Thursday, April 20, 2017


Basic education.  A lot of it here.  If they read this blog, they will understand further how far we have all been led astray.  Gold and silver (and bitcoin, recently revealed to be the favored payment method for all human trafficking worldwide) is THEIR money, not yours or mine.  To the extent that anyone relies on money that they did not personally issue, the further along the road to absolute slavery will they follow.  This blog offers the only serious alternative and of course I have yet to hear from anyone seriously considering it.  I'm beginning to feel like Noah before the flood.  Seriously.

Be seeing you  

Oh, and one more thing.  These people have the best arguments for exactly why precious metals are still THEIR money, not yours or mine.  Read this blog and see what we consider the only monetary use for gold and silver in a real honest money system, NOT one spawned by the usual senseless and beside the point sophistries of the usual economists, no thanks.  Read this blog and then decide.    

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