Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#0: Warren Pollock-Clinton & Trump Will Fight to the Death

This is really more than the title suggests, although that subject is covered as well. Over all his analysis has a probability of better than 70% and we agree that since there is nothing secure in any of the globalist managed economies, that the future scenarios all lead to WORLDWIDE economic collapse. This is a DIRECT result of the drive toward centralization and concentration of power and wealth into fewer and fewer hands. It will lead to an explosion and then perhaps the return of the Dark Ages, which since Fukushima still spews will gradually kill off all organic life on earth will become permanent. We told you our proposal was serious and might end up helping save the planet. We're yet to hear from very many who seem at all enthusiastic.

The preppers may be ahead of the curve. We WILL have to re-establish basic skills, with some reasonable and energy efficient technical strategies. All THAT is really part of the very simple, single page, contracts we believe would sufficiently run this system. Recall that our solution is lifeboats away from the Titanic and the only way to get free of it is to have your own money. Despite the precious metals certainly being something, and we will take nothing else in exchange for our money, they are certainly not yours or mine as long as someone else determines the value of them. Money is an accounting mechanism, a machine, not the visible tokens. If we also establish a usury free financial system, we can place all bonds and debt on a sound financial basis which is the real biggest problem with the present system, and oh it has LOTS of built in problems, which is why it will fail. 

Near the end, Warren really describes matters which are of clear importance. Our proposal WILL need sound financial institutions based on our rules for the loaning of money. Will some kind of market for such funds ensue? Probably, but it will be an expensive thing to get going the way we intend it. Again, for the most part, Pollock is spot on!

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