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#113.3: The Proposal - How It Works - Part 3

We put this reminder up lest anyone out there think this proposal is intended to feed into more of this futile and excessive preoccupation. We care for FREEDOM, which is why we care at all about the question of money.
Before we get started, we notice again a lot of interest from Russia, if it really is from Russia. Supposing the interest is from real people in Russia, then we have this to say:

Friendship and greeting to all Russians, those whose banner is the wolf of the north, the whelp of the pack, along with Iceland, leading the way away from THEM (the usual suspects). Those who are up on their study of national symbols will pick up the references quick enough. Let's say right now that we are in solidarity with the aspirations of the Russian people, of their democratic republic taking shape in today's Russia and we are supportive of Russia as a sovereign nation and as a people, culture and language. We are not globalists here.

We remind Russians and everyone else around the world that we are all living under a Beast empire that has been in actual power since 1815 which we shall continue to call Mystery Babylon. It is mysterious, in that it is hidden, it is Babylon in that it is everything old corrupt Soviet style Babylon ever was and the word Babylon conveys confusion and that too is all about THEM (usual suspects).  

With that taken care of, it would probably be best to begin with a reminder concerning E. C. Riegel's idea of one ledger for the entire monetary system. Right now it is possible for people to open many bank accounts and only their public identification shows that they are the same people. This situation allows for a great many common frauds. So the first thing to understand is that in the proposed system, there will be many local exchanges, but they all share the same ledger; all accounts are on the same set of books. This is done to prevent fraud. A ledger contains accounts and transactions against accounts are called journals. All the transactions in the example involving the accounts of Jack and Jill in the previous post, represented journals or journal entries. Once again, the heart and soul of any and all monetary systems lies in the ledger, not the circulating tokens.

In fact it has been suggested by many that the journal transaction entries that are still evident in ancient clay tablets proves that essentially, all money not only involves tendering of tokens, but the accounting that went behind all that business. Again, it is the accounting, not the tokens that matter and as perhaps THEY may even say among themselves, “the devil is in the details.” One doesn't defeat an enemy by relinquishing a valuable weapon (the invention we call money) to THEM. The fiat to issue all legitimate money belongs to us by natural right! We will have our own money and it will be truly ours not THEIRS (usual suspects)!

With that much said, this time we will focus on more details concerning the individual A and B member exchange accounts, explain some cost accounting implications too, so that everyone can see how they can make money (build wealth) using the proposed international standard Value Unit or Valun. 

This is not to be some economically disruptive proposal, advocating some idealistic new social order, some new communitarian social monstrosity, something that always implies FORCE to accomplish its totalitarian social objectives. We are not interested in any of that at all. 

This is a proposal for a monetary system that runs in parallel with all existing systems until they are no more. It intentionally promotes wealth (which must provide an income) among its members, and the proposal implies an eventual renunciation of THEIR systems, interests and money. The message is “come out of her, my people” not, let's sit down with our sworn and proven adversaries and compromise over a nice pot of tea (give up our values and rights since THEY never give up any of THEIRS which are presented as a necessary evil upon the rest of society). No, thank-you! 

And lest any misunderstand us, who are THEY again? The phalanx of the enemies of mankind, by THEIR own long time written admissions; globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, THEIR scribes (people who work for THEM usually writing THEIR essentially fake or intentionally misleading information) and those we'll continue to call Pharisees; usually members of political parties or other such organizations. We saw a summary of some of the pronouncements THEY made here. 

All THEY have ever said (or has been said of THEM) implies the necessity of a state to FORCE THEIR rule and to push THEIR money over on the rest of us. Using THEIR phony intellectual property law, a legacy from the French revolution, THEY intend to make all of nature (GMO's) a means to pay THEM a stream of income on THEIR wealth too, and to either reduce most of us to extinction or to a kind of slavery that more closely resembles what passes for life in something like a Soviet gulag or NAZI concentration camp … or American Indian reservation or internment camp, than anything even the first tier of nations has going on right now.

Freedom, is when you can say what you like, think what you like, do what you like and own what you want, without asking anyone's permission. It is given written public utterance in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. It describes in words exactly what your individual will (fiat) is. You cannot be free without money. Look around you. It is possible to get away with horrendous crimes and never see justice if one has lots of money or the connections that provide lots of money to grease the wheels of the judiciary in one's favor. That's freedom for the thieves (and worse) who get away with horrendous crimes; THEIR money gives THEM freedom, while enslaving the rest of us. It does matter who you know more than what you know or what you are capable of creating, doing, growing or inventing.

In order to straighten this obvious crookedness, ultimately. we do not advocate any compromise with THEM. We view THEM as our natural enemies. But we would rather not resort to violence unless it is brought upon us. Considering recent events, perhaps “first blood” has already been shed, and if not, it is possible to suggest several scenarios where the merely tragic becomes terrible and horrible rather quickly. Those who understand their own fundamental situation with respect to THEM, are going to be better prepared for what will happen and perhaps very much sooner than any would have liked to think as well. But anyway, let's get on with it ...

The nature of the proposed local independent exchanges are as local associations composed of A and B members. They are to be individually owned for profit companies. The A members own the businesses. This is the natural grass roots democracy that E. C. Riegel understood; an equality among equal individual natural persons living in a specific geographical area.

Each local exchange is a separate entity, less than a franchise, more like an accredited association, functioning under the same rules, so as to be associated with IVES (the proposed International Valun Exchange Society which provides some bookkeeping support and account verification responsibilities, (We already said this is to be a ONE LEDGER system, so the coordination has to be by the ultimate identification of accounts as well as the setting and disseminating of the daily exchange rates for the Valun). For instance IVES will know the valid account numbers for individual A members without having to know anything more about the account! This allows transaction clearing to go on with fair anonymity and allows the system a natural means of tracking any attempted frauds. 

I think I should point out right here something that is going on right now among the presently affluent young. They have embraced bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies thinking they will be able to store away some purchasing power for the future that some state or its agents can't get their hands on for taxes. The aware among the young know damn well that The Establishment is a pack of professional liars and everything that comes out of THEIR mouths a filthy lie. They know that THEY are also thieves above all else. So these aware young people seek to hide as much as they can from THEM and perhaps hope eventually to “get away” and live as a gypsy or PT; “perpetual traveler,” having no permanent work or residence, etc. This would seem to me a frivolous and unrealistic outlook moving forward. 

Though we are in tremendous sympathy with them, they have fallen for a trap, just as investing in precious metals coins to the detriment of growing one's wealth (investing in anything that will build your income) is not a good recipe for success. 

This outlook also involves taking on a tourist lifestyle rather than deciding to settle down and take a stake in any local area or raise a family, which has been looked down upon over the past two generations, while nevertheless being vital to future happiness. Multiplied by the tens of thousands, this is not a trend boding well for the future of any stable economy. It is actually symptomatic of the actual economic situation brought about by THEM, THEIR agenda and THEIR money; literal stagnation leading to literal death. 

Likewise we attribute to THEM the startling climb in suicide statistics among the young worldwide. Why do they take their own lives? They see no future for themselves and their prospects are increasingly dystopian. Understood? This proposal is that important! 

A members are individual natural persons 18 years of age or older who live in the communities the exchanges serve and have lived there for at least a year.

You see, we are calling for an end to the “perpetual traveler” as an acceptable economic choice. If you would have all that is really best in life, you would work for it and build it where you are and it would benefit your friends and neighbors. Multiply this affect and economies grow and spread and wealth builds and income is produced. You say that you choose your friends and neighbors on line. I say that eventually the lights go out, the internet becomes either a totalitarian nightmare or goes away. Your friends and neighbors are those people who live right around you, who you interact with every day. All A members must be legally entitled to live where they are as we will not encumber ourselves with illegal aliens.

The FORCED acceptance of roving populations of displaced people is a state imposed solution. The only real solution to this artificial and deliberately concocted global immigration problem is to get all people to return to their home countries and adopt the same standard money system as proposed here, so we can eventually trade with each other, but in the mean time, to work out all kinds of parallel economies in our own countries, where we know the people and resources there better than anyone else.

The goal is economic redundancy not global monopolies. Therefore, each country and even within each country, all the various sub-provinces, etc. would determine for themselves what it is in their best interests to promote, produce and build up as wealth, which must provide income ultimately for all the members of those exchanges.

Each A member must be sponsored by two existing A members and be willing to pay a yearly dues of one Valun in whatever local currency; dollars, euros, yen, pesos, etc. In US dollars, since the proposed Valun fluctuates in exchange between $2.16 and $4.32 (which it can never reach without gold being worthless, an impossibility), the amount one pays in dues is likely to be between $2.16 and $3 or about the cost of a cup of coffee and a doughnut. We want to encourage people away from “the image of the beast” which is the modern media, the electronic snooping, etc. and get back to dealing directly with each other as real natural persons again. 

Though they are all to be private, these local Valun exchanges are to be true grass roots democratic institutions. All A members get one vote in the election of all the usual exchange officers (president, vice president, secretary, etc. for whatever terms of office, probably one year) and are considered owners of the exchange. Officers are to maintain the system, not attempt to break its rules to benefit some “special interests.”

No member may sell their ownership to anyone else. These are not shares and none of these businesses will be organized as share issuing corporations, because we do not accept the legitimacy or ethics of running any state sanctioned enterprise operating under limited liability or owned by absentee owners. No thank you. You see, it makes no sense to sell your responsibility. The climax and fall, as the shape of the famed Rock of Gibraltar, of the age of the swindling dinosaur, the “too big to fail” organizations and too damn big for their britches, “public” stock corporations, etc. is ultimately going to be upon us. The message has been and continues to be, “come out of her, my people,” etc. 

People say, “nothing lasts forever” and use phrases like that to swindle and destroy what diligence and courage may have created for example over many generations of the same family. The results are the emergence of the very few pillars of local economies and societies throughout the world. Upon such enterprises, whole communities build the basis for trade with other places. The producers were supposed to benefit from this kind of peer to peer networked trade. But clearly the new thinking is to get oneself up and running and successful enough to get bought out by one of the bigs and so go out of business. Why? Because THEY ultimately want none in business but THEMSELVES!

Local charm and local passions? People of diversity enjoying what their particular cultures provide and produce? The powers that be care nothing about all of that. All THEY care about is remaining in power and calling the economic shots for THEIR buddies and cronies. Remember, no matter who you are or where you come from, nobody ever asked you. THEY never asked you what the effects of THEIR policies would have on you, your business or your life. THEY never do. THEY follow orders from certain upper strata of THEM and since you are not in THEIR club, you are prey rather than anything else.

Always remember, THEY regard you with as much casual contempt as you would regard a steer ready for slaughter or an annoying bug just flying by. If you somehow thought you had anything bright or creative to contribute to THEM in some hope of eventually becoming one of THEM, consider what I just said. THEY have already made up THEIR mind and you wont change it at all! All THEY care about is attaining THEIR ultimate goals which are to subject the entire earth to THEIR totalitarian rule and ultimately to become gods and fly off planet as machines believing THEY will get away with it. Sounds absurd now, doesn't it? But why should it surprise anyone to know that during the Middle Ages the same strata of people hired people to try and make gold out of lesser materials? What does alchemy have to do with modern science? You fill in the blanks, ok? 

So, therefore and to wit, THEIR current proposals are to drive the world mad until we go to war with each other and take our attention away from THEM (the previously described who maintain a control over 97% of the world's total financial resources, expect the rest of us to get by on 3% and now want to deprive us of cash instruments). Are you following me?

CASH, a verifiable token of exchange that conveys anonymity in a sale or trade. Our proposed circulating V-Check is the answer to this: an open account circulating check, similar to a traveler's check, would become our cash instruments. Each and every V-Check would represent real funds in a real cash account. The moment one deposits one of these into their own account, the funds are transferred from the exchange's cash account into a member account and the check is destroyed! Shredded in fact would be best. We would have personal checks as well. 

Do you see clearly now, that the accounting is everything and that the tokens, which convey anonymity in transactions; cash, are just the circulating evidence of the accounting? E. C. Riegel certainly understood this. 

Intrinsic value? Coined metal as some commodity that never grows too much? All of that is meant to allow the centralized speculator class to make money on money without work (capitalism, which we have all been brainwashed into accepting as a good thing and synonymous with free PRIVATE enterprise, when equating the two is an outright LIE, deliberately intended to cajole lesser mortals into bowing down to the moneyed classes), so THEY (speculators/capitalists) can determine the price structures of various things and gain the actual goods and services for themselves without actually working to produce them. 

These people tend to live as parasites on mountains of what? Stolen fiat split barter receipts that don't even represent real purchases or real things or services? Believe me, had I not spent some time in THEIR system, and had my mentors, and the two of them had not spent much time in THEIR system, we wouldn't have this perspective, which is as a matter of fact, both exactly true, and is an expending perspective among the awakening “masses,” … er, peoples of the world.

A parallel monetary system? You ask. Parallel to what? There is no more local economy or so little left that it is ridiculous. It will obviously have to be rebuilt and to be rethought as we manage to survive through some very difficult times ahead. As we have indicated elsewhere, the ultimate effects of capitalism (the making of money on money without work) and especially because of usury (the demand back of that which was never created), the continual devouring process will occur until the current 97% will become near 100% of all THEIR financial assets. THEIRS not yours, of course. Then the last snake dies because there is nothing more to consume and the usury THEY extolled, especially among the fanciful and cursed “Austrian” economists, will be the dust of unpayable debt left to consume. 

Capitalism always devours its own and is a destroyer of wealth as it destroys income. If you don't happen to agree, you're either just not informed, brainwashed, or perhaps in on any of the many parasitical activities of grifter capitalists, or perhaps even all of the above.

Remember I too was not only heavily involved in capitalism, I advocated it. But capitalism eventually requires that all ethical considerations be jettisoned. If you decide to take up a life as a parasite, just making money on your money while you do not take any time out of the rest of your life to produce some good or service for others, then sooner or later you must lose your sense of what's really right and wrong, because nothing but making that money on money without work, really matters to you. 

As THEIR control approaches 100%, you may be able to live well this way, for a while. Then too, the terms of absolute slavery will become more familiar to more people. That's what THEY expect. Then THEY will bring in all THEIR socialist ideas, THEIR monthly stipend for doing nothing but being an economic consumer, THEIR money of course. You will be THEIR slave and that means THEY can and will use you in any way THEY feel like; THEY will literally have THEIR way with you. Understood?

A victim status? Is there any justice for those who victimized you? Oh, THEY want your sympathy (after THEY hurt you), THEY want your love (so THEY can rape you), THEY want your worship (so THEY can damn you). And most give it to THEM willingly; the Stockholm syndrome. THEY know exactly what THEY are doing too. It's almost instinctual with THEM, like predator to prey. Want to join THEM, do you? You would have to be a vampire too. Understood? It's the symbolism, stupid!

It may be that it's too late, as many of the small businesses and medium sized businesses have literally been run out of business by the too big to fails, wealth destroyed as income streams are destroyed, and then eventually the bigs can hardly remain in business. Why? Too big too soon? To much centralization? Too much anticipated reward against apparent sales? Of course. All of that. Goods forced on people who otherwise would prefer something better? We note that. Bottom line? Too much debt and too little income; people are running out of money. And it's all THEIR money too isn't it? Note how prices are rising mysteriously all the time placing more necessities out of reach. What did you work for? How much work have you ever been able to do? None of that money is yours or mine, and precious metals or cryptocurrencies aren't yours either. All of it belongs to THEM, not you or me because we did not issue any of it!

So each A member gets ONE exchange account with three balances in it: 

The issuance balance will begin at V200.00 (two hundred Valuns)
The income balance will begin at V0.00
The escrow balance will begin at V0.00

You are not required to file income taxes on any money that issues directly from you (directly from your FIAT or WILL), but, until the public laws are repealed – which is not the concern of this blog - you are required to pay taxes on any money you receive as income. Over each fiscal year, journals to income balances will be presented to each A member in a report to determine which transactions are actual income and which are not. For the American exchanges, the 1099 will reflect the average value of the Valun from the first valid transaction in any fiscal year, to the income balance, to the close of the fiscal year. Each A member is admonished to acquire the “public” money required to pay their income taxes on all income from all sources of income as the law – which is FORCE - directs. This proposal is neither a tax dodge nor a money laundry. 

All A members are able to issue Valuns. B members (businesses, organizations, usually made up of A members) are not entitled to issue Valuns. 

We will also have B memberships which are for any private for profit business organization. B members are not required to pay membership dues, but all B member accounts must be funded. 

B member accounts have three balances as well; the retained earnings balance, the income balance and the escrow balance. An 80% rule would apply to all payroll accounting as follows: 

A B member (business account) is allowed to have an escrow balance (used for all payroll accounting throughout the system) that is no more than 80% of the combined income and retained earnings balance. To have an escrow balance of V1,000 (one thousand Valuns), one would have to have on account, in either one or both of the other balances, a sum total of V1,250: (V1,000/.80 QED) 

All B member accounts must be funded. If any fall to below zero, they are considered insolvent and must close their accounts. It matters just how one gets a B member business account started/funded. One could do this any number of ways, but the most basic example is the family business.  

Let's say one has a family of six people above the age of 18 that are all involved in some way in the family business. That's V1,200 right off the bat, obtained directly from the free V200 they each get for becoming a member/OWNER of their local exchange. Of course each A member might prefer to pledge less of their Valuns, but this is one source of easy funding for small businesses.

In addition, we will also allow any individual A member the right to exchange “public” money for Valuns (not to exceed certain limits) at the specified rate on whatever date that occurs and the proceeds in Valuns can be deposited in any B member account, assuredly into the retained earnings balance (the capital of the business), as it would be assumed that no one would place any pre-taxed money into these retained earnings balances. We are not responsible for determining whether that is the exact case, of course. As far as any business expenses incurred are concerned; these are costs of doing business and when the volume of sales is sufficient, these expenses become valid tax deductions. 

B member businesses may also contract with their local exchange and indirectly with IVES, to have their ads posted on the reverse sides of our V-Checks, which are to be the cash instruments in our system. These V-Checks are printed as numbered blanks that are each posted as open checks floating around with a six month expiration date. The printing is paid for in “public” money and becomes another valid advertising expense for all B members that participate. Our cash instruments become circulating advertising for our business members!

We want lots of small and medium sized businesses, each being able to sell a portion of its services or wares in Valuns. We'd suggest for those businesses already in business that this percentage should ramp up from the point of membership up to 25% of intended annual production within a year. 

We're going to take the basic example of what Gordon Long called capitalism, but is really free PRIVATE enterprise. He said that the process whereby every successful business grows is where it takes its profits and invests them back into the business. We say this is wealth building as the income derived from improved productivity of all members participating in that business grows to the point where diminishing returns to scale occurs. I have been in positions to evaluate and determine whether make or buy decisions are more profitable for manufacturers. But the real question is whether a business is selling all it produces and at what retained earnings results after a percentage of all other expenses are deducted? Profit becomes a goal for any business up until it reaches that point of diminishing returns to scale and once that point is reached sustaining the income of the business becomes more important. 

We have made evaluations in the past that considered all potential tax and costs of doing business exposure against projected revenue at 10% for single operators, up to 35% for larger organizations. So basically one takes a position that up to 25% of the output can and would be put up for sale in Valuns and that whatever that amount is in local currency, anywhere from 10% to 35% would have to be set aside to cover the taxes on those sales. 

If an item sold for $100 and carried an 8% tax, that would be $108.00 while the current Valun might be $2.71 on say 10 October, 2017 and so V36.90 would equal $100 and if said item were for sale in Valuns it would sell for perhaps V37 even plus $8 tax. The likely lowest prices in Valuns for everything would fall to the lowest circulating V-Check, the proposed half Valun. Think of the half-Valun right now as a third heavier on average than the US dollar. So maybe the item sells for V36.50 or V37.50. Meanwhile the tax is still accounted for locally as 8% of a comparable sales price in dollars or $8 on every $100 of sale. 

As we said, the first groups of people to take advantage of the proposal for building wealth would be various craftsmen and craftswomen whose goals are to free themselves from THEIR system and seek a means of earning a genuine livelihood away from THEM and THEIR doomed system by providing a genuine good or service offered for sale in Valuns. There are many retired people that would benefit from this proposal. There are many young people just starting out only finding out that THEIR system doesn't provide much of a future for themselves or any posterity. The proposal suggests that the means is the contract between you and your local community. That provides you mutual recognition. We present you with a framework that is unbeatable as long as the rules are followed. We present a trading unit or market vehicle for conducting business that is already proved to be harder than any of THEIR monetary units including those in precious metals; neither silver nor gold is capable of purchasing what they did at Valun inception, which has not changed. 

Each local area will have different concerns, but seriously folks, if we have a whole lot of people who reach the age of twenty and are without experience of basic skills, we also might propose that basic skills workshops and centers for this kind of education be instituted as soon as there are enough members in each exchange to make them happen because we will need more people with basic skills on into the future. Economic redundancy to scale is the goal, not monopoly of economy by a few outside and foreign players. You see, what each exchange intends to become is THE local club that all people of any substance or talent want to be associated with. We will make our own class distinctions by ourselves without any “management” assistance from anyone outside who really doesn't know anyway what we want and only seeks to control all economic outcomes for their own benefit from somewhere far from the local area each local exchange would serve. 

You'd walk into your exchange with some kind of badge or key since this is to be a PRIVATE association not open to anyone off the street. You'd see signs indicating who wanted what kind of work and they would be sold to those who would accept payment in Valuns as well as local “public” money; all as labor contracts within the local or eventually extended market for talent that would likely develop. Everything would be figured on contracts and you would be rewarded for the more of them you complete. There's no incentives in THEIR system unless you already have plenty of THEIR money or know what to do to get your hands on more of it. Remember what I put up in front of this piece. This isn't just about money. It IS about freedom. 

AND it is everybody's right to work out their quest for freedom as best suits themselves and those in their own communities since we all are different and each community has different sets of needs. There are many ways that would be open to earning Valuns. Seeing V-Checks will become more commonplace especially as THEY attempt to FORCE everyone into using THEIR cards which are DEAD if and when the grid fails. 

So durability being an issue, what do you suppose is one of the first things any self respecting IVES affiliated exchange would want to do? System confidence and energy independence! Each IE would want to have all its critical infrastructure as simple, reliable, regulated and durable as possible with sufficient backup and recovery and all the rest to maintain the single ledger stretched around the world supported by a loose network of laptops and thumb drives with off the shelf software and a minimum of custom programming where possible. The first genuine efforts will concern themselves with these issues especially now that we are living in a world of potentially disintegrating social fabric. We will also need to consult with those who have had experience in the printing business concerning the best and most cost effective way to eventually realize the V-Check concept. To those who are still out there selling fully digital figments of imagination, tell us what you will have accomplished not if but when all THEIR grandiose schemes for world hegemony and power fail?

David Burton 

[10/16/17: The proposed international standard value unit or Valun can never be lower in exchange than $2.16 ever! It can likewise never reach above $4.32 else gold is worthless, an impossibility.

The dollar equivalent of a Valun will always reflect the inverse of the price of gold and silver; as the price of gold rises in dollars, the exchange value of the Valun falls back toward its exchange value at inception on 11/2/11. Should the dollar price of gold eclipse the inception price of $2,160 (OUR bid to acquire an ounce of gold), then a new Figure 1 transaction involving both kinds of THEIR money is accepted and all Valuns in the system rise in exchange value based on OUR new inception bid to acquire an ounce of gold. Yes, from then on, our money would be even harder than THEIRS, so if the price of gold were to fall again, the cheapness of the gold or its loss of purchasing power is reflected in an even harder Valun; you would need more dollars to buy the gold required to purchase the same purchasing power as the initial transaction.

Now regarding the “public” money: What would happen to Valuns if suddenly THEY went back to a pre-1971 fake gold standard, since THEY still allowed fractional reserve banking? Let's say THEY chose gold at $32 an oz and silver at $5 an oz. The Valun would then be $4.28 and an oz. of gold would only get you V18.52 and an oz. of silver V1.46 so the Valun is even harder than it was before.

Suggesting the reverse happens and some skyrocket price for gold is selected by THEM? Let's say THEY choose $10,000 an oz. for gold and $600.00 an oz. for silver. The Valun has a new inception transaction since this transaction is higher than the last inception and no new Figure 1 inception transaction can ever be set lower than the previous one. The Valun is now $12.50 and a mere half-Valun would be $6.25 and this is when gold trades for something as artificially set as all the whiners complain that it is now. We don't even have a reliable audit of all the gold in the present world markets for it or how much is actually changing hands. It's all politely held conjecture. Hence, we question whether something that is “gold backed” matters at all above the usual trustworthiness of any of THEIR trade instruments. (Still dealing with dragons and snakes) There will be agreements involving these instruments, like you get to hold your gold these represent, but you can't take the gold out of the country, so you have to leave it or spend it within that country. What is that? More proof that the thing is really not yours and certainly not mine either.

With the proposed Valun, you will at least know where all the rest of THEIR money stands next to ours. Why price things in Valuns? Two reasons: first a reliable measure of value that will still be subject to availability and requirements from one local area to another, and secondly to actually measure and determine the degree of inflation and depreciation in THEIR system next to one that is subject to neither.

Reliable price determination is based on suggestion and discovery. Suggested price is based on what it costs to make a given product amount (lot) and that includes factoring in depreciation: the first items off the lot sell for more than the last. It may be as little as a 5% reduction from first to last or as much as 50% varying from product to product and including whether product is perishable or not. Levels of profit are actually minuscule in certain endeavors, only 5% of revenue, or even less. That percentage shrinks ever farther in an inflating money. The proposed Valun will have far more stability. An enterprise with some sales in Valuns may in fact make the difference between its survival or its bankruptcy, wealth confiscation, etc.

Above all, we propose a standard for our money that allows us to exchange with THEM on OUR terms and to determine once and for all what the true boundaries of our freedom actually are and have been. More eyes are opening every day!]

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