Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#0 Jay Dyer on "Stupid Libertarianism" Part 2

The notes for this program on YouTube state this: "Jay Dyer joins the show again to continue the discussion regarding "stupid libertarianism" and his article "IQ, Psy-Ops and the Civilization of the Scam." We discuss libertarianism's philosophical shortcomings as well as its virtues. We then move on to discuss why so many libertarians refuse to contend with 9/11 Truth or deal with the large body of evidence showing that there is a conspiracy among the ruling elite to impose a New World Order."

Furthering the discussion, showing that plans have gone back at least a hundred years to reach this point.  Note in all of this all the wars that have occurred since ... well 1900.  We have seen in the meantime the senseless slaughter of countless hundreds of millions of people.  Behind all those wars were the economic factors desiring monopoly and "world order" under their control.
Again, as with so called "conservatives," there are many people who are taken in by all of this because they fail to comprehend other unseen agendas.  Again E. C. Riegel's kind of halfhearted objection to political activism seems the appropriate stance.  We say halfhearted because Riegel's original proposal aimed at interesting elements of the existing order in his ideas, which is and was totally unfeasible.  It will be clear from this discussion that basically all academics have had an elitist bent because, let's face it folks, they were paid by someone for their ideas and their positions of influence.

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