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#111.7 The Science of Getting Rich - Wattles

Part VII

A lot of people give little thought to how they come across. I am guilty of this myself. “Well, we don't want to be fake.” Of course you don't. But that doesn't mean you have to accept the cruel, crabby and frankly socially repulsive aspects of personality; complaining, bad temper and motivated from a perspective of constant scarcity. Imposed scarcity is a mental gimmick used so that some people can artificially jack up the prices on things to benefit themselves, when usually they have contributed nothing to producing any real products or services. This message runs completely counter to THEIR agenda and associated propaganda. THEY again are globalists, bankers, elites, pedophiles, satanists, technocrats, scribes, Pharisees, etc. We are all who are not of THEM. Our message remains, “come out of her, my people” not “just sit down and compromise with THEM over a pot of tea. Sorry.

CHAPTER 14 - The Impression of Increase

WHETHER you change your vocation or not, your actions for the present must be those pertaining to the business in which you are now engaged.

You can get into the business you want by making constructive use of the business you are already established in; by doing your daily work in a Certain Way. And in so far as your business consists in dealing with other men, whether personally or by letter, the key thought of all your efforts must be to convey to their minds the impression of increase.

Increase is what all men and all women are seeking; it is the urge of the Formless Intelligence within them, seeking fuller expression.

The desire for increase is inherent in all nature; it is the fundamental impulse of the universe. All human activities are based on the desire for increase; people are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure — increase in something, more life.

Now, I realize that everything you have ever been told runs counter to all of this. You have heard all your life what seemed sensible; there isn't enough for everyone at any time ever, there are natural scarcities which means certain things will always be expensive, more people than oneself are wasteful, etc. You know, there are a million reasons not to do something at all. Hey, why live at all? THEY want THAT message circulated widely. THEY want a “Hunger Games” reality for you and everyone else, WHILE THEY LIVE HIGH AND MIGHTY FOR NO GOOD REASONS. Is that clearly understood? So in order to succeed, you must find out what you love to do (we exclude any and all criminal and selfish activity here) and then you must get out there and do it and if THEIR system will not let you, then you have to find others that see it your way, and of course it will be their way too, and make it happen.

Every living thing is under this necessity for continuous advancement; where increase of life ceases, dissolution and death set in at once.

Man instinctively knows this, and hence he is forever seeking more. This law of perpetual increase is set forth by Jesus in the parable of the talents; only those who gain more retain any; from him who hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.

This final statement is true of what everyone who has been really poor knows: they must always spend all the money they ever have. Who gets all that extra money? Those who produce the most get the most. That's what would happen in ANY system, but it certainly will happen in the proposed Valun based system.

The normal desire for increased wealth is not an evil or a reprehensible thing; it is simply the desire for more abundant life; it is aspiration.

…. and anyone telling you anything opposed to this wants you to remain a slave or just … go off somewhere and die quietly without disturbing THEM.   

And because it is the deepest instinct of their natures, all men and women are attracted to him who can give them more of the means of life.

Understood? You want to attract people? Become attractive. Become positive. Become complimentary without being fake. Actually convince yourself that ordinary people are wonderful and deserve more for themselves. Treat everyone as if they are worth something even when they aren't because you don't know the future for them or yourself. This entire perspective runs counter to every aspect of THEIR agendas and perspectives and most people believe THEM until it can be shown that THEY are frauds, which is an ongoing process happening right now everywhere.

In following the Certain Way as described in the foregoing pages, you are getting continuous increase for yourself, and you are giving it to all with whom you deal. You are a creative center, from which increase is given off to all.

Be sure of this, and convey assurance of the fact to every man, woman, and child with whom you come in contact. No matter how small the transaction, even if it be only the selling of a stick of candy to a little child, put into it the thought of increase, and make sure that the customer is impressed with the thought.

Convey the impression of advancement with everything you do, so that all people shall receive the impression that you are an Advancing Man, and that you advance all who deal with you. Even to the people whom you meet in a social way, without any thought of business, and to whom you do not try to sell anything, give the thought of increase.

You can convey this impression by holding the unshakable faith that you, yourself, are in the Way of Increase; and by letting this faith inspire, fill, and permeate every action.

By the way, I have heard of those whose lives only began when they retired: they literally went out into the world and did what they wanted to increase their lives and those of others who worked for and with them. Some people have made their greatest contributions to society when they are old and have managed to gain sustaining energy long into very old age simply because they have been able to achieve what they have always wanted.

Do everything that you do in the firm conviction that you are an advancing personality, and that you are giving advancement to everybody.

Feel that you are getting rich, and that in so doing you are making others rich, and conferring benefits on all. Do not boast or brag of your success, or talk about it unnecessarily; true faith is never boastful.

Wherever you find a boastful person, you find one who is secretly doubtful and afraid. Simply feel the faith, and let it work out in every transaction; let every act and tone and look express the quiet assurance that you are getting rich; that you are already rich. Words will not be necessary to communicate this feeling to others; they will feel the sense of increase when in your presence, and will be attracted [to you and will want contact with you] again.

You must so impress others that they will feel that in associating with you they will get increase for themselves. See that you give them a use value greater than the cash value you are taking from them.

Take an honest pride in doing this, and let everybody know it; and you will have no lack of customers. People will go where they are given increase; and the Supreme, which desires increase in all, and which knows all, will move toward you men and women who have never heard of you. Your business will increase rapidly, and you will be surprised at the unexpected benefits which will come to you. You will be able from day to day to make larger combinations, secure greater advantages, and to go on into a more congenial vocation if you desire to do so. But doing thing all this, you must never lose sight of your vision of what you want, or your faith and purpose to get what you want.

Now those who preach scarcity as the motive to preserve value assume that the world is not big enough to give everyone what they want. It's difficult to go against a strong flow, but all of this thinking, including the idea that people have to compete for basic necessities, is false, destructive and ridiculous since not all people have comparable needs at the same time and despite what one might have been told by paid “experts” etc. there is no global “planning” that can or will ever be able to determine any of this in any so called “fair and equitable” manner and so what if that were possible? Who calls the shots? Those who determine the terms of equality determine the chains of slavery for everyone else. Don't you know that? It's basic logical thinking. But here's why it is so attractive an idea:

Let me here give you another word of caution in regard to motives. Beware of the insidious temptation to seek for power over other men.

Nothing is so pleasant to the unformed or partially developed mind as the exercise of power or dominion over others. The desire to rule for selfish gratification has been the curse of the world. For countless ages kings and lords have drenched the earth with blood in their battles to extend their dominions; this not to seek more life for all, but to get more power for themselves.

So writ fairly large here is the primary divide between us and THEM.

Today, the main motive in the business and industrial world is the same; men Marshal their armies of dollars, and lay waste the lives and hearts of millions in the same mad scramble for power over others. Commercial kings, like political kings, are inspired by the lust for power. Jesus saw in this desire for mastery the moving impulse of that evil world He sought to overthrow. Read the twenty-third chapter of Matthew, and see how He pictures the lust of the Pharisees to be called "Master," to sit in the high places, to domineer over others, and to lay burdens on the backs of the less fortunate; and note how He compares this lust for dominion with the brotherly seeking for the Common Good to which He calls His disciples.

Those who need to do so can consult their Bibles.

Look out for the temptation to seek for authority, to become a "master," to be considered as one who is above the common herd, to impress others by lavish display, and so on.

This too has been sold to mankind as a way to live well when it is nothing more than a way to untold misery and strife. Where is the satisfaction and the relaxation? There isn't any with this highly spun competitive outlook. Do your thing and do it as well as you may. Let everyone else do theirs as well and most things will be better for everybody. Wattles reminds us:

The mind that seeks for mastery over others is the competitive mind; and the competitive mind is not the creative one. In order to master your environment and your destiny, it is not at all necessary that you should rule over your fellow men and indeed, when you fall into the world's struggle for the high places, you begin to be conquered by fate and environment, and your getting rich becomes a matter of chance and speculation. Beware of the competitive mind!! No better statement of the principle of creative action can be formulated than the favorite declaration of the late "Golden Rule" Jones of Toledo: "What I want for myself, I want for everybody."

There is no sensible reason for advocating ANY competing monetary system if what you want is not wanted for everyone else as if the world is built on scarcities when it runs by abundance and always will.

CHAPTER 15 - The Advancing Man

WHAT I have said in the last chapter applies as well to the professional man and the wage-earner as to the man who is engaged in mercantile business.

No matter whether you are a physician, a teacher, or a clergyman, if you can give increase of life to others and make them sensible of the fact, they will be attracted to you, and you will get rich. The physician who holds the vision of himself as a great and successful healer, and who works toward the complete realization of that vision with faith and purpose, as described in former chapters, will come into such close touch with the Source of Life that he will be phenomenally successful; patients will come to him in throngs.

No one has a greater opportunity to carry into effect the teaching of this book than the practitioner of medicine; it does not matter to which of the various schools he may belong, for the principle of healing is common to all of them, and may be reached by all alike. The Advancing Man in medicine, who holds to a clear mental image of himself as successful, and who obeys the laws of faith, purpose, and gratitude, will cure every curable case he undertakes, no matter what remedies he may use.

To those who still clamor for a “single payer” solution to healthcare, may I be bold enough to suggest that they have decided that mediocre healthcare decided by a centralized group of nobodies is preferable to going about dealing with your own health and those of your friends and family and allowing those who are best at healing people to become what they most want to become; great healers. For healthcare, let the chips fall where they may and for the benefit of everyone, let there be Valuns to pay these gifted and inspired people for their work.

In the field of religion, the world cries out for the clergyman who can teach his hearers the true science of abundant life. He who masters the details of the science of getting rich, together with the allied sciences of being well, of being great, and of winning love, and who teaches these details from the pulpit, will never lack for a congregation. This is the gospel that the world needs; it will give increase of life, and men will hear it gladly, and will give liberal support to the man who brings it to them.

What is now needed is a demonstration of the science of life from the pulpit. We want preachers who can not only tell us how, but who in their own persons will show us how. We need the preacher who will himself be rich, healthy, great, and beloved, to teach us how to attain to these things; and when he comes he will find a numerous and loyal following.

We have noticed this tendency but it has been deliberately taken over by THEM because THEY want ultimate control of the narrative and if they want “Hunger Games” perspectives spread among the people, THEY get that to happen just as well, even if the people delivering the message look and act like millionaires.

The same is true of the teacher who can inspire the children with the faith and purpose of the advancing life. He will never be "out of a job." And any teacher who has this faith and purpose can give it to his pupils; he cannot help giving it to them if it is part of his own life and practice.

What is true of the teacher, preacher, and physician is true of the lawyer, dentist, real estate man, insurance agent - of everybody.

The combined mental and personal action I have described is infallible; it cannot fail. Every man and woman who follows these instructions steadily, perseveringly, and to the letter, will get rich. The law of the Increase of Life is as mathematically certain in its operation as the law of gravitation; getting rich is an exact science.

The wage-earner will find this as true of his case as of any of the others mentioned. Do not feel that you have no chance to get rich because you are working where there is no visible opportunity for advancement, where wages are small and the cost of living high. Form your clear mental vision of what you want, and begin to act with faith and purpose.

Do all the work you can do, every day, and do each piece of work in a perfectly successful manner; put the power of success, and the purpose to get rich, into everything that you do.

But do not do this merely with the idea of currying favor with your employer, in the hope that he, or those above you, will see your good work and advance you; it is not likely that they will do so.

The man who is merely a "good" workman, filling his place to the very best of his ability, and satisfied with that, is valuable to his employer; and it is not to the employer's interest to promote him; he is worth more where he is.

To secure advancement, something more is necessary than to be too large for your place.

The man who is certain to advance is the one who is too big for his place, and who has a clear concept of what he wants to be; who knows that he can become what he wants to be and who is determined to BE what he wants to be.

Do not try to more than fill your present place with a view to pleasing your employer; do it with the idea of advancing yourself. Hold the faith and purpose of increase during work hours, after work hours, and before work hours. Hold it in such a way that every person who comes in contact with you, whether foreman, fellow workman, or social acquaintance, will feel the power of purpose radiating from you; so that every one will get the sense of advancement and increase from you. Men will be attracted to you, and if there is no possibility for advancement in your present job, you will very soon see an opportunity to take another job.

There is a Power, which never fails to present opportunity to the Advancing Man who is moving in obedience to law.

God cannot help helping you, if you act in a Certain Way; He must do so in order to help Himself. There is nothing in your circumstances or in the industrial situation that can keep you down. If you cannot get rich working for the steel trust, you can get rich on a ten-acre farm; and if you begin to move in the Certain Way, you will certainly escape from the "clutches" of the steel trust and get on to the farm or wherever else you wish to be.

If a few thousands of its employees would enter upon the Certain Way, the steel trust would soon be in a bad plight; it would have to give its workingmen more opportunity, or go out of business. Nobody has to work for a trust; the trusts can keep men in so called hopeless conditions only so long as there are men who are too ignorant to know of the science of getting rich, or too intellectually slothful to practice it.

Begin this way of thinking and acting, and your faith and purpose will make you quick to see any opportunity to better your condition.

Such opportunities will speedily come, for the Supreme, working in All, and working for you, will bring them before you.

Do not wait for an opportunity to be all that you want to be; when an opportunity to be more than you are now is presented and you feel impelled toward it, take it. It will be the first step toward a greater opportunity. There is no such thing possible in this universe as a lack of opportunities for the man who is living the advancing life.

It is inherent in the constitution of the cosmos that all things shall be for him and work together for his good; and he must certainly get rich if he acts and thinks in the Certain Way. So let wage-earning men and women study this book with great care, and enter with confidence upon the course of action it prescribes; it will not fail.

[7/26/17: I was told a few things lately, so here's a clarification or two.  First I was told to add psychopaths and sociopaths to my list of THEM.  That seems obvious.  Then I was told that the terms idiot and moron were actually reversed, that an idiot was a whole lot worse than being a moron.  OK, but we're describing the way these terms are used in public about people who clearly are neither idiots nor morons in the strict sense.  So since it is actually part of being edgy with one's message, and whether you think so or not, matters not, it was decided to use the term idiot in its familiar sense; someone who doesn't know.  Their situation could be made better by knowing and then plowing the new data back into thinking and coming up with more informed answers.  The trivium method has been advised.  We will continue to adhere to our popular social usages rather than to strict medical or psychological determinants.  Onward!]    


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