Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#0: David Icke - Point of No Return

David Icke - Point of No Return

There are matters referenced indicating this podcast came from before the 2016 election and perhaps before Brexit in June of 2016.  Now it didn't, it just seems like it.  Nevertheless the information is still relevant and the processes Icke discusses are still underway despite whatever apparent changes have occurred, simply because of all the matters we have discussed concerning THEIR money, not yours or mine. It IS the fundamental reason behind every real evil in the world. Sill think this blog's proposal isn't important? What will it take? Are you still working for them for THEIR money? OK, have a nice life. But you're still nothing but one of THEIR free range slaves. Ever wonder why things are STILL not right anywhere in the Western world and getting worse everywhere else? It has EVERYTHING to do with money. It's time to wake up, wise up and get a real education.
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