Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#0 Lea's Story

they took my license fer not bein' able to pay child support because i am disabled 'n they didn't take that into account ---- i have been desperately tryin to get this mistake fixed fer 8 yrs now (4 yrs w/out dr license) ---- i was livin' in my vehicle and traveled to fairs 'n festivals fer my work --- now i am homeless w/ NO income and am supported by taxpayers money.”

I've left these words exactly as she wrote them. There will be more to this story as it is an ongoing saga, one of countless tens of thousands out there because not everyone can or will fit into some cookie cutter system devised by the few at the top to keep the rest of us in line so that they can ... rule over us. This woman is significantly disabled but the “authorities” in her state (OREGON) seem oblivious to this fact and have demanded that she pay up or she's lost her drivers' license, so she can't even go anywhere to get any money to pay them. This is STUPIDITY and must be exposed!

Please send the link to this story far and wide: make it go viral!

Lea's Story Update

[UPDATE 8/30/15: "i met w/ child support DA this wk (w/ my advocate) to discuss makin' a real pmt agreement ----- the only agreement she will offer is the one agreein' to pay any amt fer first 6 mos. and then start full monthly pmts EVERY month ---- after 8 years of tryin' to come up w/ this and all the testin' 'n documentin' she KNOWS i have no way of gettin' that amount of money on a monthly basis ---- so she still holds my driver's license ---"

This is clearly an infamous extortion technique recognized by tens of thousands of people out there who have also been so affected.  Please spread this story widely and if you happen to live in Oregon, please send whatever short letters of complaint to get this STUPID and UNREASONABLE demand removed from this poor elderly woman and have her drivers' license restored so she can at least TRY and make a living!


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