Thursday, November 9, 2017

#0: Sustainable Destruction - Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

Sustainable Destruction - Exposing Agenda 21 in Rural America

From 2014, still relevant and ongoing and of course the MONEY used to support all of it is THEIR money, stupid!  This is what THEY intend to do.  Notice, those of us who are fully aware and awake, that the man made global warming FRAUD is intended to cover up the real story which is geo-engineering, the madness involved in weaponizing climate.  Everything this man says can be supported by plenty of data from elsewhere and there is no fundamental basis for any of THEIR agenda but genocide and tyranny, because it's THEIR money, stupid!  Are you getting it yet?  We need a way to not only walk away from THEM but to say HELL NO to THEM and if necessary, yes, it may have to get personal with THEM.  Understood yet?  THEY intend to control EVERYTHING, but THEY will fail and WILL be swept away.  THEIR Titanic is going down.  That's why cryptocurrencies are so popular.  But those are still THEIR money, stupid!  Well, how about precious metals?  Still THEIR money.  WE NEED TO HAVE OUR OWN AND TO DEVELOP OUR FUTURES TO STOP AND THWART THEIRS.   We do NOT seek violence, though we regard all of these people and their poisonous ideas as traitorous to all nations, all peoples, all nature, all true culture and all real hopes of human happiness.  THEY do not care.  THEY want to merge with machines and become gods.  WAKE UP!  We are not in Kansas anymore.  OK?
Oh, and you might as well hear this too:
Uranium One Nuclear Con Game 

[11/12/17: A bit of a Sunday rant as it were; obviously if we are to have our own money, then we will have our own economy; our money will circulate among us and do its job splitting barter for us, since barter never goes away, and we get to build from our innate wealth; all of which must provide an income and be represented by either our work or our will. Your will includes that you will take back that which you have issued in trade for your time or goods and services. Work is rigorously defined as nothing but the time out of the rest of your life that you earn your living and are paid in money, your barter for goods and services you need. Work to us has always a clear and definable objective; to earn barter. We give up something we have for something we want, beginning with the time out of the rest of our lives.

But meanwhile, what do we do with our time? Entertainment? Sleep? Eating? The rest? Those of us who work regular jobs spend our time doing that. It is said that the out of work are structurally unemployed. There is education to get them better paying jobs. The jobs are supposedly coming back and all is well. But all is not well. Money is either tight on non existent or is applied to servicing past activities in the form of unpaid debt. And besides, it's all THEIR money. So a flight to cryptocurrencies of all the spare cash instead of serving to create more jobs. Why? Perceived risk of loss is less. That's one reason. The other is the basis of the present money is being questioned so its legitimacy and raw purchasing power are open to question. Why the flight into securities? First of all it is all THEIR money, and THEY are doing most of the buying, but these assets are entangled with legal claims on real property, including intellectual property (one of THEIR biggest scams) and even should these fall in value due to a correction, the ownership of the lion's share of all real assets is assured to THEM, or so THEY believe. So far, so good. Their Disneyland with dragons in it, playing real Hunger Games with real people is about to begin. That's what all the zombie movies are about. It's what all the dystopian signals in THEIR culture are telling us. THEIR message to the average person is to scare them, "There's nothing you can do about it. We win, no matter what." Yes, since it is THEIR money, stupid, then THEY can and will. Why else do you suppose THEY can be so open about THEIR intentions nowadays? Time to wake up, and for some of you, to grow up. Time to stop letting someone else take the greatest weapon we have away from us, yeah, that's right, why give THEM one of our greatest inventions, something that actually springs directly from our 1st Amendment recognized WILL (fiat)? 

Freedom doesn't ask permission. None of the founding fathers of this great American republic (in form only) ever asked anyone's permission. When Tom Paine penned the Declaration of Independence and handed it over for revisions to his pals Tom Jefferson and Johnny Adams, do you think for one instant that any of them asked anyone's permission? Where is your backbone, gentlemen? Why have I heard from NO sensible patriot or statesman concerning this proposal? I'm still waiting and I'm still very serious. You recognize your enemies when THEY are manifestly criminal right in front of you and you do not ask permission to take action. The sensible action is self defense and self preservation and a recognition that first blood has already been drawn and retribution is only a matter of time. Do I make myself clear? LOL!]

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