Tuesday, December 27, 2016

#0: I have heard - Steve Sims

I have heard many different deadline scenarios but I dismiss them all because the future is not written. we are co-creating the future by our constant choice-making process. there are obvious and not so obvious probabilities, and the black lodge is constantly implanting outcomes (predictive programming), but still trying to find the ultimate LIE which triggers all the bad stuff, but no matter how much they try to dominate the subconscious, they will never gain control of the collective soul of mankind.

We are all tuned in to it on some level or other at all times. We are not naturally inclined to hurt each other, but some of us have been broken down to perform insane acts. I wont go into all that except to say the practitioners of the dark arts are continually operating in deception, attempting to exploit whatever level of trust they find themselves in. Sadly in America, we have been giving away our trust for so long, the black lodge has derived much of its power from us.

Their goal is to gain higher levels of trust, estimate the level of trust needed and assess whether or not the effort would be worth the reward. some individual scams may take decades to mature, but organized scams often have more immediate results. In fact, the higher you climb, the more insider you become (unless you become the target), the more empowered you are with their currency and the sooner you get in on the action. With ancient bloodline scams, they are so institutionalized (ingrained and codified grandfathered benefits hidden from the public) that enforcement is carried out by the victims; the masses, by their very habits and lack of judgment based on facts, or lack of facts to begin with; it's called uninformed consent. That has to change. People have a decreased capacity to process facts due to being targeted via toxified, weaponized, food and drugs. It's been successful enough to get them this far, but the word is getting around, even though many are afraid to say it publicly.

We always need those who are willing to step out and speak truth to power. I don't have a website or a radio show, and I admire those who step forward and take the heat while providing that higher service. I don't even mind inaccuracies, not mentioning any names, because the truths they have to tell remain well after the mistakes fade away, be it intentional or not.

What I do have is a fb page, and the impetus to put my thoughts into words, and let the universe take it from there.

We can intellectualize these deceptive practices, but they make them habit. That's how insane they are; obsessed with control and how to get more. Addicted to power. It's a mental game where the paperwork is a mere formality. The playing field is the here and now, and the game is always on. Ignore it, it will go away, and you save yourself. Or, you can do your best to expose it and help your fellow man in many different ways.

Forewarned is forearmed. Or maybe I'm totally wrong, and all the times I've been abused, neglected, vilified, cheated, robbed, injured, placed in harm's way, betrayed, ignored, maligned, and misjudged have been my fault. Then I remind myself that the dominant game running is the black lodge. There are countless hierarchies, financial, intellectual, spiritual, to name a few categories, which are controlled at the top by insiders while the rest of the members are being used. They target what they see as threats, not realizing their judgment is clouded from above. It's the black lodge that assesses the threat, determines the vulnerability of that threat, and weighs the consequences of acting on it.

In some cases, the minions do see it, but put dealing with it on hold. That works so well in this semi-Orwellian state in which we find ourselves. It's spiritually-Orwellian as well as financially, and definitely intellectually Orwellian. they have succeeded in compartmenting all of the mental components, from wisdom and knowledge to intelligence and memory.

I'm not intending to give them power by giving them attention; I'm pointing out how they operate so they can be recognised. It's just as important for the petty criminal and the keeping-up-appearances crowd as it is for the sycophants of high degree to aspire to higher moral principles, and drift away from the overt and covert worlds of control.

Steve Sims
(appearance here granted by the author)

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