Sunday, May 4, 2014

#0 Wall Street / Money Never Sleeps – Richard Grove on The Corbett Report

Wall Street / Money Never Sleeps – Richard Grove on The Corbett Report 

James Corbett and Richard Grove, certainly two of my favourite commentators, discuss Oliver Stone's movies and what they reveal about the system. Very often we seek out the words and work of people we recognize from our own experiences as knowledgeable about the system, especially if we're working in it. Most of us have had our mentors, especially if we had any serious business experience. Grove tells his story enough to give you a perspective on his experiences gaining knowledge of the system; he went in as a lamb and discovered the wolves. Many of us have had similar experiences, enough to know that the metaphors are more than accurate.

Before I continue, Grove mentions Buckminster Fuller, a man I actually met in person when he came to speak at my college. He was quite old. I understood right away that he was among the most original thinkers of his age. His work certainly deserves study, though Grove was correct in describing his blind spots. We all have them no doubt.

At one point Grove describes money as counterfeit value. That's the point where we decided this interview needed to be linked here. Of course Grove was referring to their money as so similarly described by E. C. Riegel; watered down through government spending over taxation resulting in inevitable price inflation; each quanta of money losing purchasing power.

We'd really like to ask Richard Grove if he could honestly see a world without money, without a recognized vehicle of exchange, yes everything we think of when we use or abuse money? In every case we know of, societies that attempt to ban money soon become tyrannies. We'd entertain the possibility that something really as important and so directly related to private property, as we honestly believe money to be, and something as indispensable to business as money, should be something that can be designed to operate free of many of the problems associated with their money. By their money we include every fiat government money on the planet, whether issued as a loan at interest or not, and all gold and silver. That's all their money.

The money advocated by this blog is based on the ideas of the autodidact economist E. C. Riegel. His idea of a quanta of money would equate to a unit of purchasing power equal to some unit of money on some date. If you want to preserve purchasing power of your money, you design it to retain a particular piece of purchasing power that can only occur on a specific date. You relate everything else in prices based on this single unchangeable quanta of purchasing power. Riegel called it a Value Unit or Valun. Here is where you can read more about this blog's proposal. Here is where you can track the value of the proposed Value Unit. Here is where you can apply to be a delegate to the premiere conference of the International Valun Exchange Society.

Each of us going forward has our particular mission. We respect the contributions of other researchers who honestly seek the truth. We will continue to link them here as they relate to our very quiet and calm mission, to educate people concerning the liberty that their own money represents, not at all as the lying Austrians (usurers all) see it, nor as the so called Keynesians (he'd be rolling in his grave) see it. Riegel had a different set of ideas. He left us a pencil sketch. From this, it has been our long term intention, to erect a new monetary system that shall in most respects flip the present order on its head. 

But let's face it, we are living in times of great change and grave challenges. From our standpoint, much that is harmful could be eliminated if more people would ... retire from the present system ... walk out on it, let it die. Those who continue to work for the most hated corporations or organizations without conscience ... cannot indefinitely escape responsibility for their crimes. “Come out of her, my people.”

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