Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#0: The Central Banks Agenda For The World Is Much Darker & Devious

We're listening to these men discuss these matters as though we are outsiders. We accept something that they do not; we understand that ALL of THEIR money is THEIR money and that they are buying equities completely underscores our contention that “public” corporations are THEIR creatures too. Dave has identified the cancer, the increasing debt to revenue ratio. So who owns everything? If few own then economies, societies, civilizations die. We are already on the slippery slope back to times when life for the vast majority was “nasty, brutish and short.” Meanwhile those with plenty of THEIR money are buying equities and doing what we've already identified as entirely due to people having the worng perspective on wealth. Where's the income? It's going into economic black holes. We said that capitalism and socialism were the evil twin sisters. Capitalism is making money on money without work. Socialism is required else there is social revolution. Finally Louis describes the probable future and it's already fake right now and getting more fake. The media, the governments and the central banks are ALL discredited as unreliable and NOT authoritative. THEY do NOT work for US. We have been fooled by THEM since forever. 

Notice the physical metals as actual trade being talked about and the pleas to buy mining stock, etc. Notice that none of the wealth is tied to income. Notice that all they have working for them is inflation. And we see where that ends as in Venezuela. Whether it rains money or there's a drought, it's still all THEIR money. Listen to what Louis says about the distinction between markets and economies. Listen to Dave mention that all further government spending is accomplishing nothing. Expect negative growth as long as there is this much debt and you never allow real natural market forces to operate, such that most of these companies would be broke and broken down into smaller sized units that would be far more profitable. There's a lot of fairly good info here about the present system for all to see.

Dave asks whether there is in fact no hope? Listen to Louis's reply. He's describing what's happening. They do adapt but because THEIR system is designed to perform the way it does, it eventually breaks.

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