Monday, April 11, 2016

#0 How to Use a Cryptocurrency Exchange

We're posting this here as more evidence.  We do NOT advocate you use this or ANY of THEIR "cryptocurrency" because as we've been telling you, all of that is THEIR money, THEIR capitalism (not yours), etc.  All THEIR money is fraudulent and capitalism is THEIR game invented to scam the rest of humanity out of some of their hard earned labour and goods.  THEY suppose that if it were possible to entice all of the governments and half of humanity to participate in their "markets," it becomes normal and since everyone is participating in the fraud, it aint fraud no more.  How does any of that sound to you?  Here's something else, in fulfilling your barter arrangement, trading your efforts for things you really want, you could perhaps buy some tools that might enhance your wealth -production of income through their use, or would you rather play in the commodities chasing commodities markets (rackets) which THEY rig to suit themselves, not you?  I'd prefer sleeping well at night to always worrying what some phony commodity in some rigged market is going to do.  You want to "wish" your income were bigger?  "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride."  If you'd rather work for your livelihood, it should matter to you how good the means of splitting barter for you actually is.  You'd also like to understand and have your own money rather than some "public" money over which you actually have little control.  BTW, this would be a good time to get out of the market.  For the hesitant with larger holdings, I'd place put options at no more than 15% below current prices.  I'm not here to offer advice, I left the game years ago.  But habits are hard to break; I continue to follow the markets as long as they last.                


  1. So glad I searched "E.C. Riegel" and cryptocurrency and found some sane commentary on Bitcoin scam. (Haven't research others so don't know if they ALL make selves defacto commodity money.)

    1. They do. Every last one of them for all the reasons specified in this blog's papers. The proposed Riegel based Valun is different and would last longer and preserve purchasing power better than any of THEIRS. Thank-you, Carol.