Thursday, September 22, 2016

#0: The Entire Economic System Is One Big Illusion: Charles Hugh Smith

We did feature one of his papers here.
Sometimes (it is rare) one stumbles upon one of these conversations on YouTube or elsewhere and one realizes that someone has come to the same conclusions as you have. This is the case with Charles Hugh Smith in his conversation with Dave at X22 Spotlight. Smith said that he looked at cryptocurrencies as the answer. Well, he was close, and if I had further private conversations, we could probably come to some startling agreements. And no, except for something I posted here a few years back, all I heard from him was this conversation, though I have heard of him before. I haven't yet poured through his blog yet to see what's there. All I did was sample his bio and a few remarks he'd made concerning recent events and the state of the system, THEIR system. I'm sure he's busy, but this is a request that he contact me any way he can as soon as he possibly can.

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