Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#0 Plato and Economic Theory - Jay Dyer with Tim Kelley

Plato and Economic Theory - Jay Dyer with Tim Kelley

Rarely enough does a single discussion capture so much that is really going on and has been going for a very long time.  This is one of them.  Much is tied together and the entire program is holistic, beginning with Bilderberg and all the other manifestations of globalism going back easily over the last 250 years with roots back into ancient times.  If anyone out there still holds on to any pet political or economic or even historical theory, be warned, your idols will be smashed by this rigorous analysis, be that sorry or not very sorry.  As we have said ultimately TRUTH is the only authority.    The analysis here is not only correct, backed by plenty of other sources that have discovered and said the same things, but Dyer frankly takes no prisoners; if your ideas about things are not correct, they are rendered worthless.  For anything like a viable future, we can't build anything whatsoever on this thousands of years old pile of deliberately manipulative philosophical garbage.  Against the appeals of the Clint Richardsons, well meaning though they are, out there who insist that the power structure informs all relevant discussions of things like law, rights, the state, Anarchy, etc. the fact is that the average human being out there cares nothing for anything other than the existential meaning of living a life relatively free of intrusion by anyone else for any reasons whatsoever.  THAT is what most people think of as freedom or liberty, which Dyer informs us are merely labels, brands, which are thought memes that have been sold to the public.  This is a majorly important discussion.  Please listen carefully and learn something.       

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