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#0: Positive Money, A Review

After writing the following, I had to say ahead of time something to the people behind Positive Money, that I am in sympathy with your intentions and your motives. I'd just far rather see you all observing what this blog describes and proposes and getting on with its implementation rather than continuing with what I can only regard as wasted effort. I therefore really do not wish to offend anyone personally, but rather encourage you to take on a far different perspective.  

That said, the first thing that you'll see when you get to their site is this.

SIGN OUR PETITION: CREATE MONEY FOR PEOPLE, NOT FINANCIAL MARKETS - Instead of creating £70bn of new money to flood financial markets, the Bank of England and the Treasury should spend it on things which support investment, jobs and people's incomes. Find out more.

Emphasis mine. Now students of this blog will already be able to see right away what's coming, but this is a review. So far, it cost me nothing to look and listen and evaluate and of course I recognize the same essential problems I have seen everywhere else; the proposed solution involves a private institution, the Bank of England (they claim it's public but come on, that's pure bunk! which means it's an intentional LIE in this case) and the Treasury, which belongs to a “state.” So then, the matter becomes a political action driven thing to get some people to do something for you that you should long since have grown up enough to know how to do for yourselves. What has already been said is that the US and the UK have essentially the same style money machines. So perhaps we should get that out of the way first: 

In both the US and the UK, the central banks issue the money and do so by stolen fiat from everyone that uses their money. They lend it to the governments as their “best credit risks” (taking in bonds in return – increasing the money supply in standard economic terms) and make the debt payable ultimately to the taxpayers under said governments. Whenever the central banks sell bonds they remove money from their machine. The bank charges interest on all of its issue and the money to pay the interest was never created so it must be filched from everyone's neighbor to pay it back. SINCE THE “AUSTRIANS” SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH TAKING INTEREST, THEY ARE EXPELLED FROM ANY FURTHER DISCUSSION! The government “public” debt is meant to be perpetual. The bankers don't care about naturalization at all, especially if the population is falling, because each per capita basis they get for each human being they can enroll somehow in paying taxes allows them to issue more money. The money taken in paying back interest is STOLEN from everyone using the system so the more people they enroll the bigger their slice gets. This is one reason why they promote immigration and stand against all attempts to curb it. 

Now, all this issued by stolen fiat money is spent into the economy by the governments as their right. Where did they get that right from? They claim from the people. They claim for “the public interest,” etc. You know what? More of us every day are beginning to doubt any of this is the truth. But we wont go down THAT rabbit hole, we'd rather tidy up a few more points before proceeding further. 

There are moves abroad these days to have a “gold backed” monetary system without changing anything else, another “Austrian” ploy. If you are allowing fractional reserve lending even using a “gold backed” so called “sound” money, so called “honest” money, tell me this: how can you tell that the lender had the money to lend in the first place? Right, you can't and you won't, because all that will be circulating are the same outward instances of money as circulate now, pieces of paper with other frauds printed on them, etc.

Then it is said in the news lately that various countries are buying lots and lots of gold so they can claim they have it in vaults and can float “backed,” “sound” or “honest” money therewith. Really folks? Are you going to fall for the same old LIE that has been afoot for at least four thousand years? It all started in Babylon, same deal. Oh, they used clay slabs back then instead of paper but it was just the same. They controlled the gold mining, slave trading, the drug trade (our word for pharmacy was from the Greek and translated as sorcery), weapons manufacturing, lending gold to make war, etc. and they still do. These are the wolves. They have also organization, which is something the sheep don't have. So “gold backing” and all the rest? Yeah, as we've said now many times, it's either THEIR credit or THEIR gold. It's all THEIR oldest scam to remain in power over the rest of us. 

It is said that all fiat currencies fail. It is never asked who gave them that fiat or why they are entitled to it. Then it is supposed that if we just substitute some finite substance that's rare and costly that we will solve everything. We've been there, done that. Gold backing still failed because the gold was used as an excuse to cover fraud and other crimes. 

These bankers know that what THEY have long done has been to STEAL what rightfully belongs to you, namely your right to issue your own money by your own fiat, and your self respect. They've actually managed to steal a lot more from you besides, but you'll never get the rest back without these, never. And THEY know it too. You can't get the one back without the other. So instead of begging some bank for it or some “state” for it, why don't you just figure it out and just do it yourselves as this blog's proposal insists must be done? 

Start by recognizing that anything other than whole barter (for places and societies where life was for the most part “nasty, brutish and short”) involves a medium of exchange we call money. We know what it looks like, at least its outward manifestations, and we know how it works; we buy things with it. Most do not know what lies behind money or anything about the financial apparatus that operates it (the machine). In total, a financial system is a machine. Positive Money had a strip of click it pull downs, one said How Money Works. It's basically a tutorial on THEIR machine. It's helpful perhaps, but knowing what YOUR machine must accomplish and getting THAT understood is much better and does not require interfacing with any bank or state. Then they had a tab which said, Our Proposals and this is where it gets interesting and has more to do with why this blog (THIS ONE RIGHT HERE THAT YOU ARE NOW READING) is still running. 

What We Need to Do 

We’ve spent the last six years researching the problems caused by the current debt-based monetary system and how to fix them. This is what we think needs to change to fix our broken money system: 

1. Take the power to create money away from the banks, and return it to a democratic transparent and accountable process 

2. Create money free of debt 

3. Put new money into the real economy rather than financial markets and property bubbles

Very well then, here's my answer to you. First of all I'll stack my 25 years' experience against your six to say that all your ideas as to how to fix THEIR machine are impossible and therefore not worth your time or energy. You're barking up the wrong tree. I suppose I was uniquely suited, picked out by my late British mentor, knowing full well that I will not dodge conflict easily, especially when I know I'm right and it matters. and it DOES matter.

1. You can't do anything about THEIR money at all. You need to issue your own.

2. You can create/issue money that is free of debt (interest payments - usury) and you do not need a state or bank to do it.

3. You can put your own money into the real economy and gradually as their money fades away assume more of the economy with your own money.

They go on to describe what they call a “sovereign money system” which involves a state and is little more than something like Lincoln's greenbacks. We reject this as a pipe dream. Let THEIR system and THEIR states crash and burn. We must have our own money NOW. Here's what they say: 

We think that the economy would be more stable and society better off if we transfer the power to create money from the banks back to the state, working in the public interest. 

Why don't YOU work in the public interest? Why have we all assumed that the state has the public interest in mind when clearly they do not and can not? The state's principal job is its survival, as it has no other real function. 

These ideas have been around since the 1930s, but we’ve done a lot of work to update them for the modern financial system. 

Scrub it all! It's BULLSHIT! You're looking backwards as usual. You have no voice and no say because you have NONE of THEIR money and even if you did, you do not know what their piratical agendas are because unlike them (wolves), you (sheep) probably have to work for a living. But no, more and more of us don't actually have to work because we are not allowed to work else their monopolies and profits would be disturbed and what are THEY doing? Certainly not anything productive. It's called capitalism, the making of money on money without work, and socialism is what THEY use to keep the people asleep. The two are linked together and portrayed to be enemy ideas in order to DELIBERATELY fool the public. What are THEY doing way up there above our heads? THEY don't have to work as THEY always have enough of THEIR money.

Work is that time out of your life to earn money for your livelihood. You are bartering for the things that make your life by working. Therefore your time has value based on any money. So why not earn your own as well as THEIRS? Better yet, why not work for your own money and encourage as many as you can to start doing the same? That way there would be more of it around and an economy would become possible. Meanwhile since you would have a better machine than theirs, based on a unit of money that will have more stable prices long term unlike all THEIRS which inflates and loses its value, then when THEIRS fails and THEY try and stick you with one more brand of THEIRS you can say, “NO, we have our own money and wont take yours.” By that time we will have won every other political battle worth considering. But let's go on and consider some other things they say:

When we rely on banks to create most of our money, then the only way of getting more money into the economy – and allowing it to grow – is to encourage people to go further into debt. But the financial crisis was caused by a huge build-up in private debt, so allowing that debt to increase even further could lead us into another financial crisis. What we need right now is to have a way of getting extra money into the economy, but without relying on households borrowing even more. This can happen if the Bank of England creates money and transfers it to the government to be spent into the real economy (rather than the financial or property markets). 

We all know this. We despise the use of “sustainable” as a psy-op device to con more people out of what they want. The only solution is going to be to give a lot of it up and get back to the beginning of things. The financial and property markets as they exist are THEIRS not yours. Best you all start thinking this way or you wont see it for what it is. THEY need to prop up these markets else they will find themselves toppled from their luxurious heights. We do intend that all who are not with us shall be shunned and this message is a social one, “come out of her, my people,” etc. Our proposal eliminates government and globalist corporate interference by disallowing them membership in our markets. We seek to cut the head off the snake rather than believing we can keep it and ourselves alive. It's a snake after all. 

(Report, 56 pages) This document presents a reform to the banking system that would remove the ability of banks to create money, in the form of bank deposits, when they make loans. It would transfer the ability to create new money exclusively to the state, creating what we have termed a ‘sovereign money’ system. 

Really? Such talent. All gone for not. You had all best read this blog and get with it! Finance and transaction clearing money exchange functions must be separated forever. If you don't do that, then you don't confine the risk to the system where it belongs, with those lending their money (finance). There is no way you can ever make that happen in THEIR machine. Never! Your “sovereign” solution is misplaced. It belongs with YOU not with some state!  

In the years following the financial crisis, the UK wasted £375bn on a failed scheme to stimulate the economy and end the recession. This was one of the biggest missed opportunities in history. 

How do you know they didn't play it exactly the way things have turned out; THEY purposely intended to RUIN and DESTROY Britain? You don't and they did. They have internationalist and globalist agendas which amount to dumbing down, de-culturalizing and de-naturalizing everything as much as possible. Their long term solution is genocide. They've said so in writing in many places, as much as 90% of us gone. It all begins and ends with THEIR money machine which is not yours and has never been yours and shall never be yours no matter what proposals, demands, recommendations, reports, reforms, etc. etc. you have in mind. It's all as unimportant to them as that last fly that flew by. I'm not at all kidding either. It's just how THEY think of it. “Ah some rumble among the sheep.” (sometimes they call us cattle instead) “What a great opportunity to make a killing.” Of course it's rendered in money, THEIR money and sometimes in blood, NOT THEIRS.

Everything else on this elaborate website screamed “they are getting outside sources of funding to keep this going.” Well maybe they are. I'd like to think that at least some of the presenters I saw in the videos were sincere in their efforts. They're just misguided that's all.

It's not merely my opinion, either. It's the truth, which makes all their efforts … useless.

I'd prefer they read this blog thoroughly and thoughtfully. I will debate them on anything they'd care to discuss. Be prepared to have a lot of it discarded as rubbish! What usually occurs in most of these debates is some kind of mental breakdown; theirs not mine, because they refuse to give up some idea they think is valuable, much as an infant refuses to relinquish a favourite toy. But baubles are mere toys when the people in the streets want work, bread, clothing, housing, civilization, etc. and see no reason for certain people to be living far better than the expanding ranks of the rest of the people, mostly growing poorer by the month, people everywhere around the world. This blog has the answer and YOUR proposals will lead NOWHERE because they are based on THEIR machine and THEIR institutions. You had better join forces with me and leave all that is THEIRS to its ultimate demise.

Unapologetically and defiantly yours!
(But not without some respect and desire for your understanding and future cooperation) 

David Burton

PS: Here's something to think about in connection with all this:
Now, when one considers just whose money is in play here, one has a far better idea of the perspective this blog takes; we assume that the empire stage has long ago already begun, prior to the founding of the American Republic in fact and prior to the founding of the Bank of England in fact.  We need to seriously consider our own money and we'd best do it fairly soon as I presume time is short, which is to say we may be on the brink of extinction if we don't.   

[9/5/16: Q: So hold on, you're saying that your proposal is THE Positive Money? Well then, suppose you're right, I was curious what you meant by, “The only solution is going to be to give a lot of it up and get back to the beginning of things.”?

A: OK, let's start with “giving a lot of it up.” Let's start with whatever someone else thinks. Let's continue that with whatever anyone else thinks about you. Then let's consider whatever you think about yourself. Most people hold onto a lot of junk ideas, many of which do not even belong to them. If one would live better and really enjoy life, that time that you aren't working, then it sure makes the experience richer to be able to think better and more clearly as all your other senses become more alive. It's a matter of housecleaning the mind; you let go of outdated, outmoded, ridiculous, illusory, idealistic and counterproductive plans, concepts and ideas. You eliminate everything you can't do anything about. You in fact determine ways to cut loose from everything instead of attempting to help THEM any further than you have to. If you work for THEM you seek other employment and or you quit.

Then all the rest: No one is an island. We all know people. A good question to ask might be whether we would care to work alongside the people we know. On this blog, work has a precise definition because work is the chief way money is issued in our proposed system; the work done for it “backs” the money issued. OUR money is not issued as debt to any bank. It is likewise not issued by any government operating as a perpetual debt slave to any bank. OUR money is issued interest free and does not have to be paid back. OUR money is not only issued, it also dies naturally of asset depreciation, as all money does. Any time you have to sell something for less than you paid for it, some money DIES never to return. This largely ignored relationship between how money is born (issued) and how it dies (in depreciation) allows for some completely erroneous monetary systems to proliferate. Just because people talk about something incessantly, even for centuries, doesn't make it true. In many cases it was merely because they wished something to be so that would never be so, like trying to turn lead into gold. But they were aware of something with money even back then; since it is a river, a stream and not a body of water or some quantity, its flow matters and money must be replenished else economies literally die.

The beginning of things” is simply all the people we each know personally. Our families and friends come first to mind. These people are all potential owners of your own monetary system. You simply agree to adopt the proposed international standard Value Unit as your unit of exchange and a few other very simple rules.

Digression (oh no!): Why THEIR money deserves a reward for holding it.

One difference between OUR money and THEIRS: I have often been asked whether I believe that THEIR money should bear interest to hold it or not. Most will not believe my answer knowing my strict stance against usury. It is this. ALL their money inflates: It loses its purchasing power over time. It does this through general dilution; backed mixed with unbacked money as Riegel described it, but in such proportions as to be impossible ever to re-balance.

Right now, and really since 2008, we are undergoing a worldwide deflation, because business activity has been and is slowing down. The reasons are that debt loads are at all time highs and there isn't much money circulating as all the honest charts genuinely show. Since THEIR money is always a commodity and bought and sold under those terms and since it always inflates regardless of temporary contrary price movements, it makes sense that people be paid for holding it. But right now, to do that would pop their entire bubble. We'll see whether THEY will be able to ride out the coming storm. Hint: they plan to crash THEIR system, ruin billions of people and then buy everything back for a pittance, and do what with all they have left? Oh, they want to be gods, don't you know.

End of digression (oh good!).

OUR money is based on a unit of purchasing power defined by a TIME. It does not change. We then take that unit and determine its comparable present value. We chose a transaction that allows us to determine what ALL THEIR money is worth to us in OUR money. We allow limited transfers of THEIR money into OUR money but not the other way around and probably only in limited amounts per member, because we do NOT want to alert any of THEIR tax officials. We will be prepared from the very onset of dealing with them in a pacific manner unless or until that becomes impossible. At that point we shall all know that the tyranny masquerading as a republic “with liberty and justice for all” will be fully revealed for all the public to see. It would be far better to have many millions of people sign up for THIS proposal rather than any political action drive attempted by Positive Money, etc.

We have stated a membership dues of one Valun per year for all A members. That's $2.67 right now. The equivalent amounts in all currencies are possible to calculate. Now simply multiply those by the number of people enrolled. That amounts to something to get at the very least V200 back for getting it off the ground. That's a lot of purchasing power. We will also take care of the indigent and the elderly, handicapped, etc. We can only open accounts for those 18 years and older at the moment but over time that too will change.

Most people are members of families, extended families, villages, towns, tribes, counties, states, provinces, etc. etc. Getting back to the beginning involves considering what must be retained when, not if, the present system implodes. We need people in every possible locality to start gathering interested people as potential co-owners of your own monetary system to run parallel with THEIRS until THEIRS fails. Understood?]

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