Saturday, February 4, 2017

#0: Knowledge is Responsibility - Stefan Molyneux

Molyneux said "knowledge is responsibility" and in this considerable disquisition, comments widely on current events. We concur in the main, though we regard letting those on the Left know that their best resolves and values have been again deceitfully STOLEN from them (and used against their very survival) and so there is some reason why they should go about feeling cheated. Unconsciously, they know they have been and are abused as well. Modern Leftism is as we can clearly see, a death cult. Like all cults, it demands 100% adherence or you are out. Had those who THINK they know or are informed (because they read the New York Times every morning at breakfast or listen to NPR or do both at the same time) known what was in plain sight and known to most of the intelligence world for at least the last 25 years, they would have stopped listening and reading these sources of information long ago. We can see that being plugged into something, really does manifest as being "all in" as Molyneux has it. We suggest Molyneux take a good look at this blog and of course I would be more than happy to explain anything he likes concerning the proposal, perhaps in some future disquisitions. Resolve? Courage? WILL? Take a look inside your wallet and see who has your will. It's written on all those plastic cards you carry around now or on some new phone app.

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