills truth? By objective reality, of course they are true, especially to the extent they promote all that is useful and hence good (yes, that which is truly useful is considered good); as in, it was done as well as humanly possible.

Of balance and obsession: Within each normal 24 hour day, most people devote some number of hours to sleep. We acknowledge that usually each of us requires anywhere from six to ten hours of sleep in each 24 hour day. The rest of the time we are said to be awake. Part of that time is usually devoted to dealing with the outer world, their requirements upon us, such as attending school, going to work on time and doing the best job possible under whatever the circumstances, paying bills and taxes as they come due, etc.

None on the inner track ever neglect any of these things. To do so is an act against oneself. It does not matter whether any of their system is fundamentally good or terribly flawed, the value of it is not important because it is openly accepted that one is FORCED to do as they say, think as they think even and certainly to believe what they want you to believe about everything, nature, food, the government, schools, doctors, bankers, etc.

They would prefer you act dumb, docile, stupid, fat, lazy, drugged, drunk and ultimately dead, after they made a good living all your miserable life turning pennies invested into dollars, while you lived to consume this or that pointless or senseless waste of time and energy or vast quantities of any of the recreational substances they glamorize, or way too much of their nutritionally defunct (and now it's revealed chemically poisoned) food stuffs.

The inner track makes smart decisions about turning such substances and subjects into grey haze, so they are no longer recognized as worthwhile. During this process, which may take years, other much better things begin to have more substance, colour, brightness, vitality, reality and life giving qualities, that we begin taking them up instead of our former pursuits. These can and normally would include our associations with others. We might even notice that we begin to speak to each other more calmly, with more kindness and have better more intelligent conversations with those we might have dismissed in haste before.

There must always be that balance between being awake and being asleep as we need that sleep to heal our bodies and to re-balance our minds. The inner track never tries to cheat sleep and strives for a regular sleep to wakefulness pattern.

Achievable obsessions: The inner track seeks self knowledge, the acquisition of skills, the conscious pursuit of knowledge (fact and truth being substantiated), but recognizes that as it has always been down through time right up to the present day, the balance of all that is bad, evil, life destroying, etc. is not to be evaded. BUT, any and all who are involved with the present system, to the extent that they are involved with it, are destined to pay a price for whatever bad or evil they have done, whether the system made them do it or not. The consistent message has been “come out of her (the system), my people” and by the day, the system, their system, makes even that more impossible.

Some may ask, is the inner track an ideology? Does it divide people into us vs. them? You say even enemies have an objective position in life. Yes they do, and we were always asked to love our enemies. We understand that they themselves are in the grip of the system tighter than we could ever imagine. These people bind themselves with blood oaths and think nothing of murder, assassination, “wet work” intended to make it look like an accident, etc. That's their objective position. They know the risks they took to get where they are.

The question for the inner track has always been, is their idea of success knowing what it takes to achieve it, either a worthwhile objective or even worthy of admiration? Once again, some things and people, whole styles of thinking and living, are turned grey. Whatever they are, they're not for us. We do not desire even to know them. We want to build and enjoy our own private lives. We prefer to associate with those who want the same and of course we all want SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace.

Here's another aspect of truth: it often refers to something that goes on forever, something eternal. One of the things they would prefer you didn't go on about is anything eternal. So do them a favour and don't talk about anything that's really important to you or possibly eternal to anyone you don't know, or openly to anyone in any of the places you suspect they can hear you. It's a kind of discipline. Accept for once in your life that whatever you think you can say can't change anybody else, that most people don't know, and don't care about what you care about or who you are. Most wont even remember your name. Remember, we are each of us separate and that's our opportunity.

We should use our opportunities wisely by really valuing them. After all they represent ourselves. Shouldn't we all be thinking better of ourselves than they'd like us to think? The private or real life, the life that we live that matters most to us, THAT becomes our storehouse of opportunities. Why don't we share and exchange these with others, and gradually pull away from their dying and death dealing system?

The inner track implies living a double life, one for Caesar and one for yourself. It is something they don't want us to teach our children, but it is our survival that matters to us in doing so. Only those on the inner track know instantly and understand that doing good to those we most care about is the essence of our lives.

The inner track is not like the political “third way,” because we see no need of any state to grant us SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. We understand, as perhaps we have never understood so clearly before, due to the internet, that any of those “ways” was merely just another excuse for the same bad crowd of politicians and bankers, speculators and swindlers, to remain running ruining the world. We recognize that SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace is not something we can ever expect from any state nor from the banks that support and enslave them.

The inner track perceives the possibility of civil society by their awareness of SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace and NOT the presence or absence of some state empowered in whatever fashion to use FORCE to impose the so called collective will on law breakers. Most people are frankly not so smart as to care to memorize lots of legal material that in any case they usually view as something outside their normal daily life. Again, most people daily go about their business aware of SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace.

Sooner or later their present system will fail and when it does those aware of the inner track will want as a practical tool a functioning financial system such as that advocated by this blog that will enable us to take care of our own by valuing them to the standards of decency determined by each local community as well as providing a means of real wealth creation. The basic function of money remains the same, a common accounting mechanism. The only question, which will be solved sooner or later, is whose money is it anyway, theirs or yours?

Until then, the inner track advises the pursuit of the double life right up to the point they tell you to risk your life for more of their favours (their money, etc.) in exchange for you to do more evil for them. If you've gotten that far down their public life role for you of giving that much more unto Caesar than that which is Caesar's, then you're probably in great danger already, you and any close to you. Anything from blackmail to “wet work” murder made to look like an accident is permitted them, so far. As we've always and consistently said, best to “walk out and not look back.” It takes a lot to be able to do that. Some are seeking it in a “life in a small house” concept. Very well, here's another perspective, “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.” Figure that out. Most of you do not yet realize just where you are in history or in life. You haven't the slightest idea that everything could change radically at any moment, or however they attempt it, could stay the same until it cannot endure any longer, which could be many years to come. We doubt it, but we don't know.

The dual life is a discipline. It promises a better life than life on the outer track that's open to everyone and anything. As we say, that outer track is like the broad way that leads to destruction. They even prefer that you accept the philosophy of the cynics; since destruction (death) is inevitable, why not only accept it but welcome it? Most are unaware that ideas behind The Grateful Dead, etc. were hatched in an elitist association called Tavistock. Tavistock like Woodstock, like stock (what one has), like stocks that imprison people, like stocks on an exchange. Words do mean things and have their weird associations.

But in their private life everyone might be a magician or an artist or occasionally a musician. Our lives could be an exchange of life and beauty for ourselves and our families on an earth of resplendent abundance to satisfy everyone. Without their system, there would be no money for weapons of war. People could enjoy SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. You are reading this. Now you know. Nothing is accidental.

Merry Christmas!

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[17 December, 2015: Someone thought this appropriate;

Every soul must be subject to more powerful authorities. Since there is no authority except from God, then those who are, by God are they appointed. Consequently, one opposing the authority has opposed the ordinance of God, and they who are in opposition will themselves receive judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good work, but to evil. Now do you desire to not be fearful of the authority? Practice good, and you will have approval from it; a servant of God is to you for good. But if you practice evil, be fearful; for not without purpose will he bear the sword, indeed a servant of God is an avenger with wrath to he who has practiced evil. on which account to be subordinate is a necessity, not only because of indignation, but also because of conscience. For this reason also you pay tribute; they are ministers of God, obstinately persisting in this same thing. Therefore render to all debts: to whom tribute, tribute; to whom taxes, taxes; to whom reverence, reverence; to whom dignity, dignity. You owe to no one anything, except to love one another: for he who loves another has fulfilled the law. Romans 13:1-8
We remind everyone that this blog does not exist as a bureau or context for any violent reactions against any authorities. We criticize whilst we may and draw conclusions as they are afforded us, otherwise we live our own lives in SANITY and the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace and do our own thing, always aware of their power and with a decent respect for that power. Peace.]

[19 December, 2015: In discussion, it was suggested that the ethics involved in the Inner Track observation could as easily be understood without a particularly Christian context, as for instance, in Hinduism the concept of Maya or illusion being the path represented by the Outer Track and the decision to accept the way of the Inner Track is like adopting Dharma as a fundamental basis of your life.

However approached, we appreciate the potential usefulness of the concept: it should never fundamentally compromise the integrity of an individual in their motivation to do anything. Dharma is seen as interconnected; people dealing honestly and well with other people, work as having a spiritual component to it, etc.

It also came to my attention that for those who felt this piece was in any way radical, that they should hear Larken Rose hold forth and then decide. His awareness is valuable but our prescription is tame compared with his; we counsel a parallel strategy not an adversarial one.]