Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#98: More Awakening of the Masses

We hear of more pleas to politicians to provide a “hand up” rather than a “hand out.”

Stop asking the government to do anything about it – Kennedy was right, don't you remember? We MUST do it ourselves, and it wont cost us much of THEIR money to do it either. What's 1 Valun today? V1 = $2.68 (9/30/16) or $2.74 (10/4/16)? That's still not much. It's what each A member of any American exchange might expect to pay each year in dues. Now, multiply that a few hundred thousand times to get the effort off the ground and you see the potential. But we WILL have to organize and that takes a lot of time. Our organization is going to have to go door to door and eye to eye to get anywhere because the internet, nice as it is, is not reality. Each of us already has far too much time on our hands because we are mostly OUT OF WORK.

A hand up? Why can't we do it ourselves? I wrote on the principals of self -financing of labour in OUR money, not THEIRS; “render unto Caesar” etc. here and here.

This entire proposal deserves SERIOUS consideration: it's based on private contracts and the right to engage in private contracts under natural law; the most basic of all law. We are now openly considering the possibility that some form of guild or trade association formations within the proposed VEN (wherever Valuns will be accepted in trade) would be inevitable as people will want to standardize both skills and training but practice as well. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD TO BREAK THE GRIP OF THE OLIGARCHS; THEIR SYSTEM MUST FAIL else the planet is quite literally doomed. It will soon be impossible to hide the lies much longer from everyone, too many are noticing things now all over the world.

But what does this mean? Let's start with a few perceptions that we would like widely propagated:

Let's start with THEIR Constitution of these United States. It was a document conceived in infamy (behind closed doors and under armed guard), dedicated to the proposition that some men are indeed more equal than others (bankers and capitalists mostly, but there are others too) and it would be THEY who would determine who “We The People” actually were, and no it's not us, though that's been the lie THEY have told us for a very long time. We were all told that in THEIR schools, remember? (To skip the digression – continue in the next paragraph)

Digression – Education for the future: There was a time when there were private schools everywhere presided over by schoolmarms and they taught everyone how to read and write and do arithmetic. Those who went to higher education paid for that too and the courses of study started with the trivium and the quadrivium. They also learned to read the Bible in ancient Greek. There were other private associations that taught people trades, how to do things of use with their hands and their minds. All of that and what went with it was deliberately destroyed by the capitalists, globalists and the worldly oligarchy that pretends to be what it isn't. People talk more about getting things back, even of going backwards. That's not quite the idea we're advocating but close. How on earth do you suppose we are going to get anything back? 

There are some who request a “return to the Constitution” as a remedy. This document was an agreement between the new Federal government (wrongly called a national government, since it wasn't) and the creditors of those who owed them money from before the time the Constitution was drafted and ratified which the creditors demanded be paid in nothing but gold or silver, so AGAIN these metals were NOT freely chosen by the common people -who had then and still have little to none of them anyway- as the “Austrians” and their “gold bug” stooges continually vomit forth upon our better judgment.

NO common people ever freely chose gold and silver, it was ALWAYS FORCED on populations. Since the “Austrians” also continually extol usury (a proven mathematical fraud with the intent of theft as a reward), they are EXPELLED from further consideration as knaves and assholes! And we don't even allow that much consideration for the Keynesians as they're one stroke away from being the command economists of the Soviet Union. We saw just how well that worked now, didn't we? It worked only for those that raped that country of its natural resources under THEIR otherwise misguided, heavy handed and incompetent centralized rule. All centralized anything eventually topples of its own DEAD weight.

Most people, when they think about the US Constitution, really mean the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 amendments of a document that wouldn't have passed the state legislatures without them! That part of this sordid agreement is OURS. Have THEY kept THEIR part of the bargain? No, they haven't. So what good does it make that agreement? How long ago did it fail? 1861? What on earth are we living under now then? That's part of the waking up process.

Anyway, the body of the Constitution was largely THEIRS, especially everything to do with GOLD and SILVER as settlement for debts. WHY? Because the basis of the Constitution was the agreement that we would pay them back our WAR debts to them in THEIR money not ours! I want all that to sink in for a while, because as I have always said, THEIR money includes gold and silver. NONE of it has ever really ever been yours or mine. In fact until 1971 didn't we make it illegal in the United States to own it? Wasn't it the bankers only that could ever own it? Isn't that what the “gold bugs'” intentions might include without their knowing it?

Asking or even worse demanding the government or their banker masters to do anything for you is a really bad idea. Into the bargain they send more of your children off to die in more senseless wars that further enrich THEM, not you. Why not walk out on them? Because of THEIR money, that's why. So why don't you have your own? Oh, you mean more of THEIRS? No, THEIRS is THEIRS. You didn't have anything to do with it except by the accident of your birth and that THEY decided to make some money on that fact.

THEY have controlled gold and silver since antiquity from the mines to the mints and they certainly determine what prices all exchanges for in all the other brands of THEIR money too, not you or me. The “gold bugs” have been being all along pushed forward by the same rogues who would like nothing better than to go back to the “gold standard” so they can further strangle development, depopulate the earth, and make more on the speculative ups and downs in THEIR private money, the precious metals.

Seriously folks, those who believe the “Austrians” become THEIR useful idiots for another of THEIR most ancient scams! The bankers' dialectic is THEIR credit or THEIR gold (and silver). If you don't happen to think so, they have made it so in recent legislation allowing them to claim certain things about THEIR products and THEIR money that infer that THEY own it whether you are holding it or not, OK? It's called “intellectual property” the cursed garbage law from the times of the French revolution. It's time to think about leaving THEIR sinking ship. You don't need gold or silver to do it either.

I'm further going to add that THEY deliberately destroyed the fiat currencies of these post-revolution United States (before the Constitution) and the Revolutionary governments of France too. THEY deliberately pressed out as many counterfeit continentals and assignats as they could and distributed them, deliberately inflating the money supply so both currencies crashed. Helping their intentions along, THEY broadcast through THEIR journals of the day just how bad the continental was and lo, “not worth a continental” was spread as the inflation grew all due to offshore counterfeiting. Typical? What would you expect from the oldest crime syndicate in world history intent on promoting its eventual monopoly of world money after 1815?

THEN they deliberately blamed the inflation THEY deliberately caused on someone or something else!!! THEY always use projection! “It's not my fault, it's yours.” Gold and silver are THEIR money and THEY did not want any competition. There is tremendous power in controlling the money and THEY have always known this. Falling for the “Austrians” or the Ron Pauls (sorry, but I only speak what I know to be true and Dr. Paul is only expert at delivering babies) or any of that baloney is becoming one of THEIR useful idiots.

Get your heads out of your asses! Gold and silver are THEIRS. Ultimately renounce them! They are only an exchange vehicle from THEIR money into OURS and there's NO WAY BACK. You get OUR money and you spend it on goods and services that WE produce. And what happens to any gold and silver we get? We keep it in vaults and use it to pay any nasty government (they're all nasty until proven otherwise) what they demand in THEIR money stated in THEIR Constitution! Of course we'd sell the metal to get THEIR currency and pay our taxes with that. But you get where I'm going.

The “cash” in our proposed system – the V-Check - obeys Gresham's reverse law, a real natural law, which states that the representation of the monetary unit that is the cheapest in actual value drives out all others from circulation. We contend that money is only a means to split barter. Nothing else. If you want to take your chances against the probable success of a Valun, then by all means buy some gold and silver. We advocate that everybody still do that. Why? You're putting some purchasing power on ice, on hold. It IS a kind of insurance. How much should you have? It depends. But ultimately to have an economy, to have a civilization, requires a stable measure of value and the proposed international standard Value Unit (Valun) would accomplish that.

What would an oz of gold fetch in Valuns? Maybe it would be somewhere near V1,000 (one thousand Valuns) the same as it would have been on the Valun's day of inception. Maybe it would be somewhere above V732.81 (10/4/16). We'd never know for sure because there is no pegging to any commodity, else what would be the worth of any money as a universal measurement of value? Hence, with gold falling 27% against the Valun (dollars too) as of 10/4/16, we'd demand more gold than at inception in trade for one Valun and the price in Valuns is likely to be no higher than V1,000 and no lower than V732.81 on 10/4/16. That's more likely. If a new higher inception is required that new higher inception would begin at V1,000 and if the oz of gold then fell again, it would require more gold to buy a Valun. The Valun always requires the highest piece of purchasing power regardless of what any of THEIR money does in THEIR markets for it.

Remember, we are showing everyone a way to look at money, that money which would be ours. The electric metaphor theory is best, with the ultimate ground being fully depreciated assets that are beneath even considering for sale to recyclers and foundries. We generate the money through work, some of our money is allowed freely issued by the poor who will only be able to issue enough for their subsistence as determined by the community. Some of our money is traded into our system through bartering gold and silver.

In fact from a business standpoint, if the entire VEN business, the entire Valun exchange network, is relying on income from yearly A member dues and exchanges of gold and silver, then that is the only way the business forms a taxable interface with any state under which it operates. The gold and silver, being THEIR money, are the obvious vehicles for raising more of THEIR money for paying taxes.

As for silver, we began with a ratio of silver to gold of (2160 / 42.24) of 51.14. Now, a ratio of (1582.88 / 22.14) 71.49 to 1 exists (10/4/16). At inception 1 oz Au = V1,000 while perhaps today 1 oz Au = V732.81 and 1 oz Ag = V19.55 at inception but only V8.09 today (10/4/16). In Valuns the ratios were at inception, (1000 / 19.55) 51.15 to 1 and today (10/4/16) they are (732.81 / 8.09) 90.58 to 1. This means that silver has fallen farther in price/value than gold since Valun inception and that your silver buys even less than gold does since inception by compensating percentages; right now we see a 27% gain over all other money in Valuns. They work as a sound theoretical basis to base a standard current for the money. Everyone knows that a Valun equals a piece of purchasing power at a particular TIME and that what one trades for today represents the present value of that transaction. Now then, just what did you say that piece of precious metals was worth? Right. Let's move on to the next issues, how to get businesses to understand and use Valuns and make this a reality before THEIR Titanic sinks, OK?

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[10/8/16 Q: I'm a young guy reading this and have no idea what you're talking about because I've never had a job. I spend my days in my dad's basement playing computer games. He's retired early and we kinda live on dad's pension and a few odd jobs he gets around town, but nothing regular. You're right, there isn't any money. Everything is falling down. It's their rules. We don't know about skills. We have their rules. We went to school. I don't even write very well. Lucky I can read. We know nothing. Jarred, Texas

A: You see how deep a hole we have dug for ourselves? Ignorance is profound. I'm thankful I got such a response. It's like being told that some of the worst things they show us on their TV networks is really the truth; millions of people ground down into the lower middle class, or the top end of the poor classes, all acting with the least intelligence required to sort of just get along. Passing time, wasting time. Doing nothing because there are no prospects for anything better. All because some people with more of THEIR money than we had just up and left the rest of us behind? Is that what happened?

They sent everything overseas and left us nothing but our blown out inability to find any words with which to express our emotions, to react to having our livings taken from us? Why don't we do something about it? Because apparently a lot of people out there can't even do that much.

I'm finding out that most of the people I know are out of work or very busy working several part time jobs. Yes, their rules have pretty much destroyed so much real wealth that there's very little left. Some are calling it a “scorched earth” policy. They destroy in order to murder, starve and kill as their prime objective is depopulation. They hate us and want to destroy us. Are we going to just sit around and let them do it to us? That too was one of the reasons for this blog. THIS is something to do at least as a start. Have I received anything like any adequate response? NO! The responses that filter in remain a trickle. Fact is everything is grinding down to a complete stop. The only thing that seems to be moving at all right now are politics and military actions. The rest of us remain in our positions, going about our daily routines, expecting nothing to change very much but expecting the worst, just not knowing or comprehending what that would be. It will all go on, people going out to eat, etc. until it wont go on any further. What then? There are hundreds of thousands of people like Jarred. Be seeing you.]

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