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#14.4 School Sucks Project Podcasts 62 thru 82

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For this next set of podcasts, there doesn't seem to be any other place but the unwieldy webpage I mentioned in the first number of this series, to get information about podcasts that might have existed, but have for whatever reason gone missing. So when a podcast doesn't exist, the numbers skip accordingly.

2010-10-15: #62 Children of the State (Part 1) – Incentives

This is perhaps the most significant podcast in this series so far about an issue that I personally consider crucial for any future progress whatever. If this is not solved, there is no doubt that the future looks rather bleak. I expect people to get quite emotional about this subject because after all we were all children once and have our own past histories to review. Please listen to this with an open mind and an open heart.

Howard Zinn- A People's History of the United States

2010-10-31: #65 Bureaucrats Are People Too!

There is much in this episode including where Brett understands that the morality of normal decent people is used to hold up as support of an organization (government) that doesn't even really support them, but uses them for its own usually hidden agendas (he's learning, which is what we all need to be doing).

Steve Ressler of GovLoop, who describes himself as a third generation public servant, asserts that people who work for government don't suck, when in fact they are, as Brett points out, part of organizations that DO suck out of the productive (and the unproductive too) their property (the work of the labour) and their lives (opportunity costs of not getting to do what they are perhaps best at doing, or more interested in than what they have to be doing to make a livelihood). Ressler is attempting to defend himself and his colleagues (government workers) against published public sentiments that they are overpaid, lazy, etc.

Brett sharpens his critical pencil point: psychopaths who seek public office or jobs in “public service” so they can impose their will on others using the FORCE of law are one thing, the majority of government employees may have no interest or direct knowledge of what's going on and who may really care about what they do, are another. This is probably mostly true about public school teachers. Brett points out that the basic problems with government deal exactly with their use of FORCE for everything, especially funding, saying they can't get a job done without more and more money, more power (more laws allowing them to use more FORCE on the rest of us) etc.

Then Brett makes it clear that there are private organizations as well (we'll label them here as limited liability public corporations) that get from the government (through bail outs, etc.) the same advantages to operate like the government (as criminal gangs). For those of us who would attempt to set up (the or an) VEN, the issue of funding certain organizations is a key issue that we shall address in future posts.

Ressler remarks that where there are monopolies (natural ones like water, police and fire fighting services in local communities) that he wants competence, etc. Brett squares the argument that all that may be fine, but that central planning, etc. doesn't work very well (being polite). Brett gets back to the foundations of liberty as they need to be reasserted; rather than wasting time and energy worrying about the top of their structures, we should be busy constructing something else from the bottom up (exactly what we advocate based on E. C. Riegel's observations). Ours is not a struggle with other people, but with ideas that once revealed widely to enough people for the monstrosities they are, will cause more people to distance themselves from the organizations these ideas represent (corporations and governments).

2010-11-5: #67 A History Teacher Walks Away from Government School (1 of 2) Preparation for citizenship

This episode begins with the reading of a letter Brett got from a former history teacher (Rich Nastro?) who wanted to come on as a guest and explain his experiences. There's much more in this episode.

2010-11-9: #68 A History Teacher Walks Away from Government School (2 of 2) Is Anyone Learning About Economics in School?

The episode begins with a news piece from just before the year 2000. We have our own ideas concerning the topics discussed; that it does matter how the money is created and who gets to create it, that trading stocks in limited liability “public” corporations in a rigged market has little to do with real economic development or growth. We are treated to more news stories along the path to destruction. The interview with former history teacher, Rich Nastro continues. Much is discussed which is pertinent to what this blog is about. They talk about what happens when and if government money stops flowing; violence and confusion. We all hope for a smooth transition, but what we're about on this blog is setting up something that can be set up to replace the current system which we regard as terminally broken. What passes as expertise from a small government point of view from 2008 (Ben Stein) closes out the episode. We note that he, nor anyone else, gets to the heart of the matter; who gets to create and destroy the money.

2010-11-13: #69 A History Teacher Walks Away ... (Addendum)

A Thanksgiving message. Spotlights Rich Nastro's comments on economics and what really goes on in school from the interview for the previous two episodes.

2010-11-19: #70 What You've Been Missing

2010-11-26: #72 Children of the State (Part 2) – The Treatment Trough

This too is a core podcast in the course, the episode starts with the medication of children with amphetamine derivative drugs. So when your system fails, because it's ill conceived, belongs to a former era in another country (totalitarian Prussia) or just doesn't work to train people how to think, etc. you give em drugs, and oh by the way for all the other drugs they don't want kids (or adults) to use they have a Federal agency, the DEA, wasting people's lives and money. A “stream of consciousness” look at related topics follows, forming a very powerful episode. Brett really expresses himself well on all points and what he is describing is a form of Hell. Think how many problems could be solved by the VEN solution. Of course those in charge, being evil, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not, have no intention of allowing competition. Anyone with half a brain knows where all this will go eventually.

2010-12-17: #74 School News (#5) Police State Pupils – Acquiescence and Aggression

Brett starts with a few stories breaking at the end of 2010. He's speaking to those who have been able to wake up to their situation and hopefully to the ideas of liberty. Were we expecting some other reality when we grew up? Listen to people wilfully accept TSA searches! He continues to read some outrageous news stories about strip searches in schools that most of us would never have imagined possible when we were children. Awareness of these things begins with knowledge of them. The SCOUS has apparently given the nod to these outrageous practices. This was the level we had slid to as of late 2010. There's no reason to believe things have not gotten a lot worse since.

There are people out there who desperately want power over others for whatever reasons and many are attracted to government positions, many to public schools. Deny this if you wish, we'll stand with those who are abused by the system and say that there is NO REASON WHATEVER for any of this to continue. Nevertheless, the mass awakening seems unlikely. Brett suggests that the time or opportunity for this kind of mass awakening has come and gone. All the media needs to do, and they have so many helpers among the entrenched “professionals,” is to JEER anyone who doesn't go along, complete with a cache of rationalizations to try and rationalize everything that is being done.

My own position regarding jeering is to let the jerrer know that he/she is using a jeer to dispute what you or someone else says, writes or thinks (turning the other cheek). After that the next jeer from the same person deserves something stronger, like writing them off your list of friends, shunning them, etc. If anyone wants to jeer, let them be advised that we will take note of their jeers, may even reproduce them for others to see. We will not stand for jeering to go unpunished. It starts there. Have you no integrity, no self respect? Don't you want it? Don't you deserve it? What do those who jeer you into silence and compliance deserve?

Wake up then, you are living in a prison that other people working for the government have made for you. You are not free. Those behind the government, those who run the money, are the only people in society who can be considered free in any sense. If you have been paying attention, you must know that they would never allow a competitor (the or an VEN) to emerge. Anyone with half a brain knows exactly where this will end up.

Meanwhile consider what Brett is reporting about what is allowed in public schools (and probably a few private ones too) and extrapolate it to other areas of society, you'll find them everywhere. By the way, if you notice that all this that Brett is reporting is simply wrong, also realize that NO ONE is making any complaints against it, in fact they are DEFENDING it! Consider what this does to people, if you can. If you think they'll never do this to you, go right ahead and live in your nice pretty illusions, perhaps you'll be lucky and never encounter any trouble. But when they begin doing it to everyone (as they have in other countries and at other times in the past), will you then wake up? Maybe by then it will be too late. Nice gulag they are running already, getting children and adolescents prepared for the larger adult gulag that awaits them. The attraction of aggression is dealt with quite well too; Brett clearly understands some of the most fundamental psychological patterns. This stuff is real, it's real bad, real ugly and until it is raised to the level of mass consciousness (somehow) the evils associated with it will continue ... and get much worse.

It's not new, Brett closes it out with some propaganda (from 1943) about paying taxes. Better save your money (their money) so you can pay your taxes and continue to imagine that you are really free. Pay your taxes so your government can keep making guns and planes and ships (and send people overseas to get killed) while others make money on this war as they have on every previous war.

2010-12-21: #75 Kids Are Not Defective (#10) Gender Roles and Pigeon Holes

There might have been a #9 in this series that I didn't catch. In any case, this one is in sequence and after all this effort is attempting to provide a complete listing. Jason Osborne is mentioned again. Here is a trailer for the movie Chartarum. Here is another trailer.

This episode is asking why there are about 19 times more men than women involved in the liberty movement (and by the way anything having to do with E. C. Riegel or the or an VEN is definitely associated with this movement). Stephanie Murphy of Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) and Wes Bertrand are Brett's guests. Their discussion builds on the previous episode; acquiescing for women, aggression for men, each being defining roles.
2011-1-7: #77 Children of the State (Part 3) – Trapped

Non violent communication is mentioned. That is the objective. Brett talks about having conversations with those who either disagree or may have difficulty seeing things differently. He's discussing the state of public education and he uses the analogy of a discussion between a creationist and an evolutionist. The creationist has suppositions built into his loaded questions which cannot be answered by the evolutionist therefore the evolutionist looses the argument. (The analogy which can easily be understood by most people is unfortunate in that it shows the dialectical nature of such arguments which do not allow for a 3rd, 4th or 5th possible explanation. Creationism and evolutionism may both be inadequate explanations for a number of reasons that were well known to natural scientists of the 18th century and before, whose perfectly logical causal explanations were thrown to the side during the 19th. This analogy is boxed in a dialectic which tosses all other possible explanations to the curb. Of course there is the other possibility no one likes to talk about; that there is no simple explanation, or even worse we just do not know.)

I bring these ideas to the forefront here to make a universal point about the nature of dialectic; the probability that all such arguments lead to being hung on the either or horns of a dilemma (some say is a prehistoric animal) and never arriving at anything instrumental in discerning the truth. As now for instance education, if you have been following along, the one scenario that is never even brought up is the little red one room schoolhouse run by the school-marm. In such an environment where students are drawn from wider ranges of ages, real learning did and still can take place. What's the universal solution? There is none, and the framing of the question is itself misleading, expecting the impossible; a one size fits all program that leaves no child left behind, a meat grinder that is not supposed to produce people who can think, but people who can follow orders and attack when given the order, enforcing a Prussian police state model for society. Why else would people be universally dumb, shallow or otherwise incapable of thinking independently of the cultural symbols and messages broadcast through the mainstream media? It's what the central planners in all their evil psychopathic desires to rule over others have decided. It's time to wake up!

Brett reads a report about indigent families and SSI it's relation to marked impairment diagnoses of their children. This is a huge mess, leading to perhaps unforeseen consequences. All these programs are funded through debt, which empowers certain other people and of course all those prescription drugs, the sale of which benefits certain other people, etc. Parasites and predators? Most people can't even see them. That's part of the unenviable job set forth for anyone who does, to try and get others to wake up.

2011-2-14: #79 Youth Bashing – A Generation Ago and Beyond

The history of growing up, factory workers, how children were treated by adults a century and more ago, as slaves or pets. If the former, as soon as one was able to have some independence, one was dragooned into forced labour for little or no money (any of which might have ended up in the hands of the family grown-ups). Some still view children this way today.

The new attitudes toward children changed during the 20th century. Brett describes the making of children out of adults; adolescence. This is again a core episode full of observations which still affect us today. He makes mention of marketing; how 2 groups of people can be depended upon to want more than they can really use; children and addicts. The implications are discernible. Brett fills out the rest of this excellent episode with media slants that obscure truth rather than revealing it for the usual reasons, to support the favoured solutions.


Robert Epstein- The Case Against Adolescence

2011-2-25: #80 Persuasion, Prussia and the Purpose of Education (SAT Writing Class Rant)

This episode is largely derived from a m SAT writing class.

2011-2-27: #81 John Holt – Instead of Education (Freedom Book Club Discussion Part 1 of 2)

This and the next episode features Stefan Molyneux and a cast of people from around the world. There is also an update on Scholars' Academy in New Hampshire featured in School Sucks podcast #40. The state plunked down some money for charter schools and people went for them so this promising private alternative school is now gone.

John Caldwell Holt- Instead of Education

2011-3-2: #82 John Holt – Instead of Education (Freedom Book Club Discussion Part 2 of 2)

Begins with a quote from John Holt's book.

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