Sunday, January 8, 2017

#110: Liberty and Will

This piece focuses attention on where value originates. We aren't even going to consider what any academic economist has to say, as they have always the wrong end of everything, because as we have maintained consistently throughout this blog, standard economics only seeks to explain monetary operations with reference to their own institutions and traditions rather than objective reality and common sense.

What was Thomas Paine's contribution to our awareness of things? A book he called Common Sense. He's also responsible for the name of the American Republic: the United States of America and he, rather than Jefferson, probably wrote the Declaration of Independence. What did Tom Paine have? He had will.

This will he certainly understood as an inalienable right, something each of us has by birth without any support or recognition by any state. in part we'll focus on an extension of this will, an invention we all recognize as money. If you look at the money you use, one thing should be easily understood; neither you or I had anything to do with it. We use all the time what does not belong to us and we use all kinds of rationalizations to maintain the exact opposite of the literal facts. It's as if you have never seen straight a day in your life until someone gives you a new pair of glasses. You claim something is yours when in fact it has never been yours and you are actually FORCED and compelled into using it. By whose will? Oh, the “corporate will” or the “state will” or even the “national will,” or any other clever LIE to cover the obvious facts of the ownership of all money (including bitcoin or any other crypto-currency or precious metals; it is ALL theirs, not yours or mine) and how it has been used by states and private interests down through time to enslave the people of the world. The solution is NOT doing away with money, it is accepting the responsibility for issuing our own. You all need to start thinking for yourselves and asking just whose will you are following every day of your lives. If you don't, you are nothing but a chattel slave and expendable to the owners of the present money. Understood?

When you get up and go to work every day, it is a matter of your will. If you attend school and must attend classes then you do so as a matter of your will. You exercise your will in everything that you do. If you eat or drink something, even however compulsively, you have exercised your will. Nothing has any objective value to you unless it facilitates your will.

Now, even if this is true, and it certainly is true, most people automatically assume that value is determined by other people who deal in things and things relative to other things is what constitutes value and that is what is measured in money terms. Prices edge up while our salaries edge down and no one has enough money and many have been out of work with decent skills for a very long time. Sometimes things are cheap and at other times more expensive with no apparent real supply reason as an explanation. Indeed, the simple conjecture that price inflation is due to commodities speculation, including speculation on the money itself as a commodity to be speculated upon, and the absurd idea that speculators are somehow immune from any serious losses in what they do, and you arrive at where we are today; in a world where it is envied to play games with money, making more money on money without any serious work involving the production, processing or sale of any good or service. Eventually when there are no jobs because these people deem it cheaper to have stuff made somewhere else and shipped in for you to buy with what? Right, you lost your job some time ago and your credit is shot because of … well you can't live on borrowed money forever. Well that's just what we ARE living under right now.

Right now I'd like you all to go to the nearest mirror and take a good look at yourself. Go ahead, I'll wait. Take a real good look at yourself and then come back.

You were just looking at the origin of all value; you yourself. Each of you saw in the mirror who you are and you remind yourself what you can each do, what you have done well, what you liked doing, how you best liked spending your time, the kinds of things you liked participating in, making, growing, producing, even if those be entertainment events, anything. You are looking at the origin and determination of all value everywhere. Now look at this.

Yeah, it's a gold coin. It's more of THEIR money, THEIR oldest brand. Someone says it's worth something and will always be worth something. But that price changes daily because it is part of a commodity that is subject to speculation on future supply and demand and that's how its price is determined. ALL commodities used as money are like this. So prices are subject to far more speculation and they go up and down, usually up and building the basis for a steady economy free of bubbles, the "grow or die" imperative, etc. becomes increasingly impossible until eventually the whole thing crashes. It's in the process of self destruction right now and there is not a thing that will save it, nothing. If you build on the wrong premises, expect failure. If you do it again and again and again and again, as we have done, it's a wonder we aren't extinct for being so stupid.  

If I have before me a 1 oz gold coin and a ½ kilo loaf of bread, what is the relationship between the two and what is the common measure capable of measuring them both? It's that invention we call money. But we have a hard fuzzy to remove from our brains and thinking: gold (and silver) are commodities. Just because coins made of precious metals are in limited supply and few people have them doesn't make them any more desirable to serve to measure the value of either the gold or the bread. Bread too is a commodity so measuring things in terms of bread is equally as silly.

We need something that relates to both, but if given a choice of universal exchanges between our money and THEIRS, most would prefer being on a gold basis than a bread basis. In any case, I'd choose a piece of purchasing power to represent the common unchanging yardstick that would determine the relationship between the two on a fairly consistent basis. That piece of purchasing power is represented by our proposed transaction; 1 oz AU BU = V1,000 on 11/2/11. The price of the gold was V1,000 and the bread V1. Would those be the likely prices for these same objects today? It's likely that today (1/6/17) the bread would still be around V1. The gold has fallen in price against the Valun, so maybe the gold is only worth V673.50 and that would be the Valuns to get physical possession too. Gasoline would have changed price dramatically since Valun inception as well. That should tell us something about the natural price variances between things like bread and butter vs. gold and gasoline. The purpose of money, what is usually called “sound” money, is to reliably measure the value of things in terms of barter and where the prices tend to remain stable over long periods of time. You decide based on how much money you have what you will buy and you decide based on your value of that item, good or service. The Valuns in your hand arrived there through your will. Are you getting it yet?

The basis of your money, how you make it sound: The Riegel advantage is the choice of something that is already done, that is not going to change, a deal in the past that will not change because it already was. You compare everything to that transaction. You take the present value of it in THEIR money and get a fair trade evaluation of what everything else costs. Over time, a very short time too, all mid to long term business planning will be far easier in Valuns because prices will assume standard points and will be subject only to the laws of LOCAL supply and demand. That DOES mean that whoever has the most of anything and is capable of getting it to anywhere is likely to command the LOWEST price for anything. But the law of diminishing returns to scale is still in play and precludes any monopolies and encourages economic redundancies and the more of that one has the better. What capitalism has produced and does produce are economic deserts that leave the vast majority operating just above bankruptcy in some state socialist ghettos. What our proposal will produce is vibrant LOCAL economies that will quickly spread around the world, since we are using the same standard for our money and the same ledger just stretched around the world. We do not need any states or any piles of precious metals to do any of this.

But it all comes about because you exercise your natural right and will decide to do it, you WILL to do it and you get enough people in your LOCAL community to become interested enough to read the blog, get the proposal and begin thinking and working toward making their will a validated and understood reality. You'll need something, and we'll all need it together and will need to rely on each other in order to satisfy our individual will.

Why did I bring this up? Your will? That's your FIAT. It has been stolen from you since before you were born. You were born a slave and you'll die a slave, but meanwhile the shackles of their prison are failing and will fail. What then? Want to trade more shackles from THEM when THEIR current system implodes? More of THEIR money (either THEIR credit or gold?). WHY? They do NOT deserve your trust! It is YOUR life. Exercise your WILL not THEIRS.

Take your fiat back. You have to get others to do it with you too. This is something that can only be recognized as all recognize it in others. We each have a right to our own value and our own will and must stand up and assume it. We have been enslaved long enough. Do it.

David Burton

Current Hypothetical Value of a Hypothetical Value Unit

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