Sunday, October 16, 2016

#0: X22 Over The Weekend – 10/14 to 10/16/16

Today Prime Money Markets Can Suspend Withdrawals During An Economic Crisis - Episode 1101a
EU Prepares For 'Dark Scenario' Cyber Attacks That Could Blackout Europe - Episode 1101b
The Hour Is Late, If You Haven't Prepared For The Economic Crisis, Start Now: Bill Holter
Current Economic Collapse News Brief - Episode 1102

We will attempt to start the proposal and everything required to start the VEN once more people understand that the Titanic they have been on all their lives is really sinking. But the internet may not be up then. What are you going to do? It's going to be harder to rescue people with no lifeboats, but we will continue to measure the Value Unit based on THEIR prices for THEIR precious metals as long as that lasts. We will attempt to set up whatever valuations seem likely up until we encounter 1 oz Au = 1,000 Value Units and then we'll see what happens. Right now, we are living in VERY dangerous times. Be seeing you.

This just in:
Bill Holter - Between Now & Election Extremely Dangerous

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