Monday, September 23, 2013

#0 Mark Passio Reviews Homework Results – 8/31/13


The source page has links to all the pictures / diagrams, etc. associated with this podcast so you can follow along while you listen.

The reason this link is here is to inform readers of this blog of the true state of the minds of those around them, showcasing the real situation we face in the world. Mark says he does “The Great Work” [Das große Werk] out of service to truth NOT out of service to his fellow man. We have said on this blog that truth is the only authority,  therefore it should be more important, but is it, in the minds of people walking around all around you? Mark's homework responses were revealing, they show the incredible depth of our current problems. The implications are to be observed, contemplated and considered; comparing these results with the world around us. According to the dynamics represented by these results, it is impossible for freedom to manifest. If thinking does not change widely, it is unlikely to see any change in the outside world. However, as Mark said, there are only two mistakes on the road to truth; 1) not starting and 2) not finishing.

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