Monday, November 12, 2012

#13.2 Peace Revolution Podcasts 11 thru 20

Episodes 11 through 20 – Applications of the course; reportage on current Issues with historical background:

2010-12-2: #11 Human Resources / Social Engineering in the 20th Century, a film by Scott Noble

2010-12-2: #12 Origins of Money / A Virtual Round-Table Discussion


Stephen Zarlenga- The Lost Science of Money

Edward Mandell House- Philip Dru Administrator

Zbigniew Brzezinski- The Grand Chessboard
2010-12-2: #13 Psywar / The Real Battlefield is the Mind / a Film by Scott Noble

2010-12-4: #14 The Premiere of DMT: The Spirit Molecule by Mitch Schultz

2010-12-4: #15 Compassionate Communication / How to Mitigate Conflict in our Thoughts

2010-12-30: #16 The 7 Arts of Freedom / Living in the Light of Value

2011-2-13: #17 Non-Violent Solutions for Everyday Situations / An introduction to Non-Violent Communication


Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.- Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life

2011-2-23: #18 A History of the World in Our Time / Origins of Tragedy and Hope

This is largely a lecture on the substance of Quigley's work by Dr. Stanley Monteith.


Carroll Quigley- 

Tragedy and Hope, A history of the world in our time
The Anglo-American Establishment

Evolution of Civilizations

2011-3-3: #19 Autodidactic Self-Liberation / Outgrowing our Misperceptions

First part: Gnostic Media Podcast 105 with Mark Passio, an angry/disgusted Catholic becomes a Satanist then discovers his brand of Satanism (dark occultism) is the real religion of the elites (out of which he notices that certain people with certain traits are selected and promoted), whereupon his conscience kicks in and informs him he's on the wrong path, so he quits. Passio lists 14 mind control methodologies, money and the monetary system among them. Last part: General discussion concerning current issues and ultimate aims.


Mind control methodologies

Referenced New World Next Week item from 4 March, 2011:

Robert Anton Wilson- The Cosmic Trigger

2011-3-5: #20 An Illegal Cure for Cancer / Who Benefits from its Prohibition?

Endocannabinoid system


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