Tuesday, December 13, 2011

#3 The VEN Revolution

[9/7/16: There is now a crypto-currency called VEN. #73 Ven Is a Global Digital Currency –Hub Culture We intend it on this blog to refer to OUR private market the Valun exchange network or VEN.] 

E. C. Riegel did not advocate political or social revolution. There is no such thing as Riegelism, nor shall there ever be, because Riegel's ideas about money are what everyone experiences through using it; the means to buy things and the reward expected for honest labour. We contrast that with the attitude and perception of a well known revolutionary, of whom it is now fully known that he was in the pay of certain very well connected sources of the kind of money Riegel would have considered illegitimate. Among other things, here is what he said:

The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give way. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” Karl Marx.

We find this an excellent quote with which to take issue, as it will certainly show the basic differences between a Value Exchange Network (VEN) and any flavour of state socialism.

We do not consider any issues of class, race, gender, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, sex appeal, or any other artificial criteria to be of any value whatsoever in considering economic and social affairs, certainly anything having to do with basic trade among people. In fact, we consider any of these criteria to be divisive tricks of the powers behind the present political economic scene and nothing more.

Secondly, we note and emphasise that all so called socialists have advocated violence. In fact they have advocated mass violence. In fact they have succeeded in bringing about mass extermination campaigns. Ask anyone who has lived under communism, including modern China. They'll recount stories, where in effect the state went after people and killed them. There was nothing particularly just or civilized in the way the killing was done either. Just ask any Russian. They'll tell you.

Thirdly we notice Marx's mention of “new conditions of life.” That's certainly what the Marxists had in mind, starting with mass exterminations of anyone who stood a good chance of thwarting them. Marxism is a brutal, violent and inhuman programme designed and paid for cynically by those who would never suffer it. The same people paid for Hitler with the same equanimity, after all, Hitler too was a socialist, though of a more “corporate” kind. Their ultimate goal is a comic book fantasy; to rule the world. They're still at it too under different cover, being insane. Being rich certainly helps too. I'm speaking of not only prominent Marxists like Zbigniew Brzezinski, but especially of those who finance them. These people, having control over state finances, some for hundreds of years, certainly have had many opportunities to start conflicts and profit handsomely from them, as did Rothschild during the Napoleonic wars. When you hear the name Rothschild, you should immediately think “war profiteer with blood on his hands.”

These “new conditions of life” Marx refers to might be best described as a period of prolonged repressed technological development, in which most of humanity is culled, KILLED, and the rest mostly live in concentration camps, where they are systematically worked and starved to death. Meanwhile, those who are of the ruling elite, get to live the lives of billionaires.

That's what the socialists want for you. Why do you follow them? Why do you trust them? Why do you tolerate their ideas? Their record is an abysmal failure, unless it is measured in human lives snuffed out; make that in excess of 100,000,000 people in 100 years! That's probably being conservative too [We now know of reliable estimates that place the figure closer to 250 million people in 100 years]. To put that number in perspective, all the casualties in all the wars up until 1900, going back into classical times, if not ancient times, certainly any wars that had anything to do with religion, all of those deaths combined would not have matched those killed by the communists in 100 years!

What they never tell you in school, is that even back in the old days, back when they fought really long wars over so called religious issues, these wars would not have been possible, had it not been for the bankers and their networks of suppliers for the vast military equipage required. Those who had control over the money controlled the foreign policies of nations, lured them into wars, and profited whichever way went the outcome. The fact is impossible to ignore; all men who ever died in any regular war, have died for the profit of the bankers!

We would also like to remind you that all the money back then and its issuance, was by the same method as today; all loaned at interest.

And finally the “revolutionary holocaust” is something the bankers and militarists want desperately. They are buying it right now. They currently create the money, no one else has that power. They are doing the buying, and they buy what they want. They bought Marx hoping you'd buy him. They bought Hitler too, hoping a few more would buy him. They have bought and paid for every rise and fall of every petty dictator and supposedly great statesman you've ever heard of. How could it be otherwise? They had the power to issue the money. They were always doing the buying, not you. Once you have clearly seen this for what it is and by it what it infers, all politics becomes irrelevant.

1. The state issuance of money is invalid, since the state has nothing to give back for what it buys.
2. The issuance of money by a central bank is a monstrosity, since interest is charged for which money to pay it is not created. Moreover Riegel was repelled by the fractional reserve banking model and correctly called it a scam.
3. Only those who do not have money are entitled to create it.

The third point is our direct response to Marxism, socialism, communism, corporate fascism, statism, world government, etc. It is to go to the ground; we will adopt a “don't tread on me” attitude, while we go about starting something that once it gets going shall be like draining the financial oceans out from under the banking and militarist tyrants. Since we do not require any prejudice toward any human being to spread our proposed solution, we shall attract all the talent we need to make it a reality from all over the world.

We invite that talent to join us now. We will need those who see the future in the VEN proposal and are willing to be remunerated in Value Units. The special kinds of talent we will need are lawyers to defend us, accountants and computer people to assist us, the cooperation of many dealers in precious metals around the world, and yes even bankers who have awakened to the terrible truths concerning their piratical methods of finance. We want to attract and enlist all the small businessmen of the earth, all the entrepreneurs, all the artisans, professionals in medicine and the sciences, and especially family farmers and holistic agriculturally related fields.

We intend to uplift the common people of this earth. There is no hope, no political solution, nothing at all that can ever be right, until the right to create our own money is secured and accepted by all.

David Burton


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