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#106: Let's Compare

This is about money, the money in your bank account, maybe you carry around some cash, maybe you use checks, probably swipe cards, soon you'll use phone apps, it's all the same. You have money on account in some bank. If you deal only in cash, then maybe that's all you have ever seen. Some are still at that level. The drive against cash is the attempt by the people who produce the money to have more of it in their banks, where they loaned out many times the amount of money they had on deposit, what is called their credit, so they require more money on deposit to help keep them solvent. But ultimately they can cause to be issued any amount they need.

Taking a good look at cash: if you take a close look at your money, you'll see who issued it, a bank, and on whose behalf they issued it, a government is named. In the case of US dollars it says they are Federal Reserve Notes (short term debt instruments – that's fine, all money are instances of debt, never forget that) and that they represent the United States of America, which most do not know is actually a corporation which borrowed the money from the bank; the Federal Reserve in this case. All the other money in the world works just the same. 

We can make a few statements about all of it. We can say for instance that financial people play games with the amount of money that is available at any particular time (these are the money markets) and that as E. C. Riegel aptly described it, no money, not even this stolen fiat “public” money, requires any other backing than what it buys in exchange.

Now the prices one pays for things in this money also are apt to change not just due to supply and demand but because more is issued than is ever taxed back by a government (ANY government) that cannot tax back all they issued. Theoretically all money loaned must be repaid or there is extra money floating out and around that tend to jack up prices. That's what happens. In the process, every future dollar the government spends becomes worth less and less in actual purchasing power, but the people who get paid first by the government, the interest on all the money outstanding comes first, make out better than everyone else. That's how it was intended to work, so that everyone would be forced to flood the states with requests for more spending, so the people would have enough money to carry on real continuance of civilization or their very survival which is not taken for granted everywhere else after you step down from the heights of the United States, Western Europe (mostly not as good as the US honestly, except maybe for Switzerland) and perhaps Japan (though for how long?): you see, people most places are desperate and seek help from those who have money, usually the states under which they live. 

Now interestingly enough, Riegel seems to have made his original proposal to take a lot of burdens off of the state. We think this an excellent idea. We'd get the state devoted to only those things states are reasonably good at and nothing else. Our taxes would gradually fade away and without the extra economic strain, economies would flourish, or would they? We still have two issues to consider, but they will be dealt with elsewhere; the cancer that is usury and usury on steroids (compound interest) and the inability to exceed the Diminishing Returns to Scale law, every bit as natural as gravity, in the formation and maintenance of businesses. 

We're talking the actual money here. THEIR money, by THEM we mean globalists, bankers and elites of all kinds, THEIR money is controlled by THEM not you. You had nothing to do with it. People you don't even know had all these contracts on you that you didn't even know about and yet you are beholden to just give in to their dictats without even giving it any thought. Trust is likewise just to be assumed. What we've said of course many times is that in fact we have lost much trust. 

So then you might pull out a gold or silver coin or two and show those to me. They also usually have the name of some country on them and the figurehead of some monarch or potentate, the one eyed profile from which we get the actual word money; one eye. We likewise take the word economy and remove the letters that make the word money and we have co left, so co-money or that which one does with money is economy and the study of that is economics. 

Standard economics is that a bank issues the money, at interest (that which was never created is demanded back creating a perpetual scarcity of supply). The governments are their “best credit risks” and placed in perpetual debt to the banks. One in a thousand people knows this much. Feel better knowing it?

So THEY have you! You use THEIR money, all the opportunities that may exist are THEIR determining not yours, including what businesses you may or may not be allowed to pursue, etc. etc. etc. It's a club, and you aren't in it. You can get a degree, have to pay for it for the rest of your life and have no job to pay for it back. Or some other absurdity might happen and what would you do? What can you do unless you have money?

Then we have precious metals. They have been around a long time but they were not the first money and all the garbage you hear about their use being freely chosen is also a flat out lie. Since we have Gresham's law which is also just like gravity, the cheapest form of money will travel the farthest and the fastest and that rules out precious metals. It isn't the money itself, stupid, it's what that money buys that matters. Paper is the cheapest form it can take, unless you're talking about app transactions and those are already here in THEIR money. 

One thing you can pretty much count on: all the money you know of, including silver and gold (since THEY control the markets for them because all of it is THEIR money, sorry), will buy less in a year from now in ten years from now, etc. They can't help it. When you base money on nothing but stolen fiat and manipulate prices in all other commodities in “markets” that are nothing but gambling casinos, prices in all of it are bound to go up. Rising prices actually steal value from everyone but those living from government largess. We usually call hand outs socialism, but fail to realize that since we allow all the gaming to make money on money without doing actual work, that we must allow socialism else there would be a vast rebellion. The powers that be need both the capitalism, to lure in those who seem to need fast money, and socialism to keep the poor from rising up and causing even more havoc.

So that's THEIR money. 50% of it goes for war and the rest is disputed among those who have their wealth and opportunities to build wealth stolen from them by a very small number of people who have most of the wealth in the world, seemingly.

But where is the wealth really? Take a look in the mirror and imagine tens of millions doing the same. There's the real wealth, you're looking at it. 

Now after looking at THEIR money, consider our proposal.

The basis of the money is a transaction in TIME not a quantity of anything. We took nearly the largest piece of purchasing power we could on a date most would have no trouble remembering.

On November 2, 2011 (11/2/11) one ounce of gold bullion in your hands for $2,160 is the transaction. We divide that by 1,000 and that's the Value Unit or Valun at inception. We determine what THAT transaction is worth today based on the changes, THEIR price changes, in the price of an ounce of gold and we do something similar for silver. So at inception V1 (one Valun) = $2.16. But today's $2.16 is actually $2.86 due to the fall in the price of gold, THEIR price for it. So on 12/8/16 V1 = $2.86 and that's 32% more than a Valun was at inception in THEIR money.

What happens if the price of gold shoots up beyond $2,160? We'd have to see whether the trend continued because if gold is unobtainable in dollars we'd presume that dollars are worthless. Is that understood? If that happens, well we'd expect that much else would have fallen by then too. But meanwhile prices and actual production runs devised in Valuns would remain unaffected. Why? Because we'd probably end up the only money left. We intend that to be so. The only way anything like this ever wins is for it to supplant what went before it. Clearly the present monetary system and its indentured slave states cannot endure. We need to be thinking ahead for our own survival. But if that happens, the inception date for the Valun changes and the new high is regarded as the transaction basis for the money. If there were no markets for gold or silver, then we'd revert to 1 oz of gold = V1,000 and something similar for silver. Then we'd be back where we started and the gold bugs would be arguing for one to one correspondence so that the money supply would become more elastic so they could blow more bubbles and make more money on money without work.

Basing money on a transaction eliminates all of that. Some might refer to it as the “master” transaction of the entire system, or the Figure 1 as Riegel called it.

Now that we know this much, how about issuing Valuns? Most will be issued based on work. What is work? It's time spent away from the rest of your life to earn barter for things you would really like to have or need to have. If you have a job, you can earn Valuns up to your ability to pay taxes on them, as this proposal is not a tax dodge. Until they are no more, we must pay taxes and they must be paid in THEIR money, not ours. So you begin by earning Valuns along with dollars, yes, you determine with some help how many you can earn and pay taxes on for earning them. If you don't have a job, perhaps you can get a member to agree to a contract with you where you are paid less dollars and more Valuns. You will want to spend your Valuns and save your dollars for taxes and everything that must be paid in them. Meanwhile the growing Valun community will stress getting independent, off the grid, back to the earth, etc. because that's the direction everything will need to go at least for a while. It takes a long time to build wealth (all that must provide an income) and it's difficult when one is limited to what we have now. We fully expect our Valuns and the institutional parts of the proposal that must be functioning In order to make it all happen to come first.

No matter what money is used, it all involves people. If people do not use the money, it is of little usefulness and will not be considered. Right now we have another of THEIR brands of money called bitcoin that is nothing more than another artificial commodity that's literally more costly to use today than it was when it started. But we're getting off topic a little.

We need to inform people of how many “free” Valuns they would be getting. You say nothing is for free and freedom isn't free that it must be earned etc. and that's fine, but freedom from what and on whose terms? Certainly determining what OUR money is matters since we intend on issuing it ourselves. Here's the pitch:

Two hundred Valuns is what every member / OWNER gets just to start out with. Today with the Valun at $2.86 that's $570 of potential purchasing power, in a community, the “juice” to get the monetary machine working. That's all for the nominal V1 per year ownership dues. 

However, if you are a senior or a poor person, whatever you're getting from any state or pension WILL be matched in Valuns and we'll take it back all the way to Valun inception in 2011 too. That means that a senior receiving Social Security will be able to start at Valun inception, if they were on SS on that date, and claim the right to monthly issue Valuns until either they die or discontinue their own allowance. We also proposed that the rate would not change; if they chose to begin all the way back at Valun inception they'd settle for a per Valun rate that started back then without any cost of living adjustments (COLA) accounted for. You'll make your money's worth in Valuns, believe me. 

Since these Valuns and any allowed the poor will not be income to them but literally drawn out of their own substance / property, by their own fiat, there are no income tax implications. This is what we have called “natural socialism” and yes, we will ultimately take care of our own. We'll also make provisions for homeless people.

But we will insist on Domicile and the references of two other A members, because within communities this is supposed to be an eye to eye, grassroots effort. It's also PRIVATE. This isn't like a secret society, it's more like joining a PRIVATE trading association. It has to be or it wont work. But if we do it, we'll save ourselves and the planet as well.

Right now the powers that be are out to eliminate cash. When they do that the used products markets will dry up and all that junk will not be easily sold except as scrap to the lowest bidder for it to be … repurposed as whatever THEY may intend for it, such as dumping thousands of tires into the ocean, something none of us in our right minds would ever do. 

So Valun cash in the form of the proposed V-Check (a circulating six month check on a PRIVATE account) can be used to prop up and better purpose all of the used goods that remain useful and eventually as THEIR systems totter, begin to take over more and more until any state eventually will have to come to us for any financing because all their abilities to borrow and pay for their servants to protect them will be no more. It is our observation that people outlive states and it is to people as individuals that the will to issue money naturally resides, not as it has been usurped since forever, by any government, potentate, class, caste or bank. 

The New World Order is nothing but the repackaged Old World Order, nothing more than an ancient BEAST monstrosity claiming the right to give orders and rule but also the right to FORCE THEIR will on everybody else. THEIR science is no good, it has been co-opted so that certain people can aspire to become immortal machines; gods. What madness! Would we, were our money truly ours, resort to such fantasies to ensure what? While we're at it, we pause to consider the various TV series about immortals of various kinds, usually they become so through some parasitism upon others, which should serve as a kind of metaphorical tip off. But the real zinger is that none of these so called immortals turn out to be any better for their immortality; their characters are usually poisoned by one or other of the deadly sins. We've spoken of those somewhere on this blog too.

So, our money, what it looks like, how it is used: We have the V-Checks and they can and would be all standardized and known by one entity which could serve everyone, a master organization that all would also own in part. As other metrics of measurement are determined by various institutions, the proposed International Standard Value Unit (Valun) would be determined by the well known formula mentioned above; the present value of the inception transaction.

The private check would also be used, as would probably some kind of phone app. We must allow all of these forms but we really do want to maximize the uses of our cash, the V-Check.

The smallest issue would be the Half Valun which right now is worth $1.34. Usually people will deal in two currencies like this:

Price $15.99 or $1 + V5 : 
V5 is $2.86 * 5 or $14.25
$15.99 or $15.25

Notice that the Valun holder gets a slight advantage. As long as all taxes are covered in THEIR money, all transactions can be concluded in Valuns. What happens when their money works like this? This is for the same product under considerable price inflation:

Price $35.99 or $3 + V5

Now we wont know what the Valun trades for but we'd assume that as the dollar goes down in value either by way of crushed precious metals prices or by Weimar meltdown in hyperinflation, the Valun would rise commensurate in value so V5 would buy at least as much as it bought before and probably more. 

Now this proposal does not require any stores of precious metals, but we will not ultimately take anything else for our money. So we have ways of earning it through work and natural socialism, but any more value anyone wants to trade into our money will require a transaction involving precious metals. We'll literally have a policy to buy the metal required to make the transaction from THEIR money into ours and that exchange will be limited by member and by amount because there are tax laws that impact any transactions of this kind and we do not want our members to be unduly harassed by them. 

What will it take to get started? It takes a LOT of people to make an economy, but there are a few small countries that manage to have money traded among a few thousand. What's absolutely necessary? The accounting is. All money is in essence records on a ledger of accounts. But what do we use? We use checks, our V-Checks as cash and perhaps phone apps. That should do right now for the vast majority of people. 

So where do we start? We start with each one of us, each one of our businesses, each one of their suppliers, etc. We work out the natural service parameters and begin to supplement the present system until it is no more. We attract to us talent of all kinds, because they too will want to be paid in better money and we'll have the best. 

The effect our proposal will have on LOCAL communities will be quite profound and might represent the difference between survival and extinction. That was my mentor's concern when he gave me this assignment back in the fall of 2009. He didn't know about Riegel, but figured I would find whatever was required to rescue people from the clutches of tyrants. He perhaps cursed me with this mission. As time goes on it will seem more important. Recall the character of traveler's checks? That's what we have in mind on better looking with advertising of our members on the reverse side, a kind of rotating universal coupons, except they would be cash in Valuns.

You'll notice our money is perhaps the hardest in terms of purchasing power unit of any money on the planet. We think this makes the most sense. We anticipate that inflation will ruin every other STOLEN FIAT currency on the planet and then THEY (if they survive) will want to return everyone to the SLAVERY of gold. We'll have the answer for them, wont we? You bet we will.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

[12/12/16: Q: You will need specific kinds of talent, yes? Please tell us which professionals you most need. Lucas in France 

A: To run any enterprise whose business is basically accounting for transactions, you need Accountants. You also need a legal counsel, so you need Lawyers. As for those who would try their hand at finance, they would benefit from adopting our rules. We expect there will be as many Financiers as there are people involved in any of the commercial trades.

Let's get into that one just a bit more: We rigorously defined usury as pertains only to money, to loans of money and that the practice always involves the taking back of that which was never created / issued. Now if one has a system exactly like ours everywhere in the world as we presently know it, only it was based on gold, then the demand would be for more and more gold until there would be none in the world. Well, of course it doesn't get that far, but seriously, there are methods of getting a lot more gold but at what environmental cost? All for a rare but ornamental metal? I don't think so. Well how about silver? How about it. It's a lot more abundant than gold, but even so, under present conditions, allowing usury, the demand for more and more silver has its consequences. Besides which it's all based on superstition and doesn't root out the source of all economic cancer; piles of debt brought about by the allowing of usury. 

We explained that what one did to forbid this and still allow genuine finance was for all of it to be essentially the financier buying something for a buyer who can't afford it. Until it's paid off it's the financier's. Obviously it makes sense that people engaging in finance are best involved with particular items or services; vehicles, homes, businesses, furniture, appliances, fine arts, dry goods, supplies of all kinds, everything.

So there would be far more different kinds of finance business going on all the time within our market; the Valun exchange network or VEN, all those businesses that would take Valuns. Valun finance could be pretty lucrative too. 

You decide to finance refrigerators. If you buy a refrigerator for V400 ($1,148 as of 12/12/16) and sell it on time to another member for V600 ($1,722) over a period of six months, on a simple one page document called a Credit Contract that the buyer decides to accept: he gets his refrigerator when he needs it and over six months, V100 per month from his Escrow balance, you, the financier get V200 over the term of the contract, or V33.33 per month, which is right now equivalent to $95.66 per month. That's equivalent to one third more than the CASH purchase price over six months. One can see right away how much business this might provide.

Looking closer at this transaction, we notice that the financier must have the money to buy the refrigerator and that the buyer must provide the money from other sources, ultimately leading back to someone either issuing it through actual work or from those on “natural socialism” as we've described Riegel's observation concerning those he called “red inkers” who would be the only source of “unbacked” or “free” money in the system. 

The amount the impecunious, as Riegel called them, could issue was also discussed and would at this point correspond to the stated minimum wages for a standard 40 hour work week. The poor issue based on a membership contract that every member gets. This provision would be covered in the rules and terms of that contract such that every member knows that THEIR local exchange would allow them to issue this probable number of equivalent Valuns for subsistence. We will take care of our own! This is how we destroy poverty and promote local economic growth.

Notice something please: economic growth is again co-money, the exchange of things and services in terms of money. Also recall that all money eventually dies as a result of depreciation and sometime when things get destroyed. We further observe that you always pay the most for the newest unless there are known quality or quantity issues in which case you'd expect to pay more. 

We will push off the grid technologies and recycling technologies and alternative energy technologies and the uses of the used goods or repurposing industries. These are all natural places for Valun usage. 

Just what Valuns will fetch in terms of actual prices for things is determined by standard cost accounting. All a business needs to do is take whatever they presently have and run a supplementary accounting in projected Valuns. The price points would be at least 2.16 times a dollar and Valuns have reached $3 and probably will again. Dollars and every other “public” money must depreciate as they are issued from a fraudulent source representing a STOLEN fiat (our very WILL) from each of us. Once that is realized and seen directly and honestly for exactly and unequivocally what it is, then one will take cognizance of the importance of having and issuing and USING our own money and take action accordingly. 

As an owner of your local exchange and affiliated with the international standard Value Unit or Valun, you will issue your own money, it will be backed by your work, or shall you be entitled, your WILL under impecunious circumstances. No one gets to loan money they do not have. No one gets to charge someone the return of that which was not created. Exterior speculation on commodities is considerably reduced because it becomes almost prohibitively expensive. 

This proposal is the ultimate humanitarian solution, promotes what we might consider a national or natural democratic society of relative equals, certainly as regards ownership is concerned. This is NEVER to be a business of and for some pseudo-superior exterior elites. Each member has one vote. Each member pays only V1 (one Valun) per year in dues; first in “public” money, eventually when they fail, in our money. 

Each member understands they are responsible for their own taxes and are admonished to provide for that by saving their “public” money to pay them elsewhere. Those seeking to flee THEIR money would under some arrangement be able to exchange “public” money for Valuns in a ONE WAY irrevocable transfer. We will not allow money laundering. All “public” money, since it belongs to THEM cannot be held on account. We can and will purchase gold to the equivalent value of the Valun on the day of transfer and whether that be by gold or silver, all precious metals shall belong to the exchange. Under the rules of the exchange, precious metals will not be surrendered except to pay “public” liabilities. 

We all use one ledger though it is spread around the world. Each one of us is unique and shall have a unique identifier. Our account follows our identifier. We can move from one exchange to another but it will still be we who are uniquely identified. We may either choose or have assigned our unique identifier: The privacy of our identity will never be compromised. 

Business or B membership allows groups of A members to form businesses. The proposed International Valun Exchange Society or IVES, maintains the daily exchange value of the Valun and other activities and is a B member of every affiliated exchange. B member businesses do not issue money, but are able to secure funding through self-financed Labor Contracts and genuine commercial loans which all most follow our rules so that they are not spurious as are common in THEIR system. We want to specifically exclude even the possible inference of racketeering as it is well known and practiced in THEIR system. We design this system to run in parallel with THEIRS until THEIRS is no more. We fully expect it to fail any day and for THEM to FORCE something else equally fraudulent upon the world. THEY want to erect a worldwide currency (THEIR swipe cards or phone apps, since THEY are deliberately destroying CASH) and FORCE us all to use it. THEY want all the governments on earth as their perpetual debt slaves. Right? We can only WALK OUT ON THEM, but we can't without our own. Especially you professionals out there, we really need to hear from you.

Oh and thank-you to all our friends in Russia for all the hits this site has received recently. Since you (Russians) have actually lived through the horrors of THEIR system, you are in a unique position to know from experience how THEIR ideas are ultimately genocidal or democidal. What to do? You know all those military and police? They aren't all crazies. Some are very decent people who have the same needs we do. We propose that these make the best members. We'd also like to enlist their grandmothers. We'd like to enlist all the public employees that do real services for their communities. We'd like to enlist anyone in any legitimate profession especially anyone that grows, makes or builds things. It's really so easy but it does take organization to get off the ground. The more who can share this the better. Best.]

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