Saturday, September 19, 2015

#63 An Apology To The Elites

My first apology concerns the necessary complexity of the sentence structures used.

We maintain, it can be substantially demonstrated, that the world today is in captivity (you are all SLAVES) to a very evil system, one that is certainly quite old (traceable back to ancient Babylon) and which even today lies very much more hidden than most people suppose (a Mystery).

Indeed, it is customary to assume that certain institutions (BANKS), certain ways of doing things (USURY), certain understandings (the deceits of buying and selling parts of businesses, especially in the inevitable gobble called mergers and acquisitions – which can only serve to concentrate wealth, which as we say must be able to produce an income, or the whole concentration actually amounts to an economic black hole where income actually decreases as wealth concentrates), are as it were, just part of the landscape, as if they couldn't simply be seen for what they actually are, which are phantasms supported by FORCE or the threat of FORCE; the “you will do it our way, or else,” message. The young of today, all around the world, understand this better than most and are already reacting to it. There are going to be a lot of them and they shall have their day, unless of course brute stupidity from the would be rulers and social engineers of this order decide to destroy them, and many other classes and groups of people who they deem to be “useless eaters,” etc.

All for what? To preserve their position, and nothing else.

Our apology consists in this:

Whatever you shall do, whatever crimes you are already part of, be it assured that those of us who have awakened to our true situation, both locally and worldwide, understand that you too are slaves of this same system. It works the way it does, based on the fiction that one can ever honestly ask back more money than was lent because that extra money was never created. The present system actually always must produce a scarcity in money through this process. Money, which could have been merely a natural measure of value each person had as an incontestable right, was turned into something everyone had to have which no matter how much was added to the system was always in short supply. It turned the grace and granting of any exchange into grasping and gouging. The effects have been disastrous in every respect, so much so that people have reason to believe that the spoiling of the earth for future generations is very likely.

Make no mistake, whether the sick dream of transhumanism which will be offered you (we will not accept it because it will be inhuman not transhuman) makes you live a thousand times longer, you will be no happier than it is possible to be as the simplest poorest person on earth. We really want nothing from you. For the time being we are your slaves, most of us don't even know it yet, even now most are asleep.

We understand that you have accepted usury as if it were by nature. But nature really doesn't error and it is known that the system provides ample opportunity for robbery, nay there is substantial evidence of theft of all kinds it provides, perpetrators usually the strong (the rich) of the weak (the poor) or of the community (governments).

Actually, governments everywhere are at the mercy of those behind the scenes: bankers and financiers. None of them in any sense can belong to the people. Governments consist of figureheads whom the media projects (so people know, some people, recognize them) and the fathomless bureaucracy which includes squads of killers with law degrees.

Yes, we know you're out there. I've known some of you too; the ones I've known were pretty solid men too. Actually one of my motives for this blog was that I wanted to help them make the transition from their failing system to this one as a big priority, because many of these men have families and form one of the pillars of our societies (speaking generally of law enforcement everywhere in every advanced country). Most of you probably have no idea how everything really bad in society -stemming ultimately from unemployment- ties back to usury and money, who issues it and why. We apologize for telling you all this, that we're in a hell of a mess and it has to do with our money and who gets to issue it. For America, it has literally nothing to do with anything that happens in politics or in Congress: it has more to do with what happens on Wall Street.

When we see this beast fall, we will know that it was long past time to come out of her: “come out of her my people, lest you be blamed for her crimes.” (Mark my words, there will come a time when anyone who says they worked for Monsanto will be shunned if not driven away. It isn't a threat, I just know how most people will think in that future when everything that company has touched comes back upon it). That's what some are saying right now. You laugh? Some say, “free range slavery? In America? It's all in your mind, pal.”

Nevertheless, there are way too many people without a job and way too many people getting handouts from the state and yet, as if there would be any other way, there is always and everywhere always too little money and any more of it you want is either through some low paying meaningless job or going further into personal debt. In this situation, the prudent stand in place as long as they can, they especially avoid going into more debt.

If most are just staying in place or slowly sliding backward, who are the upwardly mobile these days? Anyone who moves product gets appreciation and recognition. But there are those who made money on money and managed huge securities funds. This is the heart and soul of Capitalism, the belly of the Beast. Hedge fund managing is a kind of work I suppose. I'm familiar with it. But honestly, what good does it do? Some rich bunch of snots get a nice life and spend a lot of money frivolously (none of this is intended in a pejorative way, it's as if I were saying that on a clear day the sky is blue) and then they establish these institutions called foundations that “shelter” their tax and allow them to spend it on their chosen causes and charities. What if these same people, not the rich, but those the rich supposedly helped, were able to demand their own money as a natural right, not a lot of money either, just what the community deemed a subsistence?

Well, where is the money to come from?” you say. “Where indeed,” we reply ... and we all accept the illusion of our money, our monetary system, all the social issues it engenders, everything. We apologize for telling you the worldwide immigration problem would not be occurring under a Valun system. Indeed, everyone would be much happier living right where they were -in peace- because the money to fund the wars simply wouldn't exist! Dozens of other routine problems simply wouldn't exist because there would always be enough money to cause anything to happen that needed to happen directly for the benefit of all the people involved.

Some of you out there, the Johns, the trolls, laugh, and think this is some kind of game (you are a stupid student who still doesn't get the commodity theory of money out of your thinking). You can stuff your laughs! People die every day for this system! It is no laughing matter. Families have been crushed by it. I've known so many cases of this that they are without number. What we need is to hear more courageous commentaries and we have and do entertain their posting here.

Meanwhile, our apologies to the ruling elites and all who help them. We are sorry that you too are slaves of this same system. We want you to understand from a human to human perspective that we understand that most of you are living lives of quiet desperation, just trying to stay in place and are often in fear of any from below your place in society and just as much in fear of those above you to whom you may owe your place. We just thought the time was right to let you know that we feel your anguish.

Perhaps you should push that booze or those pills you take away (you probably already know they're slowly killing you) and decide to take another approach to dealing with your perpetual anxiety, frustration and fear; something entirely different; getting involved in implementing a real alternative monetary system, something capable of ridding the world of poverty and war, and participate as a founder (LOL) of a local independent exchange (IE). Better yet, become a delegate to a future conference to implement the International Valun Exchange Society or IVES. We should set it up NOW, even if it is ... only a test model. Since any monetary system is merely a machine, the new one should be one that turns on when theirs turns off. But it certainly could be set up to run locally in any small community right now in parallel with their machine, as this blog describes.

David Burton

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