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#0 Intentions of the Globalists

Merger of the Century: Why Canada and America Should Become One Country
I went to Amazon and supported all the reviewers arguing against this book.  I know enough Canadians to know that they would not like to merge with the United States.
That video was informative.  How many noted Francis' not so mild bluntness when she discussed developing Canada's natural resources, for export to China, etc. when much later she admits that within 2 generations nobody would be using "fossil fuels?"  So when she discusses Keystone and other adventures, whose very short term interests does she represent?  There is a long history of financing huge operations which benefits some very disproportionately regardless of whether the projects are even completed.  The original Republican Party (which has changed less than the Democrat Party over time), the "American Plan" devised by Henry Clay and adopted by Abraham Lincoln, a former railroad lawyer, were based on acquiring larger investment opportunities (involving saddling the governments and people with DEBT) for the exclusive benefit of a small privileged class of organized money. Anyone with eyes wide open can easily see this as an attempt to loot Canada and profit from doing it using any pretext to do so.
Should the US and Canada Become One Country?

The Press Release, of sorts.  So they intend on merging Canada with the United States.  Did you hear her say they intend on keeping the US Dollar?  We learned from Congressman McFadden that the Federal Reserve had foisted a "commodity" money system on the public.  We could have learned the same from lots of different sources as they all believe the same thing about money, that it must be a commodity.  That way they can speculate on lots of different things; make money on money.  And likewise they believe that the optimal quantity of money must somehow be "backed" by assets that are either in an economy or lie under the ground (Canada).  If they don't, foreign creditors begin to bid down the dollar, since after all, it is a commodity and they do this by selling US debt instruments.  

Are you seeing the connection?  They fully intend to keep the Federal Reserve and Wall Street going and absorb Canada into it, creating the largest political conglomeration on earth from which to plunder some more.  The merger saves their butts!  But for how long?  Will the people go for it?  What's the chief motivator?  MONEY!  Whose money does everyone use?  Is the answer even in question?  The opportunity the merger offers the globalists is to rewrite the US Constitution (get rid of that pesky 2nd Amendment, etc.) and use the absorption of Canada as the excuse.  Much of the "law" has already been slipped into place already.  Watch closely what happens in Quebec.  If they decide to split from Canada, it will make Canada that much riper for the picking.  Notice her references to "low hanging fruit," as in ready for picking, er stealing.  

Why Canada and the U.S. Should Become One Country: Diane Francis

A short.  Notice her focus on TRADE and who would benefit most and who would be hurt most by such a merger.  We actually believe that the real divides are between free enterprise and capitalism as metaphors for liberty vs. tyranny.  

Diane Francis: Ameri-Canada?

Canadian Press release.  Canadians should know that during the first US Constitutional convention, various articles were entertained for inclusion which would have offered statehood to Canadian provinces or the nation as a whole.  It was always there as a possibility entertained by American elites.  Now their bankers, with the US government (their best credit risk customer) and the people on the hook for TRILLIONS of dollars, with a sinking corporate economy that ultimately cannot work due to inefficiencies of size, etc. that is based on a "grow or die" economics all due to usury, seek to save themselves by sucking down Canada.  It cannot save them in any case.   Listen to what she says about sovereignty, about national sovereignty, about who benefits from the merger, listen to her discuss vague threats as if someone else off continent could somehow steal Canada's assets.  It's all there folks.  Oh yes, she lives part time in "gun free" New York City.  Just saying.  Oh and if Canadians want to get an idea of their own "sucked out" future, just look at Detroit.  Listen to her awful screed about slavery being ended by the civil rights legislation!  Oh yes, the purposes of nations ARE to "make money" from the standpoint of the bankers and elites who I remind everyone contribute absolutely nothing of value to anything and make out handily while millions go unemployed all due to structural inefficiencies brought about by the elites.  You think this is going to be any different?     
more self important people imagining that they are doing the world a favour

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