Tuesday, April 4, 2017

#0: Paul Craig Roberts - New World Order Explained 2017

Paul Craig Roberts - New World Order Explained 2017

We have reason to believe that this interview took place many months prior and was re-published.  Just because Trump scrubbed it does not mean it is dead.  What Roberts informs you of is that unless you are one of THEM (globalists, etc.) and have plenty of THEIR money ... then you basically have no rights and no future.  That's why this blog exists.  That's why this blog's proposal is so important.  How much has conditioning worked?  Pretty damn well.  It even has many who have tried climbing the increasingly slippery ladder to have given up the climb.  Just as well, since the whole damn thing was rigged from the outset.  But exposure is underway.  Even so, the governments are at the mercy of corporations and the banks and THEIR money behind it all.  Commerce in anything like bitcoin?  That's just some more of THEIR money.  Bags of gold and silver coins?  More of THEIR money.  How about you yourself?  What are you worth?  Read this blog and understand the proposal and then ask yourself again.  Also take note, ALL governments are THEIR slaves.  So is every single last political party on the face of the democratic earth.  Expect nothing good for you from them as they are enslaved as well.

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