Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#0: Early Morning Thoughts - John Southerland

Let’s imagine for a minute that we are inside a prison. It’s not a bad prison, and in fact, this prison is called Camp Snoopy by many – what could be more benign than that, eh. But we are there for a drug related offense, and we have to stay there. We sleep in a barracks type of sleeping quarters with no privacy, and we get 3 meals a day. We can call out to family and friends, but our telephone calls are monitored and recorded. We are even able to walk around the facility, and we can find books to read. But our personal property is locked away in lockers, and we get no choice of what we eat in the cafeteria. In fact, we have no idea what is being put into our food and water. When we want to do something, we fill out a chit and ask the jailers for permission. We are not allowed to protect ourselves from others, and in fact, if we get into any sort of fight, we are punished. People can come and visit us, but they need to pass inspection of the jailers. If we want, we can request menial jobs in the jail to help pass the time away. We get paid a small amount of money for our work. If we are good prisoners, we can get our sentence reduced for good behavior. But, after serving this prison sentence, we now have a prison record. Finding work in the future will be difficult, and that may push us down into a life of crime. And in the eyes of our friends and relatives, we are no longer good people.

So, the question for today is - what is the difference between this life in prison and life in modern America? In America, we can’t come or go without government permission (passport and state ID). We can’t work without government permission (social security number). We have no choice in our foods (government supports GMO foods). We sleep in houses that are not ours to own – everything belongs to government. We can’t travel by car without government permission (driver’s license, car registration). We can’t change our prison guards – they work for government and are unelected. We can’t choose the money system we want to use, that is controlled by the shadow government. If we break ‘laws’ while traveling (e.g. traveling too fast, or not paying off government by way of taxes), we are punished. We have no privacy, no matter how we try to communicate with others – everything is wiretapped. We can’t defend ourselves against others, especially government police who are able to kill us for any reason. We can’t criticize the criminals inside government or we will be punished.

Some of the points I raised may be discussed, and I could be flat out wrong in my analogy, but I don’t think so. It is my opinion that we live in a giant open air plantation system of totalitarian government. Non-producing government employees (plantation masters) almost outnumber those in the private sector (plantation slaves), and they are above the people in status. Whereas the people in government can kill or imprison us, the private sector can’t do that to the people in government, even when deserved.

This is an unbalanced system we have in America, and it has been unbalanced for a long time – ever since 1913 when the federal government and the American economy was turned over to the private bankers by those in government who allegedly represented us. Today the American system of government and banker control over us is so big, so evolved, so criminal, and so well tuned that it is questionable whether the system can be saved, or whether the people, now drugged out by the plantation masters, will have to revolt against their slavery to government. Maybe it’s time to shut down this government completely.

And that raises other questions about government. Is government always bad for the people? Should any form of government ever be kept in place for a period of time longer than 25 years? Does each generation have the right to have its own form of government? Does a two class society (like ours) always require the force and violence of government to ensure its survival? Does government always grow in size? And, as an aside, why does government have deep underground bunkers for its survival and protection while the people do not have that same underground protection mechanism? Why should the sacred cows in government be protected while the people perish? Is there any way to prevent sociopaths from achieving power and control over others?

Is there anyone left who is proud of America and its Zionist controlled government? Inquiring minds want to know.

John Southerland

[oh and this excellent example of the social prose of our time also showed up today:]

They [the common people] WANT TO BELIEVE but nothing they believe is TRUE nor can they discern truth because it proves everything they believe to be a LIE and then they could no longer BELIEVE.

Any form of ENLIGHTENMENT can be nothing more than the crumbling away of BELIEF in the face or TRUTH established by reason, fact and evidence.

NATURAL LIBERTY / NATURAL LAW are based on PROVABLE FACT / OBJECTIVE TRUTH which require NO BELIEF. FRAUD, TYRANNY and EXTORTION are based on LIES which can only exist for as long as there are those STUPID ENOUGH to BELIEVE IN THEM. 

Hence we have two completely different and separate SPECIES of humanity which exist as diametrically opposed ENEMIES and have absolutely NOTHING in common with each other. One existing in the pursuit of KNOWLEDGE and HUMAN PROGRESS and the other existing as a VIRUS unto this earth, a VIRUS unto US and a VIRUS unto THEMSELVES however their BELIEFS keep them too IGNORANT, STUPID and MORALLY BANKRUPT to RECOGNIZE THIS.

Neither have they [the VIRUS group] the right to VIOLATE the NATURAL LIBERTY or ability to function of EVEN ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL with their IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY, BELIEFS, OPINIONS, GREED and ENVY no matter how many of them there are and EVERY SINGLE HUMAN INSTITUTION from Organized Religion to Political Philosophies exists to enable these STUPID SHEEP and PIGEONS, this HUMAN VIRUS, to FLOCK TOGETHER under the leadership of PSYCHOPATHS in order to enable them to DO JUST THAT.


David Brown

[Again, we post these as examples of current expressions of discontent.  Oh, and one more thing; "turning the tables" is exactly what Jesus did.  The times we're in are similar.  Except that this blog's proposal prefers simply having our own machine and institutions and ultimately walking out on THEM.  Understood?]

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