Monday, July 4, 2016

#13.22 Peace Revolution Podcast 92

2016-05-26: #92 The National Security Coup / From Barry Seal to 9-11 

We congratulate young and brave Richard Grove on his 10 years of service to the ongoing mission of EXPOSURE of the criminals and their crimes. This better than 18 hour podcast, yeah you'll need to break it up into chunks to get at it with sufficient rest and attention, is sort of a watershed anyway as it ties many crimes together. It will definitely pay you to get into this material, that is if you really want to know the truth.

Perhaps if you can't handle the truth, then frankly you may not deserve it. Then you can't complain the next time anyone lies to you and you find out.  Certain things in life are really up to you and you wont so easily or successfully be able to project blame to anyone else. Grove has not yet grasped a few things, specifically what to do when their monetary system is finally fully exposed for what it is and fails.  What then of so called "taxpayer dollars" going to fund the atrocities he describes?  Those who still bring up "taxpayer dollars" are clearly not aware of how THEY see things.  He should track dollars from their source in the central bank through the system and become "taxpayer dollars." 

No Richard, with all die respect, NONE of the money you know anything about, including precious metals and precious stones, has ever been yours or mine, ALL of it is THEIR money.  AND since it is THEIRS, as long as we use it, we are THEIR slaves; free range too.  Now, here's something else; what do all the nefarious enterprises having to do with real human slaves throughout most of the developing world, precious metals (mines to trading desks), drugs and weapons all have in common?  They are all un-repoted or under reported on purpose.  This involves directly giving them more money that they have ready use to for all their corrupt practices, because all the money is on the books, not in the actual circulating notes.

Grove may be among those, I doubt it, that assume that after this much exposure of explosive truthful details, that things can be patched up and the whole wheezing, crazy, stupid, amoral machine can continue because we like the nastiness that come from it, let's be honest. We like all those time wasting activities, bad food and worse drink, and anyway those of us with jobs are being slowly ground down by the essential dishonesty of everything that we are shoved into accepting while we are paid less than required to live on: our barter for our time and labour is not being adequately reimbursed for food, clothes, HOUSING, etc.

Who but those who believe themselves superior as gods could possibly enjoy this style of life to the fullest? We've already shown, and it's everywhere so others know too, that the top less than 1% get half the income from all activities on earth! Since as we have seen, only that capable of producing an income is ever wealth, they are getting around 97% of it ... and of course as Grove knows there's the “shadow government” and that's certain enterprises that are always off the books, etc. Not reported “pools of liquidity” are merely what the Babylonian style resurgence has always been about; gold (money), slaves (all races), drugs (pharma included of course), weapons ... and for a little more than 100 years now, petroleum (distribution not development). 

These “gods” that aren't live way above the law, they are the too big to fails, because by being able to lend their money into existence, they control everything else, and we're just too stupid not to get with our own money so until we do, they can bludgeon us, scare us, threaten and terrorize us into one war after another serving two of their known objectives; genocide (ours) and profit (theirs).

We used to enjoy our lives more, or were perhaps only new to the better conditioning to come to think otherwise. We didn't see the creatures behind the windows of our conscious lives. Back then, things cost less, jobs were more plentiful and one could save one's money with the reasonable expectation that it would still buy about what it did years before.

Riegel died in 1953 and wrote mostly during the late forties when he saw the first wave of inflation. All we can say is that a dollar in 1930 or 1925 must have really bought a lot and was harder to earn. Do we really want to go back there? No, we are where we are now, so it's best to get used to what's happened in the past and get with whatever you can, beginning with this blog's parallel monetary proposal.

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