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#61.1: What We Know Now

I suppose it is true that fewer people in the world today are bothering to read anything. If they can't get it by video or audio, they just wont get it. We are becoming functionally illiterate by the hundreds of millions. Technology isn't helping it either. Nevertheless, this will be a kind of call to action.

We could begin this post by summarizing what we know and what we resolve to do. We could describe things from real time perspectives in real economies that are at work today, driving forward the relentless business of world trade. We might consider the magnitudes of monetary relief required. We should speak frankly concerning the present system. We are willing to be pragmatic -up to a point- with the affairs of the world. Our purpose has been from the outset to offer an alternative, a genuine and honest one. Yes, it has to do with money. Yes, it has everything to do with money, starting with whose money.  [If you use the translator to read this in your own language, much of the text that follows is not translated for some peculiar reason.  If you really want to know, you'll have to get my words translated for you elsewhere.  LOL, I noticed as soon as I put this in, everything was translated.]

The coinage of various states or political confederations bears adequate witness to whom it belongs, almost. The paper currencies bear surer signs; they say right on them to whom they belong; to any number of assorted central banks.

These institutions are run and organized much as they were thousands of years ago. Our friends in Asia had made us aware of this and pointed our attention to The Babylonian Woe of David Astle, the retired Canadian Mountie who wrote a fully footnoted and well researched book. It literally identifies the links between banking and the military industrial complex, extending back over millennia and clearly implicating banking as at the root of all war! 

The money is not yours. It never was nor ever can be. As it exists today, those foolish enough to think that everything, including their lives, is not somehow and somewhere weighed in someone else's monetary balances have played the fool or been played as a fool. Foolishness exists today in the billions of people. The blind are leading the blind. I often wonder whether bankers are aware of the great and inevitable harm they do, without even knowing it.

Let's look at it straight. Any modern lender asks a return called interest on any loan of money. They are asking you to come up with that interest. From where does it come? Is there enough total money to cover all the outstanding debt? If not, why not? 

Well of course, there isn't enough money, never was nor ever will be, because the banker's only hope of getting assets for cheap is in foreclosures, etc. No matter where the money goes in measuring value, the banker is always dealing in current money. One of course hears utter nonsense from people who are supposed to be respectable, defending the system without understanding that asking back that which was never created is fraud. Being fraud, it is nevertheless permitted to feed parasitically on all that is genuine. This is at best a very poor running machine, at worst ... 

Some of us remember the 1960's. What we remember is that there was a senseless war going on back then too. The facts of the matter were that certain people, the first billionaires, had a chance to make billions more ... while other people died, while valuable agricultural property was poisoned, while ... well you get the idea. There are plenty of people hopping up and down hoping to get another one started in a country near you. 

And yet, knowing that the fundamentals of the system are EVIL, yeah it's about time we call things what they are, many of us did our time working for or in it anyway. Why? Because they have the money, that's why. It's really that simple and that powerful. 

So we can dispense with all politics except for that which is LOCAL. Let's first dismantle the first myth -that any or all of the money you have is your property. Then, that there really are differences between any of the major political parties. Politics is “bread and circuses” for “the masses” presented by those who know how to manipulate public opinion. All one really has to do is follow the money, their money of course, which a while ago used to be nothing but actual exchanges of silver and gold, which is also their money. THAT my friends is why the precious metals issue had to be dealt with squarely in this blog's proposal, from the very beginning. Those who didn't get it or still don't are ... not very intelligent. 

But perhaps it's beside the point. Right now, Greece is imploding as an economy. Southern Europe shall be right behind them and of course, Ireland. The EU may be imploding. And then look what the Chinese were forced to do; devalue their money! It cheats the average Chinese worker to try and keep the illusion that foreign export markets are still working properly and efficiently; keeping the illusion alive a little longer, so that what? ... Just what do they have in mind when it all fails? Will they just wipe the debts clean and give us new money that works just the same as what we have now? That would definitely include any and all government issued interest free money too, as that's not our money either, sorry! 

Right now we have millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of human beings who cannot find employment for whatever skills they may have simply because they have no money and the only way they can get any is by borrowing it at interest or indenturing themselves as a servant of another. If you have a regular job, that's what you're doing ... unless, you're the owner. Then what? You understand what real value is as you trade for it all the time. What you do, whatever it is that you own that you put into practise in any form of business is your wealth! 

Bet you thought wealth is just lots of stuff people have that they might sometimes have to sell. No. Wealth as anything capable of producing an income. That's such an important concept that it bears remembering: Wealth as anything capable of producing an income. If it can't do that, it is not wealth! 

We imply that anything standing idle for any reason represents an inefficiency in any system. Now that does not mean to imply that one should expect to work all the time, long and tedious hours, etc. We know of places where it is cheaper to live, though the economy is everywhere pretty thin these days. There are some exceptions, for short periods of time, a few months only, where some classes of people may still go and spend money freely. But mostly this is going away. Wealth seen in this way becomes too frivolous for anyone just trying to survive. 

But the concept of wealth and its relationship to income is VERY useful. This new emphasis implies that anything not capable of producing an income is not wealth. This means that precious metals are not wealth since no gold or silver anyone knows of is capable of reproducing more of itself. There is no income there. We hate to break it to you “gold bugs” but you've been had. Their “real” money is just as much a hoax as the government issued borrowed at interest money that's unpayable, since the interest to pay it was never created. Explain your way out of that one, you useless economist eggheads! 

But we put up with it because we are sane regarding their probable use of FORCE to uphold their version of reality ... and of course it has everything to do with the money in your wallet, in those plastic cards we all use now, so everyone who wants to move any conceivable product can somehow get to us quick so we can spend that last measly dollar (euro, yen, yuan, etc.) and keep the whole thing going. 

Meanwhile people are starving, going uncared for, enduring “austerity” etc. for being the victims of a system that robbed them of their original livelihood through monopolizing, raising economies of scale to the point where as much wealth was destroyed as could ever replace it. 

Now how is that true? Refer back to the restatement of the definition of wealth that is used throughout this blog. When all the many tens of thousands of businesses run by couples and families (the “mom and pop's”) were displaced by the bigger corporations, all that wealth and everything it represented was destroyed. Why? Because all those incomes were obliterated. If all those displaced were hired at or above what they had been making, and that works for a time until the corporation reaches its diminishing returns to scale, then all goes along for awhile until the banking credit cycle makes money too scare, for no real reason except to suit the takings of the bankers. This has been allowed to go along without much of a protest, except perhaps for Iceland. But who really cares about Iceland? They are strategically vulnerable. Any bully country emboldened by some nervy bankers could do what they wanted with them. 

The various political governments of today are bullies, bought and paid for by the same money clique that runs the banks. The government of the United States, since the time of the Constitution, has been a debt slave to the banking system because the Constitution was conceived, written and delivered by powers who met in secret to determine just how the government was going to be able to borrow money. All governments going back through time have always wanted to borrow money. Where do they get the money to pay the lenders back? From you. How do you get the money, their money mind you, to pay them? You either work for it or they give you some. If you're in the latter category, you're particularly vulnerable. But if you can remain healthy, you still have some wealth. Any skill worth paying for is by definition wealth

The political spectrum has different meanings for everyone who imagines themselves to be part of it, through voting, etc. There is a whole spectrum of people who call themselves Liberal. Some rather independent folks, especially those who want back to the land, consider themselves Liberal. Likewise Conservatives can run from the ultra nationalist fringes to ... well, I have been trying to tell any genuine Conservatives, those who believe in God, country and family, that there just isn't any place for them at the national levels anywhere in any Western democracy. Whatever they had hoped to “conserve” (in terms of their lifestyle, culture, attitudes, preferences, etc.) has long since been stolen, bludgeoned off the cultural stage, savaged in public, ridiculed and dismissed as ... reactionary or worse. 

The two polarities are really two sides of the same coin, run of course by them through their money. Here's the political system in the United States in a nutshell: 

The Blue Team: On the Liberal side one has the Mob, the Democrat Party, the party of government employees and any public employee interests including better than 90% of the educational establishment. Rare, though it does happen in more “red state” rural areas, some public employees are GOP aligned, but it's rare. 

The Red Team: On the not really conservative side anymore, the loyal opposition is really what used to be the out and out plutocrat party that has no regard for anyone but themselves and this runs all the way back to Henry Clay and Alex Hamilton before him. Abe Lincoln, the railroad lawyer from Illinois, was Clay's protégé and became the first Republican president. The Republicans have at various times thought of themselves as representing any small scale independent farmer or businessman, but they have always represented anything that's big, corporate, monopolistic, the banks, etc. 

The real reason people are taken in by the Republicans is that they think that if they just work hard enough or smart enough that they too will be rewarded with wealth in the usual sense of the term. We have news for you: if it ever comes down to your farm or your business as opposed to their BIG corporate farms or their BIG corporate businesses, guess who is going to win? Yeah and why? Because the bankers would far better want to deal with a BIG than you. And, where is their money from? Does it really matter? IT'S THEIRS not yours. 

I know plenty of people out there (the real John Galts - and Jane Galts) who run good strong thriving businesses that are not among the BIGS, but in almost every case, they must rely on some source of help, information or money that is either from a government or a BIG and of course everyone is forced to deal with a bank. 

There are people of both parties involved with the military industrial business and banking. Insurance, which is really like the accumulated money, huge amounts of it, like the liver of the system, is also heavily involved in all major business activities, especially concerning liability and casualty issues. One could be of any party and almost claim to believe the same things.  There is no real difference, which is why no matter who you vote for the government still wins.

There are many hair-brained people running around these days advocating atrocious ideas.  Here's one that's particularly disturbing. There are people running around on the conservative side who are promoting a Constitutional convention (dangerous in any sense) to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution. That's like throwing a huge monkey wrench into the flying machinery of the economy; it would destroy the present system overnight. That's NOT the solution. 

The only solution that makes sense must be LOCAL and universal at the same time; the proposed International Standard Value Unit or Valun. Recently it reached a fair trade value of $2.97 an all time high. This means that from an initial value of $2.16 against both the dollar and gold, a 37.5% growth in the unit's ability to measure value since inception has been realized. It's ability to measure value can never fall below its inception. We'll describe what this represents in raw potential numbers in a moment, but ANY commodity as money, with THAT being a consideration, is by long experience doomed as a solution.   This will never be a commodity as money system

The solution must RUN IN PARALLEL with the present system and be there when it fails. That means it should be up and running NOW! But it would take an agreement among people to make it happen; the first meeting of the people who decide to form the proposed International Valun Exchange Society (IVES). 

What are we talking about in terms of raw aggregate numbers? There are those out there right away that will rush to the conclusion that any representation of monetary units means that there will be a quantity of money to price goods, which are other commodities. No, the actual quantity of money will fluctuate according to what needs to be bought or sold and nothing else. This is a credit clearing based system. The value represented by each and every last quanta of Valuns will always remain the same: each individual Valun will over time tend to experience fewer price fluctuations. 

An example: let's say one lives in a county with 50,000 people in it or less. Let's say that of that number, 10,000 are potential local independent exchange (IE) A members (and 500 of these A members are heads of companies that would become B members). At start up, each of these A members gets some money to begin with. How much? It will depend on the rules decided by IVES at its first meeting, but the proposal had been suggested here that 200 Valuns would be awarded each A member at inception. Let's consider what that would mean right now. 

Right now, 19 August, 2015, a fair exchange for a Valun in dollars is $2.94. 200 Valuns would thus be equal to the purchasing power of $588.00 and 10,000 potential A members would have 2,000,000 Valuns equal to the purchasing power of $5,880,000. That's just the beginning as there will be other lawful means of issuing Valuns (determining what the indigent status of A members entitles them to in Valuns issued per month) and all labour accounted for under each and every labour contract under the proposed rules would issue Valuns as well. You can easily see that the means for creating fair and honest money is not difficult and could be initiated at any time and the proposed Valun would be among the heaviest of present day currencies; presently almost twice that of the British pound. 

Most importantly, we acknowledge that we accept present national or supranational money because we are FORCED to do so. When that system fails, and it shall, we agree never again to accept a bank issued money as genuine. Likewise we agree never again to accept a money issued by any government whether loaned at interest or issued interest free as genuine. They never were and they never shall be. The world suffers their existence through ignorance, and through the uses of barbarous FORCE or the threat of such from bully governments in debt to bankers. Figure out whose really to blame for all the misery in the world including all its wars, most of its hunger and most of its continued ignorance. Most importantly who is to blame for the WASTE OF NATURAL TALENT inherent in human beings ... all for want of money? 

So who should pay attention? We accept that the true John Galts out there are those with the skills used to run the present machine. They are used until their usefulness to them is concluded. Then they may end up being dispensed with. Stuff happens. So we are dealing with a felonious oligarchy and their paid goons and minions of other supporters, that runs the world and uses their money to do so. What's the solution short of violence, which they of course will instigate (as they are already doing and as they always have done)? 

Organization. We instigate the VEN before establishing it as proposed in this blog.  Specifically we are looking to enrol all craftsmen, all independent businesspeople, naturally or organically committed farmers, people with all kinds of practical skills. The purpose of the enrolment shall be to inform all the enrollees of each other's existence. There is much of this already going on all over the web. What this particular list shall serve are the needs of independent businesspeople who will be identified within certain boundaries; a city or even a neighbourhood, a county, an unincorporated district, even in some cases entire states or provinces. In a country like France it would be organized by departments, in Russia by various identified divisions. 

At the present time, all these members would agree to trade with each other in preference to any of the big multinational corporations, which will not be on the list. They will agree to trade in whatever national or supranational money they are presently FORCED to use, the idea being that independent levels of production and redundant economic participation by independent small farmers and entrepreneurs is vital to the survival of everybody after the inevitable monetary crash of their money and its systems. We must have in place the familiarity with each other and the willingness to help one another. If we have lost that, then we are really lost. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

David Burton

[20 August, 2015

Let's say I'm a rich dude with lots of cash and I want to buy some Valuns so my purchasing power isn't lost when their money fails? What do I do?

The first thing to understand is that there is no International Standard Value Unit (Valun) in existence yet so you can't buy any. The Valun is only a proposal which must be accepted by a group of people brought together by their common interests who put forth a manifesto or basic working document to announce to the world at large that the proposal has become an actual working agreement. You could be one of those who start this required organization.

Secondly, it would be more important for you to know just what talents or skills you have that constitute your personal wealth; that which is capable of providing you an income, a service that you could eventually sell to others who would be willing to buy it from you in Valuns. Mere things could eventually be sold for Valuns, but under the proposal, the only way a Valun can be issued is in exchange for labour or if one is without money, that is they are indigent, they can issue a certain number of Valuns per month based on the rules set up by the organizations, the IVES and the IEs proposed.

One cannot live as an island unto oneself. The idea that one can be self sufficient is a big fat lie. Why is this idea of complete isolated independence launched in the first place? It's a con game promoted by those who know better and want to impose various monopolies on others. The truth is that everyone needs someone for something. This truth implies that when people get together for various things, they form organizations. The natural ones are family, extended family, nations. The notion of people working together is also natural and how they decide to do this becomes their organization.

Extending this we have various natural businesses where people discover and implement their wealth to generate income. The only problem has been what money to use to trade with anyone near or far for whatever any local organization or person might want. Clearly there are problems with their money which is why this fellow is concerned enough to ask what he should do with his stash.

Ultimately, when there is a working organization, when a recognized Valun is in existence, then anyone with dollars, yen, rubles, euros, yuan, whatever, would visit their local independent exchange, assuming they are a member of it (else they wont get in since these will always be private), and exchange their currency for Valuns. It matters very much what the IE does with these currencies. They will be used to buy silver or gold and that will be held in a safe. This precious metal will not belong to the A member as in all fractional reserve fraud schemes. He will have and actually own his Valuns. These precious metals belong to each independent exchange and their sole use shall be to convert as needed back into their money to pay their taxes. This proposal is not and never has been a tax dodge. If that's what you're looking for, please look elsewhere.]

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