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#111.6 The Science of Getting Rich - Wattles

Part VI

At first glace, much of what follows may seem … beyond belief, that anyone in this cosmopolitan “politically correct” age would dare put things quite this way. Remember, this is an old classic and we are getting to the point of its unvarnished viewpoint to describe something to our audience; something THEY (the usual suspects, criminals and enemies of mankind, etc.) would steal from as many as they possibly can; the individual WILL (fiat) of each person to be placed firmly under a tyrannical and totalitarian state, which preaches egalitarianism for “the masses” while THEY prefer pedophilia and satanism, etc. among THEMSELVES.

Wonderful, isn't it? And the whole world is addicted to using one or other form of THEIR money rather than doing what we should all have done about it long ago; determined what was required to make and build our own monetary machine immune from and independent of THEIRS and eventually to free ourselves from THEM; THEIR pretentious systems, THEIR pretentious dictum and abuse of law (THEIR stated purpose), THEIR criminal abuse of technology and science, etc. But this is not about THEM, it is about YOU. What do YOU do about YOUR situation?

CHAPTER 12 - Efficient Action

YOU must use your thought as directed in previous chapters, and begin to do what you can do where you are; and you must do ALL that you can do where you are.

You can advance only be being larger than your present place; and no man is larger than his present place who leaves undone any of the work pertaining to that place. The world is advanced only by those who more than fill their present places.

If no man quite filled his present place, you can see that there must be a going backward in everything. Those who do not quite fill their present places are dead weight upon society, government, commerce, and industry; they must be carried along by others at a great expense. The progress of the world is retarded only by those who do not fill the places they are holding; they belong to a former age and a lower stage or plane of life, and their tendency is toward degeneration. No society could advance if every man was smaller than his place; social evolution is guided by the law of physical and mental evolution. In the animal world, evolution is caused by excess of life.

If more than filling your place; returning more in value than you are ever paid to do your job, etc. is what was expected and it is still expected and rewarded, then what stands athwart it? We'll tell you frankly and exactly what it is later, if you haven't already guessed.

When an organism has more life than can be expressed in the functions of its own plane, it develops the organs of a higher plane, and a new species is originated

Now THAT was complete bullshit! Yes it was. Biological science is based on KIND after KIND. There is no evolution of species! It might better be asked then, just what kind are YOU? If you are of a better kind, you will more than fill your place in life and understand almost instinctively how to do it. Shrinking violets have their attraction, else they wouldn't have survived as long. But as Wattles says, and as any routine accountant would attest, Those who do not quite fill their present places are dead weight upon society, government, commerce, and industry; they must be carried along by others at a great expense.

There are those who have ridiculous problems with giving any money to the poor or as we advocate allowing each person a limited issue from their own will as their natural right of subsistence. How long would it take for most to move out of subsistence were the means available? Most would, because they are as Wattles claims, merely seeking to expand their lives. In the proposed system, they would soon rather buy themselves jobs that might pay them twice as much or five times as much, allow them to live better, travel more, etc.

There never would have been new species had there not been organisms which more than filled their places. The law is exactly the same for you; your getting rich depends upon your applying this principle to your own affairs.

Even if the evolutionary construct is wrong, and it is wrong, we can nevertheless understand that there are forms of evolution, or at least change, that affect society based on changes in technologies and new adaptive uses of resources. We call these trends but caution against placing too much at risk without thorough knowledge of the subject, the product line, its likely market, etc.

Every day is either a successful day or a day of failure; and it is the successful days which get you what you want. If everyday is a failure, you can never get rich; while if every day is a success, you cannot fail to get rich. If there is something that may be done today, and you do not do it, you have failed in so far as that thing is concerned; and the consequences may be more disastrous than you imagine.

Do not put off til tomorrow that which you can and will do today. Don't pretend anymore. Either you WILL or you WON'T. If you WILL more often, things will automatically get better. The more you WON'T the more things will remain the same or degenerate. The flow of time is ever present and everywhere.

You cannot foresee the results of even the most trivial act; you do not know the workings of all the forces that have been set moving in your behalf. Much may be depending on your doing some simple act; it may be the very thing which is to open the door of opportunity to very great possibilities. You can never know all the combinations which Supreme Intelligence is making for you in the world of things and of things and of human affairs; your neglect or failure to do some small thing may cause a long delay in getting what you want. Do, every day, ALL that can be done that day.

There is, however, a limitation or qualification of the above that you must take into account.

You are not to overwork, nor to rush blindly into your business in the effort to do the greatest possible number of things in the shortest possible time. You are not to try to do tomorrow' s work today, nor to do a week' s work in a day.

It is really not the number of things you do, but the EFFICIENCY of each separate action that counts. Every act is, in itself, either a success or a failure. Every act is, in itself, either effective or inefficient. Every inefficient act is a failure, and if you spend your life in doing inefficient acts, your whole life will be a failure.

We can't help but note the connection between this kind of perspective and that of Ayn Rand. A life of failure in the sense of being wealthy or rich, is a series of inefficient acts. Most of the poor are poor and remain poor due to their inefficient acts. The reason for inefficiency nine times out of ten was that the heart was not in it. We have also been taught to have half-assed attitudes about ourselves, each other, any intentions, any demonstrations of strong will, strong emotions, real intensity, real conviction, real love. Why? Remember above, I was going to tell you frankly the reason for fewer people than ever attempting to expand their lives? Recall we spoke of natural law involving LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY and that THEY (the usual suspects, etc.) have substituted LIBERTY, EQUALITY and BROTHERHOOD. LIFE and PROPERTY were taken away by THEM (usual suspects) and we were given what?

Equality? Defined by who? Who gets to define what equality is? Once you've answered that one, how about asking whether those claiming authority to determine what equality is have any special qualifications that enable them to make such determinations except through use of FORCE? Those who get away with determining the terms of social equality determine the basis of all slavery!

Brotherhood? If it aint natural we don't accept it and we don't want it! It is usually totally fake. Those who are our brothers actually already know that we are brothers and those who aren't know they aren't. Such things as natural kinship in fact need to be respected, not jeered and rebuked by the utter scum of the earth daring to rule over us!

We demand natural law back! We demand it! Sooner or later we will do what we have to do in order to get it back: LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY includes the right to issue our own money, to organize among ourselves to determine the standard exchange we will follow, one that will weld both of THEIR token systems together (paper and precious metals) and fuse them so that they can no longer do us harm and in fact so that we are favored not cheated in our transactions.

The more things you do, the worse for you, if all your acts are inefficient ones.

On the other hand, every efficient act is a success in itself, and if every act of your life is an efficient one, your whole life MUST be a success.

The cause of failure is doing too many things in an inefficient manner, and not doing enough things in an efficient manner.

You will see that it is a self-evident proposition that if you do not do any inefficient acts, and if you do a sufficient number of efficient acts, you will become rich. If, now, it is possible for you to make each act an efficient one, you see again that the getting of riches is reduced to an exact science, like mathematics.

Let's stop here and consider a few very common matters. There are plenty of people who cannot manage money because they are enumerate: they have severe trouble with numbers, with maths, with anything of this sort. Most would probably I dare say find speaking a foreign language or playing a musical instrument in the Western musical tradition quite difficult, as the three seem to be related talents. Not all of us are gifted even with the ability to use an understand numbers. Does that mean we are forever deprived of the benefits of having our own money? No, we don't think so. But those who can understand these things have at their behest a potent tool capable of making many things more clearly understood.

The matter turns, then, on the questions whether you can make each separate act a success in itself. And this you can certainly do.

You can make each act a success, because ALL Power is working with you; and ALL Power cannot fail. Power is at your service; and to make each act efficient you have only to put power into it.

Every action is either strong or weak; and when every one is strong, you are acting in the Certain Way which will make you rich.

Every act can be made strong and efficient by holding your vision while you are doing it, and putting the whole power of your FAITH and PURPOSE into it.

It is at this point that the people fail who separate mental power from personal action. They use the power of mind in one place and at one time, and they act in another pace and at another time. So their acts are not successful in themselves; too many of them are inefficient. But if ALL Power goes into every act, no matter how commonplace, every act will be a success in itself; and as in the nature of things every success opens the way to other successes, your progress toward what you want, and the progress of what you want toward you, will become increasingly rapid.

Remember that successful action is cumulative in its results. Since the desire for more life is inherent in all things, when a man begins to move toward larger life more things attach themselves to him, and the influence of his desire is multiplied.

Now, here's another note: we have in society a theme, a meme or set of memes that sells as success, lives of idleness or even better idle lives papered by other people who are in some ways servants. In fact some are prepped to become mere living dolls, whether they be Barbie or Ken or whatever or whoever these days. The point is to accentuate the idle, the pampered, the lazy, the wanderer, the vagabond, with a huge bank account of THEIR money somewhere, jet setting around the world with the casualness of … mundane gods and goddesses. These people are of course capitalists (their money works for them while they play all day) and have others paid to serve them and only them, etc. Exclusive contracts are the best for these people.

That's not what we have in mind. Success to us is the embodiment of work, of this efficient action Wattles and many others speak of, but it has to come from the heart; you really have to want something bad enough to work toward it night and day to get it.

Do, every day, all that you can do that day, and do each act in an efficient manner.

In saying that you must hold your vision while you are doing each act, however trivial or commonplace, I do not mean to say that it is necessary at all times to see the vision distinctly to its smallest details. It should be the work of your leisure hours to use your imagination on the details of your vision, and to contemplate them until they are firmly fixed upon memory. If you wish speedy results, spend practically all your spare time in this practice.

By continuous contemplation you will get the picture of what you want, even to the smallest details, so firmly fixed upon your mind, and so completely transferred to the mind of Formless Substance, that in your working hours you need only to mentally refer to the picture to stimulate your faith and purpose, and cause your best effort to be put forth. Contemplate your picture in your leisure hours until your consciousness is so full of it that you can grasp it instantly. You will become so enthused with its bright promises that the mere thought of it will call forth the strongest energies of your whole being. Let us again repeat our syllabus, and by slightly changing the closing statements bring it to the point we have now reached.

There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.

Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing he thinks about to be created. In order to do this, man must pass from the competitive to the creative mind; he must form a clear mental picture of the things he wants, and do, with faith and purpose, all that can be done each day, doing each separate thing in an efficient manner.

Each of us has from one time or another had a noble dream concerning ourselves. It doesn't matter how old you are. It's never too late to change your mind, to change something else you've taken for granted too long, to change the routines that are inefficient and to gravitate toward thinking first and then acting with purpose and efficiency toward your goal.

CHAPTER 13 - Getting into the Right Business

Before continuing with this chapter, I felt I needed to address some things, again trying as much as possible to get it down to the naked facts. So here it is: we currently live in a foundering worldwide economy with a lot of unemployment, with 97% of the available financial wealth (whether providing a return or not) in the hands of less than 1%. Under the terms of the present order / disorder / chaos, one has one's WILL to exercise in the matter of - which do you choose to be part of? Either

1) a system of managed scarcity where everyone is dependent upon THEM for guidance, direction, food, life, liberty, etc. or

2) a system where everyone lives from natural abundance and each produces whatever they can and the most productive attain the most wealth

The first option is THEIR written promise, including endless wars, genocide, democide (death by one's government) and all that goes with that.

The second option could be yours and you could make it anything you want, without THEIR money. But you'll need millions of other people to see it your way as this whole proposal is a cooperative as well as PRIVATE affair. It isn't about politics, the movement of peoples through state edicts. It's about nature and it's about your life and its value and those of everyone you will ever know. It's about people themselves having value, not the things or money (THEIRS all) that is always scarce.

To those who actually smugly and ignorantly deny the right or relevance of our “natural socialism” provision by which we accept / acknowledge / grant forever to every man and woman on planet earth the right to issue their own money by their own fiat and especially in time of need, all of which came straight from Riegel, then you are like people expecting others to dig and do things without tools. It's an ignorant perspective, face it! And shows no respect for the poor. We do not ask that you love the poor or anyone. Who you engage with or allow into or out of your life is your own business. We don't care what your prejudices are and everyone has them and has a right to them too. However, we do demand that you respect everyone because to do otherwise is socially insane! 

Instead of demanding that the poor do something through some state program, give them adequate means and they'll survive and a few will become successful through following the ideas expressed by Wattles and others. More importantly, they will build whatever they want and not what someone else says they have to want. 

Now, let's get on with it:

SUCCESS, in any particular business, depends for one thing upon your possessing in a well-developed state the faculties required in that business.

This concept is DIRECTLY and proportionately related to our concept of innate wealth. To us all wealth must produce income measurable in money terms. So to the extent that you are able to generate an income, you have wealth within you.

Without good musical faculty no one can succeed as a teacher of music; without well-developed mechanical faculties no one can achieve great success in any of the mechanical trades; without tact and the commercial faculties no one can succeed in mercantile pursuits.

But to possess in a well-developed state the faculties required in your particular vocation does not insure getting rich. There are musicians who have remarkable talent, and who yet remain poor; there are blacksmiths, carpenters, and so on who have excellent mechanical ability, but who do not get rich; and there are merchants with good faculties for dealing with men who nevertheless fail. The different faculties are tools; it is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the Right Way. One man can take a sharp saw, a square, a good plane, and so on, and build a handsome article of furniture; another man can take the same tools and set to work to duplicate the article, but his production will be a botch. He does not know how to use good tools in a successful way.

Whatever tools are in your possession, use them efficiently. Think before you act. ACT WITH PURPOSE. OWN your action. What are THEY always telling you? That THEY own all the action and you should and must do nothing without THEM. Is the difference getting through to some of you yet? It is either 

1) SUBMIT to THEM (radical Islam included) or 
2) FREEDOM (doing what you want and thinking what you like without getting anyone's permission whatsoever!) 

Simple historical review reveals under which circumstances the best civilizations were made. It is less clearly understood under what circumstances they totter and fall.

The various faculties of your mind are the tools with which you must do the work [time out of the rest of your life to earn money used for splitting your barter for the time spent] which is to make you rich; it will be easier for you to succeed if you get into a business for which you are well equipped with mental tools.

Generally speaking, you will do best in that business which will use your strongest faculties; the one for which you are naturally "best fitted." But there are limitations to this statement, also. No man should regard his vocation as being irrevocably fixed by the tendencies with which he was born.

Do not take up a family business if you have no passion for it. You'll fail at it. Do something you're good at and that you like doing.

You can get rich in ANY business, for if you have not the right talent for you can develop that talent; it merely means that you will have to make your tools as you go along, instead of confining yourself to the use of those with which you were born. It will be EASIER for you to succeed in a vocation for which you already have the talents in a well-developed state; but you CAN succeed in any vocation, for you can develop any rudimentary talent, and there is no talent of which you have not at least the rudiment.

Even if optimistic, as there are certain even rudimentary talents which are well beyond some people. The defects in society we have seen grow over the past hundred years are actual due to

1) lack of good teachers and 
2) lack of principled curricula to teach people useful skills.

Since we adopted universal state education, we can attribute this strictly to bad management and ultimately to poor, misguided and idealistic ideas. Yes POOR ideas, because they were actually BAD ideas based on destroying what others took time and effort building and replacing it with JUNK. So we have what we have now and the only recourse is to begin building a parallel work and economy with money that's durable enough to withstand anything that might happen to THEM and THEIR money and economy. Part of the expectation through presenting Wattles to a wider public is to get everyone to have a better and growing awareness of their own real value; what it might really be like to be rich, which would be to be free of want.

You will get rich most easily in point of effort, if you do that for which you are best fitted; but you will get rich most satisfactorily if you do that which you WANT to do.

Doing what you want to do is life; and there is no real satisfaction in living if we are compelled to be forever doing something which we do not like to do, and can never do what we want to do.

And this is another reason this blog exists and this proposal stands. We firmly believe that should everyone have the right to issue money, that more would do exactly what they do best and become rich. We provide a monetary basis that cannot be beaten, cannot be manipulated and cannot be speculated against. We will work with specific rules for exchange, not THEIR commodity speculation games.

Regarding exchange with THEM, we remind those who think there can be any other substitute to snap out of it! We chose gold for a reason. Our money is worth what we say it is in exchange and what we demand for it, not whatever their speculator clowns say it's worth based on one of their time honored fraudulent schemes! Our time and labor and the fruit of our efforts is worth silver and gold, buster! And if you want into our economy and out of THEIRS, it will be on terms decided by purchase of precious metals by each local exchange!

With what little capital THEY are likely to let you transfer in, it will always need to be less than $10 thousand at a time and you have to beware of their “structuring” regulations which only cloak the public's incipient desire to cash out of all national STOLEN fiat currencies into whatever seems stronger. The proposed Valun will be the strongest money on earth, because of how it is designed.

And it is certain that you can do what you want to do; the desire to do it is proof that you have within you the power which can do it. Desire is a manifestation of power.

The desire to play music is the power, which can play music seeking expression and development; the desire to invent mechanical devices is the mechanical talent seeking expression and development.

Where there is no power, either developed or undeveloped, to do a thing, there is never any desire to do that thing; and where there is strong desire to do a thing, it is certain proof that the power to do it is strong, and only requires to be developed and applied in the Right Way.

All things else being equal, it is best to select the business for which you have the best developed talent; but if you have a strong desire to engage in any particular line of work, you should select that work as the ultimate end at which you aim.

One of my personal motivations in seeing wide acceptance of the proposal and getting it manifested is so I have the ability to patronize a far wider variety of everything from the tremendous abundance that is potentially innate wealth inside each one of you out there. The corporate society is sterile. THEY never bothered to ask what we wanted, unless it was to serve THEIR making money on money without work (capitalism) schemes and benefiting those who claim ownership of the 97% and growing percentage of a purposefully shrinking world economy based on ideas of scarcity and death not abundance and life!

You can do what you want to do, and it is your right and privilege to follow the business or avocation which will be most congenial and pleasant.

You are not obliged to do what you do not like to do, and should not do it except as a means to bring you to the doing of the thing you want to do.

If there are past mistakes whose consequences have placed you in an undesirable business or environment, you may be obliged for some time to do what you do not like to do; but you can make the doing of it pleasant by knowing that it is making it possible for you to come to the doing of what you want to do.

This works as long as you keep track of your time and will to change course after sufficient time on the job has passed where you were always working and acting in the Certain Way as described. Usually a minimum of 2 years and no longer than 5 years is a good estimate.

If you feel that you are not in the right vocation, do not act too hastily in trying to get into another one. The best way, generally, to change business or environment is by growth.

Do not be afraid to make a sudden and radical change if the opportunity is presented, and you feel after careful consideration that it is the right opportunity; but never take sudden or radical action when you are in doubt as to the wisdom of doing so.

There is never any hurry on the creative plane; and there is no lack of opportunity.

When you get out of the competitive mind you will understand that you never need to act hastily. No one else is going to beat you to the thing you want to do; there is enough for all.

We are told the opposite all of our lives and it was never ever true. The opportunities were taken from us and nothing was offered in THEIR system to replace what THEY had taken away. Wealth was destroyed not built in the process. ALL economic miseries are the result of THEIR deliberate mismanagement or actual complicity with insanity. More and more people are recognizing it too. As I said, most know right away what SANITY is (and no one needs a professional anybody to identify anyone in public or private for that matter as crazy) and most people habitually and naturally seek to live with the REASONABLE EXPECTATION of continuing peace. So take your time and think things through. It will be better for you and everyone else as you do so.

If one space is taken, another and a better one will be opened for you a little farther on; there is plenty of time. When you are in doubt, wait. Fall back on the contemplation of your vision, and increase your faith and purpose; and by all means, in times of doubt and indecision, cultivate gratitude.

A day or two spent in contemplating the vision of what you want, and in earnest thanksgiving that you are getting it, will bring your mind into such close relationship with the Supreme that you will make no mistake when you do act.

You see how this is different from most everything else you've ever been told? It has always been the way THEY say and the way THEY want rather than you deciding what YOU want. These are all reasons for needing our own money, and we are claiming we have the lawful right to issue it ourselves too. 

This is the 21st Century, morons! We don't need to just submit to some imposed scarcity while our would be “savage baby” rulers can engage in … luxurious living and savagery; literally feasting upon our women and children! The proposal opens many doors for many more people who are at the bottom or on the sidelines of society only because THEY see no future for them in THEIR brave new world or 1984 dystopias. Meanwhile, and despite THEM,

There is a mind which knows all there is to know; and you can come into close unity with this mind by faith and the purpose to advance in life, if you have deep gratitude.

You want to cultivate deep gratitude? Begin by consciously thanking the people who offer you service and comfort; people you don't even know. Thanking people is giving them credit for what they did for you and in the process your burdens are lessened. You do feel better.

Mistakes come from acting hastily, or from acting in fear or doubt, or in forgetfulness of the Right Motive, which is more life to all, and less to none.

This right here is one of the kernels of truth that I saw when I read this book the first time. What is the purpose of this blog's proposal?

More life to all and less to none.

This is what Wattles calls the right motive. I have a friend who routinely says, “never panic.” He's in a profession where one must think before one acts or it can have dangerous consequences. Panic is like acting hastily or acting in fear and doubt wrapped up together in some terrific knot, but usually in forgetfulness of this Right Motive. Look at it again and take it to heart.

As you go on in the Certain Way, opportunities will come to you in increasing number; and you will need to be very steady in your faith and purpose, and to keep in close touch with the All Mind by reverent gratitude. Do all that you can do in a perfect manner every day, but do it without haste, worry, or fear. Go as fast as you can, but never hurry.

Remember that in the moment you begin to hurry you cease to be a creator and become a competitor; you drop back upon the old plane again.

Get this one through your heads: Social and cultural Marxism are built on scarcity. There is only so much and everyone must fight for it and eventually some “hunger games” society will emerge with THEM in charge. OR, since cultural Marxism is bunk, lies and poison, there is plenty for everybody and if there isn't there will be and especially if everyone ceases to hurry and you realize that NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH YOU at what you have to offer, even if that's comparatively little.

Whenever you find yourself hurrying, call a halt; fix your attention on the mental image of the thing you want, and begin to give thanks that you are getting it.

The exercise of GRATITUDE will never fail to strengthen your faith and renew your purpose.

… and therefore, over the long run (5 to 10 years), proceeding in this way will tend to make you successful, if not rich. 

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